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Episode 13

In this week's episode, we feature a story starring Tylene Buck, otherwise known as Major Gunns in WCW. After the massive layoffs that have hit WCW, Buck is left stranded and desperate trying to figure out her way in the world. She settles on, at least for the short time... delivering pizzas at a local pizza company. One stormy night, she receives a late call just as the store is about to close and she is forced to deliver to a college fraternity full of gorgeous men. Once there... our story (and orgy) truly begins to unfold.  

The story this week was written by Literotica user: B_Boy68 and is entitled "Order For Buck".

Intro/Outro music this week is by the band Horse The Band and is the song "Pizza Nif".

Please make sure to check out the event taking place this Saturday known as Podslam , which is an event putting put on to raise money for Connor's Cure.