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Rob Van Dam's Grasstravangaza

“I can't believe that it's finally here. It's absolutely my favorite time of the year. I thought that it would never come...” - Shelly Martinez thought to herself, barely able to contain her squeals. Shelly is dressed in a long, black dress that is adorned with numerous bright green pot leaves throughout. The dress is rather tight fitting and clings to her body.

Rob Van Dam looks at her before nodding his head in agreement. He opens his mouth and begins to speak, “I know Shelly – it is finally our favorite day of the year. However, I can't believe how much we have to still do to get ready for this party... but, I'm glad that you decided to help out a fellow stoner and help me decorate my place. You know that I have zero knack or skills for decorations and such – but, I do want to make this as good of a party as I can. After all, half of these people I don't get to see for the rest of the year.”

Shelly couldn't help but to laugh at Rob. She wasn't use to seeing him like this. Rob was normally so calm, so cool, and so relaxed but today he seemed to be a little bit on nerve. She turned to him and asked him, “Rob, is there something that you aren't telling me? You seem on edge today. Did you switch to a different strain of weed or something? You are acting not like yourself...

“Oh no, it has nothing to do with switching to a different strain of weed. I'm just really really nervous about this party is all. In fact, it has me a little bit stressed if I have to be completely honest..

“You're stressed? I think that's the first time that I have ever heard you say that before. Well, besides a few times in the back of indie locker rooms when we were wondering if we were going to get paid that evening or not. What are you so worried about Rob? This is just going to be a fun little get together between all our friends and coworkers. We are going to be blazing down all evening and just having one hell of a time. It's just a bunch of stoners Rob – it's truly nothing to worry about.” - Shelly stated.

Rob wasn't convinced and he talked in a slightly whiny tone, “Shelly, you don't understand – I really need to make a good impression on some of these people.”

Shelly raises her voice in a slightly aggravated tone - “Rob, you need to go smoke a bowl or something. You are beginning to get on my nerves, I mean if you aren't going to give me any more information than that, then I don't think that there is really something that I can do to help you. Besides, what are you nervous for? Did you invite your secret crush over or something? Rob, do you like like somebody?

Rob's face began to turn red. “Please Shelly, you know me better than that. When have I ever liked one girl? I'm RVD, I can get any lady that I please... how long have we been friends Shelly and how many women have you seen me get with? In fact, if I recall correctly.. you were one of those chicks, at least on a few occasions.

“Real cute, Rob. And besides that was a long long time ago. And you know that I no longer have those kinds of feelings towards you Rob. We are friends and nothing else.” - Shelly replies.

“Oh I know, I know.. you are one of my best friends, but I still can't believe that you think I would be nervous because of some kind of romantic thing. Nah, I'm cooler than that..” - Rob continues before getting cut off.

Shelly laughs, “Rob! I know you better than anybody else.. at least in those matters. And besides, I saw your face turn bright red a few minutes ago. You can try being Mr. Cool or Mr. Rob Van Dam, or whatever you are trying to do right now. But, I know that right now you are thinking about a girl. You have BIG plans for the night, don't you?”

“Maybe I do Shelly, or maybe my big plans are just to smoke a good amount of bud and enjoy the evening. And besides, isn't the person that you have a crush on going to also be at the party tonight? You know, I've seen the way you've been flirting with them online through Twitter and I'm surprised that they haven't caught on. Either they are really dumb or just playing obtuse. I think you know who I am talking about..”

Shelly's face now also turned beat red as she began to blush. She couldn't believe that her friend had turned the focus around and was now teasing her about her romantic interests. Then again, she thought to herself, this is why we are best friends. We give it back and forth towards each other and are more like brother and sister. She then sighs loudly...

“Well.. if they show up tonight. They have been rather coy about it.. so I'm trying to keep my hopes in perspective. I don't want my night to be ruined just because somebody decides not to show up or not. But, it's really really not a big deal. I have plenty of friends coming tonight so it's going to be a good night either way. Besides look at everything that we have for the party! I think that we are getting very close to being ready.” - Shelly stated.

Rob looked around his condominium and tried to take in all of the sights. It seems that Shelly had really been working hard all morning decorating the apartment. Throughout Rob's condo there were tons of pot-leaf banners strewn about. His living room was freshly vacuumed, the pillows on his couch were fluffed, and his coffee table was strewn with various smoking devices. There was a hookah, a couple smaller pipes, a few vaporizers, and a large bong. Sitting underneath the table was a large sack of very green marijuana which was already grounded up and ready to go. On his dining room table – there was a large supply of various munchies - everything from Doritos to Oreos to Funyuns and more. There were cupcakes and there were plenty of edibles. Rob also made sure that his kitchen was stocked with plenty of beer, pizza, and liquor for those who would also be partaking in drinking. Drinking never really was Rob's thing, but he wasn't a prude by any means and wanted to make sure that those who wanted to partake of that at his party could.

It was getting close to the time that people would be arriving to the condominium. It was around 3:15 PM and guests were told to arrive by 4:20 for the official party kick off blunt (or in this case many blunts). Fifteen more minutes passed and yet, nobody had arrived for the party. Rob Van Dam began to quickly pace around his condo. This made Shelly laugh out loud once again.

“What Shelly? What is so funny?” - Rob blurted out to her.

“You are! You are going nuts. You might be the most uptight stoner that I have ever seen. Whoever you are waiting for must be somebody really really special.” - Shelly teases her friend Rob.

“I hope so, I really do. There's just something about them that I can't explain. I don't even feel like myself right now. I know that I am never this way – and I do feel completely silly being so infatuated like this. If people don't get here soon, I'm going to have to smoke something just to relax. But I'm trying to be a good host and wait till people at least start to arrive. But, that dab that we enjoyed earlier is starting to wear off.. I don't know how much longer I can wait.” - Rob responded anxiously.

It only took a few more minutes before people began to arrive. Inside the condo, Rob Van Dam and Shelly heard the first ringing of the door bell. Shelly walked to the front door and peeked through the peep hole making sure that it was people that they knew, before opening the door for the group of people. The group of people included the gorgeous Naomi, who came with her husband Jimmy Uso, Natalya, and the striking redhead Eva Marie.

As Jimmy walked in he turned to RVD and asked him - “Yo Rob, are you ready to get turned up? I'm ready to go so hard tonight.”

Rob answered - “Jimmy, I've been waiting all day for this.. You know it. “ Shelly turned to the rest of the guests and greeted them. She began to show them where the drinks were as well as the rest of the party goods and favors. She told them that they were free to help themselves to whatever they wanted. As the group began to settle and begin small-talk with Rob, Shelly decided that she was going to pull Natalya away for a second. She grabbed Natalya's arm and led her to the kitchen.

Natalya spoke first - “Shelly, are you ok? The party just got started and I really hope there is nothing wrong.. I don't want this night to go bad. I know, I don't seem like a party animal and I'm usually not, but I've just been under a lot of stress lately and I really need tonight to be good...

“Sorry Nattie, I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to ask you how everything has been since we last talked. I know that it's been awhile and I know that you have a lot going on – with the things with your dad and with TJ's unfortunate injuries. Are you ok Natalya?” - Shelly asks.

Natalya stutters as she answers - “It's just been d-d-difficult is all, but I'm ok. And things with TJ and I have been better. In fact, he is actually feeling lively enough that he is suppose to be coming here later.”

Shelly smiles before stating - “I'm so happy that TJ is feeling good enough to come tonight. I didn't think that something like this would necessarily be his thing. Why didn't the two of you come together?”

Natalya simply laughs. “Please! Do you think I could manage to pull him away from his boyfriend? He's been hanging out with Cesaro all day, there's something about those two that just seems to make him in a better mood. They spend all their time together! At first, It use to make me jealous but now it just relaxes me. I'm glad that somebody is improving TJ's spirits.. even if he is never around anymore.”

Shelly bites her lips. She begins - “So is Cesaro coming with TJ? Or is TJ just coming after they are done hanging out? I've never gotten to meet Cesaro and from everything that you've said about him he seems like a truly wonderful guy.

“He is amazing. I have never met anybody like him. He is not only the most kind and sensitive person, but he is a great friend to my husband and.. I can't deny how undeniably gorgeous he is. And while I would never act on it.. I think that if TJ and I were ever going to have a threesome with somebody.. it would be Cesaro.” - Natalya states.

“I see... I mean, I can't blame you. He is gorgeous.. those fine chiseled abs... mmhmm.” - Shelly says.

Natalya cuts her off though, “Sorry, I'm not entirely sure if Cesaro is coming along with TJ. He said that he might be if possible, but he also said that he might be working out tonight. That's Cesaro for you, he is always working out and rarely takes a night off. But, what do you say we go back to the party Shelly? After all, I think I can hear some more people out there.

“Nattie, go ahead without me.. I need just a minute to compose myself. I'll catch up with you soon.” - Shelly stated. With that, Natalya hugged Shelly before walking to rejoin the party. Shelly sat in the kitchen trying to compose herself. Trying to not freak out. As soon as Natalya mentioned Cesaro, Shelly got excited. She immediately felt a tinge in her privates. Cesaro was the person whom she had been flirting with for weeks. She was absolutely bonkers about him. Everything about Cesaro turned her on – his voice, his accent, and most importantly his taut muscular frame. She had already pleasured herself many times just imagining what the King of Swing could do in the bedroom. As impressive as the Big Swing was, she knew that he would be equally if not more amazing in the bedroom. And yet, as excited as she was – her conversation with Natalya had also made her slightly nervous. Did Natalya say that she wasn't sure if Cesaro was showing up or not? Oh god – she hoped that Natalya was wrong. As cool as she was trying to be, just the mention of Cesaro raised her hopes. She knew that if he didn't show up now – her night would be absolutely ruined.

She did the only thing she could do. She breathed in slowly, she breathed out. She did this for a few more minutes allowing herself to become centered. Allowing her to become zen. She then walked back out into the living room, where the party was now in full swing. While she was in the kitchen, tons of other people joined the party and music had been turned on. Playing in the background was the beginning of a play list that she had made – right now the radio was playing some Afroman. She giggled to herself as she looked around the room to see who had all arrived. Arrivals included Hornswoggle, Emma, Paige, and the entire Social Outcasts.

It was 4:09, in 11 minutes the group would officially be kicking off the party. People were running out of time to arrive. As the party participants continued mumbling, all at once a loud blaring noise was heard. The party crowd didn't know what to think. And then they heard it again. It sounded like a horn, and then they heard it again. Followed by a quick rapping sound at the door. Rob answered the door and at the door was the complete team of the New Day – Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods.

As soon as Big E. walked into the party, he immediately hollered out “PARTY PEOPLE DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR. IT'S A FEW MINUTES UNTIL 4:20 AND WE ARE ABOUT TO FEEL THE POWER. LET ME HEAR YOU. CLAP YOUR HANDS FOR 4:20. 4:20, 4:20, 4:20”

The group begins to clap as everybody begins to start to form a circle. Rob Van Dam gets in the middle of the group with two blunts in his hand. He hears his cuckoo cluck chirp out.... Cuckoo... cuckooo... it is now officially 4:20 pm, and RVD's favorite holiday. As the cuckoo clock chirps, he inhales deeply before passing the first blunt to the next person. He then slowly inhales the second – he hits it twice without anybody noticing. This time he passes it to Shelly who is on the opposite side. He is hoping that this way everybody will get at least one hit quicker.

A good ten minutes pass – as the group continues to only focus on smoking the blunts that RVD lit up. As the track list continues playing, the group focuses on killing the last few hits of the blunt. Once the blunts are finished, the party continues. People begin to split off – and have their own private conversations. The New Day begins to have conversations with Naomi and Jimmy Uso while others like Hornswoggle head to the kitchen and begin to check out the liquor supply.

She finally approached him. It was Rob's crush.

Rob's heart fluttered as the gorgeous redhead finally approached him.

She spoke first - “Hi Rob! I'm so so glad that you invited me to this party. I can't believe that it's been awhile since we have seen each other. Do you remember our conversation at the Hall of Fame? That's when I told you how I felt about you, how I really wanted you to know that I wanted you.” - Eva Marie flirtatiously suggests.

Rob looks at her with a wide grin on his face. He then begins to speak- “Eva, Of course I remembered that conversation – that was the first time that I was introduced to you. And since then, there hasn't been a day where I haven't thought about you. I want you, it's that simple.”

Eva aggressively speaks - “So what are we waiting for? Ever since the Hall of Fame, I've wanted the same thing and I can't believe that we had to wait this long. Is there somewhere private that we can go to?”

Rob looks at her with a spark in his eye before opening his mouth and exclaiming “Excuse me everyone – Eva and I need to go and have a discussion. We will be back as soon as possible. Please continue to help yourself to the party goods and snacks here”.

Rob walks to his room with Eva. They shut the door as soon as possible . Next the door is locked to ensure that they have privacy. Rob walks over to another radio and turns on a light tune. Eva begins to speak - “So Mr. RVD are you glad that I'm here? Is this all that you wanted?:

Rob simply nods.

Eva continues - “Your friend Shelly might've clued me in... she might of told me about the infatuation you had for me. She sent me a text earlier letting me know how nervous you were earlier.. how much you wanted me to show up. Shelly is a great friend Rob, she is really there for you. If it wasn't for her I'm not sure that I would know that you felt this way about me. And I'm not sure I would've showed up at this party. I have to ask – why didn't you just tell me at the Hall of Fame? Were you nervous?

Rob coughs once and then again before finally speaking up - “I was... and I didn't know what that meant. Also, your husband was sending me death glares the whole time. But I'm glad that you are here with me now.. I'm glad that I can finally have you in my arms.”

He walks over to where Eva is standing and wraps his arm around the brim of her back before placing a quick peck on her lips. She instantly responds by kissing him back, at first the kisses are small and fluttery, but after a few minutes things really start to heat up. Eva's tongue now practically jamming itself down Rob's throat. Rob's hand has now moved from the brim of her back to fully squeezing Eva's ass.

Eva yelps as Rob pinches her ass. “Rob! What do you think you are doing? Just pinching my butt like that? - She laughingly teases him before shoving him on the bed. “I think your infatuation is already getting you a little bit too excited? Am I right Rob? Are you excited?

Rob tries to play it as cool as possible, but he doesn't know how he can hide his excitement when he can already feel his erection growing in his pants. So he rolls with it, he decides that he wants to speed things up a bit. He reaches to his pants and removes them as well as his boxers. His dick now growing even more as he looks directly at Eva.

Finally he speaks, “I'm definitely pretty excited, can you tell just how excited you are making me?”

“I most definitely can, your dick looks fantastic. Do you mind if I join you on the bed and we have some more fun?”

“Fuck no I don't” - Rob responds.

The next thing Rob knew was that Eva Marie had joined him on his bed and she had instantly started to play with his dick. First she used her hands – stroking him slowly up and down. Rob could tell that she was good with her hands and was skilled at giving hand jobs. She made sure to play with his balls with one hand while simultaneously using her other hand to play with the shaft. When Eva realized that he was now fully erect – she decided to finally taste Rob Van Dam. She placed the head of his dick in between her lips and started to go to town. Rob couldn't help but to let out the occasional moan and groan as the All Red Everything Diva was now skillfully pacing herself on his dick. With every bob of her head, Rob was getting even more smitten with the diva. He thought to himself that her husband was truly a lucky guy, he got to get these great blow jobs regularly. For a second or two, Rob's eyes were completely closed. He was far too relaxed and had to snap himself back into it. He didn't want this to end before he got to ride Eva Marie.

“Eva – ooh, mmph – I love how you suck on my cock, but I'm so ready to fuck you right now. I want to feel myself in you.”

Eva said nothing. She simply stopped bobbing on his cock and got up off the bed. She told Rob to unzip her red dress. Rob did so slowly, taking in the time to notice every inch of her body that was revealed to him. He was pleasantly surprised – as it turned out that Eva was wearing nothing underneath her dress. Eva Marie was now standing by Rob Van Dam's bed wearing absolutely nothing – her curvaceous body on complete display in front of him. Rob looked up and down her body – making sure to notice the pinkness of her nipples and the small patch of pubic hair that she had. She then returned to the bed.

As soon as Eva was on the bed, a different side of Rob Van Dam came out. He went from being the cool-laid back guy to being a sex-driven animal. Perhaps, this was the duelist nature of Rob Van Dam. That would explain why he always wore the Yin and Yang on his apparel. One of Rob's hands instantly was placed on Eva's breasts as he began groping them and squeezing. He allowed his other hand to trail down to in between her legs. He noticed that she was already damp, and not just a little damp, but extremely wet. He decided that he would dip one finger in. As he did so he noticed that Eva let out an extremely loud cooing sound. He took this as a sign to insert another one. Eva cooed again, this time slightly louder than before. Rob continued working Eva's clit for the next five minutes or so as he continued to play with her breasts. He varied the speed and intensity of his finger thrusts, but never inserted more than a second finger. Finally, Eva couldn't take any more of this warm-up and she too needed more. She shoved Rob back onto the bed again.

“Lay down Rob!” - Eva demanded. “I'm going to be the one in control. And besides you did want to ride me? Didn't you?”

“I did say that I wanted to - “ He began to speak before he was interrupted with a slap on his chest.

Eva coyly smiled as she looked at him and spoke again - “Did I say that you could talk Rob? When did I grant you that permission? And besides – are we here to talk or are we here to fuck? I know which one I'd rather be doing. And that's fucking. I want you to fuck the shit out of me right now, do you understand?”

This time Rob only nodded his head. Eva then crawled over to Rob's erect cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. At first she only guided half in – letting Rob begin to thrust into her. It only took a few seconds though before her already wet pussy allowed her to inch all of it inside of her. Rob tried to take it slow at first. His thrusts were gentle and calculated. He was trying to take in every bounce of Eva Marie. He wanted to watch as her breasts swayed in front of him, he wanted to see how her facial features changed as she lost her innocence. However, Eva Marie was not about this pace. She wanted to be fucked and she wanted to be fucked hard.

“Rob! Go faster! Go harder! This isn't love making! - She yelled at him before once again slapping him across the chest.

The Whole Dam Show picked up his pace and started to frantically slam his dick into the redhead Diva. With every slap of his cock meeting her pussy, he could feel more and more juices flowing out of Eva Marie. Eva was getting more vocal with her moans and groans and for a second, Rob hoped that the rest of the party wasn't aware of what they were doing.

“Mmmph. Oh yes, that's it.. come on Mr. PPV. Oooh yes, fuck me fuck me. I'm close! Very close! Just a few more thrusts.”

Rob was delighted to hear that Eva Marie was close. He wasn't sure how much longer he could maintain this pace. He was close to ejaculating himself, but he didn't want to finish too early. He wanted to make sure that Eva Marie was at least fully pleasured. Her moans continued to grow in frequency and loudness.

“Oooh, oohh,, ahh. YES YES yes. There it is. OH MY GOD. AHHHHHH.”

And then Rob felt it – a huge stream of liquid exploding. A smile flashed across his face, he knew that he had satisfied the gorgeous redhead Diva. She turned to him and looked him straight in the face before speaking - “Rob, I demand you to cum. Cum now. Cum in me.”

At first Rob was surprised, he didn't usually cream pie with any of his sexual partners. Especially not on the very first time they had sex. But, he was getting tired of getting smacked around by Eva. So he figured what the hell? If this is what the Diva wants, then he is going to follow her order. He began thrusting as hard as he possibly could. And with a few more pumps, he finally exploded. His spray of cum was more voluminous than normal and it all went deep inside of Eva Marie.

Eva spoke first - “That was amazing Rob. It was definitely worth the wait. But, I really need to clean up. Can I use your bathroom?”

He nodded and pointed her to the private bathroom that joined his room. He kissed her on the lips before stating: “I need to get back to the party, help yourself to whatever you need in there. I'll see you in a bit. And Eva, let's do that again some time.”

“Of course, Rob. You can be my Mr. Monday Night, Tuesday Night, Wednesday Night, or whatever Day of the Night anytime.” - Eva responded before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

When Rob returned to the party, he realized that more people had shown up. He made sure to go around and greet all of them making sure they were enjoying the party. He walked over to the New Day who were sitting on the couch passing a bowl between them. They motioned for Rob to join them on smoking this bowl.

“Thanks guys, I haven't smoked in a bit. That conversation with Eva took longer than I expected. I could use this”

Big E looked at Rob straight in the face and laughed. “Come on man, we know what was going on in there.”

Kofi stated - “Yea man, you weren't having a conversation at all. You were in there getting some BOOTY.”

Xavier cracks up and starts laughing loudly before he starts chanting “Booty-O's, Booty-O's”.

Rob just looks at the trio before laughing with them. He takes the next hit of the bowl and the party continues to rage on. Elsewhere, Shelly Martinez is chatting it up with the newly arrived TJ, who is with his wife Natalya. She is trying to get more information on her crush, Cesaro. She wants to know where exactly he is.

“Well – look at this darling couple. Nattie it seems that TJ has finally decided to join you.” Shelly looks at Natalya who has a huge smile on her face. “And TJ – it's been so long since I've seen you. How are you feeling, better?” - Shelly says.

TJ answers her - “I'm feeling good. Feeling way better both mentally and physically than I have felt in a long while. Thanks Shelly, I'm glad that you are a true friend and have shown my wife so much support in these trying times. You're a great friend.

“Speaking of great friends, Nattie told me about the new man in your life – she says that she hardly gets to see you anymore. In fact, she told me that you spend more time with him than with her. She even told me that she gets so jealous of your guy's relationship.”

Natalya blurts out - “I did NOT say that Shelly! Well not exactly anyway.. I do miss TJ though from time to time...”

TJ looks at his wife with a tinge of sadness on his face. “Babe.. I know, and I'm sorry. I'm trying to do better it's just that I've been busy with the rehab efforts.”

“Teej, it's fine. I understand.” - Natalya states.

“I'll do better, I promise you.” TJ then kisses his wife in a sweet matter. Meanwhile, Shelly is still standing there looking like a fool. She again tries to find out more information about Cesaro's whereabouts. “So, TJ where is your buddy anyway? I think Natalya said that you guys were coming here together.”

TJ states - “I'm not entirely sure. If you are lucky, he might still be outside in the car. He had a call to make and wasn't sure if he was going to stay for the party or not. This isn't really his scene at all so he wasn't sure if he was going to stay. You might want to leave now if you are trying to catch him... “

“Thanks! I'll see you guys in awhile.” - Shelly exclaimed as she headed through the condo, exiting through the front door. As she stepped outside, she realized that it was a crisp and cool California night. She looked one way down the street and then the opposite way. She could see a whole mess of cars lining both sides of the road, but she wasn't sure which one was Cesaro's. That is until she spotted a black BMW 5 series with the the vanity license plate that read “Swiss.” She knew that this had to be Cesaro's car, so she slowly walked towards it. She approached the driver's side window and lightly rapped on the glass. Slowly, the window came down and she finally saw Cesaro for the first time. It was an instant attraction for Shelly. She barely even noticed when he began to speak:

“Excuse me miss, is there something that I may help you with? You look like you may be needing help or wanting something. My name is Cesaro by the way, may I ask what yours is darling?”

It took her a second to respond.. “My name is Shelly! You may've heard of me before.. I use to be in ECW as Ariel..”

“Ariel – oh yes, I recall seeing you in ECW. I do believe you are also friends with Natalya, correct? I've overheard a bit of her conversations with TJ about you... well, if I do say so it's a pleasure to officially meet you Miss Shelly.”

“You too Cesaro,” - Shelly shyly responds. “So um.. are you going to come into the party or are you going to stay out here all night by yourself?

“Honestly, I was just about to leave before you knocked on my window. This party is not my thing at all. I don't mean to be judgmental, but I don't get the 'occasion' or the reason for the celebration. In my country, marijuana isn't as common. So the whole sensation of having a holiday based around it is foreign to me. And plus, I think I would get too paranoid... I wouldn't want to be another WWE superstar who ruined their push because of a failed drug test. I mean, hell – Adam Rose and Konnor just got busted a few days ago. You never know when Vince is going to test you.. I guess if I had a reason to stay then I might...”

Shelly looks at him and bats her lashes. “Well then, do you mind if I keep you company for a little bit?”

“I will never turn down an invitation from such a gorgeous lady.. please get in the car.” - He stated.

Cesaro exited the car and for the first time Shelly noticed that he was in a full tuxedo. She couldn't help but to wonder if this was the same tearaway suit that he has been wearing since his return to the WWE. He opens the back door and invites her to get into the backseat. She enters the vehicle and he follows after her allowing the door to slam behind him. She then hears the sound of the door locking.

Shelly looks at him with a grin on her face. She teasingly asks - “So Cesaro, you locked the door- what exactly do you think is going on?”

“The tinting is better back here and I didn't think that we would want to be disturbed” - He answers.

“Disturbed? What do you think is going to happen here?

“Shelly, I know exactly what is going to happen here. And I can see from the glimmer in your eye that you know exactly what is going to happen here too. From the moment you first knocked on my window, I could see the twinkle in your eye. You had a goal in mind.”

Shelly nervously bit her lip. She couldn't believe that this man so accurately could read her mind. That she was that transparent. Maybe this is just another thing that Cesaro is exceptionally gifted at. Maybe this isn't the first time Cesaro has experienced something like that. After all, he is an absolutely impressive physical specimen. Shelly wouldn't be surprised if he was regularly getting hit on by ladies, but she didn't think he seemed like somebody who would regularly hook up with ringrats.

“So.. I did. I had a plan in my mind... I've had a crush on you for awhile.” - Shelly finally blurts out.

Cesaro smiles. “Your tweets have shown me that. And I hope you didn't think I was obtuse to your advances.. I just tend to play it cool on social media. Again, you can never be too cautious in the WWE. I had no idea if you were on one of Vince's shit lists or not... but I was always intrigued. And then I saw you in person and Shelly you are truly gorgeous. I must have you.”

“I'm yours for the taking – now, is that the breakaway tuxedo? I bet that has to come in handy for these kinds of hook-ups.”

He laughed as he tore away the suit to reveal his toned muscular body. Cesaro was now sitting in the backseat of his car in nothing more than a form-revealing pair of blue briefs. Shelly let out a very audible gasp when she noticed the already impressive looking outline of Cesaro's penis in those tiny briefs.

He turned to her and asked - “So, shall we get rid of this dress you are wearing too?” Shelly nodded her head. And then Cesaro slowly unzipped her dress. As the dress fell to the floor, Cesaro took notice of Shelly's incredible body. He reached out and grabbed her ass which was covered with only a small skimpy thong. Her breasts were barely contained in a black bra which was also adorned with pot leaves.

He couldn't help himself, he had to comment on this. “So you really like your marijuana don't you? Are you one of those stoner girls? I don't mind, but it's not my usual type is all. But as you can tell, I can't keep my hands off of you. You are stunning Shelly.”

“I suppose you could call me a stoner chick, if you want, but I'm so so much more than that. And besides, is this really what you want to talk about right now?”


She didn't allow him to get another word out. She scooted over to him and got on his lap, making sure to position herself on the large member in those briefs. As soon as she got on his lap, she could already feel Cesaro's sausage twitching. She liked how he was already growing harder. She couldn't wait to see the monster at it's peak. The two of them quickly began to make out. Shelly was lip-locking the Swiss superstar with deep and wet kisses. And all the while, his cock continued to twitch and tingle.

Cesaro reached around and unhooked the clasp on Shelly's bra. His face was now engulfed with Shelly's pert 34 E (34 DD) breasts. They were obviously more than a handful and a lot more than a mouthful, but that didn't stop Cesaro from at least attempting to place as much of her boobs in his mouth as possible. As he sucked on her tits, he also noticed just how wet Shelly was. His briefs were now turning dark blue as a result of the wetness. Finally, he used a free hand to pull down his briefs to his ankles.

Shelly briefly removed herself from his lap as she peeled off her thong. She hopped back onto Cesaro's dong, this time attempting to sit on the entire monster. Shelly Martinez wanted to feel all nine inches deep in her. As Shelly took in more of Cesaro's monster cock, she let out moan after moan. The two of them continued to fuck in the backseat for the next half hour before finally they reached their breaking points.

Shelly lost track of how many orgasms the Swiss stud had given her after the first five or so. And even though he had an impressive amount of cardio and stamina, he had finally ran out. With a few final pumps, Cesaro thrusted away before finally cumming deep into Shelly's waiting snatch. After their orgasms, the two continued passionately making out for awhile.

All good things have to come to an end though. Cesaro and Shelly both got re-dressed and exited the backseat. Shelly asked Cesaro if he was going to go to the party, he simply shook his head no before explaining that the party was winding down and that he had received a text from TJ asking to give him and Natalya a ride home. Shelly was disappointed, but Cesaro kissed her very sweetly before walking her to the door and telling her to enjoy the rest of her night.

“Shelly, this will not be our last time. Trust me. Goodbye dear.”

Shelly re-entered the house and returned to the party. She realized that she had been gone for way longer than she expected as the party was now dwindling down. Rob and Xavier Woods were the only two still actively smoking any marijuana. They were sitting at the dining room table conversing about space and astrology. Big E was passed out on a beanbag chair and Kofi was nowhere to be seen. Shelly walked over to Rob.

“Shelly, where have you been? I haven't seen you in awhile.. unfortunately, I think that the party is about over. You can pass out in the guest room though, I kept it free for you.”

“Oh, I was hanging out with Cesaro.” - Shelly stated.

“I didn't even know he was here. But then – you had a good night?” - Rob said with a wink in his eye, knowing who Shelly's crush was.

She answered - “I did indeed, this was a great party Rob. And did you have any luck?”

Xavier chimed in - “You mean with Eva? Yea your boy got the BOOTY”.

Shelly laughed before wishing the two a goodnight. Shelly then walked to the guest room where she proceeded to quickly fall asleep. As she fell asleep, she couldn't help but to hope that Cesaro would also be in her dreams. She wanted to relive that sex again, and again.

MizDad Goes To Yoga

It all started on an unseasonably warm winter day in the town of Cleveland, Ohio. The sun was standing high in the sky and beaming down it's bright rays. It was only 10:30 in the morning and yet, it had already reached a rather warm 65 degrees. Outside the birds were chirping loudly, but inside the Mizanin household a different series of events and noises were occurring.

At the kitchen table was seated the father of “The A-Lister” The Miz. The table was scattered with various breakfast items – there was a large plate of bacon, some sausage, some eggs, some hash browns, some orange juice, and a large mug of coffee. Still cooking away, the Miz's mother finally opened her mouth and began speaking -

“So dear, I'm delighted to make you all of this food. But, can you tell me exactly why you need such a massive breakfast? The pancakes will be up soon.”

He let out a loud and thunderous belch. He began to speak - “Today is the day. Today I finally (he burps again) – start working towards my New Year's resolution. I'm going to finally start working out. I need all of this food to have the energy so that I can push it to the limit. After all, Mike was generous enough to buy me all of that exercise equipment for Christmas, I might as well put it to good use. Besides, it's such a nice day outside that I'm thinking about opening the garage, blaring some tunes, and getting my sweat on.”

“Dear – that's fantastic! I'm glad that you are finally getting serious about working out. You know that I have always loved you and your body, but there's no denying the fact that we are both getting older. And besides – I want you around for as long as I possibly can have you. You are my greatest love, you do know that right? - She responded.

“Of course I do dear! After all we've been through, and the fact that we are still somehow an item. Still somehow together after all of these years. I mean, sure we had our rough period when we were separated. But, after a few years we found ourselves back in each others lives. It was once we decided to make our relationship open that we really found each other again. And besides baby – look at this bounty of food on this table. You didn't have to make me breakfast. You could have completely told me to fuck off and to make my own breakfast.” - MizDad states.

“I would never do that my dear!” - She replies as a smile begins to crest on her face. “By the way, the pancakes are done. Come and get them while they are still hot.”

The MizDad exclaims - “That's not the only thing, that I will get while it's still hot.” He then lets out another booming laugh. He gets out of his kitchen chair and stands up as he walks over to his wife. He tenderly kisses her on the lips. As he feels up his plate with pancakes, he stares at his wife with a fervent lust. Plate now full of pancakes, he begins to walk back to the table , but not before slapping his wife on her ass.

As he sits down, he begins to dump a ton of syrup on his pancakes. His wife turns off the stove and removes the apron that she was wearing. She then walks over to the table to join her husband. As he continues to eat ravenously Lots of loud lip smacking sounds can be heard in the kitchen. The MizDad was never one to take his time with eating – in many ways, he ate like he would never get another opportunity to eat. His wife merely sat at the table sipping on her cup of coffee.

After several more minutes – The MizDad had completely finished his stack of pancakes. In fact, he had completely finished all of the food that was on the table. The pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage were now all gone. He looked at his wife across the table and saw that she was only left with her solitary cup of coffee.

“Fuck” - he blurted out.

“What's wrong dear? Was the food not satisfactory? Or perhaps there wasn't enough? Do you want me to make you anything else?”

“Oh no dear, I am completely full and couldn't possibly consume another bite of food. I just feel bad, I didn't mean to eat everything on the table – I didn't want to deprive you of getting a meal.”

She now laughed before speaking - “Relax, dear – I'm not particularly hungry this morning anyway. This cup of coffee is really all I need to get myself going today. It's very warm and filling. Besides – you are the one who has a big day. I am merely going to lounge around the house and watch some television- but you are really going to work out today aren't you?”

“Oh fuck yea I am. I'm going to work out like I've never worked out before. And after finishing that breakfast, I'm already feeling pumped for the day. I can feel the energy flowing through my body. I can feel my pulse beating and I'm ready to rock this workout like I've never rocked a workout before. In fact – I should go change right now and get to it while I'm still motivated. Do you mind if I get to it? I don't mean to leave you with this mess of dishes.” - MizDad stated.

“It's fine. Now go on and get ready.” - The Miz's mother said. The MizDad stood up and then proceeded up the steps. Five minutes later, he walked back down and saw his wife finishing up the dishes. He was now dressed in a Tapout t-shirt and a pair of Zubaz. His wife noticed what he was wearing and said - “Damn, honey you look the part. Do you still want your morning beer?”

“I probably shouldn't – but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. I can't sculpt this body instantly. So what the hell. Might as well.”

The MizDad opened up the fridge and grabbed a cold Miller Lite tallboy. He once again kissed his wife before heading outside. As the day's sunlight beamed on his skin for the first time, he immediately felt another jolt of energy. He cracked open the beer as he opened up the garage door. As the door was lifted – the sun began to reflect off the metal exercise machines. The Miz had really spent far too much on his dad this Christmas, but that's just the kind of person the A-Lister was. He may appear to be a douchebag on television, but he truly has a heart of gold for those he cares about. Of course, the garage had also been very much stylized by the Miz's father too. He had to put his own unique touch on there – which is why there was also a mini-fridge in the garage with beer and a television with access to all of the channels, including the adult ones. In another corner – the MizDad had made sure to put in a jukebox with all of his favorite tunes.

He was having difficulty deciding exactly how to get started. He wasn't sure which exercise machine he wanted to start on – there was a weight bench, a bicycle, and a leg press. He slowly sipped on his Miller Lite procrastinating as he listened to the sounds of nature outside. He decided that he would flip on the television first. He thought that if he could find an entertaining program that would allow him to pass the time and be distracted enough not to notice that he was working out. He flipped the channels for a few minutes before landing on The Playboy Channel. Currently on was the show “Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked”. He was disappointed as he realized that this was the horseback riding episode and he had already seen this one. Plus, he was already starting to feel his member hardening and he knew that if he watched for much longer he would end up just masturbating and never working out. He began channel surfing some more until he came across “Total Divas” airing on the E! Network.

“Alright, Total Divas... this works. It has plenty of eye candy, and is silly enough to enjoy. Hmm – the bicycle seems like it'll be the easiest to get started with. After all, I use to love riding the bike as a child – this shouldn't be that bad.” He was now talking to himself, trying to motivate himself, trying to get hyped.

He got on the exercise bike and began to slowly work. He pedaled and he pedaled while he watched some of his son's coworkers on the big screen television. He had met all of these divas at some point and even had a special relationship with a few of them. There was of course Naomi – who the MizDad really got acquainted with at his Halloween party. Of course he wasn't dumb, he had read that Naomi now was no longer part of Total Divas and would not be featured in the new episodes. He was quite angry at this fact actually, he couldn't believe that they had removed such a beautiful and hilarious and sassy and hilarious lady from the show. He had a very very warm spot in his heart for Naomi. He also couldn't deny the affinity that his heart had felt for her. He now found himself slightly daydreaming about that Halloween party....

“Those were good times, good times indeed. Maybe one of these days I'll get another opportunity with Naomi...”

He once again found himself talking out loud but he didn't care. He was actually quite pleased to be lost in thought, he had barely noticed that he was still pedaling away on the bike. It had been a good fifteen or twenty minutes since he had gotten on the bike and he wasn't even feeling tired yet. He didn't even notice that the first episode of Total Divas had ended and that it had switched onto another episode. He was now beginning to work up a sweat on the bike. He then glanced down and saw that he had already managed to bike for 7.2 miles. He thought to himself, not bad. Not bad at all. A few more minutes passed and finally the bike began to slow down. The bike had practically come to a stop as the MizDad couldn't continue.

It wasn't out of exhaustion that had caused him to stop riding the bicycle. It was something that he had seen on the television screen. He finally found out who had replaced his girl Naomi. It was former Tough Enough competitor Amanda Saccomanno, who was now going by the name of Mandy Rose. He didn't know that she had been signed to appear on Total Divas, but he did remember her. He remembered her from Tough Enough – he remembered how she was constantly trying to flirt with his son on television. He even remembered watching the Tough Enough finale, where Amanda had accused Sara Lee of being a ring-rat and trying to sleep her way to the top. He also remembered how Mick Foley had tried to white knight that situation and call out WWE for slut-shaming Sara Lee. He liked Mick – he really did, but sometimes he found it difficult to relate to him. I mean, he knew that he had his own unique and special relationships with many of the WWE Divas, and so did Mick – but they seemed to be on a completely different spectrum. Either way – the MizDad couldn't deny that he had been instantly attracted to Mandy Rose the moment that he had seen her. While he was heart-broken about losing Naomi on the show, he began to think that at least Mandy Rose was a solid replacement. And he hoped that sooner rather than later, he would get an opportunity to meet her. He also couldn't deny how great her ass looked during those training segments. She could really fill out a pair of yoga pants. As he continued to watch, he also remarked about how good Eva Marie looked. He decided to finally get off the bike and walked over to his mini-fridge and grabbed another tall Miller Lite as he sat down on a chair and continued watching Total Divas.

As he sat on his chair, sipping on his beer, he once again began to feel the blood rush to his dick. He didn't know if it was the sight of Mandy Rose and Eva Marie in their tight workout clothes or if it was the extra endorphins rushing through his body after his post-workout. With the extra dopamine flowing throughout his body, he soon found his member throbbing. He was now rock hard. Even with the garage door open – he decided to say fuck it. He slid his hands down his Zubaz pants and instantly gripped his dick. At first he slowly began just rubbing it, rubbing it ever so slowly. With Total Divas in the background, he was now having a post exercise wank. He quickened his pace when Nikki Bella was on the screen talking about her breasts... he began rapidly stroking his dick faster and faster. Nikki Bella was definitely another Diva that he hoped to have a special relationship with one day soon. His balls were beginning to swell. And he was so close to cumming. If another Nikki Bella scene came up soon he knew he would blow.

A loud screeching sound was heard outside. And then he heard a car's radio. It was blaring a song in another language. It was something he recognized could only be French. He quickly took his hand out of his Zubaz and hoped that he hadn't been caught. That he hadn't been caught pleasuring himself to Total Divas. He then heard another noise. It was the sound of a car door slamming. And then he heard another door slam. Who the fuck was here? He wasn't expecting any guests today and he was so angry to have been interrupted.

He then heard footsteps before a familiar voice rang out. “Hello? Are you in the garage?” - A female voice rang out.

He immediately recognized who the female voice belonged to. It was his daughter-in-law Maryse. He wasn't sure what she was doing here, but he was glad to see her. She continued towards the garage where he finally saw her for the first time. The MizDad, like usual, wasn't disappointed with how Maryse was dressed. She was wearing a curve fitting black shirt, see-through pantyhose, and a top that showed off ample cleavage. He immediately got a huge grin on his face. When she finally got close enough to hug him, the two embraced tenderly. His dick still hard, rubbed briskly against her. Maryse couldn't help, but to giggle as she noticed. This wasn't the first time she's felt her father-in-law's hard-on.

She begins to speak - “Hi dad, I am glad that you are excited to see me.”

His face briefly goes red, he is rarely embarrassed generally and yet – Maryse can make him blush like he never has before. “How do you know I'm excited to see you?” - he says, trying to play it cool.

Maryse again giggles. “Dad – I can tell. And I can feel. And besides are you ever not excited to see me?”

“Well no... but, I just didn't expect to see you today is all. But you know that we love all of your visits Maryse.”

She answers - “of course I do Dad, I came by because I was at the farmer's market with a friend of mine.. we were having a terrific time there and we picked up more items than we needed. And since we had some extra, I thought we would give the extra food to you. We didn't want it going to waste... and I also haven't seen you in a few days. I just wanted to see how the family was doing.”

“That's awfully kind and sweet of you Maryse. We are doing really well actually... in fact, as you can tell – I'm finally using some of this exercise equipment that Mike bought me for Christmas. This is my first day really going for it, but I think I'm doing pretty good so far. I rode the bike earlier for a good 15 miles.

(He exaggerates).

“I can tell... I hope it keeps up. You already are the most charismatic person that I know – if you get in shape, then dear lord. You are going to have all the ladies all over you.” - Maryse says.

“I definitely wouldn't mind that...” - MizDad replies cockily.

“But, I should probably take these groceries inside. I don't want them going bad. After all, it was a farmer's market and with some of this organic stuff – it's best not to take a chance. But, do you mind entertaining my friend while I'm inside? I don't plan on being super long – but you know how your wife gets sometimes. She is going to probably chat my ear off. She will want to know each and every story about her son. Sighs... Sometimes I wonder why I married a guy who called himself the Chick Magnet. But, I can't deny how much I love that goof. And how much I love being part of this family. Anyway, just entertain my friend. She already knows about you. I've said nothing but good things.” Maryse then kissed him on the lips before walking away and entering the Mizanin household. Another minute passed before finally the MizDad heard more footsteps approaching the garage.

He completely lost his cool when he saw her just outside his gym and garage. It was the gorgeous redhead that he had just seen on Total Divas. All 5 ft. 8 in., 125 lbs of toned and ripped body, breasts beyond ample, and legs that could wrap around you for days. Legs that could crush you. Legs that you wanted to instantly throw around your head. He absolutely could not believe that this gorgeous Italian girl was at his house right now.

Eva Marie was the first to speak, she spoke with a rather warm and flirty intonation - “Hi! I've heard so much about you. Maryse has told me so many good things about you. She told me how handsome you were, how hilarious you were, and how you were a good kisser. She really couldn't not stop speaking your praises.”

Eva then entered the garage fully. She could hear the television in the corner. When she finally glanced at the television, she immediately recognized what was on. She turned to the Miz's dad and asked him - “So – are you a big fan of this show? I think that you would have to be to be watching this at 11 in the morning..” She laughs before continuing. “But then again, when isn't the E Network running a Total Divas marathon? They absolutely love us. And maybe you love us too. “

She hears the voice of Mandy Rose in the background before she continues. “Ahh, Mandy – she's an interesting character. I'm still not entirely sure if I should team up with her or not... I've tried Red and Gold before and it burnt me so bad. What do you think about Mandy? Do you like her? Do you find her attractive?”

The MizDad coughs.

Eva looks at him impatiently, before asking him again with a more authoritative tone. “God damn it, be straight with me, what do you think about Mandy? Do you find her hot?”

“If you want honesty, I need another beer. Do you want one, we have Miller Lite and I believe some Tecate.” - MizDad replies.

Eva smiles, letting her guard down a bit. “I'll take the Tecate, after all – I'm half Mexican after all. This wouldn't be the first Tecate I've had.”

“I had absolutely no idea that you were part Mexican, but I can't deny that I love a girl who is willing to drink beer and just chill out.” - MizDad states.

“Sure, beer – wine, tequila – I can do it all. I mean, I don't get into Brie mode nearly as often as some of the other divas, but that doesn't mean I don't like to have a good time. Plus, I'm half-Mexican and half-Italian – liquor is practically coursing throughout my family tree.”

The MizDad then raises his brand new Miller Lite tallboy as Eva raises the Tecate that she just received. The two clank the cans together in a celebratory cheers. Both of them smile, before Eva speaks again.

“You still haven't answered me about Mandy... but, I'll ask you something easier. What exactly is going on here? Is this your man cave?” - She teases him.

“This is my dojo.” - MizDad replies.

“Your dojo? Who exactly do you think you are? Some kind of of badass, huh? - Eva questions him.

“I am indeed. I've been working my guns all day. I'm trying to get ripped. Trying to get in shape for the new year.”

“I can tell, you are already looking quite nice in that Tapout t-shirt.” Eva walks over to him, she grabs on to his bicep before blurting out - “I can already start to tell that it's paying off, your bicep is feeling so good and so strong.”

The MizDad responds - “Really?

“I'm shocked, but either way – you have really nice muscular arms. If only my husband Jonathan could have this natural look. He tries so hard and yet – even with all his muscles, you still have something that he doesn't have. I think it's a more manly feeling. Something about you screams that you are a manly man while I just don't get the same thing from him.” She leans closer and whispers into his ear.. “Just tell me what you think about Mandy.. and I'm yours.”

“Yours? In what way?” - He asks.

“Maryse said to keep me busy, use your imagination.”

He thought to himself, this is his lucky day. He was watching her on television only awhile ago and now here she was. In his garage, begging him for sex. He truly was having a great day. And all he had to do to get sex with this gorgeous WWE Diva was tell her how he felt about another WWE Diva. This was probably the easiest hook-up he has had in awhile. At least since the Halloween party.

He cleared his throat before exclaiming - “She seems nice – I hope that she gets the training that she needs and I hope that they don't rush her to the main roster. As long as she does her proper training and pays her dues, she will definitely be an asset to the WWE. She has the looks and personality to go far within this industry. And you know something? A lot of people want to give her shit for getting her start on a reality show? But – I think you can relate to that. You were judged because you also started on Total Divas and though it took you awhile, at least you finally went back to get training. You put in the time with Brian Kendrick. You know who else got tons of shit for being on reality TV?

Eva stammered.

The MizDad quickly interrupted. “I'll tell you who got a lot of shit for being a reality star. My son did – and nobody can deny the success that he has had. He went from being on The Real World to main eventing WrestleMania and I couldn't be prouder.”

“That he did.” Eva responded and smiled. “Thank you for answering what you thought about Mandy, I just wanted somebody else's opinion because I'm thinking about tagging with her. But since you answered my question, I think that I owe you something. I told you that you could have anything that you want. So name your price.”

He took a few seconds to think about that. Eva Marie was offering herself up to him. He could have sex with her in any way he wanted. He knew that it was best to keep them wanting more. He turned to Eva and told her that he wanted to eat her out. It had been an hour or two since he finished those flapjacks earlier, and he was hungry once again. Hungry for some Eva Marie pussy.

Eva was dressed in a pair of leather pants and a tight tank top. She asked the Miz's father where the best place to do this was. He told her to get ton he weight bench and to lay down, this would give him the perfect access that he needed to please her. Eva laid down on the weight bench and MizDad placed his hands on the top band of her pants. He ran his hands down to her zipper and slowly unzipped the pants. He removed the leather pants slowly, making sure to enjoy what was going on. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that Eva wasn't wearing any panties. When he noticed her pussy for the first time, he couldn't help but to be slightly disappointed that she was completely shaved.

He blurted out - “No pubes huh? I thought you were All Red Everything?. But I can get past that I guess, besides that pussy is gorgeous and I can't help but to notice that you are already glistening”

Now her face gets red. Almost red enough to match her hair color. The MizDad takes his as a sign. He approaches Eva's pussy and begins to slowly lap in each and every inch of her pussy. She can feel the tickle of his mustache on her shaved privates, and she laughs. She is totally surprised by how much she is already enjoying this and how his mustache is tickling her in ways that she has never been tickled before. She begins to moan loudly in the garage -

“OOOhhh Oh my god, I can't believe - oh my god – that's so good. Please lick me more.”

For a second the MizDad is distracted, he realizes that the garage door is still open and with his spare hand he finds the garage door remote and closes it. He didn't want to disturb all of his neighbors or clue them into what was going on.

Eva is already on the brink of exploding. She simply has never experienced anything like this. Perhaps it was his age, and his years of experience. Perhaps it was because Eva Marie had daddy issues and the MizDad was similar in age to her father Barry, either way – Eva didn't know why she was already about to cum. He had only been eating her out for maybe six or seven minutes, and she was embarrassed by how much she was soaking his mustache. She couldn't help but to wonder how long his mustache would smell like her pussy juices. And then with another quick lapping of the tongue, she finally let go. She came in large puddle across his face. Eva then put on her leather pants, while the Miz's father began to clean up. He took off the Tapout shirt and used it to wipe up Eva's cum off of his face. Just as they had finished putting themselves back together, the garage door once again opened.

Maryse had returned and was standing outside of the garage. She spoke up, “I hope that I wasn't gone for too long. Your wife was super chatty today, and I just couldn't escape. I didn't mean to place a huge burden on you, I hope entertaining my friend wasn't too much trouble.”

The MizDad replies - “No trouble at all, in fact, Eva Marie and I had fun. Fun like only I can have. Isn't that right Eva?”

She is at a loss for words, but manages to squeak out a simple 'Yes.'

Maryse then speaks again. “Well, I'm glad that the two of you seemed to have fun. So – anyway, when I was inside your wife mentioned that you were trying to get in shape. I think that you should give yoga a try... “

He interrupts her - “Now why should I do that? What kind of sissy does yoga?”

Maryse responds - “Sissies like Jake the Snake. It's done miracles for him, and besides plenty of my friends from WWE rave about this yoga class. And what's the worse that could happen? If you try it once and don't like it, then you never have to go back.”

He knows that Maryse is right. “I suppose you are right Maryse, I'll think about it a bit more. Just give me the information and I'll decide soon.”

She gives the information and tells him that she hopes he will give it a chance. She then mentions that she has to be going, both her and Eva Marie have other plans and arrangements for the day. As Eva Marie and Maryse leaves, the Miz's father proceeds to kiss them both on the lips. After they both leave, the MizDad looks at the yoga information that Maryse gave him. He didn't know what to think about yoga.. but once again he recalled seeing Mandy Rose on Total Divas earlier. He figured fuck it, if even half the asses at a regular yoga class looked as good as Mandy Rose's did, he would at least enjoy himself.

The next day The MizDad woke up and decided that he'd go to the yoga class that Maryse had suggested. He found the piece of paper with the address that Maryse had given him. He realized that the class was starting in only an hour. He would be rushed to get ready, but he quickly gathered himself and hopped into the shower. While in the shower, he didn't know what to think – but he tried to remain positive. For the most part, he was an optimist and knew that whenever he generally tried new things he enjoyed them. Upon stepping out the shower and shutting it off, he proceeded to dry himself off. He then got dressed again – once again in another Tapout shirt and another pair of Zubaz. His wife was already downstairs when he had finished. He turned to her and said that he was in a rush and had to be going soon. He was going to try out the yoga class that Maryse told him about. They kissed before he exited through the back door. He got into his car and cranked up the classic rock radio station, which was playing Bob Seger's”Katmandu” He once again looked at the piece of paper - “Australian Yoga”. He typed the place into his GPS and sped off.

He didn't realize how close the yoga studio was to his house. It only took him 10 minutes to get to the strip mall that Australian Yoga was located in. It was a typical Ohio strip mall – filled with the obligatory foreign grocer, massage parlor, liquor store, and apparently this yoga studio. The parking lot seemed relatively crowded, especially for being this early in the morning. He parked his car and proceeded to walk towards the Australian Yoga's front door . As the door swing open, a bell clanged, and he was immediately greeted by a a gorgeous brunette. She introduced herself immediately with a wide grin upon her face.

“Hi, I'm Billie... welcome to Australian Yoga. Is this your first time?” - She said.

The MizDad simply sighs, “What gave it away? Is it how I 'm dressed? If I have to be honest I wasn't exactly sure about how I should dress today. My daughter-in-law suggested that I come here. I didn't really know what I needed.”

“Oh your daughter-in-law? Don't worry about it. You must be The Miz's father. Maryse told us all about you and if I do say so myself, you are even more handsome than she described. For the most part your outfit seems to work, the only real issue is the Zubaz – sure, those worked for working out in the 80s but yoga requires you to be able to move even more freely. Don't worry – we have a selection of men's pants that you can buy.”

He grunted again and tried cursing under his breath - “Shit. I-I-I really didn't know that guys also had yoga pants. I'm not entirely sure I have the kind of body that is meant for yoga pants.”

“Oh, don't kid yourself. Yoga pants are absolutely no big deal. Trust me, once you wear them for the first time you will realize that you are getting worked up over nothing. And besides, I've had plenty of my male friends tell me that their balls felt heavenly in the male Lululemons.”

He had to hope so. The MizDad knew that he was free-balling as always – and as a result he wasn't sure how much of himself would be revealed in those pants. Billie pointed him to the changing room – where he then proceeded to change. He wanted to see if he looked foolish while wearing yoga pants, but there was no mirror in the changing room, only a motivational poster that said “Be the mirror you want to be.” Upon exiting the changing room, Billie once again reassured him that he looked great. And told him that the beginner's class was just about to start in the next room.”

He walked in the nearest room and laid his yoga mat near the back. He didn't want to stand out too much in the class. The room was filled with around 10 other people in the room, it was all women. In the background light music played. He took a deep breath and closed he eyes. He reassured himself that he wasn't making a fool of himself and that he could do this.

He was instantly snapped back into the room when a stunning blonde Emma walked into the room. She spoke out loud - “Alright class, Namaste. Welcome to beginner's yoga – I am your instructor Emma. Is there anybody here for the first time?”

Silence rang throughout the room. Emma again spoke - “You in the back? Yes – the gentleman. I don't believe that I have seen you here before – don't be shy, is this your first time?”

The MizDad never was a fan of being called out. He really wasn't trying to stand out in any way or draw attention to himself. He merely grunted and shook his head in an affirming way.

Emma continued, “Well then! It's fantastic to have you here joining us today. Isn't it ladies?” The other ladies in the yoga class applauded in an encouraging manner. “Just do what you can – alright, don't feel any pressure to do everything that we do.”

Class began and Emma ran her students through various poses and positions. She took her students through the Mountain Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Tree Pose, Warrior Pose, and more. No matter how hard he tried – The MizDad was having difficulty in performing any of these moves. He was constantly crashing and slipping on his mat. He felt like a fool and couldn't believe how terrible he was at something that looked so easy. For the first time in a long while, he was completely embarrassed. He would've left the class if he didn't think that would be even more mortifying. He couldn't believe how slowly time was going and he wasn't sure if he would be able to make it through this class. The only thing that kept him alive right now was watching the rest of the class. He couldn't keep his eyes from bouncing around the room and going from ass to ass to ass. Every single female in the room had a fantastic ass that was accentuated by their yoga pants. The MizDad used this to keep going. He focused on thinking with his dick, and only his dick. He barely even noticed when class had ended – until he felt somebody tap him on the shoulder. It was the instructor.

“Hi – sir? Are you ok? Class is over. You don't need any help or anything do you?.” - Emma asked him.

“No-no ma'am, I do not. Sorry, I was just daydreaming a bit and must have gotten carried away.” - MizDad states.

“I see, well meditation is another great form of exercise. But if you don't mind – can you come to my office? It doesn't seem like you really enjoyed today's class and I just want to do a quick survey to find out why. It'll only take a few minutes..”

He smiled and knew that he would've followed this buxom blonde anywhere. “Sure, why not? I've got the time to spare and I would love to help. Emma simply smiled as she grabbed his hand and walked him to her office. She told him to sit down and she instantly locked her office door. She then walked over to the blinds that her office had and made sure they were also closed.

The MizDad couldn't help himself. “So are we going to be doing this survey in the dark? I don't know how well I can fill out forms when in the dark.”

She laughs. “I knew that you'd be funny and besides I think that we need our privacy. My boss can be so noisey. I'm not going to take any chances with her. And besides – don't worry, you won't be filling out forms.. and I think from everything I've heard about you.. you can handle yourself in the dark.”

“Wait – you know who am I?” But how?” - He questions Emma.

“Maryse – how else? She informed everybody at Australian Yoga that you'd be coming in. And, I knew that I wanted to teach your class. I was hoping that you would have a knack for yoga – but, if I have to be frank. This doesn't seem to be your thing at all. And that disappoints me... because Maryse was rather concerned about your health. I would feel like I would be doing my friend a disservice if I let you go home without getting a true workout...”

She walked over and sat down on his lap. His cock began to twitch through his Lululemons. She giggled as she felt a slight poking sensation against her butt. She scooted forward grinding more against his dick which flexed once more. Emma leaned forward and placed a slow, tender kiss on his lips. He let out a loud gulp.

“So – this was a set-up? You wanted to have sex with me. Why didn't you just ask me? - MizDad states. “I would've been completely open to it.”

“For a variety of reasons. Number one – I'm bad at approaching people. I tend to tense up around them. Number two, my boss Peyton Royce, has been pressuring us to get more guys in here. Maryse was doing me a favor. And I think she was also doing you a favor.. she knows precisely what kind of women you enjoy. So, should we continue? Who knows maybe if you are really lucky – you will get a true taste of Tenille... Besides, I can already tell that you are excited through these yoga pants.“

When the MizDad sees a green light, he floors the gas pedal. He takes off like he is racing in the Daytona 500 with one of his Nascar heroes. He begins to kiss her lips as he slides his hand up and down her back He rubs her shoulders slowly. She already begins to let out yelps of excitement. His hands come to the top of her tank top which is quickly removed. Emma is wearing a blue sports bra, which allows for her cleavage to fill over. The MizDad moves his kisses placing light and quick kisses on the now exposed cleavage. One of Emma's hands is now rubbing the MizDad's member through his Lululemon pants, he can feel the friction of the pants making his cock hotter and harder.

“Emma – let's lose that bra, I want to nestle my face in those tits. Right now.” - Mizdad exclaims.

“Whatever you say, these puppies are ready to play anyway. Besides, I like to be ordered around. I like for a man to tell me what to do” - Emma stated. The MizDad couldn't believe what had just happened. Emma just completely gave him complete power in this scenario.. He was about to take this encounter to the next level.

He didn't have much time to process this change in the room's atmosphere as Emma had removed her sports bra and was now shoving her large tits into his face. He accepted her tits by making sure to make a loud sloppy sound as he placed Emma's left breast in his mouth. With his free hand, he began to play with her other breast. As he sucked. Emma was enjoying how good his mouth felt on her tits and she was already wondering where else his mouth could do magic on her body. As he continued to suck on her breasts, his dick continued to get harder and harder in his yoga pants. He was a good ninety-percent hard right now. And now, he could feel something different. He could feel something wet. He continued to suck on Emma's breast, but took his free hand and began to move it towards Emma's pants. As he approached where her crotch was, he could feel a large wet spot. He grinned and he was glad that Emma was also getting extremely wet. This would play in his favor.

After a few more minutes had passed, he ordered Emma to stand up and bend over her desk. He told her that he wanted to slowly pull off her yoga pants. After all, he could see that she was soaking through them and he wanted a closer view of her pussy. He also wanted to get a better view of that yoga-bred ass. Emma did as she was ordered. She instantly laid against her desk and slowly removed her yoga pants.. As Emma's yoga pants hit the floor, she felt a loud slap on her ass. And then another. And finally a third.

“You like it when I spank you? Don't you?” The MizDad asked her.

She merely responded by letting out a series of yelps and moans. She finally managed to stutter out - “I, I do! Especially when they are from a hunk like you. “

She then felt another two slaps. The MizDad began to trail his fingers up and down. Slightly tracing them over her pussy. He already liked how wet his fingers were from her juices. He couldn't help but to slide his first finger into Emma's dripping pussy. She again let out a shriek. He continued to finger her, sliding his finger in and out of her. He continued at this for a few more minutes before blurting out -

“Fuck this, I want that taste of Tenille and I want it now.” He then dropped to his knees as she told him that he could have more than a taste. He could have all of Tenille that he wanted. He did just as he said and she instructed. He slid his wet tongue in and out of her pussy, making sure to lap each and every fold and flap. She could already barely contain her moans and groans. She tried to muffle them to the best of her ability, after all her bosses office was next door, and if she heard what was going on – she would likely get in trouble. Sure, her boss had wanted her to bring more males into the yoga studio, but I don't think she would be happy to find out that Emma was also having sex with the customers. Downstairs The MizDad continues to greedily eat her pussy, he was eating like he hadn't eaten in awhile – of course he did skip breakfast.

Emma began yelling out - “Oh my god, my god, Mizdad why are you so good at this? Oh my god, this is better than Maryse described. I'm so wet and ready for it. Please, MizDaddy can I just ride you now? You have done enough good work dow there, it's my turn to return the favor.”

He got up from the floor and said - “Sure, where do you want this at?” Emma simply walked over to her desk and threw off everything on it. It made a loud crashing sound, but at this point she didn't care if her boss heard. She was too far gone, she was too horny to care anymore.

“Just remove the rest of those yoga pants and lay there on my desk, I'll take care of all of the work.” She turns to him and smiles. His pants practically hit the ground in zero seconds and he quickly gets on the desk. Emma climbs on top and slowly positions herself. She finally finds the MizDad's fully erect and hard penis and lowers herself on it. She begins to slowly grind up and down on his cock as he begins to let out loud labored groans.

“Ugh – ooh god. I can't believe how good you are at riding this dick. Keep goin – ohh – in. This feels super super good Emma, and I don't know how long I can last at this rate.”

She laughs and continues at it. He can feel himself inching deeper and deeper into Emma's folds. If nothing else, Emma's yoga skills were starting to pay off now. She was able to position herself in ways that allowed her to take all of the Miz's father's dick. He can barely contain himself as he feels his balls began to throb. He knows that he is about to cum at any minute. The sounds of skin slapping continue to echo throughout the tiny office. And then – all at once – she hears a loud groan coming from the MizDad and instantly feels a stream of warm cum flowing within her.. She got down from the desk and immediately began to get dressed again while the MizDad struggled to catch his breath.

Emma spoke - “So I don't think yoga is for you, but I see no reason why we can't keep this arrangement every week. That way your wife at least thinks you are going to yoga – how does that sound to you?”

“That sounds fantastic. I really really look forward to learning more 'yoga' with you Emma. I think you will be a fantastic teacher and who knows maybe I'll even teach you a few things. He then proceeded to put back on his yoga pants and Tapout shirt. As soon as he got dressed, they heard a loud knock on the office door.

Standing outside Emma's door was her boss Peyton and she was surprised to see Emma in her office with a guy. She immediately turned to Emma - “So is this a new student? Did you finally manage to do your job for once and get a male to sign up?”

The Miz's father interrupted. “Excuse me miss, Emma has done more than that. She has gotten me to sign up to take private lessons each and every week. She really seems to be a motivated teacher.”

Peyton was shocked and exclaimed - “Emma! That's amazing. I'm so sorry that I ever doubted you. And Mister... what's your name?”

“Just call me Mr. Mizanin”

Peyton responded - “Alright Mr. Mizanin thank you for joining our studio. We look forward to providing you with the best in yoga services.”

“Thank you, miss. Now if you will excuse me – I need to be going. Goodbye ladies.” With that the MizDad strode to the front door of the yoga studio, swung it open, and walked away. He got into his car, before speeding back home. After a long day of yoga, it was definitely Miller Lite time.

Our Team Spirit

“Good lord – when the hell is this game going to start? I thought the kickoff was going to be at 6:30.... and it's already 6:35.” - Charlotte began to complain.

“Relax, Charlotte – it's only been a few minutes... it's getting ready to start. After all, they just finished the coin toss. See? Your team has elected to kick off.” - Alicia responded, already doing her best to referee this conversation.

Charlotte, Alicia Fox, and Lana were all sitting on the couch in Lana and Rusev's house prepared to watch the Super Bowl on Rusev's large screen television. Rusev loved his sports and had a top of the line television with 4K resolution and a complete surround sound system. In the nearby kitchen, stood a kitchen island littered with snacks and liquor. These Divas were all set to make this a great day, albeit competitive. Lana was dressed in a Broncos jersey and was outwardly cheering for Denver, while Charlotte was cheering for her Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. She really wanted to see the Panthers win their first ever Super Bowl. And she knew that at his home, her father Ric Flair would be watching and wooing throughout the entire game also cheering on the Panthers. Alicia was dressed as a referee – and she decided that this would be her role for the day, being a peacekeeper between the two and making sure that this competition between the two other ladies stayed at least civil. After all, this was suppose to be one of their days off. They would be at Raw tomorrow and for tonight, they should just focus on having fun.

Lana gets extremely excited when she finds out that Denver would get the ball first. She wanted her team to immediately score and get on the board. She wanted to immediately start talking trash to Charlotte. She began by saying - “So Charlotte, do you really think that your team is going to win? They have absolutely no chance. Cam Newton has been nothing but lucky all year long... “

“Wait – You can't say that he has been lucky, he has been one of the best athletes this year – After all Lana – they named him the MVP of the entire league just last night.”

Lana laughs out loud. “Wow, he just now won his first MVP? How impressive. How many MVP awards does Peyton have again? Oh, he has more than anybody else in the League? Including that Pretty Boy Tom Brady? What do you have to say about that Charlotte?”

“There's not much that I can say to that. Peyton is a tremendous player, that I can't deny. But, did you know that Tyler Breeze once mentioned to that me that he was partially inspired by Tom Brady? Breeze told me that he wanted to be the pretty boy, who wins no matter what – and that he wouldn't care if people hated him.”

Alicia chimes in - “I could totally see Breezy saying something like that! He's such a goof – but hell, that would probably be a better character for him. He might then at least get somewhat of a reaction.”

The other girls can't help but to burst out laughing. Alicia could perhaps be brutal, but she was always blunt and honest. It would be extremely difficult to deny the fact that Tyler Breeze has done nothing more than flounder since being called up from NXT.

“Jesus Christ – Alicia, show some sympathy won't you? I mean – not all of us can be lucky enough to be getting the Total Divas push, the push from being associated with the Bellas. I mean, I feel terrible for Nikki and what she is going through... but in some ways, you have to admit that you are getting more spotlight on you as a result.” - Charlotte states.

Alicia looks at her with a perplexed look on her face. She slowly opens her mouth still dazed from Charlotte's accusation. “Well, I'm s-s-sorry? I can't really help whom I am paired up with, but that's a terrible thing to say to me. I mean – don't you get tired of people saying that you are only getting your push because of your father? The way I see it is we've both worked our asses off to get where we've gotten. Luck plays somewhat of a part in it of course, but we are strong females and that's why we are both prominent parts of the WWE right now.”

“Ladies, ladies – please the game is on right now and Denver is driving the ball. I want to see what happens. But I also think that things are getting far far too serious in here. So Charlotte, what do you say we make a fun little bet? A bet that will make this game even more interesting... You aren't a chicken are you?”

Charlotte shakes her head no. She states - “So Lana, what exactly do you have in mind? I can't imagine losing a bet to you. After all, I've got Cam and the Panthers on my side – there's no way I'm losing. And if I do lose a bet to you, well then – whatever. I'll pay up whatever you say.”

“Denver has the ball right now, what do you say? - if they score here I get to kiss you. Is that something that you can agree on?” - Lana says.

“Kiss? You want a kiss? But what about Rusev and your engagement? Won't he mind that you are kissing other girls?” I mean.. I don't want to seem like a prude or anything, it's just.. it's just something that I didn't expect to hear from you.

Alicia laughs loudly. She interjects - “What? You think Rusev would mind if his gorgeous fiancee was kissing another girl? He's a male! And besides – in Bulgaria, they are extremely lax about those things... multiple marriages, multiple partners, multiple lovers. It's practically the Paris of Southeastern Europe.

“I'm not entirely sure all of that is true about Bulgaria Alicia – but it is true that Rusev doesn't mind if I fool around with other girls occasionally. He has been well informed time and time again about what usually occurs on the road trips with us WWE Divas. And how our sleepovers and get to-gethers can get out of control. If only E! Managed to capture half of the things that usually go on between us. Total Divas would be far far crazier... and probably get better ratings.” - Lana replies.

“Yea, if they captured half of the things that went on in our locker room alone... we'd probably have to be moved to Cinemax.” - Charlotte says.

“So true girlie – but about the bet? Are you going to take it or not? Or perhaps, you are afraid of what you would feel if you get kissed by me? That you will like it too much! ,” Lana proceeds to tease Charlotte some more.

Charlotte looks at Lana straight in the eye and offers out her hand. “Oh you are so on Lana. And please don't flatter yourself too much about something as frivolous as a kiss.”

The first drive continues to take place with Denver slowly driving the ball down the field. On the couch, the expressions on both Lana and Charlotte tell a different story. A wide beaming smile appears on Lana's face as her Broncos continue to have success while Charlotte's expression starts to turn quite sour. With 10:43 left in the first quarter, Denver field goal kicker Brandon McManus drilled a 34 yard field goal to give Denver the first lead of Super Bowl 50. They were now winning 3-0 and Lana was also winning her bet with Charlotte.

Lana looked over at Charlotte who simply grumbled and sighed. She went over and gave Lana a short peckish kiss. Lana was angry and started to scream “Hey, that doesn't count! I meant an actual kiss.. not some friend-zone bullshit. Hey, Alicia – you are suppose to be an official right? What's your ruling on this? Should that count?”

Alicia stutters, “I-I-I'm not entirely sure. But I think, no. I think there has to be a three count to end anything. Even a kiss.” Alicia then turns to Charlotte, “Charlotte, I'm sorry, but as the official I can't count that. You need to try again to fulfill your bet, please try to make this one count. I don't want to have to enforce rules like this all night...

Lana snickers, “Are you entirely sure about that Foxy?”

Lana soon feels Charlotte's lips placed on hers once again, this time the kiss is deeper and more passionate. And Lana instantly knows that there is something more to this kiss. She feels a sense of excitement.

Out loud, both Lana and Charlotte hear Alicia counting...



2...and a half...

2 and three-quarters...

And three.

Alicia then reaches between the two and stops the kiss. She breaks them apart like a good referee would do.

“Alright ladies, that's enough of that. Charlotte has fulfilled the bet.” - Alicia then states.

Both Charlotte and Lana look at Alicia quizzically. They were confused by her mixed messages. In one way, she wanted to elongate their kissing and in another way she wanted to tear them quickly apart. Did she have an agenda of her own? Was Alicia trying to somehow interject and tease them both?

Charlotte speaks up. “Ok – well Denver got lucky. There is no way that the Panthers are going to keep losing this game. Let's make a new bet. If my team gets the first touchdown in this game, I get to touch your boobs, but if the Broncos get the first touchdown in the game you get to feel my boobs.”

“Sounds good to me Charlotte, but you should be aware – that my boys are coming for this victory. I'm going to get to squeeze your tits very very soon. Watch out, I can't promise you that I won't pinch.”

A chill ran down Charlotte's spine and she felt a small tingle. She really really didn't want to lose another bet to Lana. She had already had to kiss her, and while it wasn't terrible by any means, she wasn't ready to let Lana have another win. Luck was not on Charlotte's side so far though. With 6:27 left in the first quarter, Malik Jackson recovered a fumble in the end zone to make the score Denver 10 – Carolina 0. Charlotte just lost her second bet of the night. Things were not going her way.

Lana walked over to Charlotte and smiled at her. “This is going to be fun,” - She said. Charlotte quickly grabbed Lana's wrists and made them quickly and lightly touch her chest. She quickly turned to Alicia - “That counts, that counts. She just touched my boobs. That was the bet! Please tell me that you agree with me.”

“Well I um, I'm not totally sure that I agree with that.. I mean you kind of cheated. But then, at the same time she did technically grab your breasts. Hmm.. I don't know. But I'm going to.. say that, this counts. Sorry – Lana, but a technicality is a technicality.”

Lana sighs and sits back down on the couch. Her mood changes, as she now begins to feel a bit frustrated and confused by Alicia Fox. Her calls and judgments seem to be completely random. She seems to not be able to make any definitive calls. But as Lana began to relax a bit, she started to realize that her night wasn't going so bad. She had still won both of the bets that she had made during the game.

The second quarter had arrived and all three ladies get themselves another beverage. All of them fill glasses of booze. Lana once again begins to talk trash to Charlotte. She states - “Charlotte, your team is doing horrible.. it's 10 to nothing and at this rate, this game is going to be over by halftime. Are you starting to feel stupid yet? Or do we need to make some more bets? Because if you really want, I can continue to humiliate you all night.”

Charlotte remains silent and merely continues to watch the game. Alicia on the other hand looks like she is deep in thought. She is started to question if Lana is going too far with her trash talking and she is starting to feel sorry for Charlotte. This is suppose to be a fun night between the ladies and it has somehow taking a turn. Alicia feels that something needs to happen soon to change the mood that is starting to take over the room.

Luckily for her, she soon gets a break when the game takes a sudden change. With 11:25 remaining in the second quarter, Jonathan Stewart ran for a one yard touchdown to top off a 73-yard Carolina Panthers drive. The score was now Denver 10 – Carolina 7. Charlotte jumped off the couch and starting cheering and hollering. She even let out one or two Woos as she did the signature Flair Strut across Rusev's entertainment room. Charlotte then turned to Lana, “So my team just scored, What do you think about that? Finally, I won a bet! My team scored so that means that I get a reward, right?”

Lana laughs at her and then replies, “You never made a bet. You just assumed that we were still going on an each score basis. Sorry, but you have to make it explicit if you want bets to happen. I'm still winning two to nothing though.”

Charlotte was pissed and Alicia could tell that this girl was dying for attention. Alicia walked over to Charlotte and give a slow kiss on her lips. Charlotte was caught off guard and wasn't sure what to think about what just occurred. She didn't mind it, but she was very surprised.

“Alicia, what was that about? You weren't involved in a bet either, and besides you are suppose to be a referee right now, you shouldn't be showing favoritism to either of us, even though I am flattered that you are choosing me as your favorite.” Charlotte teased the entire room with that line. Alicia was about to respond and explain to Charlotte why she kissed her, but then she stopped. She couldn't admit to Charlotte that it was out of sympathy.

The second quarter continues and Norwood of the Broncos makes a huge kickoff return. In fact, he returns the ball for 61 yards which sets a new Super Bowl record. Lana can't stop herself from letting out loud cheers and screams of enjoyment. She knows that her team is taking a commanding presence in the game. A few plays later Denver takes the lead 13-7 when McManus kicks a 33 yard field goal. However, neither Charlotte or Lana are happy. They forgot to make a bet again. Why hadn't they made more bets?

Lana soon changes this though. Denver recovers another fumble and this leads to Lana once again getting extremely cocky. She decides to make another bet with Charlotte. They bet that whichever team is losing at halftime – that person has to call Natalya. They have to prank call Natalya.

Another interception by Carolina. They managed to finally take the ball away from Peyton Manning and the Broncos. And once again, Charlotte had some hope. When Lana stood up to walk towards the kitchen and get a drink, Charlotte couldn't help but to smack her on the ass. She tried to play it up like it was the game that was getting her excited, not the fine ass in front of her.

Halftime soon arrived. At halftime the score was 13-7 Denver. So far, this night was going great for Lana. She had won every bet and her Broncos were winning the game. And now – Charlotte had to fulfill another bet. She had to call Natalya and she had to prank her. Charlotte let out a loud sigh before finally muttering.

“Just give me the phone – I'm not proud of this, but I want to get this over with. This is going to be awful...” - Charlotte said.

Charlotte dialed on her cell phone Natalya's number. She started to grunge on each and every ring that she heard. The phone rang once, twice, three times and still she only got Natalya's answering message -

“Hi this is Nattie – if you have to talk to me or TJ, or any of our cats, please just leave a message and we'll call back as soon as possible, Love ya!”.

“So am I good? She didn't answer the phone, but I should be good. I made the call.. what else do you want me to do? - Charlotte said.

Alicia quickly exclaims - “I think it's only fair, that you try to call her once more. If she doesn't answer again, then you are good.”

Charlotte dials the number again. The phone only rings once before she hears Nattie's voice on the other line “Hello? This is Nattie – can I ask who I am talking to?”

Charlotte holds her finger over her nose in an attempt to disguise her voice before she speaks - “Um, hello there Natalya, do you have a cat who is striped?”

Nattie responds- “I think so, I think I have a few cats like that.. why do you ask?”

Charlotte sighs before responding - “Well I'm afraid that I have some awful news for you dear, I'm afraid that your cat must have gotten out earlier. And it seems that a car must have hit it. It managed to limp to our sidewalk before it ended up collapsing in front of our house. I think that it might be dead. I'm sorry to break this news to you.”

Natalya let out a loud shriek - “Oh my god, I can't believe that this would happen to Snickers, or Doodles, or Ziggles – I forget which cat it was exactly.”

With that she simply heard the phone click. Lana and Alicia Fox erupted in laughter while Charlotte started to feel terrible. She couldn't believe how poorly her night was going. She simply wanted to have a fun ladies night out. As the third quarter started, Lana and Charlotte decided to make another bet. They decided that the next one one who scores would get a lap dance. Charlotte briefly gets cocky when Carolina gets into field goal position but swiftly becomes crestfallen once Graham Gano misses the field goal. The game continues in Denver's favor. McManus hits another field goal to bring the score to 16-3. Lana had now won her third bet of the night and she wasn't about to stop anytime soon. Charlotte now had to give Lana a lap dance.

Alicia walked over to the radio, she switched the stations a few times, before finally coming to a song that she liked. It was Shakira's “My Hips Don't Lie”. Charlotte walked over to Lana and started to gyrate against her. She bounced up and down on Lana's waist making sure she felt each and every movement. Suddenly, the front door swung open. In the room entered Rusev and Cesaro. Rusev walked in when Lana was getting a lap dance from Charlotte. From the corner of her eye, Lana noticed her fiancee.

“Hey Rusev, what are you doing here? Tonight is suppose to be a ladies night, and are you trying to spy on me? Aww, that's cute. But look hunny, I'm not doing anything out of the normal or anything that you would disapprove of. I'm just trying to have some fun with my ladies.”

He turned to her and replied. “I can see that and I don't mind. I only came here because I left one of my credit cards here. I didn't mean to interrupt anything that is going on with you and you friends and if I did I'm sorry babe. I love you and I didn't mean to cause any problems. I will be out of here in a few minutes..”

Lana turns to Rusev and responds, “Dear it's fine, just do what you need to do. It's ladies night and you aren't interrupting anything here. Except for Charlotte being a huge loser. She keeps making bets that she can't handle and bets that she can't win. She is still riding and supporting the Carolina Panthers so hard.”

Rusev laughs at that. He then goes over to kiss his wife before he and Cesaro leave the house for good. Ladies night resumes.

The third quarter finishes and the game still remains relatively open. As it approaches the fourth quarter of the game Lana decides to make one last final bet. She decides to make it a loser take all bet. The next person who lost a bet would have to take a strap on. The winner would truly get to celebrate their team's win.

Charlotte gets super excited when Peyton fumbles it. She gets so existed that she begins to squeal. She realizes that this might possibly be her last chance and that the game could end any minute now. And then Gano gets them back in the game. He kicks a 39 yard field goal to make it 16 to 10. Denver is up by 6. And yet Charlotte can barely contain herself, she is so elastic about what is going on. And as Carolina gets more and more into the game, Charlotte starts to struggle with herself. In fact, Charlotte is getting so excited that she is now on the verge of peeing. She stands up and begins to woo and flair strut herself. She is so excited right now. She gets disappointed when she realizes that Carolina is having problems moving the ball all night.

With only five minutes remaining in Super Bowl 50, the Denver Broncos appear to be well on their way to victory. Denver's defense has been unstoppable for the whole game. However, Charlotte remains optimistic. After all, she doesn't want to be the one who has to take a strap on. So she holds onto to hope and continues to cheer on the Carolina Panthers.

“My team still has a chance. Don't put the harness on yet Lana. Cam can still bring our team back!” - Charlotte states.

“Whatever you say, you silly silly American.” - Lane states.

“Aren't you an American too?” - Charlotte asks.

“Shut up!” - Lana replies sharply.

Charlotte was quickly running out of hope as the game clock continued to tick away. Charlotte practically lost all hope when Denver recovered a fumble on the four yard line. Lana turned to her and simply stated “Are you ready yet? I'm going to enjoy this Superbowl win.” Charlotte didn't respond. When the Carolina Panthers were called for holding , Lana let out a loud obnoxious cackle. Alicia Fox remained on the couch sipping on another adult beverage. She was quite buzzed and simply watched Charlotte and Lana go at it. Lana got another break – when CJ Anderson broke through and scored a 2 yard touchdown. With the score now 22-10, Lana turned to Charlotte with a devious expression on her face.

“So Charlotte, you are about out of time and chances. Should we just get this over with now? Or do you want to delay it until the end of the game. It seems to be that you like to torture yourself? Come on Charlotte – just end your suffering now. Plus it'll be fun! I'm pretty good with a strap on – you'll have fun, if you don't believe me ask Foxy over there if I'm good.”

Alicia responds - “She isn't lying about that, she definitely knows how to use that thing. And I'm almost jealous that I'm not involved with the bet. I wouldn't mind... some... action.”

“Really, Foxy? I mean, I'm not surprised that Lana is talented in using a strap-on.. but you wish you were involved too? You don't even like football, why would you want to be involved with this bet?” - Charlotte asks.

“Well I like sex.” - Foxy coyly responds.

“Foxy don't worry – I'll let you watch when I win. Now shut up, the Broncos are going for two here and if they get this, then Charlotte's pussy is practically mine.”

As the two point conversion unfolds, Peyton Manning throws a bullet pass to Fowler. Fowler catches the ball in the end zone and immediately begins to celebrate. His dancing reminiscent of La Parka's signature chair dance. It is now 24-10 and Charlotte knows that she no longer has a chance of winning this bet. She is going to have to pay up to Lana. She is going to get fucked by Lana. Though, secretly Charlotte thinks to herself that this isn't such a bad consolation prize. After all, she can't deny the sexual energy that she felt earlier in the night when Lana had kissed her, and then when Lana felt her up.

As the game came to a close, Charlotte immediately turned to Lana and told her that she was ready to fulfill their bet. Lana turned to both Foxy and Charlotte and told them that they should go to the guest bedroom where these things were allowed to happen. Rusev was extremely open and didn't care if Lana fooled around with other girls as long as she did it in the guest room where these activities were allowed to take place.

Upon entering the guest room, Charlotte let out a loud gasp. It turned out that this room was obviously used regularly for sexual activities. It wasn't quite a dungeon, but it was extremely close. The ceiling was adorned with mirrors and the bed was massive. It looked like you could easily fit four or five people into this bed. Across the bed on the wall was another massive television – Lana flipped it on and turned it to CBS. Charlotte laughed, but nervously spoke up - “Lana the game is over, you can't force me to watch anymore of this. And you can't tell me that you want to be having sex while Jim Nantz is blabbering away.

Lana turns to her and places a finger over her lips. “Sssh, you really talk far far too much Charlotte. And besides, this isn't the first time I've had sex while listening to Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Like I said earlier, Rusev is a big sports fan. Well, we both are big sports fans. And besides, why wouldn't I want to watch the post-game ceremonies while I fuck you? I'm celebrating after all.”

Alicia Fox sat down in a chair facing the bed. She wanted to make sure she had a good view of what was about to take place. She wanted to see Charlotte take a dick from Lana. And she wasn't being very patient about it at all. She turned to Lana and said - “Alright let's get this show going. I'm ready to see some action. And you ladies still have all your clothes on.”

Lana smirks before speaking - “Well since the 'ref' has graced us with her permission, what do you say Charlotte? Are you ready?”

“I sure am! Come on Lana – I'm ready to take that dick of yours.”

“You are? But you are still fully dressed.” - Lana continues. “But, how about you start stripping for both Foxy and me?

Charlotte begins to do as she is instructed. She first removes the Carolina Panthers jersey that she had on. As it hits the floor, Lana remarks that that's where that trash belongs. Charlotte then slowly rubs her hand up and down her tanned stomach making sure all eyes are on her. She continues her fingers up to her bra – which she slowly removes.

Lana takes notice of a now topless Charlotte as she begins to remove her pants. Lana rummages through one of her dressers and finally finds the strap on. She then slowly pulls up the harness and readies herself. She does however, keep on her Broncos jersey. She tells Charlotte and Alicia that she wants to fuck as a champion. Charlotte continues to remove her clothes – she drops her pants and then she is left in nothing but a skimpy blue and silver colored thong. When Lana and Alicia look closer – they can see that it also is emblazoned with the Carolina Panthers logo.

Lana had to admit to herself that this was extremely amusing. And she had to give Charlotte credit. She was truly a Carolina Panthers fan. She was willing to do anything for her team, Lana couldn't deny that. And after all, nothing says being a die hard fan more than wearing the team logo near your genitals. But Lana couldn't bear to see Charlotte in those panties anymore. Lana walked towards Charlotte and placed her hand in the top band of her panties. She looked at Charlotte in the eye before turning to her and saying - “Charlotte, these panties have got to go. Now!” Lana then yanked down Charlotte's panties to reveal a nicely trimmed and already slick pussy.”

Lana then ordered Charlotte to get on the bed and she quickly joined her on there. By the time Peyton Manning was on-screen mentioning how he was going to go home and have a few Budweisers, Lana was entering Charlotte for the first time. Lana eased her strap-on slowly into Charlotte. Charlotte's already wet pussy allowed for the strap on to go in with ease. Lana began to pump in and out of the Nature Boy's daughter. With every stroke of Lana's dick, Charlotte couldn't help but to let out multiple groans and woos of her own. Lana made sure to position Charlotte in the bed in a way that would allow her to not only fuck Charlotte, but to watch the post-game ceremonies.

Alicia continued watching, making sure that no nefarious action was taking place. She wanted to make sure that this bet was being honored. But she couldn't help herself either. The liquor had caught up to her and had made her just as horny. Plus, two beautiful blondes were having sex practically in front of her. If she had wanted to, she could probably reach over and grab one of Charlotte's exposed breasts. She knew that she could definitely smack Lana's ass. However, she didn't want to interfere with what was taking place on that bed. It was a thing of beauty and glory. Foxy didn't give any fucks about football, but was glad to be able to see Lana drill Charlotte while dressed in her Denver Broncos jersey. And before Alicia Fox knew it, she found herself sticking a hand in her panties. She thought to herself that she could at least masturbate to this action. Her panties were already soaked and this allowed her to easily slip in two fingers.

Lana briefly got a glance of Alicia Fox while she continued to rail Charlotte. She briefly winked at Fox to let her know that she saw what was going on and approved of it. Lana continued working Charlotte at a quick pace, she drove in her dick deeper and deeper into Charlotte's pussy. Charlotte was completely gone – letting out louder and louder moans by the minute. Moans were also escaping the mouth of Alicia Fox. Charlotte finally managed -

“Oh Lana, Ohhh Lana, ooh my god fuck me. I love how you fuck me.”

“Nasty girl. You love how my dick feels in you? Don't you? Sssh. You don't have to tell me. I can already tell from all the moans and woos you are letting out. And it also seems that Foxy over there is enjoying our little show... Don't be embarrassed Foxy!”

“Lana – I'm so so close to cumming right now. Just a few more pumps baby. I want to squirt all over your plastic cock.”

Lana states, “It's not plastic! I think it's a resin of some sort, but fine baby I'll make you cum.” With that she starts pounding at any even quicker pace. The room becomes nothing more than a series of sexual wails for the next few minutes. Finally Charlotte lets out her loudest and most explosive “WOOO” of the night as Lana feels a flood of juices escape from her. Alicia also lets out a long moan to signify that she also is cumming.

Charlotte lays on the bed struggling to catch her breath. Alicia Fox is splayed out in the chair also struggling to regain her composure. Lana removes the strap on and lays down next to Charlotte. For the next few minutes, there is nothing but the background noise of the television as the ladies simply relax and try to process what just took place. The three WWE Divas knew that this was going to be a fun Superbowl party, but they never knew just how fun it was going to be.

Charlotte was the first one to regain her senses. She got down from the bed and began to get dressed again. As she slowly slid on her thong again, Lana turned to her to say - “Baby, I can't let you go home wearing any of that Carolina Panthers stuff.. I'll give you a t-shirt that you can wear instead.” Lana got down from the bed and pulled a t-shirt from the dressers to give to Charlotte. Alicia Fox also started to readjust herself. She stood up and said -

“Ladies, tonight has been truly amazing. But, I've got to get going soon. We have Raw tomorrow and I need to at least get some rest.” With that, she finished getting dressed and left.

Charlotte replies - “She was sure in a hurry to leave, I wonder what that was about..”

Lana replies - “Oh, that's just how Foxy is after an orgasm. She gets embarrassed and usually leaves as quickly as possible. But, she is right – it is getting late. I really should be getting to bed. Come on Charlotte, I'll walk you to the door.”

The two then walk through the rest of the house towards the door holding hands. As the front door is opened, Lana places a long and passionate kiss on Charlotte's lips. She thanks Charlotte for an unforgettable Super Bowl party. Charlotte then walks to her car and as she approaches the door, she turns back to Lana before shouting - “Hey Lana, by any chance are you a fan of March Madness? We could make more bets then.”

Lana simply shook her head before replying, “We should.” She then closed the front door and turned off the porch light. After a fantastic night and even though her team lost, all Charlotte could do was get in her car and drive home. The drive would be pleasant though as it would give her time to remember all of the pleasure she had tonight. Charlotte knew that she couldn't wait to see Lana at Raw.

Dana Brooke's Worry

It all starts out as just another day. It was early, but it always was. As Dana Brooke made her way to the WWE Performance Center, she couldn't help to note how the sun was already out at this time of day. When she looked at her car's clock radio, it read 6:32 AM. She sighed as she mentally noted that she had already been up for over an hour today. She knew that these were the sacrifices that she would be making if she wanted to make herself into a WWE Diva. She knew that these were the sacrifices that she would make just to become a better talent even in NXT. It's not that she was psyched about what was waiting for her when she arrived at the Performance Center, in fact, in a lot of ways she completely dreaded what would be happening next. She only wished that it would be another day. Another day of just running drills, performing moves, and lifting weights. However, she knew that today was going to be something different, perhaps, something worse.

She couldn't help but to shake the feeling of dread in her stomach. She knew that last night was terrible. She realized that today was going to be her judgment day. She was going to have to respond to what happened the night before. And what exactly happened last night and why exactly was she the one to be blamed?

It turned out that somehow and someway people had gotten a hold of her photos. They had gotten a hold of her personnel photos – photos that were only meant for people that she cared about, people that she loved, and people that she trusted. And maybe it was her fault – her fault for trusting these men, her fault for trusting that they wouldn't betray her, that they wouldn't sell her out, that they would keep their word and not spread these photos. And yet, Dana sighed as she knew that she had been betrayed. She knew that even though she tried her best she could never completely trust any male

There was no way that she could find out who leaked the photos. She had sent them to far too many people. It wasn't that she was a whore or even slutty, but Dana knew what she wanted and she didn't hesitate to hide the fact. She was one-hundred percent sexually open and so she didn't care if she was talking to multiple guys or sending nude photos to them. Sure, there was her relationship with Dolph Ziggler, but she didn't know how that would work out. After all, she had heard the stories.. she knew that Dolph tends to get around, with WWE Divas, and also with porn stars, practically with anybody who will have him. She knew that Dolph was friends with multiple porn stars and she also knew that Dolph had confided to her how he was jealous of Joey Ryan. He was jealous that Joey Ryan was the first wrestler to be sponsored by YouPorn. He always knew that he had the connections with Brazzers, but he was still devastated that somebody that beaten him to the porn sponsorship. He was kind of pissed, but he knew that ultimately it was because he was held back by the WWE. This wasn't the first time and it more than likely wouldn't be the last time. Even though Dolph loved being on a WWE contract and getting regular, solid payments – occasionally he couldn't help but to think about his options.

And yet this was just another day for Dana. Just another day that she had to report to her job and do her best. She wanted to excel and she wanted to excel quickly. It was still relatively early in the morning when she began her workout. She was lifting weights with one of her favorite people, one of her best friends, she was lifting weight with the Aussie Tenille, otherwise known as NXT Diva Emma. Dana couldn't believe how quickly she had bonded with Tenille. Ever since they were made partners, they had both established a relationship that neither of them believed. And it was working out for the both of them. Both of them were gaining things from this partnership and friendship. Dana's in-ring work seemed to get better, her moves looked crisper, and it seemed that had she had become a more well-rounded wrestler. Emma also improved; she finally realized what it takes to be a star in the WWE, she realized that being a character is just as important as being a solid wrestler. She finally figured out that it was impossible to separate these two aspects. The WWE required that you were a competent wrestler and also a competent character. Both Dana and Emma were working their best to reach this goal, they both wanted to be complete characters.

But Dana could only do what she could do. She got to the WWE Performance Center and did her job. She was putting in her daily workout, she lifted all of the weights that she needed to lift. She did all of the drills that she needed to do. She put in extra effort by going to the media room and watching matches. Dana was doing her homework and doing what she needed to do. When she went into the film room, she put on the last few NXT Woman's Championship matches. She wanted to see what her competition was doing, she wanted to see what level she was going to have to reach her skills up to. At first she put on the match from Takeover: Brooklyn, and her jaw dropped. For the next 18 minutes, Dana was silent and slack-jawed. Her face went completely blank as she did not know what to make of this event or her competition. She felt distressed and completely out of place.

Things did not get better any time soon. Dana was trying to scout her opponents and put on the next NXT Woman's Championship match at the last Takeover. Now she noticed that Bayley was taking on a much stronger competitor, she noticed that Bayley was now taking on Sasha Banks in an Ironman Match. Dana knew that she couldn't wrestle an Iron Man Match, she knew that both Sasha and Bayley had this advantage over her. And yet, Dana couldn't help but to smile with glee at the thought of this match. She knew that both of these women were going to completely destroy each other. And she was beyond happy with this, in fact, she was ecstatic. This was going to be her way, this was going to be her advantage over all of her opponents. They had plenty of weaknesses and Dana was finally going to exploit them. Dana was going to take advantage in all the weaknesses in the division. She was going to transform herself into being the strongest diva.

Dana had her supporters though. She wasn't ever going to be completely on her own. In fact, a few hours after she arrived to the WWE Performance Center, she was joined by one of her best friends, Alexa Bliss. Alexa joined Dana in the media room, where they were left all alone. When Alexa greeted her, she smiled at her seductively, as she said the following -

“So.. Dana, what are you trying to achieve right now?”

Dana looked at her with merely a smirk on her face. In fact, she was almost completely expressionless.

Alexa briefly looked at her again, with a slight expression of anger on her face. She then blurted out, “Come the fuck on Dana, you've really been silent for far, far too long. I don't know what is going on with you... but, I want to know what is going on. I want to help you out of your funk, I want to get you out of your rut. Because … I don't know if you know this, but Dana.. you are a great wrestler. I think that you have everything that is needed in this business and more. Your character work is fantastic.. and your body is even more fantastic.”

“My body.. my, my body.. are you sure” - Dana responds reluctantly.

Alexa replies harshly to Dana, “Are you fucking kidding me, look at your fucking body, your tits are luscious and I can't deny how much I want to eat your tight ass. Your ripped stomach and abs, I can't help but want to lick....”

Dana laughs, seemingly flattered by Alexa's words.

Dana continues to laugh. She then turns to Alexa and asks hers, “So, is that the only thing that you would like to lick?:

Alexa then walks over to the media room's door and locks it, ensuring that the two of them have privacy. Alexa turns to her and says, “Oh fuck no, but the problem is.. that right now you are wearing far, far too many clothes. Do you mind if I take some of them off?

Dana responds to her, “You couldn't take off any of these clothes quick enough. I want you to take me and I'm begging for you to take me.”

With the approval from Dana, Alexa doesn't hesitate taking off the remaining clothes of Dana. She first grabs at Dana's top and removes it to reveal only a silky black bra. After she removes the top of Dana, Alexa removes the bra revealing Dana's boingy tits. Her tits bounce with an erotic jiggle as the bra is removed.

Alexa wastes little time, as she then approaches Dana's panties. She wants Dana completely naked and nude. Alexa slowly strips off Dana's panties removing them inch by inch. Finally, we can see Dana's cunt and we can see that it is completely shaven. And this gets Alexa wet. She knew that her friend was well maintained, but she didn't know that her friend was this well maintained. And the thought of her friend's shaved pussy turned her on.

Alexa can't contain herself. She was finally driven completely crazy by her friend's pussy. She was cunt mad and cunt crazy. The only thing that Alexa could think of was tasting her friend. She knew that she had to go to the pussy buffet and that the only pussy buffet that would satisfy her was her friends.

So Alexa did the only thing that she could do, she walked over to Dana's naked and wet pussy, and bent over. She licked her lips slowly, making sure to get them just wet enough. She began to lick her fingers. She knew that Dana's cunt was already dripping juices in anticipation. So she did what she needed to do. She sucked on her fingers and got them wetter, before slowly placing them in.

Dana responded accordingly. She couldn't believe how great she felt when Alexa was going down on her. Her cunt was exploding with jolts of pleasure every few seconds as Alexa was delivering blow after blow of pleasure to her. Dana couldn't even believe how well Alexa was at servicing her, and ultimately she couldn't care. She was in heaven. She had never felt any type of orgasm like this and she didn't even know if any other orgasm could compare. As long as this partnership lasted, it benefited both ladies. Both ladies were getting orgasms that they couldn't compare to anything else.

Dana's pussy continued to dribble. She couldn't believe how much liquid was flowing out of her pussy. The media room's floor was soaked with sexual fluids. Her juices were dripping.. they were beginning to flush out of her pussy. As they dripped, Alexa began to puddle over the room... Her cunt was wet and sloppy and Dana looked at it with utmost lust, she wanted to take that pussy. So Dana did what she needed to do. She slowly popped one finger in.

As she popped a finger in, Alexa groaned. She was suddenly overtaken with a wave of ecstasy and delight. She couldn't believe how good these fingers felt in her pussy. If she was going to get off soon, she was glad that these were the the fingers that were going to get her off. She doubted that anybody else could get her off in the same way.

Alexa blurted out loudly. “Dana – I can't believe that this is the first time, we have ever done anything like this. You are doing things to my body that nobody else can do. Not Blake or Murphy.”

Dana smiled emphatically and began to thrust her fingers even quicker into Alexa. Her fingers moved rapidly in and out of Bliss's tight little box. Her fingers slid in and out, getting even more coated by the second.

Moans escaped quickly and rapidly from Alexa. “OH GOD Dana, ohhh Dana.. I can't believe how you work my my OH god pussy. Right there right there.. come on.. I'm getting-getting so close.”

“Alexa, can you quiet down a bit? I don't want anybody else to hear us... I'm already worried about my reputation around here... and I don't want to make it any worse.” - Dana said.

“I can try – but JESUS fucking Christ – if you keep fucking me with those fingers like that, I don't know how well I will be able to contain myself.” - Alexa responded.

“God damn it. FUCK FUCK FUCK. I'm really going to make myself into the exact whore that WWE management thinks I am at this rate.” - Dana says.

“Oh Dana, don't say that about yourself.. and besides I have a way that I think will keep me quiet enough. I just need my mouth to be busy.” - Alexa says.

“You want your mouth to be busy? Busy with what? “ - Dana coyly responds.

“Well, I could be eating your pussy while you eat mine. You know, the 69 position.” - Alexa says smiling and laughing.

Dana nods her head in agreement. She gets onto the floor and motions for Alexa to come towards her. Alexa gleefully walks her way over and begins to lower herself over Dana's mouth. Her pussy lips once again reconnect with Dana's mouth and once again she is overtaken by a sensation of bliss. She lets out another loud moaning sound.

As Dana continues to swirl her tongue in and out, Alexa lays across Dana's taught body and begins to return the favor. The two lovers continue at this pace for a few more minutes, before finally Dana explodes squirting all over Alexa's mouth. Alexa's now pussy juice soaked face isn't enough to put her over the edge. She looks at Dana with her dripping face and says - “Dana, if you could do one more little thing... to help me get over the edge. If you could just stick a finger or two in my ass... that will send me over the edge.”

Dana smirked, but she did as she was told. She used some of the lubrication from Alexa's pussy and she slowly inserted in a finger. She slowly and meticulously kept at it.. working her finger in and out of Alexa's backside.. while also continuing to eat her out. This went on for a few more minutes with Alexa letting out loud moans.

“Damn it Dana – ooh yea, that's so fucking good. I love how you are working both of my holes like a pro. Please just one more. One more finger is all all that I need.”

Dana inserted a second finger into the butthole and started to ram it in at a quicker and more furious pace. Alexa wasn't lying when she said that this second finger was all that she needed to go over the edge. In just a few minutes of having this second finger in her, she finally let out a loud shriek as she came all over Dana's mouth. Dana could feel her face and hair getting completely plastered with her friend's sticky and sweet juices. Alexa rode out her orgasm for another minute before she finally collapsed next to Dana. The two continued to look into each others eyes for the next few minutes occasionally giving each other a peck here or there.

Alexa stood up first and began to speak: “Dana, that was absolutely amazing.. and we have to do it again sometime soon. However, I think I better be getting going soon. Who knows when somebody else is going to want to come in here and watch some old film. I would hate for them to know what just happened. And besides I have yet to do any drills today, so I better get going.”

Dana looked at her with a look of sadness on her face. She then stated, “We definitely will Alexa, though – I don't know if we are going to be able to keep this a secret for long, after all, it's going to be hard for the next person who comes in here not to notice the fact that this room smells like pussy and that there are puddles of cum on the floor. But for you my dear, I don't care. It was amazing.”

The two of them then finished getting dressed and exited the room separately. Alexa went on to go and do her drills and Dana went off to the showers. She hopefully still had time to clean herself before she had to deal with the scandal from yesterday.

As Dana took a warm steamy shower, she couldn't help but to think about everything that had happened in the last day. She was getting increasingly nervous.. but then she thought about her session that she had with Alexa and she finally relaxed. She knew that there was nothing she could do, but face her meeting with courage. She couldn't change the past and couldn't change what had happened, she could only move forward. After a few more minutes of showering, she exited the shower and once again got dressed. She got dressed in tiny black shorts and a workout tee, she left the shower room where she was immediately greeted by Sara Amato.

Sara approached Dana in a calm manner. She told Dana that the coaches heard about everything that had gone on with the nude photo scandal and that Canyon Ceman would be speaking to her. He would be waiting for her in his office. Coach Amato then told Dana that she wished her the best of luck and hoped that everything would turn out for the best. Dana thanked Coach Amato and finally decided that it was time to get this discussion out of the way.

She slowly walked across the WWE Performance Center. She went just outside of Canyon's door which was adorned with a sign that read “Canyon Ceman – Senior Director of Talent Development for the WWE.” She knocked once. It was a light and short knock. There was no answer at the door. She knocked again, this time is was bit louder. And yet, she waited for a response. It seemed that once again, nobody was going to come to the door. She started to get frustrated. And she started to get pissed. She wanted to know who the hell this guy thought he was, she wanted to know who this asshole was. After all, only assholes schedule meetings and then don't answer the door. Her rage started to boil over and that is when she slammed on Mr. Ceman's door. She fucking slammed it on it super hard. In his office, Canyon finally heard this and he got pissed. The loud crashing sound was interrupting his phone call. He was sitting in his office and trying to conduct business. He knew that Dana was scheduled for this meeting, but he also was a busy man; there was no way that he could possibly waste a whole day waiting on Dana. Canyon did what he had to, he went about his day. It wasn't until that very last crash that he even noticed that somebody was at his door. He then walked to the door and slowly opened it up – that is when he noticed who was outside, he saw that it was Dana. He briefly stated to the person that he was talking to on the phone that he had to go and mentioned that he had urgent business to attend to. He spoke first.

“Hello Dana – I'm glad that you finally found the time to visit with me today. I'm glad that I am finally getting the opportunity to talk to you. And I apologize, I didn't mean to keep you waiting outside... I was making an important call. I was just discussing something with Norman Smiley. In fact, if I have to be blunt, he was calling in favor of you. He mentioned that he had seen everything that had went on last night and he wanted to speak in favor of you. He wanted me to know how good of a person you were, and how you were a great example of not only an athlete in NXT or a wrestler, but somebody who would be more. Norman mentioned that you thought you would be an excellent addition on the main roster. He did say that you could use a little more work on your ring work. But, that's Norman for you – he is always reluctant to fully forgive anybody's ring-work. But, I guess that is what ultimately makes him who he is, and that's also why we hired him. We wanted a ring general, somebody who could train our female wrestlers to the next level. Even though, we think that Coach Amato is great, we can't overstate how important Coach Smiley is to our organization.”

Dana coughs before finally speaking. “Mr. Canyon, I'm sorry to interrupt you... but what exactly did you call me in here for? Right now I feel like this conversation is being completely counter-intuitive, You called me here for a reason. And I know what is is. So are we going to get to the point? Or are we going to keep pretending to exchange pleasantries.”

He lets out an uncharacteristic chuckle. He is slightly blown away by her response. Canyon rarely underestimates people. But Dana, was somehow different, she was somehow special, she was somehow more intriguing. And he wasn't quite sure what exactly was going on with his emotions. It had been awhile since somebody had made him feel this way. He was normally so blase about any of the female talent. He normally didn't care much for their looks. After all, he realized that the last person who had his job was Johnny Ace. And he knew that the reputation of John Laurinatis wasn't good. Sure, there were plenty of vocal supporters about how good Johnny Ace was as a manager. How his People Power angle was one of the better angles in recent time. But then there were the other things – and the other things were more commending. Johnny Ace has been murdered in these regards. After all, he was the Senior Vice President of Operations – and many of his hires came across as controversial. He was viewed as a weirdo and as a pervert. Many myths and rumors describe the man as somebody who regularly would select Divas from bikini magazines. (This explains talent hires such as Maria Kanellis, Maryse, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly & more). He presided over the Playboy years. You couldn't separate him from WWE's seedier matches. He was in many ways responsible for the Bra & Panties matches.

And Canyon, he didn't want to be known as that way. It was hard to fully guess what Canyon wanted to be known as, but as a pervert it wasn't. He didn't want to be seen as another 'Johnny Ace''' and he was doing his best to distance himself from that. The range of females that he was hiring was far different. He didn't care about body shapes or sizes, he cared about personality, he cared about character. He cared about potential and ability. And this is what totally blew him out of the water, what completely frenzied his brain.

In many ways, he was suppose to be doing his job. He was suppose to be reprimanding Dana for her nude photo leak. And yet, he couldn't help to wonder where this gained steam from. This wasn't a leak in the common sense. These photos had existed for years and yet, they just now gained popular attention. He was suppose to be punishing her, he was suppose to be the boss And yet, Dana had an effect on him, an effect that he couldn't place. He wanted to know why he felt this way.. and yet couldn't. He couldn't fully come to terms with it. So he stuttered before he finally managed to mention.. “D-D-Dana... I called you here to discuss that matter of those photos that leaked yesterday and I think you knew that this was what this meeting would be matter. Am I right?” - He says.

Dana replies - “Yes - Mr. Ceman, that's what I figured that this meeting was going to be. But, please let me explain. I never meant for those photos to go out publicly, it was simply a matter of trust, and I apparently trusted the wrong people. I can't say that I'm ashamed that those photos leaked, after all – these photos aren't anything new, but it's part of who I am.... I can't deny my sexuality, Canyon. I'm an extremely sexual person and I am not going to deny who I am for anyone.”

Canyon interrupts her, “So Dana, is that so... – you won't deny yourself for anyone?”

She looks at him timidly, but then summons the strength within her before stating, “I'm pretty sure I can handle anyone.”

Canyon laughs before aggressively removing his button up shirt. He now sits before Dana completely shirtless and starts to flex his muscles. Dana can't help but to admire anybody who can flex their pectoral muscles like Lex Luger. (She also is a huge fan of Big E Langston for this same reason, and has marked in private conversations how if she ever makes the main roster she would really like to have intercourse with him). Dana reaches over and begins to rub her hand's over Canyon's ripped body.

Canyon lets out a slight grunt. He wants to keep his composure, but he can't deny how much he is being sucked into everything,how much his feelings about Dana are changing. He wanted to drag her into his office, he wanted to make a proud statement, he wanted to chastise her for everything that had happened. And now, he still wanted those things. But he wanted them on different terms. He no longer wanted to punish Dana professionally, but he did want to punish Dana personally. He wanted to make Dana his new slave, he wanted to make sure that Dana would always beg for it. And so he did the ultimate move, he did the ultimate head fuck.

If Canyon was going to play head games with Dana, he was going to play the only one that he could. After Dana began rubbing his chest, he mentioned that her nude photos were against anything that a WWE Diva would ever do. He yelled at her “IF YOU THINK THIS IS WHAT A WWE DIVA DOES, I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU, I SHOULD BEAT YOUR ASS FOR THIS.” He then pulled down a replica title belt from his wall, he whacked it against his desk, two or three times before continuing.

Dana recoiled. And shook at every whack of the desk. She finally spoke up.

“Mr. Ceman, I don't know what you are getting at. Yes, I took photos that were suspect... but those photos were meant to be private. I thought the people that I sent those to I could trust, but apparently I was mistaken. I don't want to make this mistake again, Mr. Ceman, but I can never be sure.. I didn't mean for this to become a thing.”

He looks at her and finally breaks a smile. He goes on to say - “Dana, it's fine, and why I can't say this is anything that we want to encourage, but it seems that this scandal is not catching on publicly. Nobody is really paying attention to this fact or the fact that your nudes have leaked (or did so awhile ago). And so, while I know that this personally has to be a nightmare, I just wanted to say that the WWE is behind you. Though, we are glad that none is this is becoming a huge controversy.”

Dana's face widens as the biggest smirk comes over her face. She is finding it hard to believe this turn of events. She expected that this meeting was going to be terrible and it was completely the opposite; it was probably one of the best meetings that Dana had ever had. And yet Dana couldn't help but to think that there had to be something more, something that was a catch No matter what she couldn't believe that Canyon was inviting her here without an ulterior motive.

She focused on his eyes She stared him down, she looked into his eyes and said the following - “If there is something more that you want Canyon, just say so. This is going to be the last time that I offer... It's now or never. So if you want me, take me now.”

Canyon coughs. He knows that he should be more professional. But he can't help himself. A gorgeous and fit lady such as Dana Brooke is making it obvious that she wants him. And hell, he had called her in his office about a nude photo scandal, which meant that he had to look at those photos. He couldn't deny the fact that seeing those nude photos of Dana turned him on earlier. He could see the exact shade of her nipples and how round her ass was. And that made him hard. And that is what made this meeting so hard, as a professional he had to discourage this activity, and as a person he couldn't deny his sexuality. .

And his balls throbbed. Canyon Ceman could already feel how much he wanted Dana. And as he felt another thump in his loins, he made up his mind. He decided that he had to have Dana no matter what.

Canyon finally turns to Dana and looks at her in the eye before stating, “Dana, fine.. I grant you my wish. I can't deny how much I want to fuck you. So please, take off your clothes – my desk is right here, and I want to ravage you on it.”.

“You want to do what, ravage me? Who is to say that I won't be the one who is ravaging you?” - Dana sharply replies to him.

He looks at her, but then decides that if she isn't going to start taking of her clothes he is going to get more aggressive about it. Dana is still dressed in only a tiny tee and loose shorts. Ceman walks behind her, he begins to rub one hand down her back before he aggressively yanks down her athletic shorts. And dear lord, does he get a surprise. It seems that after Dana's shower, she didn't bother to put on panties when she dressed again. So Canyon Ceman was instantly greeted with a view of Dana Brooke's smooth privates when he pulled off her shorts. And his dick flexed again. He felt harder than he had in awhile.

She was already impatient and she yanked him closer to her. His hard cock was now pressed just outside of her exposed pussy. Dana demanded that Canyon put it in her. Canyon did as she ordered and slid his large sausage into her. He was surprised by how easy it was to slide his length deep within Dana, it turns out that bodybuilding had extra benefits. She not only had strong muscles, but her pussy was probably one of the strongest he had ever experienced. If she flexed her kegels, it felt like a vice grip on his dick. He knew that if she wanted, she could make him cum at any moment. He didn't know what to make of this, he knew that he was no longer in control. He couldn't handle not being in power.. and yet, he did the only thing that he could. He continued to slam away at Dana with all he had, with all of his might. He was going to try to “ravage Dana's pussy.” And he could tell that he was starting to get to the muscled babe, as she was letting out louder and louder moans by each and every passing second.

Her pussy gripped tighter and tighter and Canyon Ceman turned to her to say -

“Ok, Dana – the WWE is going to look the other way for this incident. After all, UGH, if you can give this much pleasure.. Then I definitely don't want to get rid of you any time soon. In fact, you might be my new favorite female wrestler on the NXT roster. Sure, you aren't the only one that I'm sleeping with on the NXT roster, but I'm mostly just cleaning up the scraps from Norman Smiley. He seems to get all of the ladies first and I'm lucky to get them at all. I guess it could be worse, at least I'm not Scrap Daddy Pearce, and way down the chain of who the NXT Divas offer themselves to.”

Dana blurts out - “Why thank you Mr. Ceman, but please shut the fuck up. I'm tired about talking abou business. The only thing I want to hear anymore is either you cumming or me cumming. Do you think that you can handle that?”

He nods his head yes. And knows that talking at this moment would completely ruin anything. So he continues to pound away. And with every pulsation and gyration of his dick, Dana lets out another moan. Her pussy is now soaking his dick and it feels like a puddle of cum is coating his dick.

“OH FUCK ME FUCK ME MR. CEMAN. I'm so so close to finally cumming. Please cum in me soon. I want your load deep within me.”

It doesn't take very much longer. After a few more minutes, Canyon Ceman grunts deeply and loudly before finally erupting in a thunderous explosion. Dana can feel a rush of warm sticky cum shooting into her vagina. She smiles and she laughs.

“Dear lord, Canyon – I suppose your last name is appropriate, I haven't felt a load of semen like that in a long, long time. I can't believe how big a load you just let into me.”

He only laughs. Before immediately removing himself from Dana, and pulling up his trousers. He places on the remainder of his clothes and then resumes being completely professional. As Dana, slowly puts back on her clothes he begins to say -

“Dana, this was a great experience, but it can't happen again. I'm your boss. And I can't give into this temptation again.”

Dana looks at him with a smile before replying, “I suppose that's fair, but I will say that that was fantastic. And, I don't think.. that you have the capability to resist me, if I want this to happen again. You know that you are already enticed with me more than you ever expected.”

He grunts and then coughs before stating, “That's probably correct Dana, but until that day happens, I have to at least try to resist you. And right now, I need to go – I have other talents that I need to talk to.” He then walks towards the door, opens it and leaves.

Dana sighs to herself. She briefly thinks to herself that she is glad that today took this turn of events. She was so worried about how it started – but she had had not only one good sexual experience, but two. And if she wanted – she could contact Alexa and have a third. Her worry was for nothing, this was a good day.

MizDad's Halloween Party

It was a dark and gloomy Saturday night. The rain continued pouring down in Cleveland and the thunder and lightning continued crashing every few minutes. However, things were completely different on the inside of the Mizanin household. Inside, both the Miz's mother and father were rapidly preparing for their Halloween party. The Mizanin Halloween party had been a tradition for nearly twenty years at this point and for many people it was one of the can't miss events of the year.

Nobody was a bigger fan of Halloween and horror than The Miz's father. Yes, the Mizdad was truly a horror connoisseur. Each year he began celebrating the holiday earlier and earlier and decorating more and more of their house. It started simple - with only a few simple bat decorations strewn throughout the house and entrance way, and then one year he bought a scarecrow, and another year he got a good deal on caskets, and another year he picked up a huge surplus of skeletons. As the years had passed the Mizanin household slowly transformed into a haunted attraction every single October. Then, the parties began to take place.

The Halloween parties at the Mizanin household started off simple. The Miz's parents began to invite a few friends over each year and enjoyed a few beverages as well as a few adult Halloween games. Each year the party seemed to grow as more and more people began to attend. Eventually, the party started to get the attention of The Miz's co-workers who loved being around his father. The MizDad was definitely a party animal and everybody wanted to attend one of his parties. Everybody in the entire WWE locker room waited anxiously for an invite throughout September. The superstars who were invited felt relieved and the superstars who weren't invited were devastated. If you were elected to be one of the MizDad's Halloween guests, you had to show up or risk never being invited again.

The door bell than rang loudly as a knocking sound was also heard.

“Fuck, who the hell is that? The party isn't for another few hours and I'm not even ready yet... hell, I'm not even dressed in my costume yet... this better not be somebody for the party..” - The MizDad grumbled.

“Oh dear, relax honey – it's probably just Mike. He asked me earlier if he could help out with anything and I know how you get about this party.. always so stressed about it. So I told him to come early.” - The Miz's mother responded.

The doorbell rang again and finally Mike's father approached the door and swung it open. Standing in the doorway were The Miz and his gorgeous wife Maryse. Neither of them were dressed for the party yet, but the Miz's dad couldn't help but to look Maryse up and down. He noticed that she was wearing a teensy red dress that showed ample amounts of cleavage.

“Hello Dad, I hope you don't mind that we are here a few hours early. Mom said that you might need some help setting up the party and since a lot of my co-workers are coming to this.. I figured that I should at least be somewhat involved. Plus, this way we get to spend some significant amount of time together. So Dad, is there anything that I can do to help right now?” - Mike asked.

“Well first of all, you can move the hell out of my way! How the hell am I going to hug your gorgeous wife with you standing there in the way? Also, could you quit blocking the doorway and let your wife inside from the god damn rain” - The MizDad responded.

He then proceeded to lightly shove his son out of the way and walked over to Maryse. He threw his arms around the petite blonde. He squeezed her tightly; and for longer than a normal hug would be. He also gave her a kiss on the cheeks.

She responded by merely laughing and saying, “It's been too long since we've seen each other Dad. When was the last time anyway?”

The MizDad merely laughed. He knew that both of the two remembered the last time that they had seen each other. He went on to state, “It was around Father's Day.. I believe, wasn't that when Mike had a show and you decided to stay here and help me... help me with a few things in the garage?”

She simply laughed and stated: “Yes, that was the last time. It was a great day.”

They could hear Mike's mother calling from the other room, before she walked into the living room. She came out with a Pabst Blue Ribbon and handed it to her husband. “Baby, I got this for you.. I know that it's going to be a long night and that we still have a lot to do before everybody gets here. Try to drink this beer and relax if you can. Maryse, Mike – is there anything that I can get the two of you? Something to drink or something to eat?

Maryse shook her head no as Mike spoke out. “No thank you Mom, we stopped just a little bit ago on the road and picked up something. So where do you need us to help out the most?”

Mike's father responded: “We could use some help setting up the garage... it has most of the decorations put up, but we still need to enable the fog machines and get those going. The bathroom's haunts are ready to go and the bedrooms as well as the study are almost done.”

Mike looked at his father, stunned for a second. “Since when do you have a study? The last time that I was home... you didn't have a study. Is this just one of the bedrooms with a mini-fridge and your collections?”

The older man answered his son affirmatively. The grandfather clock chimed out and the group realized that they should stop wasting time and get to work. The Miz and his father proceeded to the garage while Maryse and his mother went back into the kitchen to finish prepping all of the food and refreshments for the party.

In the garage, Mike and his father continued any last minute work that needed to be done. They double-checked that all the fog machines were ready to go. They made sure that all the skeletons were hung properly and that the proper music was ready to go for their haunts. The Miz couldn't help but to smile as he watched his dad frantically pace around the garage checking time and time again that every contraption worked. Mike thought to himself that his dad was an absolute lunatic – but in the best kind of way. He turned to his dad and began to compliment him.

“Dad, if I've never said this before – I absolutely love how into this you are. For my whole life you have always made sure to throw us some of the best parties ever. And I know that these parties are a lot of work for you, but I really appreciate it Dad. Please, do your best and try to have some fun tonight. Hell, some of my coworkers can't wait to meet you for the first time.”

His dad simply looks at him and smiles. He polishes off the remainder of his Pabst Blue Ribbon, before grabbing another one from the fridge in the garage and cracking it open. “Son – when have you known me to not have fun at a party. Especially at a god damn Halloween party. The only question is if I'm going to have too much fun. And you know that I'm waiting to meet some of your coworkers for the first time. I'm stoked to meet a few of them especially.”

The Miz instantly gets a quizzical and puzzled look on his face as he responds, “Dad, who are you talking about? Should I be worried that you are going to do something to embarrass me? Dad , come on Dad, try to stay sensible about things tonight..”

“Son, you have nothing to worry about. Have I embarrassed you yet at any of these parties?”

“Well no... but there's always a fir- “

He was instantly cut off by his father. “Relax Mike – here take the rest of this beer. You need to relax just as much as I do. Besides, you should really focus on the positives about tonight – you get a night off to do nothing else, but dance and hang out with your gorgeous bride. Plus, if she is wearing anything as remotely sexy as she had on earlier – heads will be spinning like in The Exorcist.”


“Sorry son.” - He replied as he went over to his fridge, grabbed another beer and opened it up.

“It's ok dad, let's just make a toast to tonight being a great night for everybody.” His father clinked his beer can against his son's as the two smiled and continued to blissfully prepare for the party.

A few hours had passed and the party was now in full-swing. Various Halloween classics such as “The Monster Mash” could be heard playing throughout the party. The house was filled with a variety of guests including WWE Superstars – Kofi Kingston, who was dressed as a ninja, Hornswoggle, who was dressed as Gonzo from the Muppets, Wade Barrett, who was dressed as a cop, and Tyler Breeze, who was dressed as.. Tyler Breeze.

Many WWE Divas were also in attendance, including – former Diva Kaitlyn, who was dressed as Wonder Woman, AJ Lee, who was dressed as Quailman, Lita, Kelly Kelly, and of course Maryse. Maryse's costume, much to the surprise of nobody, was sexier than the outfit she had on earlier. She decided to go as one of Halloween's most classic costumes – she was dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl. And as Hornswoggle would find out later in the evening while hiding under the snack table, Maryse was also completely pantyless.

Out in the living room, a group of people were attempting to play twists on the classic Halloween games. On the couch, John Cena and Nikki Bella were joined by Daniel Bryan and Brie and they were playing a drinking game while watching the cult classic movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space. They decided drink for the following rules:

-Every time Mooney is on the screen and committing police brutality.

-Every time Shorty is on screen.

-Every time cotton candy makes an appearance.

-Every time one of the clowns does a stereotypical clown action.

Out in the garage, the music was blaring and a number of people were dancing including the Miz's father. He was really cutting up on the dance floor and a number of people were definitely watching him get his groove on. Heath Slater, who was dressed as a Crest toothpaste bottle, turned to the Miz who was guzzling down a shot and stated, “Damn dude, look at your dad tear it up. He's a dancing fool!”

The Miz cracked up and replied back, “Yea, he's pretty good. I've taught him a thing or two.. though I don't know if you should be comparing him to the dancing fool, there's some people who would take offense to that.”

Heath laughed, “Who are you talking about? Did you somehow manage to get das Wunderkid to show up? You know, Alex Wright...”

“Well not exactly, Heath – but do you see the person over there who is dressed as Wario? Yes... Wario. That's Coach Smiley over there.” - The Miz continued.

“You have to be shitting me! Of all the costumes – I would've never pictured that Coach Smiley would've dressed up as Wario. I can't believe that Coach Smiley knows anything about video games..” - Slater went on to say.

The Miz started laughing so hard that he eventually started wheezing. He finally manged to find the words to explain to Heath that Norman informed him earlier about his costume choice. Norman had told the Miz that he had forgot to get a costume until last minute and resorted to borrowing one from his nephew.

The Miz once again laughed before continuing, “and the worse part about it all is Norman's nephew told him that he gave him a cool costume. Something that would earn him respect among his younger colleagues. Something that would make his coworkers talk about the Big Wiggle all night long.”

“Well.. his nephew was kind of right, we are talking about his costume after all.” - Slater responded. And with that the two men simply looked at each other. They stood silent for a few seconds before finally going back to their drinks.

The music continued through the garage as the dance floor became increasingly crowded. People all over the dance floor were bumping, grinding, and still – at the heart of it all – was the MizDad. He continued to party and rage wildly with every beat and pulse of the music. The music suddenly changed to something far slower and sexier as the lights were lowered. All of a sudden, a loud whooshing sound was heard.. and it quickly became apparent that the smoke machines were just turned on. The garage begins to fill with a heavy haze of fog. Just then – the Miz's father feels a warm breath on the back of his neck. He quickly snaps around and tries to figure out what is going on.

He looks... and he sees nothing. He stands there bewildered. Suddenly, he once again feels a warm breath on the back of his neck. He again turns around and sees nobody. His blood starts to boil and he begins to get slightly pissed off. He lets out a bellow, “WHICH ONE OF YOU FUCKERS IS TOYING WITH ME? It's not the least bit funny. Cut out the shit or else - “

He hears a laugh behind him before once again feeling a warm breath on his neck. But then, he feels something different – as he feels somebody lean into his ear and whisper , “Or else what sexy? What are you going to do to me, especially if you can't even see me? I could easily continue to tease you like this all night... and unless I wanted you to, you would never even know who this is. Wouldn't that just drive you absolutely crazy? I could continue to fuck with you all night long and you'd never even know what to do. I can just see it now... you'd continue lashing out at everyone in this party. Losing your complete cool... ruining your own party.”

The MizDad was rocked. He remained silent now not knowing how to respond or even react to whatever was going on. The only thing that he knew is that somebody was attacking him, somebody was coming after him. And for what? What could they possibly want from him?

“I see that I have you quite rattled right now... you have no idea of what's going on, do you?” - The voice responds.

The MizDad once again hears a laugh behind him, but this time he notices that it's a female laugh. He once again lets out a booming roar, “Lady, whoever you are – I demand that you show yourself. Besides, what kind of person are you if you won't even show yourself? Some kind of scared asshole? Some kind of pussy? I'll make a deal with you.... I'm going to turn around again in 3 seconds and you better show yourself....I'll even give you the benefit of a countdown. Alright lady... here we go...




The music crescendos. As the MizDad turns around this time, he sees somebody. It is a squat Japanese lady dressed in a witch costume. The Miz's father has absolutely no idea who this is, but he knows that he is intrigued. In fact, he is a little bit more than intrigued. Maybe it's the alcohol finally hitting him, but he notices that something about this Japanese lady has him turned on. Perhaps it's the mystery and intrigue, or perhaps it's the fact that even in her witch costume – her breasts are on full display, and dear lord what a display it is. All of a sudden he knows that he must have this witch ride his broomstick. He turns to her suddenly and begins to speak.

“I don't know who you are – or what you are up to. But I can't deny how attracted I am to you.. there's definitely something about you.. that is driving me crazy. I must.. no, I need to have you...” He pauses for a moment. He then sighs heavily, before continuing to speak. “The only question is where.. where can I have you? This god damn party is so crowded... damn it, why do we always invite so many people to these things?”

The lady merely laughs again, as she begins to stroke his face. She leans in to kiss him and places a finger to his lips as a way of hushing him. She then goes on to say, “Quiet silly... right here is fine for what I want and what you are going to get. Nobody will be able to see anything in here. Those fog machines of yours that you set up were decent.. but I upgraded them. As long as this fog is going and the music is playing, we are virtually invisible and we are free to do whatever we want here. Nobody will see us.”

The MizDad laughs. “So I better hope this song is a long one then? I mean you said when the music ends...”

“It's not that literal.., baby..” - She responds.

“But what do you want, I mean – I still don't know who you are.. what do I even call you?” - MizDad states.

“I'm Asuka, one of NXT's newest Divas... you know I've wanted to get to know you forever.. in fact, you are the part of the reason I came to NXT... I saw you on TV in Japan, and I knew that the men there weren't in comparison..in fact, I had never seen somebody with quite your body type ever... and I know that I've only been with the company for a few weeks... and yet, I go after what I want. And you, I want you. I want you in so many ways... but mostly, right now – I want you in my mouth, I want to feel your penis on my lips..” - She said.

With that, there was nothing more to do, nothing more to obey, nothing more than to give in. So the MizDad did the only thing that he could do. He pulled down his pants and pulled his penis out of his boxers, he twisted a bit and let his cock wave a little bit in front of the squat Japanese lady. Asuka was impressed with the size of his dingaling, it was probably the biggest cock she had seen in her life. In comparison to the men she had been with in Japan, even the average American seemed huge. With that she turned extremely horny and began salivating heavily. She quickly reached her hands up to the dick in front of her, she wrapped her hands around it, before rubbing her fingers thoroughly up and down his penis.. she grabbed the shaft rapidly before taking ahold of it and placing it onto her lips.

She could feel the weight of the Mizdad's dick on her lips, she was also beginning to taste the saltiness of the old man's dick on her tongue, and she didn't care. To her it was delicious, after all, this is why she came to this party. This was her goal. She wanted to get this old man's dick into her mouth. She begin to slowly move her lips up and down the penis, she wanted to taste each and every millimeter of his member, she wanted to feel all his hardness against her throat, she wanted to simply devour this dick.

She began to choke as she took more and more of his dick into her mouth. She didn't expect him to be so huge, but she definitely thought her mouth was a perfect fit for his size. Every thrust he made gave her a sense of euphoria. “Glug, glug ugh eugggh glacccch” were the sounds heard, as Asuka took more and more of his member in his mouth.

The MizDad was still trying to comprehend exactly what was going on. He knew that right now, something amazing and wonderful was happening in his sexual organs, but he wasn't sure why. He didn't know what he had done to deserve this. All he knew was that he was dancing in the garage and then suddenly this lady had approached him. And when she approached him, she wanted everything. She wanted to taste his cock.

And Asuka got her wish, as she continued to devour his penis in the middle of the dance floor in this garage. The fog continued to blur this encounter, but what couldn't be blurred was the desire between these two. Both of their hormones were bursting. They were both hornier than they had been in a long long time. They were both approaching new levels of desire. Levels that had never been thought of before. Levels that neither of them knew that they could achieve. And the only thing to do – the only way to respond was to push the limits – to find out what you could really discover. To find a bliss that you had never experienced before.

Her lips continued sliding up and down his shaft, they were getting Super Sloppy Double Dare style and he merely continued to groan. He could feel the pressure heavy on his testicles, he could feel each and every warm embrace as Asuka's mouth went up and down his cock. Mizdad thought to himself about how slippery his dick was, how Asuka managed to get it this wet without any kind of aid.. how her mouth was far superior than any kind of lubricant that was on the market... He couldn't believe that this was such a good blowjob, after all... he had a lot of experiences with blow jobs. His wife was above average at giving them, and there was always that time that he hooked up with Maryse.. and even in his mind he knew that there was something special about this action, something special about this blowjob. How was Asuka so good? Was this an Asian secret? He didn't even care. All that he knew was that he was ecstatic, that as long as her lips were rubbing all of his erogenous zones – he would be content. He would be so content that he couldn't contain himself too long. As her mouth continued up and down his penis, he could barely continue. There was a loud gurgling sound... and his balls starting throbbing. Asuka could feel an increase in the throbs from his penis. She could tell that each throb meant he was getting closer. He was getting closer to exploding. She could feel each and every throb in his penis as she continued sucking his cock. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. But, she knew that she wanted to. Everything about his dick was amazing and she didn't know if she would get another chance with him. With another chance at the MizDad. She didn't know if she wanted to put up with the locker room fights to continue to hook up with him.

The MizDad begin to let out some moans “Oh yea, keep it up Asuka.. I'm so so close. I just need a little bit more... I'm so close to exploding.”

The Halloween music continued in the background and still nobody was wiser to what was going on. In the middle of the dance floor, the Miz's father and one of NXT's newest recruits were going at it. Asuka had his penis in her mouth and was sucking his penis with intensity; it looked like she was completely ready to finish this action.

Asuka decided to get aggressive. As she continued sucking, she reached her other hand near The MizDad's anus. She wanted to place a finger in his ass, she wanted to really make him explode. As she continued reaching, she finally found it.. she finally found a spot where her finger would fit in. As she placed her finger... she could hear a tiny popping sound. And instantly, she felt it. She felt the Mizdad's dick get harder. She felt the twinges of his dick. She could feel the cock rising in her hands.

She knew that she only had one recourse. She was going to have to suck him as hard she could. She knew that she was going to have to suck him harder than anybody she had ever sucked before. And she did just that. With her lips pressed against the Mizdad's cock, she slurped super hard, she slurped as hard as she could, she slurped until her lips began to get chapped, she slurped until her lips began to chatter, she slurped until her brain went numb, and she slurped and slurped until the only thing she could experience was his dick. The Mizdad's dick. The Mizdad's dick within her mouth. And she wanted it more than anything else. She wanted him to finally cum. And he, he also wanted it, the Mizdad was finally ready to cum into a beautiful Asian's mouth. For the first time in his life.

There was nothing else heard for a couple of seconds. And finally all that was heard was splatting sounds. Splats upon splats. Loads upon loads. The MizDad was cumming as hard and as frequently as Asuka was. They were moaning loudly and aggressively. And yet nobody could hear them, thank god for the fog in this garage Thank god for the smoke machines. Even on this busy dance floor, nobody could see them, and that was the way they liked it.

As soon as they were done, MizDad once again spun around and looked for her. She was gone... again. Nobody was behind him. He had no idea where Asuka had disappeared to, but he also wasn't too concerned. He had just experienced a great sensation and if the rest of the party was going to shake out like this, then he was ready for it. He was ready to experience what else was going to take place at this party.

He didn't have to wait too much longer, before he was approached again by another WWE Diva. He knew that he had a reputation as a stud, but if he was ever going to expand his reputation, it was going to be tonight. So when another lady approached him, he was completely ready for it. He was ready for pretty much anything. There was a reason why he was always the coolest person in any situation. Truly, the MizDad was in a league of his own.

So as he continued to party in the garage, the Mizdad didn't know who would be the next to approach him. Sure, in his mind, he had his favorites. There were plenty of WWE Divas that he wished would approach him. Even though, he just had an amazing experience with Asuka, he couldn't help but to want more. This was after all Halloween, and his party. He had spent many weeks trying to set up everything for this party and he knew that he had barely began to scratch the surface.... no, he expected more from this night. There were plenty of his son's other friends here... there were plenty of Maryse's other friends here.. and he knew this was his opportunity.. his opportunity to have more sex than he could imagine in a night..”

The Miz's father wasn't a prude by any means, after all – he had an open relationship with his wife. They were both free to have any kind of sexual interactions with anybody who came to their home. After all, that was why they did this.. why they had this Halloween party for so long. Why they were such a good couple after so many years. They weren't afraid to experiment, they weren't afraid to be open, they weren't afraid to live life. And he thought – so who could he hook up with next? Who was available at this party? The MizDad definitely wanted more and he began to stroll through the party trying to find somebody else to fool around. He left the garage and walked into the living room where plenty of people were listening to music. He didn't see who he was looking for , so he continued on to another room. He approached the house's staircase and proceed to walk up them. At the top of the steps he realized that there were multiple rooms and he decided to walk to the room' on the left. There were two rooms... As he approached the second room, he knocked on the door. A loud rapping sound was heard.

Nobody answered... but, he proceeded to swing the door open. As he opened the door, he couldn't believe what he saw. He opened the door to see a room and a bed. And in the bed was the beautiful diva Naomi, and Naomi was presenting herself. When you first swung open the door, she had on a dark bra, but as the door swung open she quickly removed that and completely presented herself. She wanted you to see her breasts.. she wanted you to view her hooters. She originally was wearing a black lacy thong, but she removed that too. She meant business, she wanted you as soon as possible.

What did you do? You did the best that you could. You walked over to the bed and you began to kiss her. You reached over to the bed stand and placed on a condom. Even though, you were in a rush for this, you knew that safety was important. After all, you didn't need any Usos running around... You didn't need to get into any paternity battles with WWE Divas. You had a child already.. and that's why you were having this party. The Miz was your child, and you were his father. You wanted to make him look good and you also wanted to make yourself look good. And your night was already going well, you had already pleased one WWE Diva, and it looked like you would soon be pleasing your second WWE Diva.

So there she was, Naomi was spread across this bed waiting to be serviced and the only thing that you could think of of was eating her out. You wanted to eat her black box. You wanted to pleasure that pussy. You wanted to lap your tongue like you were thirsty. You wanted to get your mouth sticky with all of Naomi's juices.

And as you would quickly find out, you couldn't believe the taste of her juices. They were so delicious, they were so sweet, they were like a mix of of Surge and Tang, and something else that you didn't know how to describe. And you thought to yourself, that you could get use to this, you could get use to these juices. If you had to choose in life only one liquid to drink, these pussy juices would bear a lot of consideration.

He continued going down on her, make sure to lick each and every spot of Naomi's dripping wet pussy. She began to moan loudly and he briefly told her to keep it down. She tried her best to muffle her moans, but she struggled as he continued to wiggle his tongue deeper and deeper in her. Naomi couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe that he was so good at it... She bellowed out as she was nearing an orgasm..

“Ohhhh Mizdad.. oohh baby, I enjoy how you flick that tongue in me. Oh you are soo much better than my husband at this. Keep going- keep going baby. I'm soo AHH so so MMM close.”

It only took another few seconds before Naomi felt a warm sensation of cum squirting from her privates. The Miz's father simply buried his face in her legs further. He wanted to soak his head in this stream of cum. Naomi began to speak -

“Damn baby, maybe you should be on Team BAD, because you are a complete badass at eating pussy. I've never been taken like that before. But, I think we should be getting back to the party.. we don't' want to seem suspicious, do we?”

He stared at her with a sheepish grin on his face before responding, “Naomi, I frankly don't give a fuck if people are missing us. I'm still ready to go and if you think I'm passing up this chance to work your glorious ass – you are crazy. I've been wanting to play with that ass for years.” - Mizdad stated.

She laughed and also had a huge grin on her face. “This ass? You mean this beautiful ass?” She then proceeded to flip over onto her stomach. She was fully presenting her ass to the Miz's father. “And I bet you just want to bury your face into this ass too? You want to feel my ass wiggling all over your face, don't you big boy? Well, I'll tell you what – as long as you are relatively quick, you can do whatever you would like to do to my ass. ” - She continued.

“Well.. my face and some other things yes. But enough talking about it. I can be as quick as you would like me to be and even when I'm quick – I'll fuck that ass real good. I bet that when I am finished you will be begging me to fuck your ass again soon.” - He stated with a ton of confidence. He then took his whole head and rested it on Naomi's buttcheeks. He took his fingers and slowly began to spread open her ass, he let out a loud sniff as he begin sniffing her anus. He couldn't help himself anymore – he had to taste her back-entry buffet. He plopped his tongue into her backside and began slowly rolling his tongue up and down her butthole. She let out yelp after yelp and he could tell that she was getting increasingly hornier. He was beginning to have her right where he wanted – soon she would be loose and wet enough that he could slide his cock right in that ass. She moaned again loudly and reached out to squeeze his wrist. He knew that she was getting closer and closer to being ready for his swelling dick. Finally, she whispered to him..

“Daddy, Miz Daddy, please I need it – I need it so bad. Please give me that dick. Give it to me right now baby.”

He was good as following instructions, especially when the instructions were exactly what he wanted to do. He instantly pushed his erect penis into her asshole and she responded by letting out a loud whimper. He continued to pump and her screams continued echoing throughout the room. She ordered him to go faster. Loud echos of skin slapping skin could be heard throughout the entire bedroom. The MizDad was beginning to feel the strain of the evening and he felt his balls start to get heavy. He knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. He quickened his pace as Naomi continued to yell out dirty talk.

“Oh daddy MM.. fuck me good. MMMM ahhh fuck yes! Oh right there – oh yes oh yess I – I I love your cock. MizDaddy's got a real real good cock.”

She felt the quivering in his legs and she instantly felt the entirety of his load shoot deep into her ass. She also let out a huge moan at the same time. Slowly, the MizDad removed his cock from her ass as loud squishing sounds were heard. He moved up to Naomi and placed a deep kiss on her lips. They were both happy as they continued to lay next to each other for a few minutes. Eventually, they knew that they had to get back to the party. Naomi turned to him and said, “What do you think we should do about these sheets? They are kind of ruined and soaked.”

He laughed and simply turned to her and said, “Fuck it, just throw them off the bed – it's not like anybody is going to be doing anything with these sheets. And if they are, well – they will just get a surprise if they try to dress up as a ghost. A sex stained ghost. Anyway, I'm extremely thirsty – I need another beer. Thanks for everything tonight, we'll have do this again in the future. That ass is truly out of this world.”

He then proceeded to get dressed and exited the room. He went downstairs and headed to the kitchen to help himself to some food and beverages. He had already been with two WWE Divas tonight and if he was lucky, there were going to be more. He needed to keep his energy up if he was going to keep going tonight. He quickly found a meatball sub and paired it with another Pabst Blue Ribbon. While he ate, he continued to take in the sounds of the Halloween party.

Over in the next room, he could observe several people in a circle. He noticed that in the middle was Chris Jericho who was shotgunning beers through a beer bong. The Mizdad remarked to himself that he liked the way Chris Jericho partied. If anybody could challenge his partying lifestyle, it was probably Chris Jericho. Jericho was doing his best to get other superstars to join in on the chugging festivities. Alex Riley was the first to join in, to nobody's surprise. Of course, a stereotypical jock like Alex Riley would be no stranger to chugging beers. Upon the completion of his sub, he grabbed another beer and decided to head outside. He wanted to take a moment to collect himself, he wanted to take a moment to relax. He simply needed a break.

The day had been long already. He was practically wearing himself thin and the party was still in full swing. As he went outside, he noticed that it was no longer raining anymore. The air was cool and crisp, but at the same time comfortable. Overhead the moon was shining intensely. He sat down on the backsteps and sighed loudly. He sat there for a few moments just relaxing when all of a sudden, he heard somebody approaching. Once again – he wasn't sure of who this was. As the person walked closer to him, he could tell that it was somebody dressed up as a zombie. The person yelled out “GRRRRR I WANT YOUR BRAINS.” TheMizDad was startled slightly, but mostly annoyed. He had already been put through a lot tonight and didn't have the patience to deal with this, or so he thought.

In his gruff manner, he yelled out - “Who the hell is out there? I'm not really in the mood for this. And besides what kind of zombie are you anyway? I don't think I know of any zombies who directly tell you that they want to eat your brains.. most of them tend to be a little bit more casual about that.”

The person walked the remaining steps towards the MizDad. All of a sudden, he could make out who this was. It was current NXT Woman's Champion, Bayley. All of a sudden it also made sense why her zombie impression was so bad. This short brunette was too cute to portray something scary. She just didn't have it in her. The MizDad suddenly began to relax and his annoyance levels seemed to lower. He couldn't help but to cheer up at the sight of this gorgeous female. After all, he couldn't deny the lucky streak he was having tonight. After all, every time he encountered a WWE Diva tonight, he had ended up with a new play partner and he was hoping that this encounter would end up with the same result. He really really wanted his opportunity to take on the champion.

He spoke up - “So Bayley, is it? I don't believe that we have officially met before. I'm Mike's father.. welcome to our house. I assume that you are enjoying yourself tonight... well, are you? After all, what are you doing out here all alone... I hope the party isn't going poorly for you..”

“Oh no! It's not that. It was just getting a little bit rowdy in there with all of those guys chugging beers like maniacs. I just needed a break for a second! I needed a break from the noise and all of that. I think that you are throwing a great party! It's just that I snuck out here to do something.. something that I wanted to keep secret from everybody. I didn't know that anybody else would be out here...” - Bayley stated.

“I'm glad you are enjoying the party. But wait.. what do you mean you snuck out here to do something? What exactly were you going to do anyway?” - He asked her, extremely intrigued.

“Oh it's nothing too awful, it's just something that I know WWE doesn't approve of and something that most people would be shocked that I do. And I don't even do it that much, just on super special occasions. And I was having such a great time here tonight, that I figured why not. I came out here because I didn't know who was all inside and I didn't want this getting back to the bosses. As much as everybody pretends to get along, you just never know who is going to snitch, you know. I love all of my fellow divas and coworkers, but you can never be too too careful.” - Bayley continued.

“True, that's the thing I'll never get with you wrestlers. You guys always have to worry about politics and protecting your position. It's super competitive and cutthroat. But, if you wanted to go somewhere more private.. then perhaps I could take you somewhere, somewhere that nobody will bother us. You will be free to do whatever you were going to do there.” - The Mizdad spoke with authority.

Bayley responded with an enthusiastic yes. The MizDad then got up and she proceeded to follow after him. They proceeded to walk down the long-stretching driveway where they came upon a clearing. The clearing was surrounded by trees and in the middle was a large trailer. He walked over to the trailer and swung open the door. As he entered the pitch black trailer, he hit the light switch and the lights began to flicker. He turned around motioning to Bayley, “After you my dear.. we will have plenty of privacy in here.”

Bayley entered the trailer and found it to be surprisingly nice. Over in one section of the trailer was a table where she immediately sat down. She removed a baggie full of green stuff and a pipe from her belongings. She then packed the pipe full of the sticky green substance. The Mizdad walked over to the radio in the other part of the trailer and turned it on. He then proceeded to sit down at the table next to her and began to speak.

“So Bayley, this is what you were hiding? You didn't want them to know that you like to occasionally smoke marijuana. It's weird that people still care about something as trivial as weed to be honest, but I get it – you don't want to take any chances. By the way, is there anything that you'd like to drink? I don't have a lot in this trailer... as this is where I come to relax, I guess in ways this is my man cave, but I do think that I have some beer in the fridge.”

“A beer sounds great!” - She responded.

The MizDad walked over to the fridge and began rummaging through it. As she heard bottles clink together, she heard him exclaim “WHOO BUDDY, We got some of the good shit in here. I forgot about having this stash in here.” He walked back over to the table and handed her a Sierra Nevada. She instantly took a huge swig from it and let out a loud belch. The next thing heard in the trailer was the flicker of the lighter as the bowl had been sparked by Bayley. For the next ten minutes, there was little conversation between the two of them as they focused on roasting the bowl. The radio could be heard in the background and occasionally there would be loud coughs coming from one of them.

After the bowl was finished, the two continued sitting in the trailer listening to music and conversing. After a few minutes, Bayley got up from her seat and sat down on the Mizdad's lap. She turned to the Miz's father and suddenly kissed him on the lips. He was taken aback, he was shocked. This is what he was hoping for, but he didn't expect this to happen so soon. He figured that he would have to wait awhile to get Bayley into the mood – he didn't know that she had this kind of aggressiveness in her.. Sure, he had seen how aggressive she could be in the ring, especially in her recent matches with Sasha, but out of the ring – he had never seen this side of Bayley. Her kisses got deeper and rougher and sloppier. And his dick, it continued to get harder and harder as more blood rushed into it. He reached his hands out and removed Bayley's top. Now sitting in only her bra and pants, she began to push his head deep into her cleavage. He responded by licking and suckling on her cleavage. His hands quickly wandered to her breasts and he began to rub them. He stopped kissing her for just a moment and began to speak -

“Bayley, let's move somewhere a little more comfortable. There's a bed over there.”

She simply nodded her head and got up from his lap. He was the first to walk over to the bed and plopped down on top of it. The bed squeaked as he got on top of it. As he lay in the bed, still fully dressed, she turned to him and asked him the following question.

“MizDaddy, why the fuck are you still wearing pants? I'm ready to jump your bones right now.” As she said this, she began walking towards the bed. As she made her way through the trailer, she began to remove the remaining clothes. First the bra came off revealing her large round globes. Then, she dropped her pants slowly. And finally, her panties came off. Now only a few steps away from the bed, she presented herself to the MizDad completely. She asked him in a teasing manner, “So baby, do you like what you see? Something tells me that you do.. then again I can see that you do. I can see that something in your pants is getting excited.”

The MizDad couldn't tear off his clothes quick enough. The NXT Woman's champion was standing in front of him butt ass naked. His mind was completely blown already and she was just now beginning to join him on the bed... and boy did she join him. She didn't waste any time, as she instantly got on top of him and began to straddle him. He leaned slightly forward to place one of her breasts in his mouth and began to suck on them. With his free hand, he reached behind her and gave her ass a small smack. He could already feel her hairless pussy rubbing against his erect cock. And he felt a moment of relief when he entered her for the first time. She let out a light whimper. She continued to be extremely aggressive – as she bounced up and down the long length of his dick. Her moans began to bounce throughout the trailer and even slightly drown out the radio.

The MizDad continued to lay on his back and watch the brunette riding him. He didn't expect the NXT Woman's champion to also be a champion dick rider, but he wasn't complaining. In fact, he was also letting out moans and groans of pleasure. He had already had two ladies tonight, and yet he couldn't help, but to feel that this gorgeous brunette was outperforming those two. Perhaps – it was the pot influencing how great the sex felt or maybe the booze had began to catch up to him, but the MizDad couldn't believe just how great sex with Bayley felt.

She continued to work him as fast and as hard as she could. There was no stopping Bayley. She was going to get what she wanted and right now, she wanted all of his dick. She was making him give everything and the Mizdad was doing his best. He was doing the best that he could to make sure the champion was satisfied.

“Oh yes, FUCK ME HARDER. PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER. That's it... OOH. OOH.” Her moans continued echoing around the walls of the trailer.

His face began to turn bright red and he began to speak with an embarrassed tone in his voice, “Bayley, god your pussy is so tight and feels so good, that I could explode any minute if you keep riding me like that”

She laughed as she continued riding him. With each bounce and thrust, the Mizdad was struggling to maintain. He was clenching his face just as hard as he was clenching his balls. Bayley quite enjoyed watching him suffer and yet – he continued to go. He was giving it his best. After a few more minutes of loud fucking, bed squeaking, and moaning – she blurted out “If you can't take it any more, then just fucking cum in me. I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm ready for it.”

He erupted instantly. That was all he needed to finally let go. As Bayley slowly got off of him, she watched as the cum dripped out of her vagina. She looked at him directly in the eye, before she reached out and placed as much cum as she could on her fingers. She winked at him before licking the cum off of her fingers. He looked at her with a huge smile on his lips. The two then collapsed panting for their breath.

They remained there for awhile before they decided to get dressed and return to the party. Bayley left the trailer first as they decided to return to the party separately. As the MizDad walked back to the party, he couldn't help but to think of how his night had gone. Tonight had truly been amazing. He got to have sex with not one, not two, but three of the world's most beautiful WWE Divas. He now had three more reasons to enjoy Halloween. Upon returning to the house, he could see that the party had all but ended. He was completely ok with this. He knew that this year's Halloween party had been truly fantastic. He thought to himself only one thought – how can next year's party top this.

Brutus Beefcake Goes To Hell

You didn't expect to go out this way. But, of course nobody ever really does. Of course, it's difficult to escape the wrestling curse. You either die far too young or far too senile. It's almost a guarantee that your last few years will be spent suffering and rotting away slowly. And yet, you thought that somehow the curse would avoid you. That you were somehow different, somehow special.

What will happen when you get to St. Peter's heavenly gate? Will he allow you into the Lord's kingdom or will he simply spit in your face and send you on your way. In your mind, you believed that you were a good guy. Sure, you had made a few mistakes in your life – but who hadn't? You knew that you had things to answer for, the drugs, the booze, the steroids, and of course... that anthrax accident. God damn, it always came back to having to explain the anthrax accident. You were just another wrestler who partied heavily and struggled to overcome your addictions. And in most ways, that was your final straw, your coming-to-God moment. You finally saw the universe for what it was and God's light had finally penetrated your soul. You were born once again as one of God's children.

You had done your best to be a good person, a good friend, a good husband, and a good father. Some of your closest wrestling associates considered you not only a good friend, but also a brother. From Hogan to Finkel, to Jimmy Hart – all of them had been integral to some of your finest moments in life. Your first relationship failed, but as with most things in life, you continued to do your best. On your second marriage to Barbara, you got things right. It was here that you became who you would always be first and foremost, a father. Nobody could ever deny that everything you did, in its own way and style, was for your daughter, Alana. Poor Barbara...poor Alana.

The wrestling curse comes slowly. It starts with a twinge in your arm, a crick in your knees, an issue in your shoulder. After awhile, it creeps up even more. Your mind and facilities start to vanquish. You become accustomed to the pain, you become content with the pain. You stop noticing the things that others would.. a spasm in the body, slurring of the words, heavy breathing, etc. Finally, others start to become numb to noticing these issues too; they've given up on alerting you that things are getting worse, that your health is suffering, and that nobody is going to be surprised when you don't wake up one day. It'll happen sooner rather than later for all of us...

How long have you been diminishing without even the knowledge of doing so? Your health the last few months had been decent. You were getting up well-rested, your diet had improved, your drinking had been minimized – and yet, it was too little too late. You spent your final day with a nice lunch with your daughter before spending your final evening watching television with your wife Barbara. Barbara went to bed around eleven pm that night and you made sure to give her a goodnight kiss as you had done for the previous twenty-one years. You had no clue that this would be the last time that you would ever see your lovely wife. You had simply expected to continue watching television for another hour before hitting the hay and sleeping soundly. You got up from your recliner and turned off your television for the final time at 12:11 pm.

Two hours later, you woke up to use the restroom. Nothing seemed too out of the normal, and yet before you knew it – the room started to spin as things went dark and then light and then dark once again. Your head was spinning and this scene continued to play out. Your ears started to ring louder and louder, before finally exploding in an enormous erupting sound. And then again – just like with your eyes, the sound came in and finally went out - completely out. Everything was dark, everything was silent, and that's when you felt the ultimate rush. You felt an overwhelming sense of euphoria, you felt weightless, you felt more content than you had ever before. You were no longer in any pain – and then you saw the light. It was the brightest light that you had ever seen. The light continued to increase as you felt yourself lifting towards the skies.

The following morning your wife woke up and noticed that you were missing. She had assumed that like normal, you had just fallen asleep in your recliner. However, when she went out to the living room- she noticed that this wasn't the case. Perhaps, you had gotten up early and went to visit the gym. She knew that every once in awhile – you and Hogan got together to still work out. Occasionally, Barbara had lamented that you were still working out at your age, but she relented to your desires. She always was a good woman and partner. She didn't deserve to see what she was about to see... then again, nobody ever deserves to find a loved one like that.

Barbara normally didn't like to talk to Hogan, she knew that her husband liked having his free space and alone time. However, she had a gut-wrenching feeling that something about today wasn't right.. that today was somehow different. She grabbed her phone and dialed Hogan.

The phone rang once, twice, three times – no answer.

She called back and listened to the phone ring loudly time after time. Still, there was no answer. She knew that Hulk was up, he was always up by now. She began to get increasingly nervous.. perhaps something had gone wrong, perhaps with Hulk or perhaps with her husband. Maybe, they had gotten into a car wreck or maybe some kind of terrible accident had occurred while they were working out. Perhaps, today was the day that her husband had finally exerted himself too much during a workout.

Little did she know that this had taken place just a few hours earlier.

On her third attempt to call Hogan, he finally answered his phone in his rough and boisterous voice -

“Beefcake, what the hell are you doin brotha – Why the hell are you callin me this early. We aren't working out today brotha.”

“Terry, can you repeat what you just said? Did you say that Edward is.. oh god, is Edward not with you?”

“Barbie – is that you? I haven't seen Beefy or heard from him in a couple days. I've been busy making other appearances recently. You know how it's been the last few months, trying to rehab my image and everything. I've been absolutely swamped and we haven't had the time to work out in awhile. Is there.. something wrong?”

“Oh Terry... I haven't been able to find Eddy anywhere today and I just have the worse feeling about that. The last time I saw him was last night... he seemed perfectly fine before I went to bed..”

“I'm sure things will be fine brotha, knowing Beefcake he is probably just dicking off somewhere around the house. Ya know how he is Barbara – always tinkering with this and that. Did you look everywhere in the house already?”

“I have only checked the living room, the only spot I've found him in lately is that god damn recliner of his. Always just sitting in that recliner, watching hours upon hours of wrestling on the television. Always watching the WWE Network. I swear if I didn't know any better, I would think that he is trying to relive his glory years once again. Hell, with the way he has been taking care of himself lately... it wouldn't even surprise me if he was thinking about getting back in the ring again.”

“Barb, brotha, it's been fifteen years.. there's no way that is what Ed- … “

With that - Hulk's voice was cut off by a shriek. A panicked-stricken and obviously disturbed Barbara quickly got back on the phone, her voice trembling: “Hulk – I think it's bad... I just noticed that not only is the bathroom light still on, but the sink appears to still be running also.. in fact, I can see a huge puddle starting to form on my floor.”

“I'll be there as soon as I can Barbara, wait for me please. You don't want to do this alone.”

Within ten minutes – Barbara heard a loud blaring noise outside. It was a loud customized car horn blaring throughout the neighborhood and she immediately knew that it had to be Hogan. He blared his custom horn again and a loud “Brotha” was heard. Barbara briefly laughed, as this momentary reprieve was comforting. After all, Hogan had always been about flash and substance and Barbara had long grown accustomed to Terry's proclivities. She was never surprised that he would have a custom car horn or that he would roll up to her house in a red and yellow convertible. But what she was surprised with was the look and expression on Terry's face.. he looked absolutely panicked.

Barbara tried lightening up the situation as she joked - “Terry, what's wrong with you? I've never seen you with such a ghastly expression on your face, in fact you look extremely pale... almost like a ghost and I don't think that I've ever seen you without a bandanna. Now you are really frightening me.. T-Terry.”

“I've seen this shit Barbara, far far too many times. And yet it never gets easier. The god damn curse of this industry. I have to tell you Barbara, what is in that bathroom is not going to be pretty. Are you sure that you can handle this? It's not good.”

Her voice began to break as she was flooded with a sense of overwhelming sadness. She finally managed to tremble out.. “N-n-no Terry, I-I am not r-r-r-ready but I'm likely never going to be. And we have to know what happened.”

The two then walked through the house and proceeded through the kitchen towards the bathroom. As they got within a few feet of the bathroom door, they began to trounce through puddles of water. The sink must have been running for hours now. Now, just a mere few steps from the door Hogan once again turned to Barbara and he asked her if she was ready. She boldly stated that she had to be. As they peeked in the door... it was as they confirmed.

Something tragic had happened in the night. Something that would effect both of their lives. Brutus Beefcake was laying on the floor with his mouth agape and his eyelids closed. His body was completely passive; it was obvious that no breath was being expelled anymore. The man who had entertained so many people for so many years would no longer be entertaining anyone.

Edward “Brutus The Beefcake” Leslie was dead at age 58. Dead in his own bathroom and discovered by his wife and his best friend. Nobody deserves to go out this way, but we all do. The wrestling curse comes for us and strikes us all down. We never even see it coming.

A few hours had passed in the Leslie household, as the news began to spread to family members and friends. People had begun gathering already and paying their respects to the man who was known as the Beefcake. If it wasn't under these circumstances that the people were gathering, the gathering could almost be called pleasant. Many wrestlers and friends had gathered including Howard Finkel, Brian Knobbs, and Jimmy Hart.

The coroner finally confirmed what we had all expected. That night, when Beefcake was using the bathroom, his heart had finally given out. He officially died of a heart attack at 2:24 am on October 7th, 2015. In his bathroom, on the floor.

His body continued to float throughout the atmosphere. It soared higher - before it finally came to a screeching halt. Just then, Brutus heard a loud crashing sound and noticed a white light coming from above. Suddenly he saw a gigantic man with a long-flowing beard. His voice boomed out:

“Edward Leslie – I am Saint Peter.”

“Sa-Saint Peter? But aren't we suppose to meet each other at the pearly gates of Heaven? Wasn't this what the bible foretold of? One final judgment right outside of God's kingdom...”

“We promised something similar, but don't accept everything that you read in the bible. We've decided to streamline things – what kind of company did you expect us to be? Even in God's kingdom we are always adapting to changing climates...”

Brutus stared at the bearded man with a blank look on his face. He was utterly confused and incredibly shocked. His vast feelings of euphoria had suddenly vanished; they were replaced with trepidation. Finally, Beefcake found the courage to speak out:

“But Peter, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. I have done my best I could with my li- “

“SILENCE” - Peter let out in a booming voice. He continued: “I met you at purgatory for a reason. You didn't make the cut. It was too little, too late – goodbye Edward.”

Instantly he began to free fall – completely overwhelmed - as everything became a blur. And then a sizzle, an instant blood-curdling sizzle, and then it felt like his complete body was on fire. Yes, he was sure of it now. He was burning for the rest of eternity. He was now trapped in Satan's fire pits of Hell. This is the end of Brutus the Barber Beefcake for sure. Through all of eternity, he would remain trapped in hell.

He tried to compose himself. He didn't know what was next – he tried to get use to the flames. As much as you can get use to the flames. He briefly started to tear up and he released that even his tears were now nothing more than droplets of fire. He panicked, he laughed, he stood there silent – unsure of what would happen next.

He then thought back to some of the parables that he remembered from his bible. Parables that told of the many ways one would suffer in Hell. He specifically recalled 2 Thessalonians 1:9 which read:

“They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of his power.”

Damn. That's the only word his mind kept circling back to. Damn it. He began to slowly wander what kinds of tortures would be coming his way. He wouldn't have to wait very long to find out. Another loud booming noise was heard and a large goat-looking man soon appeared. He carried his trademark pitchfork with him. The Barber knew that he was now facing the Devil. His most difficult opponent ever. Brutus thought to himself that if maybe, just maybe he showed enough courage and braveness Satan would be slightly easier on him.

Beefcake began to cut the promo of his life right there in front of ole Beelzebub himself. He began in his biggest and most booming voice he could:

“Satan, I know not what I've done to live in this god damn place and I frankly don't give a damn. If I am going to suffer in this forsaken place for the rest of my life then I'm at least going to do it my own way. If you ask me, you are just another son of a bitch. Well listen, I've faced tons of SOBs in my life – so if you think you are just going to have your way with me, then I have some news for you.”

Satan merely laughs. In fact, he is so amused by it he merely responds: “Listen Edward, you can give whatever impassioned speech you want – in fact, I enjoyed that nice one that you just gave. I've always been a fan of yours. But, if you think that you have any control of stopping me from having my way with you don't be mistaken. And yet... you are in luck. I'm in a very festive little mood this time of the year. That's why I will give you only one opportunity to escape from Hell and return to Purgatory. However, I warn you that you will not like it.”

“I don't care what is is. I'll do anything!” - Beefcake responded with desperation in his voice.

“That's what they all say, don't they?” - Satan began once again chuckling. “And I bet when I tell you the next part – you will be doubly as excited. Sure, keep thinking that.”

“Excited?” - Beefcake questions the Devil.

“You will be having sex... “ - Satan states calmly.

“Sex? I'm going to be having sex. That doesn't seem so bad. After all, hell I didn't even know we could still have sex in the afterlife. So who exactly will I be having sex with?”

Once again, the Devil merely laughs. He hesitates before speaking again. He wants to make the Beefcake uncomfortable for awhile. After a good three or four minutes has passed, he clears his throat loudly: “That's for me to know and you to find out soon. However, shall you refuse any one of my choices – you should know that your refusal will also condemn that person to joining me for the rest of Eternity in Hell.”

The Devil then vanished and Beefcake was left there standing all alone. His mind grew frantic. He thought long and hard about all of the people that the Devil might choose. It could be absolutely anybody. It could be Vince McMahon or Adolf Hitler or a complete nobody. Somebody that he had never even met, he briefly smiled at this idea. He knew that this would be preferred, however, he knew that he couldn't heed Satan's warning. He knew that the sex wouldn't be with anybody he would ever want to have sex with.

He didn't have to wait much longer. As he continued to walk through the flames of Hell, he noticed a strange park bench with a man sitting on it. From far away, Beefcake thought that he could recognize the silhouette of the man. The bench was blazing with flames and yet that man sat there perfectly content and with a jovial smile on his face. He was a paunchy, wide man dressed in his signature black tuxedo. This man was the WWE's signature ring announcer for nearly twenty years and one of Brutus' best friends. It was of course Howard Finkel.

Beefcake once again began crying, before he remembered that even his tears were flames. He ran up to Howard and gave him a huge hug. Howard quickly and without hesitation hugged him back... and then a little bit more. Howard's hands instantly slid down to grab the ass of Beefcake.

“Howard! What the hell do you think that you are doing? Damn it man – we're friends”

Howard laughed maniacally. He then continued to aggressively kiss Brutus – on his neck, on his lips, on his chest – all while keeping his hands firmly planted on Beefcake's luscious ass. He forced his tongue in deep. And for just a second – Beefcake's mind turned to mush. He tried to just go with it.

He couldn't though. Not yet anyway. So he shoved Howard who crashed roughly into the red hot bench. Howard wasn't phased in the slightest. He laughed again maniacally and merely sent a scolding look towards Beefcake. He walked back over and shoved Beefcake towards the ground. He sat on him straddling his body and using his weight as an advantage. The Beefcake began to get scared... and he managed to let out a pitiful, but light whimper:

“Howard, why would you do this? I thought we were...”


“That's not true... we can all make our decisions.” - Beefcake continued to try to plead.

“No, we can't. Satan always gets what he wants. And he wants me to make you suffer. And so you will.”

Beefcake knew that there was nothing that he could do anymore. His only trick was to go somewhere else mentally. To escape. And if worse comes to worse, he'd at the very least get his nut off. It couldn't be all that bad could it? After all – it wasn't the first time he had experimented with one of the boys.

Howard could wait no longer. He walked back over to the fiery park bench and ordered the Beefcake to remove his pants. Brutus did as he was instructed as he slowly unzipped the tuxedo pants. As his pants came off, a short pasty dick was flapping in the wind. The Beefcake couldn't help but think to himself - “of course, it's always the guys with small dicks that decide to free ball.” Howard coughed loudly to signify that he now wanted something else to be done. The Beefcake slowly ran his hands up along the outside of Finkel's thighs, rubbing them ever so slow and tenderly. He began to rub them in large wide circles. He thought he noticed some blood begin to flow as Howard's pasty penis began to flap. He thought that Howard had to be getting hard – but it was also hard to tell. Poor Howard Finkel's penis was nothing to write home about. Not in the least. It could barely be classified as more than a microdong and on even the best of days it barely could be classified as average. Howard didn't care though – he had a greed in his eyes. A greed that had never been seen before. The devil's lust had truly consumed him.

He grunted with frustration and bellowed loudly: “Come the fuck on! Blow me already Eddie.”

Brutus looked at him – he was about to speak and tell Howard that he wasn't sure how to work with such a small dick, but he relented. He knew that no matter what he wasn't going to be able to escape his predicament. He decided that he was going to do the only thing he could possibly do. He dropped to his knees and quickly wrapped as much of his mouth as he could around Howard's penis. He knew that if he got Howard off quickly – maybe that would be it. Maybe that would be enough. So he worked with determination as he moved his mouth up and down the five inch mast that Howard had managed to get up. Howard groaned loudly and deeply. He placed his hands on the back of Beefcake's head and pushed him down further onto his penis. He demanded that the Beefcake get sloppier... he demanded to hear the Beefcake's every slurp and gag.

Edward continued slurping along the shaft of Howard's penis. He slurped and he slurped and he slurped some more. Damn. Edward was surprised by the amount of endurance that Howard had. The Beefcake had always expected that Howard would be pathetic in the bedroom, but just then – another sense of panic came into his mind. Perhaps he had made a completely wrong accusation of Howard, or perhaps the Devil was playing a trick on him. Maybe, the Devil had granted Howard some kind of magical boner and this is the blow job that would go on for hours.. for days.. or for months. Maybe even longer.

God damn it, he hoped that this wasn't the situation. However, he knew that the Devil wasn't about to play fair. He briefly remembered something his wife had taught him, something that his wife had shown him. Something that always managed to make his dick explode when nothing else would. He knew the answer out of this puzzle now – he would use Barbara's secret blow job technique.

He once again licked up and down the shaft of Howard. But then – as he got near the top he began frantically flicking his tongue at the head of the penis. He flicked aggressively, flick after flick, after flick. And then he noticed a slight tremble in Howard's legs as they began to get shaky. He continued flicking away at the head. Flick, flick, flick, flicccck. He alternated the speed of his flicking tongue making sure to hit a different spot of the penis each time. Finally – he heard Howard let out a loud guttural growl and then he felt it. A massive explosion of cum landed on Beefcake's face. It felt burning hot on his face. Even the jizz burned in Hell.

He looked up at Howard who announced: “Ladies and gentleman, your new blow job champion of the Netherworld – BRUTUS THE BARBER BEEFCAKE.” As his words completed, he simply turned to ash. Once again, Brutus the Beefcake was alone.

One done, two to go. This isn't going to be so bad he began to think to himself. Sure, he didn't expect to ever in his lifetime and especially in his eternal lifetime, have sex with Howard Finkel – but it wasn't so bad. It was at the very least quick..

In the back of his mind, he was still filled with tons of doubt. He couldn't help but feel that the Devil would come through on his promise. That the Devil really would make this just as horrible as he promised. Fuck, how was he going to do that? Could there really be something worse than giving a blow job to Howard Finkel?

He soon got his answer. The very next people he came across in Hell were Jimmy Hart and Brian Knobbs. Oh Jesus Christ – when I thought it couldn't get worse. The fucking Devil himself. Well, maybe he wasn't actually the Devil but Jimmy Hart definitely has some kind of demon spirit in him to remain looking as young as he has for so long. Beefcake tries to collect his thoughts. He can't believe that he had to fool around with an old fat guy first, and now does he have to fool around with an even older guy and an even fatter guy? Is Satan some kind of weird chubby chaser? He must be some kind of old and fat fetishist. He also couldn't possibly believe that he was going to have to perform any kind of sexual act.. much less actually touch somebody who willingly referred to themselves as a Nasty Boy.

Knobbs was the first to approach him. He merely walked up behind Brutus and licked the nape of his neck.

Jimmy Hart exclaimed “Whoa whoa whoa Knobbs – chill out a bit. We've got him for as long as we like. We don't have to rush this... oh no we don't baby! I want to enjoy every moment of this!. Beefy baby, you look mighty scrumptious. I will say that being in Hell and surrounded by this fire is really doing something for ya!”

Knobbs continues to just sit there looking at the two men. He lets Jimmy continue to talk.

“So as I was sayin', we're gonna have a good ole' time with you Beefy. A real real good time.”

Growing weary Brutus blurts out, “So what the fuck do you sick bastards have in mind? I've already had to stick Howard Finkel's dick in my mouth today. It can't get that much worse.”

The two other men laugh loudly. Hart continues, “Well – first of all, you don't have to do a god damn thing. Simply just sit there and watch me and Knobbs. Watch as Brian humbles my ass. Let him show you how he earned the reputation as a truly Nasty Boy. You – Beefcake, just watch as Knobbs wrecks my ass with his huge penis.”

Beefcake lets out a loud groan, before he states: “Fine, that doesn't seem too bad. I mean – neither of you are particularly good looking, but I've watched man-on-man porn before... some of it was just as ugly. I can handle this.”

Hart turns to him: “Patience baby, we'll get going soon enough. I just have to ask Knobbs one thing – Knobbsy, when was the last time you took a shower anyway? It looks like it's been forever.”

Knobbs merely shrugs his shoulders, before replying: “It's been.. longer than I can remember. More than a month at least. Who really cares about that stuff, you know? Doesn't matter to me.”

“Doesn't matter to me either baby, but some of us might be a bit squeamish at that thought. A bit squeamish at the thought of such a dirty dick entering them. And oh, how can that dick get even dirtier? Come on Brian, stick that disgusting dick in me. Let's see if we can make Beefcake over there... squeamish. Let's see if we can make his stomach ache.”

If you expected much patience from Brian Knobbs – you would have expected far too much. This Nasty Boy instantly removed all of his clothes to reveal his surprisingly large penis. It was a good 7.5 inches at least. He quickly approached the Mouth of the South and removed his pants as well as his tighty whiteys. You could tell that this wasn't the first time these two had engaged in this act. No, everything about this seemed like a well-rehearsed ballet. The Nasty Boy and The Mouth of the South had likely been engaging in continual anal sex for many years Then, it should come as no surprised that the two barely even wasted anytime on any kind of foreplay. Knobbs simply inserted one of his large sausage-like fingers into Jimmy Hart's tight brown hole. Jimmy doesn't even change his expression in anyway (though with his shades still on, who would really know). Knobbs continued to poke and prod his beefy fingers in and out of Jimmy Hart's puckering asshole.

Jimmy moans slightly as Brian continues to work him. It doesn't take long though before Hart's surprisingly loose asshole is wide enough. Wide enough for him to finally take in the quite dirty and quite filthy dick of Knobbs. Knobbs thrusts in and Jimmy lets out a slight whimper. Knobbs again, impatiently, starts to thrust his way in deeper and deeper. Luckily, Jimmy Hart has no problem handling all seven and a half inches of Brian Knobbs. The Mouth of the South's back hole is extremely accommodating of both the girth and length of the Nasty Boy's pecker. Jimmy again groans loudly as Knobbs continues to frantically drive his dick deep in and out of Hart.

“Whoa baby, Oooh, damn Brian. I love how you work that filthy dick. And what about you Beefy – are you enjoying our dirty show? How do you feel about watching Brian drill my ass deeply with his filthy cock? What's that? Is it making you squeamish.. or perhaps - are you enjoying it? What do you say Brian? Do you think he is enjoying the show.”

“Who gives a fuck... I'm fucking dying in here. I am absolutely soaking in sweat. It's so god damn hot in Hell. Can't you feel me dripping my sweat all over your body? But then again – you do still have on that jacket. How the hell does this heat not affect you Jimmy? Oh fuck it who cares – I absolutely love the way your hips swivel as my cock pounds ever deeper into your ass. And if you want to make this boy squeamish then you can tell him about how there must be gallons of my ball sweat leaking into every inch of your ass..” - Knobbs says.

“So boy, are you getting squeamish?.”

“Not yet – in fact, the show so far hasn't even bothered me. In fact, I'm even enjoying it slightly,” Beefcake answers.

“We'll have to try harder then. Brian, I know what will really make him squeamish. I want you to cum deep into my ass. I want you to shoot your load up into me as deeply as you can. And then – well that's when part two of this begins...”

Fuck. There's a part two – of course there's a part two.

The Nasty Boy quickly follows Hart's command. He was already nearing the point of orgasm before and Hell's heat was beginning to take a terrible strain on him. He knew that he could barely take anymore and that he was about to collapse at any point. Knobbs gave his last few strokes all of his might and all of his power before quickly letting out the loudest groan. He erupted and sprayed his load deep inside Jimmy's ass. After his load was spent and briefly before he collapsed, he yelled over to Beefcake.

“Get your ass over there immediately and eat my cum out of Jimmy's ass. Don't let a single fucking drop spill anywhere on the ground.” As he finished his statement, he collapsed to the ground and vanished into ash.

“You heard him boy, suck my ass. I want you to taste all of that filthy ass stew that Brian and I just got done making. And then I want you to continue boy, they don't call me the Mouth of the South for a reason. Not only do I love to talk a lot, but I also love for my southern mouth – my asshole – to get played with. So lick it up, nice and good.”

Round two already. Brutus couldn't believe that he was now going to be drinking down Brian Knobb's sweaty, filthy, jizz and Jimmy Hart ass mixture like it was a regular drink. But what choice did he have? He had already come this far and he knew that he didn't want to spend the rest of his eternal life suffering in these ways. He knew that he had to find the strength within him and that he had to continue going on.

Brutus did what he had to. He rushed over and placed his mouth firmly against Jimmy Hart's asshole. With his lips and nose pressed as deeply as he could, Jimmy Hart spread his legs slightly and let Knobb's jizz leak out into the mouth of Brutus the Beefcake. Brutus began to slightly choke and gag as the flavor was extremely rank and bitter. He coughed loudly for another minute or two before slowly regaining his composure.

“Ooh baby, how'd that taste Eddie? I bet it was disgusting! Baby, I'm not done over here yet … you better get back to licking my ass. It still needs some lovin!”.

Brutus thought to himself, he has to finish this guy off quickly. He quickly returned his tongue to Jimmy Hart's asshole as he began to furiously lick at it. A light bulb moment occurred when Brutus remembered that his hands were still free. He decided that he would reach around while he continued licking Hart's backside. He grasped and finally found Hart's penis – and then he began to tug and twist at it. He ran his hands up and down... while simultaneously rimming Hart's posterior. And he was correct, Jimmy Hart couldn't take much more of this. After a few more minutes, Jimmy Hart finally exploded all over the hands of Brutus the Beefcake.

Hart then exclaimed, “Baby, Beefy – look how sticky your hands got. Oooh baby. There's only one more thing I want you to do, lick it up. Taste all of my southern juices.”

Brutus did as he was ordered. He took his hand and placed it in his mouth. He made sure to lick every drop of Jimmy Hart's cum off of his digits. As he gulped down the last few remaining drops, he looked over at Jimmy and saw him vanish into ashes.

There was no time to comprehend what had just occurred. Brutus looked over and he was once again standing in front of the Devil. The Devil had a huge grin on his face and he began to speak:

“You've completed two of the three tasks set in front of you. But, can you truly handle this last one? After all – it's the one with the highest stakes. No matter what happens in this next sexual encounter – one of you is going to remain in Hell. One of you will have to remain here for the rest of eternity... can you handle that?”

Beefcake again looked at the Devil blankly. He wasn't sure how to respond and he wasn't sure how the Devil was going to decide who to keep in Hell. He timidly asked the Devil, “So what are the rules then? How are you going to decide who to keep in Hell? I thought.. you said that as long as I performed these tasks I would get to go to Purgatory … god damn it, you are trying to pull a quick one on me, aren't you?”

Satan refused to answer that part of the question. “Brutus, you will be going head to head with an opponent of my choice.. in a masturbation contest. I will then decide the winner based on my own criteria.. and from there, the loser will remain in Hell. It's rather simple.”

“So, I've given a blow job to Howard Finkel, I've watched Brian Knobbs and Jimmy Hart have sex, and I've given a rim job to Hart also... and now all I have to do is masturbate? That seems like I'm getting off easily here..”

“Maybe you are.. and maybe your opponent has something on you.” - Satan responds.

“Well then – who the FUCK is my opponent?” - Beefcake demands to know.

Without delay, Hulk Hogan's music can be heard. Hogan then appears in his usually cocky manner, strutting along as his theme song blares throughout Hell. Beefcake looks over at his best friend and simply sighs. He begins to panic as he realizes that either him or Hulk is going to be spending the rest of their life in hell. And hell, what were the rules of this masturbation contest going to be? All he knew is that he began to worry about being able to compete in any kind of contest against somebody with twenty-four inch pythons.

“Hey there brotha, looks like we uh.. got a nice competition here. And you better believe that the Hulkster doesn't want to spend the rest of his life here. So whatcha gonna do brotha when the Hulkamaniac strokes better than you”

“Let's just get this fucking thing over with Hogan. It's already been a long fucking day and I'll be damned if I'm spending the rest of my life in this god forsaken place. If I have to jerk off faster than you do, or cum more than you do or whatever the fucking rules are, I'm going to do it. I'm fucking done with these demons and everything in this fucking place. These flames are god damn ridiculous.” - The Beefcake responds.

Both men immediately dropped their pants and started jerking off as the Devil watched them with a huge grin on his face. It seemed like both Brutus the Barber and Hogan were trying to outdo each other, and were going back and forth trying to match the pace set by the other man. There was little finesse in this whole ordeal, no – it was purely carnal. Both men furiously masturbating and trying to get off as quickly as possible. And meanwhile.. Satan just continued to laugh.

Ten minutes had passed and both men were pounding away. Their muscles began growing tense and the sweat poured down their faces. Their faces were flush and bright red. Hogan began to yell out - “Oh god, brotha, I'm about to blow OOH whatcha gonna do?”

Satan looked at Hogan, pensively.

Beefcake continued to ramp up the speed of his strokes. “OH NO you don't Hogan, I'm going to be the first one to come. Oh yes I am.”

“Brotha, don't fucking kid yoursel-”

Both men groaned out in pleasure as they both unleashed their loads simultaneously. Their seeds spilling onto the ground right in front of the Devil. He merely looked at the two men as they collapsed to the ground, panting for their breath. Satan remained silent.

Finally, Beefcake found the courage to look straight at the Devil. “Satan, who won the masturbation contest? I mean – I'd like to know and I'd like to know right fucking now. Stop making us wait on everything.”

“You did, Edward. All you had to do was complete the task.. and besides, did you really think that I was ever going to let Hogan escape from Hell. After everything that Hogan has done and everything that Hogan has said. This is where he deserves to be now and for the rest of time. And if you thought what we put you through was torturous, just know that we have far far worse planned for Hogan. There is a long long line of people just waiting to torture Hulk. But, are you ready to leave here now?”

“Fuck yes, I am” - Brutus responds.

Suddenly, Brutus the Barber Beefcake was lifted once again to the spot in the sky that he had originally met St. Peter at. He briefly thought about his friend Hulk Hogan and was slightly sad, before he finally smiled and realized that it was better Hogan than him. He began to speak loudly to no one in particular - “So this is Purgatory, it's nothing. Nothing. There's nothing here, there's nobody here, and this is how I will spend the rest of my life. In silence.”

Melissa Santos' Own Ultima Lucha

“Melissa Santos' Own Ultima Lucha”

“What's wrong Melissa?” - Melina asks, after she encounters a sobbing Melissa Santos, backstage after the Ultima Lucha finale taping.

Santos, looks up, at her.. in a completely embarrassed state of mind. She can't believe, how, she is completely beside herself and in her mind and this spirit. She can't believe, how she hasn't felt this way in oh so long. She can't even believe the last time she has ever been this happy. But she also couldn't describe what it was that was exciting her in this way...

After all, she didn't even know that much about Melina.. sure, she had watched some of her career in the WWE, and she mostly respected her for what she had done, she had even forgiven her for the Bra and Panties matches that she had been in. After all, Santos could rationalize.. that it wasn't Melina's fault that she had participated in these events. She told herself, it was the last vestiges of the WWE tiptoeing the line between being a children's entertainment product or a more grown up entity. And besides, she had done plenty of research on Vince McMahon, and she knew what kind of creep that he could be. What did she find with her research?

It's most likely that at some point she discovered the infamous 2001 Playboy Interview, where Vince at least shed some light into his own personality. She recalled how in this interview, Vince mentioned that he said things like:

-” Anyway, I remember the two of us being so curious about each others bodies but not knowing what the hell to do. We would go into the woods and get naked together. It felt good. And for some reason I wanted to put crushed leaves into her. Don't know why, but I remember that. I don't remember the first time I had intercourse, believe it or not.  “ and also that,

-”I'm a giver. Whether it's performing in the ring or sexually, that's how I get off. I give. I get off on the number of orgasms a woman has, when I'm the reason she's having them. “.

Santos didn't exactly know what to think about Melina and still couldn't help, but to struggle to figure out why Melina would have ever associated with a person like Vince. She just couldn't understand anybody who would be so, desperate to need the attention of a man. Sure, she liked the attention of plenty of men, as long as they were good looking.. in fact, she even found some of her coworkers extremely attractive. And in fact, this was part of the reason that Melina had discovered her backstage sobbing slightly, and her makeup beginning to run briefly. Her mascara begins to run slightly down her eyes.

Melissa knew and felt devastated at the idea that tonight was Ultima Lucha and it possibly the last event that Lucha Underground would have. She knew that she might never get to be around most of her co-workers again. With there being plenty of doubts about whether or not Lucha Underground would get a second season, Santos would devastated that tonight was the last night that she would ever get to see most of these people again. And so she continued to sulk, even in the presence of Melina.

Melina continues to awkwardly attempt to comfort Melissa. Melina has changed a lot since the WWE, she has notably cut her hair, and yet, she still looks absolutely gorgeous. In fact, Santos can't help but to think how gorgeous she looks tonight. Melina is dressed in a black long-sleeve shirt, that is oddly super tight. In fact, one can't notice that her shirt reads “This chick does the Splits”; and is likely available on Pro Wrestling Tees.Com.. Yet, one can't help but to notice how the shirt also has two thumbs that are pointing right at her 38D or an 85D (in Japanese) breasts. (which were enhanced in 2004 according to leading Internet breast resource, Boobpedia.com.)

Side note: Other Female Wrestlers' Breasts Sizes according to Boobpedia.com

-Michelle McCool at a 34C.

-Tammy Sytch at a D.

-Summer Rae at a 32D.

-Amber O'Neal at a 36D.

-Kimberly Page at a 36D.

-Lizzy Borden at a 36D.

-Stephanie McMahon at a 40D.

-Trina Michaels at a 34E.

-April Hunter at a 40E.

-Traci Brooks at a 40E.

Side note 2: It's funny how Boobpedia also gives information regarding a chicks underpits. Ladies with shaved pits include – Mickie James, Scarlett Bordeaux, Mandy Leon, Joy Giovanni, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Maryse Ouellet, and more.

Melina is also wearing extremely snug black pants. Her pants are studded with jewels that run across her waist, which are dazzling and illuminating the best part of her body. With these pants on, everybody is immediately drawn to the camel toe that can be seen rubbing against her tight pants. Melissa, finally slows down her tears and looks over at Melina. She is absolutely stunned with what she sees. She can't believe how much she is blown away by the looks of Melina...

All of sudden, her thoughts begin to turn slightly less innocent, as she begins to let her mind wander. And when her mind wanders she begins to think about how she hasn't been with another person in so long and how much she wouldn't mind hooking up with someone as gorgeous as Melina. After all, Melissa knew that Melina had spent many years with Johnny Mundo/Morrison. Both in kayfabe and real life, and if anybody could handle somebody as gorgeous as Johnny Mundo, then that person had to have some special talent; either that or great personality. However, Melina never seemed to give off the feeling that she had a great personality. So, Santos had to assume that Melina must have been extremely gifted somewhere else...

Melina finally notices that Melissa has stopped crying. Her once swollen eyes, now seem to be gleaming with a hint of hope and optimism. Melina approaches Melissa again and asks her to cheer up. She tells Melissa that she has done a tremendous job with her performance this season. She then goes on to say, “Melissa, dear – I've only shown up here tonight, and yet, I've sat at home so many nights.. watching your performances on here... and I can't help, but to say, that night after night and episode after episode I can't help, but to be completely entranced in what you do. I can't believe that you aren't getting all the credit that you deserve for being such an integral part of this series. It's always the people like you, the ring announcers, who truly don't get the respect and admiration that they deserve.”

Santos stands there stunned by the words that Melina has just spewed out. In some ways, she is completely baffled by the statements, in other ways she can't help but to think that this is some kind of cruel joke. After all, what does Melina really have to offer to her? She is a veteran of the industry and there is no way that she could ever truly want to be friends or even acquaintances with someone as low on the wrestling hierarchy as a lowly ring announcer. Though – she remains completely flattered and wants to know if Melina is truly being genuine or not. She also once again glances over at Melina's snug pants, at the snug camel toe that she noticed earlier. She notices herself staring, but she also notices that she can now see ever so slightly the lips of Melina's pussy through her pants. The other thing that she notices is she begins to feel a flush feeling in her loins, in fact, she can begin to feel her juices flow throughout her body. Slowly, but assuredly she notices that her panties are beginning to slowly glisten and sap up the juices that her pussy is emitting. Her glands began to moisten at a rapid pace, and her mind struggles to catch up.

Melissa's mind is flushed with emotion after emotion. She has never been with another female, and yet she can't help to feel excited, albeit timid, about what is currently going on. She tries to formulate a sentence, but only gets out the following: “M-Me-Melina, I don't know if we should be doing this.”

Melina silences her by placing a tender and passionate kiss on her lips. Her soft lips brush and comfort the lips of Santos. Santos, timidly kisses Melina back; their lips connect and the two begin kissing passionately. Their tongues wildly chase after the other one, this aggressive tongue of war makes both ladies wilder and wilder. Within moments, both ladies had gotten a terrible case of “Wandering Hands.” Hands were being placed everywhere on each lady. Hands on each other boobs, hands on each other butts, hair being pulled etc. The ladies had quickly escalated the pace and soon there was no turning back.

As soon as the clothes started to fly off, Melina and Melissa knew that this was going to be a special night. Melissa decided that she had finally been staring at that sexy camel toe for far too long tonight... She turned to Melina and said: “Melina baby – your pussy looks so snug and tasty in those pants.. but, I've been wanting to see your pussy all night. Baby, please – please, get out of those pants. If you do.. I will totally make it worth your while, after all, tonight is Ultima Lucha.. and tonight is suppose to be special isn't it? Besides, I know that.. you can't refuse my offer, to get a special treat from me.”

Melina simply shrugs and gives into Melissa's pleas and whines as she slowly starts to remove her black pants. Melissa's eyes lit up when she notices that, as she suspected earlier, Melina wasn't wearing any underwear under those pants. She finally could see Melina's very well manicured mound.

“Damn Melina.. I can't believe that after so many years, I finally get an opportunity to finally see what so many others have only wished that they could see.”

“You talk way, way too much Melissa. You should stop flapping your jaw and use it for other things.”

“I talk too much? Oh really Melina. Well then, I guess you should probably just shut me up. With whatever method you think is the most appropriate.” - Melissa says in a flirtatious manner.

The two women are at a stand-off. They both sit there staring at each other, trying to test which one is going to make the first move. Finally Melina says, “Fuck this” as she makes her way towards Melissa and places a very wet and very passionate kiss on Melissa's lips. Melissa responds accordingly and begins to kiss Melina back. Slow tender kisses quickly devolve into rapid sloppy kisses between the two. Their hands continue to explore the various surfaces of each others' bodies. Each and every time Melissa's hands wander near Melina's exposed vagina, she can already feel the warmth from it. Her hands occasionally brushing against the pubes of Melina, she can tell that Melina is already beginning to get very wet. It isn't long before Melina takes complete control and orders Melissa to get onto her knees.

Melina begins to push her meaty folds into Santo's mouth. Melissa willingly accepts this as a challenge and begins to lick the folds with an intensity and sex-driven mania.

“Oh god baby... that feels so, soo good. But this isn't a race Melissa! Can you slow down just a little bit? I want to enjoy – OH GOD – this for a long while.”

She simply does as she is told and begins to ebb her pace. At least for a few moments, it isn't long though before she decides to incorporate her first finger. She gradually places one finger into Melina's now completely soaked beaver. Melina lets out an extremely loud moan as the finger goes in. Melissa now alternates between eating Melina and fingering her. Melina's hips begin to rock and the moans begin to escape both ladies.. Santos, takes this as a sign and inserts her second and then her third finger into Melina.

Melina lets out a deep guttural growl as Melissa is now three fingers deep in her throbbing clit. With every stroke of Melissa's fingers, Melina's vagina is getting wetter and wetter as the pleasure seems to be overtaking Melina. Time is slipping away and all Melina can think about is how great this feels and how she truly hopes that this won't just be a one-off thing...

She is unsure of why she is already planning her next sexual encounter with the gorgeous ring announcer, however, her questions are quickly answered as the talented Santos continues her pace working the wet box of Melina. Melina knows that her orgasm is extremely close and she tells Santos, “Oh god baby, if you want to get me off, go for it! I need to – no, I have to – cum so SOON.”

Santos giggles. She knows that she is fully in control of this situation and that is when she decides that she is going to pull away. She gets up off her knees and stands back up.

Melina immediately tenses up and looks dejected. A pouting expression appears on her face before she can meekly mutter out the following: “What is going on Melissa? I was so close to cumming... and I thought that we were having fun, why did you just decide to stop? Did I.. did I do something wrong?

She is met with silence. The locker room is filled with silence when only moments ago it was filled with the sounds of passionate sex.

Melina again pleads to Melissa, “I thought that.. I was helping you, listen I don't know what changed. Just moments ago, you were so into this. I thought tonight was going to be special. You said that you wanted it to be special! MELISSA! ANSWER ME DAMN IT!”

Again, Melissa just stands there as motionless as a gargoyle on a church.


Silence once again. Melissa could tell from the expression on Melina's face that she was starting to boil over. She was beginning to completely lose her cool. And that's when Melissa once again laughed and knew that she was in complete control of the situation.

“You told me I talk too much. I was just following your orders, dear.” - Melissa finally spoke up and said.

Melina could feel all of the blood rush to her face as her fiery personality finally unleashed itself. She started screaming at Melissa at the top of her lungs.

“Damn you! This is all just a game to you isn't it? I doubt you were even sad at all tonight! You just wanted to lure me into this room with you, where you could finally get what you wanted. And well.. it worked. God damn did it work. So now that you have me, are you going to finish what you started?”

“No dear, we're going to finish what we started. Yes, you are right, I did want to have this meeting tonight – so I played up my sadness a bit. Yes, I don't want Lucha Underground to be ending.. and I'm optimistic that Season 2 will eventually happen. However, there was no way that I could not do everything in my power to meet you. But – what we have right now is special, so let's stop talking again and continue where we left off.” - Santos exclaims.

“Fine by me” - Melina states before finally rushing back in for another kiss from Santos. Their lips lock again in another highly aggressive mouth war. Santos, still fully dressed in a dress, finally decides to strip off her dress. Melina is now even more aroused and fiery than before. She places her mouth immediately onto Melissa's sweltering breasts and begins suckling and flicking her nipples with wet and long tongue licks. Her hands wander up and down Melissa Santos' body, before finally finding her hands just outside the ring announcers freshly trimmed muff. A finger now slips into Melissa and begins to slowly roll in and out.

“Oooh, you naughty girl... I love how your fingers feel within me” - Santos replies. She also begins to coo as the finger begins gliding ever deeper into her. Is that really all you have for me? - She asks mocking Melina.

Melina responds by inserting two more fingers into Melissa's slippery canal. The pace of the fingers also quickens. Santos can't contain her tough demeanor for any longer, as the locker room is once again filled with the moans, groans, and growls of passion.

“Melina, oh god, that feels so good.. I love feeling your fingers jam deep within my canal. Do you think, that you can fit any more in there?”

“You want more? MORE? I am already three fingers in you – I didn't know what a filthy whore you were.” - Melina declares.

“Only for you baby – you are making me into a filthy god damn whore. And – I have to be honest, I fucking love it. I love how wild you are making me! So do it already, give me everything you have, and then give me more.”

With that being said, Melina had no choice, she inserted both her fourth and her fifth fingers into Melissa's now gaping hole. The final finger went in with a bit of a struggle, but after Santos finally completely relaxed Melina was able to get it into her. Melina couldn't believe that this was actually happening. It was only a few hours earlier when she shockingly returned. There was no conceivable way that she could have ever expected her night to go like this. She didn't expect that she would be having any kind of sex tonight, much less sex with the gorgeous ring announcer. And now, here she was in the backstage locker room, now fisting the tasty starlet.

Melina lunged her fist in and out of Melissa's ever-widening hole. As she did so, she could feel her whole hand getting completely flooded with Melissa's juices, her arm now getting coated further and further with Melissa's secretions. It didn't take long before Melissa screamed out - “OH OOH OOOOH AHH Oh my god Oh my god.. yesss! That's it, keep UGH going I am so CLOSE!.”

Melina somehow managed to quickly remove her whole fist. She was going to return the favor from earlier. If Melissa could tease her, then she could tease Melissa just as well if not better. At least that's what she was going for.

She looked seductively into the eyes of Melissa and stated “I'm just as good as you are, at driving you wild. Look at yourself. Hell, look at me. I am absolutely soaked with your fluids and yet, I still can tease the shit out of you. What's the matter baby? You don't like this game?”

Melissa slowly shook her head no.

Melina cackled loudly, “but this is YOUR game, you created this. And then you wanted to escalate it. Well, lucky for you. I too like to escalate things. And you better believe that I'm not done with that sexy body just yet. Oh no, I am afraid that I have something else for you.. “

Melissa likes what she is hearing, however, she does have a slight sense of trepidation. She had after all just been fisted by Melina. What else could Melina have for her? Was it Johnny Mundo? She quickly wondered if perhaps, The Prince of Parkour, had been hiding somewhere listening and watching this entire erotic performance take place. She briefly looked around and checked all the corners of the locker room.. before she reassured herself that there was no possible way that somebody else could be in this room.

However, Melina quickly walked across the room and Santos was once again worried that she was going to walk over to the locker room door and open it up. She didn't know much about Melina and was always cautious around new people. While she wasn't afraid to hide her sexuality in private situations, Melissa was also always concerned with professionalism. One of her greatest fears was that she would lose the respect of any of her fellow coworkers. What would they think after all if they had just witnessed her being completely humiliated sexually? Was Melina playing a trick on her – was she about to just swing open the door to reveal the entire roster waiting behind it? Melissa's mind was playing tricks on her – Melina really had driven her wild.

She was quickly relieved and relaxed when she saw Melina bend over and reach for something in a bag that she had placed near the locker room door. Melissa relaxed and knew that her surprise was something in the bag. She also couldn't help, but to check out Melina's tanned and muscular ass as she bent over. Her backside was just as beautiful as her front side. Melissa's paranoia quickly subsidied as she took in these views – as she was again overtaken by a large wave of desire.

Melissa grew impatient and yelled at Melina, “Hurry the fuck up, I want you to finish me off. And besides, I don't need any surprises. You are more than enough baby! Now get that sexy ass over here and take me.”

Melina turned around and said to Melissa, “Relax, I have your surprise right here. Well actually it is for the both of us...”

At that moment, Melissa notices the large two-sided dildo that Melina has removed from her bag. Her eyes light up. She had never used a double-sided dildo before and she was rather excited to try something new. She did find it peculiar that Melina seemed to have the dildo handy. She jokingly turned to Melina and asked: - “So, do you always travel with that toy?”

Melina laughed before responding, “Not always.. actually, I didn't come here with this today. I merely was getting it back from a friend.”

Melissa hesitated before asking her next question, “You lend your sex toys to your friend? What kind of friendship is that?”

“Well.. the kind of friendship that I hope we are going to have.. I mean after all, who needs men when you can have a close knit circle of friends.” - Melina replies.

Melissa thought about that idea. It would be nice to have a group of girlfriends like that. After all, it was difficult being a female in the wrestling industry, even in a promotion who was as progressive as Lucha Underground. Melissa then wondered which friend it was. There weren't that many other females involved in Lucha Underground...

She mustered up the courage to ask. “Do you want to tell me which one of your friends was borrowing that?”

“Oh, I don't mind letting you know that. It's hardly a secret that Sexy Star and Catrina are a couple, as well as one of my partners. They wanted to add some spice in their bedroom and they weren't sure if a dildo like this was for them. So, I thought what the hell I'll let them borrow it. With some cleaning it's practically good as new. You wouldn't even know that they used it to be honest if I didn't tell you.” - Melina rambles on. “But, since you do know.. doesn't the thought turn you on even more? I know that it turns me on just thinking about whose juices have been on this dildo. It also turns me on knowing that yours are also about to be on it.”

“You know, it does turn me on. I can't deny how attractive both Sexy Star and Catrina are.” - Santos states.

Melina and Melissa face towards each other and begin to insert the dildo into their vaginas. With an end coming out of Melina and an end coming out of Melissa, the two begin to slowly grind up and down the dildo. Wet, loud, squishy sounds emitted throughout the locker room. The two ladies maniacally continued to drive the dildo into their vaginas.

“Damn it Melina! I can't believe how good this feels. I love that you brought this surprise!”

“Fuck yes it does! Ooooh, ahhh”

The echoing of moans and the sounds of slapping skin continue for six or seven more minutes. Finally, Melissa bellows: “Oooh my god Melina, I don't know how much more I can take. All of this teasing has really gotten me so close to cumming. Between the dildo and your fisting earlier, I am about to absolutely explode.”

“I'm close too. You have me so so close...”

Another few moments passed before finally both women were at the precipice of pleasure and ecstasy. And finally, both women came hard and loudly. Melina felt a huge puddle of cum and heard it splatter everywhere. Melissa had squirted on the locker room floor and all over Melina's body. Melina wasn't phased in the least. She merely wiped up whatever amount of cum she could get onto her fingers. She placed them in her mouth, slurping up any of her partner's cum.

The two were exhausted and were breathing heavily. Naked and fully exhausted, the two cuddled on the locker room floor for awhile. They would occasionally kiss ever so often and they would playfully still grab at each others' nipples. But finally they knew that this moment had passed.


Melina turned to Melissa, “That was so great! However, I'm in desperate need of a shower. And you look like you could use one too. Luckily they are nearby.”


Melissa agreed with Melina. “Yes, the shower does sound good right now. Who knows? Maybe, we can have a round 2!”


With little more being said, the two quickly scampered to the shower. Both ladies knew that this was just the beginning of a glorious new friendship. Unbeknownst to them, Johnny Mundo actually was waiting outside the locker room the entire time. He had heard everything and had heard them scamper off towards the showers. He knew that he wanted a souvenir to remember this day forever. He briefly opened the locker room door and scampered over to the pile of clothes that Melina and Melissa had left laying there. Mundo quickly found a lacy red thong, which Melissa was wearing earlier. Mundo grabbed them from the pile and quickly pressed his nose into the still extremely wet gusset. He took a long sniff and then another sniff of the panties.

“God damn, this bitches' scent is so fucking good. But if she catches me stealing her panties again – she said she is going to file a sexual harassment complaint against me. Dario doesn't need any more reasons to go after me even more next season.. I better get the fuck out of here.”

Mundo quickly rushed out of the locker room. The door slammed loudly. Eventually, Melina and Melissa returned after their shower. They began putting back on their clothes when Melissa exclaimed, “What the hell? I can't find my underwear.. do you see them, you know, the lacy red thong?”

“Sorry babe, I have no idea where your underwear is. It's been a long day though. Let's go to my hotel, I highly doubt that you are going to need those panties anyway tonight..”

Melissa sighed, but then smiled. She was going to Melina's hotel tonight. The night had just begun and yet Ultima Lucha was already so, so perfect.


A Tale of Two Father's Days.

Part 1:

It all started on another typical Sunday, the Cena family would be putting on another brunch celebration this week. However, what was atypical is that the Cena family would be joined for once by their son John Cena and his girlfriend Nikki Bella. They would be joining the rest of the Cena clan in order to celebrate Father's Day. In fact, this was the first time in many years that John had even considered taking off a date to celebrate a holiday with his family. In typical fashion, the Cena brunch which was orchestrated by John Cena Sr. was an all out affair, there would be catering of the finest magnitude and food of the highest elegance.

The country club was decked out to the fullest of tees, when John Cena arrived with Nikki Bella. They were immediately greeted by both his father and his mother. His father wore a suave suit and he embraced is son with a huge hug.

“Johnny boy, it's so nice to see you and your lady joining us today, we weren't sure that you would be making it. We didn't know if you would be spending today with her family... “

“Oh no, Dad, we couldn't think of spending another holiday without you. We are always spending our holidays with Nikki's family and we decided that for once, it was your turn to celebrate a holiday with us. After all, you are my dad. I've missed you tremendously. And I can't wait to celebrate today with you. And Nikki is also glad to be celebrating today with you, aren't you dear?”

“Oh god, John, you don't even know how excited I am to be spending today with your family. It has been far too long since you have taken a day off from the WWE and it has been far too long since we have seen your father. I've missed him tremendously.” - Nikki states, as she winks flirtatiously towards John Cena Sr. “I really hope that your dad and I get an opportunity to really enjoy today and spend plenty of quality time together.”

“John, if I wasn't so sure... I would think that your lady is flirting with me,” - John Cena Sr. replies.

“Dad, she probably is – Nikki has always had that issue with everybody, she's always so flirty with everyone, but don't worry about it.. she never acts on it. At least to my knowledge anyway.”

John laughs nervously, Not entirely sure if what he is saying is completely true. He wants to believe that his girlfriend Nikki Bella has always been completely faithful to him, but he knows that there have been many rough patches and rough periods in their relationship and deep down in the bottom of his mind, he has his doubts. Perhaps, Nikki has always been faithful, but he is not one hundred percent positive.

Cena Sr. simply looks at his son, with a perplexed expression on his face, unsure of what to think about what his son just said. On most levels, he wants to respect what his son has just said, and not take advantage of his son's girlfriend, however on another level he can't help but to think about violating his son's girlfriend. After all, his son is dating Nikki Bella who is easily one of the sexiest WWE Divas of all time. Everything about her body just makes him think of jumping straight to “Bone Town.” He hates that he has spent so many nights and days passionately thinking about his son's girlfriend fully naked, but then he also knows that if he ever got the opportunity to see her like that, he would take it up in no time.

“Oh John, stop saying things about me, I'm not being a flirt. I'm just being me.” - Nikki states with a smile on her face.

“Whatever babe, let's just enjoy today for what it's worth.” - Cena states.

“Sure baby! Whatever you say. Just get me some wine and you know that I will be enjoying this brunch.” - Nikki says.

Cena Sr. finds the nearest waiter and requests two glasses of wine, one for him and another for Nikki, as well as a Bud Light for his son John. The waiter quickly returns bringing the drinks to the three people. Nikki quickly guzzles down half of her glass eagerly.

“Thank you, John Sr. This is truly what I have been waiting for. And this wine is so, so good. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that you have such good taste in selecting a wine. After all, you Massachusetts men know your quality wine.” - Nikki says.

“It's nothing, Nikki. I have spent years and years enjoying the best quality wines and spirits. And if I can't give my hopefully future daughter-in-law the best, then I don't know what I can do.” - John Cena Sr. goes on to state.

“DAD! What did I tell you about that? You can't keep referring to Nikki as your future daughter-in-law, as much as you want to, you know we haven't made any kind of guarantee yet in those regards...” - John exclaims in an angry and bordering on pissed off expression.

“Yea, but I was just hoping that maybe one day Johnny boy, you could see the light and finally give this girl what she deserves..” - His father exclaims

Nikki looks at the two, and her expression turns from a beam to a huge frown. She immediately polishes off her remaining wine as she quickly summons over another waiter, where she grabs not one, but two more glasses of wine.

“Dad, I really really hate this conversation.. I wish that you could just accept me for who I am, I don't know what else I can do to prove to you that I'm a good man. All I've achieved in my career.. I'm a fifteen time WWE champion for goodness sake, I've granted a million Make-A-Wish wishes, I've spent the last decade working my ass off, giving everything I have to make the world the best place that I can make it. And yet.. no matter what I do, you always come back to this one thing. It's always Johnny, my son, why can't you commit to a lady? Why can't you make a honest women out of Nikki? - Cena goes on to say.

“Son, I get it, and I couldn't be happier about all the work that you have been doing professionally. You are truly an inspiration. And you've accomplished so much more than I have ever accomplished in this industry and so much more than I can ever hope to accomplish in this industry.. and yet, I'm a father. So I can't help but wish for you to be as personally happy and accomplished as you are professionally. It's not that I don't think your relationship with Nicole is great.. but look at her John, you know that she wants so much more. This woman is absolutely one-hundred percent committed to you. All she wants is the same.” - His father goes on to say.

“Dad... maybe this isn't the best time for this.” - Cena continues to say.

Nikki continues to look at the two of them, and her frown grows even lower. She decides to finish off another glass of wine before finally excusing herself to another room. She can't help but to think to herself how stupid she was to remain in that room for even as long as she did.

“Son, maybe you are right, and I'm sorry to keep harping on you about this issue. It's just that I love Nikki. And I think that she would make a great part of this family and I can't stand seeing her hurt like this. That's all. I'm sorry to keep bringing up this issue. Let's just enjoy this day the best that we can. After all, it's Father's day and I'm so glad that you are here.” - Cena Sr. says.

An hour passes by and nobody has seen Nikki anywhere in the banquet hall. Nobody is exactly sure of where she has gone off to. John once again comes across his father and they begin to converse.

“Dad, I can't find Nikki anywhere! Ever since we had our conversation earlier, she has gone missing. Have you by any chance seen her anywhere? I'm starting to really worry that something bad may have happened to her.? - John questions.

“I haven't son.. though she did seem quite upset earlier when we were conversing. Maybe we should split up and look for her. She could be anywhere by now and it's up to us to make sure that she is alright.” - Cena Sr., responds.

The two then split up looking throughout every nook and cranny of the country club trying to find the beautiful Nikki Bella. They search inside, outside, the golf course, the restaurant, and every other obvious place they can think of. Finally John Cena Sr., thinks that there is one place that has yet to be searched. He heads to the nearest coat check where he finds that it is left unattended. He hops over the counter and heads to the coat room where he finds Nikki Bella nestled in a mound of jackets drinking heavily from another full bottle of wine.

“Oh Nikki darling.... are you ok? You look like you are having some issues going on right now...” He looks at her again and notices that her face is red and flush with what appears to be tears. He asks again, “If there is something that I can help with...”

She hesitates to answer as she hesitates to pull herself back together. She also can't help to feel slightly embarrassed to be discovered in this state. Half-drunk and a complete mess, sobbing herself silly into a pile of other people's jackets is not the impression that she wanted to make by visiting her boyfriend's parents brunch today. She finally manages to find some words...

“Well.. I really don't know where to begin. It's just when you and John were talking earlier and I was standing there, I couldn't help, but to eavesdrop and I heard a few things that really struck a nerve in me. It's just everything that you said to John about his relationship with me and how it should be, I couldn't help but to think that finally somebody understands where I'm coming from and somebody finally gets my point of view. After so many years of dating him, I don't understand where John's hesitation to commit to any kind of future comes from..” - Nikki blurts out.

“His failed relationship with Liz really really affected him. And yet, that was years and years ago – he really should move on by now. And everything that I said about wanting you in our family Nicole, I meant that, I would truly love to spend as much time as possible with you. Now and in the future. You truly are a great human being Nicole. Not only full of beauty, but full of life, wisdom, laughter, and a lot more.”

Nikki is unsure of what to think right now, in many ways – she is completely and totally flattered. After being rejected earlier by her boyfriend, it's nice to hear so many kind compliments coming from anyone, and hell it doesn't hurt that these compliments are coming from his father either. I mean, sure, there is little comparison in the physiques of John Cena and his father, and yet there is a quality in John Cena Sr. that doesn't exist in his son. That extra sense of calmness and appreciation for life almost makes him attractive to Nikki Bella on a completely different level.

She turns to Cena Sr., and finally asks him.. “Can you just sit with me for awhile while I think about things? I don't know what it is, but you have a very calming presence and I think that I'd like to keep you nearby for awhile. If you don't mind.”

“Oh Nicole, I don't mind at all. But, I do think that I should at least give John a quick ring and let him know that you are alright. I don't want my boy worrying too much, even if some of this is his fault. I'll be right back right.”

John Cena Sr., briefly leaves the room and dials his son, “John, I've found Nikki.. she's alright, but just needs a few moments to gain her thoughts. I'll be accompanying her and after she is ready – we will come back to the brunch and rejoin everybody. Please try to not worry about her, I have things under control for now. Trust your father, I've got this under control. Try to enjoy yourself John.” With that he clicks off his phone and heads back to the coat room to join Nikki.

Upon entering the coat room room again, he is faced with a surprise – as he now finds Nikki Bella laying once again on top of the coats, however, she has formed a bed-like surface out of them and is now wearing nothing, but a skimpy black bra and a revealing black thong. Cena Sr, struggles not to immediately begin drooling at the sight of Nikki's amazing rack.

“Nikki, what the hell is going on? I thought you knew that I was coming back!”

“Oh, I did.. I wanted you to see me like this. After all, if I can't get comfort from John and get him to meet my needs, then I might as well get it from the nearest thing... and what could be better than getting that from his father?”

“Nikki, I'm flattered.. but, I'm a married man. There's no way that I could do that to my wife or to my son. I love them both so much..”

“And I love John so much, and yet, you've already promised me that you'd stay with me for awhile and comfort me. Besides, I have this wine here and there's no way that I can let it go to waste. So come on, get closer to me, and I will pour you a glass. We'll take this slow..”

Hesitantly, Cena Sr., approaches Nikki. He sits down on the pile of jackets next to her and allows her to pour him his glass of wine. He quickly drinks it down as a way to calm his nerves. Nikki laughs and instantly pours him another glass.

“Relax daddy, I'm going to comfort the both of us.”

Cena's father gulps loudly, but before he knows it the room starts to swirl as Nikki lounges after him. He engulfs his lips with hers. Cena Sr. feels her soft and luscious lips pressed firmly against his and suddenly the wine begins to take over his control. He attacks Nikki's lips back with his own and the two start kissing in a wild flurry of tongues. Nikki aggressively takes off Cena Sr.'s shirt and rubs her hand up and down his chest. He instantly grows jealous of her chest feeling motions and wants to do some of his own. So he takes his hands and grabs both of her tits through her bra before deciding to break their kiss and move his mouth onto the top of her breasts. He starts to lick up and down each of her breasts, making sure to slide his tongue between the cleavage. Nikki starts to feel his hot tongue moving up and down her breasts, which makes her get hotter and hotter. His drops of saliva dripping down her chest are enough to get her pussy juices flowing. Cena Sr. then finally unclasps the back of her bra, before discarding that to the floor. He continues to suck on each spot of her glorious breasts and Nikki in return, begins rubbing him through his pants. She can feel his cock increasing in size as he continues his taste sucking session on her tits.

“I can't take it anymore daddy! I need some of that dick right here and right now.” Nikki yells before instantly reaching towards Cena's pants and peeling off his belt, and then his pants, and finally his polka dot boxers. Once Nikki pulls off Cena Sr.'s boxers, she is quite surprised at what she sees. She is in no way greeted by a typical old man penis, no, Cena Sr. is quite the spectacular specimen. Standing at an impressive seven and a half inches, she knows that this cock will more than please her.

“Do you like what you see Nikki?” - He asks in a cocky matter.

She doesn't answer, directly anyway, but she does answer by instantly placing the tip of his cock into the front of her mouth. She begins to suck just at the tip of his cock, getting it nice and wet and allowing the spit to flow down through the rest of the base of his penis. Loudly gargling each and every inch of his massive dick, Nikki's brown hair flows freely as her head bobs quicker and quicker.

“Grrr, ughhhh OH yes Nikki... I can't believe that we're doing this.. But it feels so right”

“Fuck yea it does. And I knew that I could convince you.. One way or the other.” Nikki states.

“Oh yea, I don't even care about anything but this moment right now.” - Cena Sr. responds.

“If you think that I've blown anything but your balls yet, you don't even know... Lay down daddy, I wanna ride on your fucking big dong”

Cena Sr., is good at following orders. He instantly lays his back down onto the pile of coats and is now sitting fully erect with his cock pointed towards the sky. However, it is only mere seconds before he sees Nikki gathering herself and slowly placing herself directly onto his rigid member. He didn't realize how soaking wet her cunt was while he was receiving head earlier, but now he can see that her vagina is flowing with juices. Nikki begins to slam her wet hole against his large staff, and begins bumping furiously up and down. Her tits spring and shake loosely with each bounce of his pulsating penis.

“Oh daddy, do you like how I ride your thick cock? Do you like how I fuck you oh so good?”

“Oh yea Nikki, I definitely love how you ride me so so good. Better than I have ever had in the rest of my life. And I absolutely love how sloppy wet your pussy is getting my cock.”

“Mmm, you are such a dirtier talker than your son.”

“It's all about that experience baby. I'm aged like a fine wine, but I still fuck like a god damn stallion.”

“Damn straight you do daddy.”

Nikki continues riding his cock, letting out more and more moans of pleasure. She squeals in delight when John Cena Sr. flips her over and places her on her knees as he once again places his cock into her and starts to hit it doggy-style.

“Oh Johnny Daddy, how did you know my absolutely favorite position?”

Cena's father starts to laugh, but then continues driving away at the gorgeous Nikki Bella. His balls slapping loudly as he continues to piledrive his cock into her deep canal. His balls are absolutely coated with Nikki's pussy juices, but he continues slamming away.

“OOH daddy, daddy, daddy... I'm going to cum so soon. Keep going you fucking stud.”

He once again continues doing as he is guided. Caring much more about her orgasm than his own, after all, she wanted him to comfort her and that is precisely what he is set on doing. Sure, maybe this isn't what he expected to be doing, but if these are the cards that he is dealt he is going to do whatever he has to do.

He slams and he slams his cock deeper and deeper, almost bottoming out on each and every thrust into Nikki's glorious love-hole.


He feels a warm rush of cum gush out of Nikki's pussy as he knows that she just had an orgasm. But, he continues to fuck her knowing that he might not get this opportunity again. If he only has one chance, and who blames him, to fuck Nikki Bella. He might as well get the most out of it that he can.

She also doesn't seem to mind, as she quickly feels wave number two coming along. And just as quickly, she is already once again yelling out high pitched shrieks than can be heard throughout the entire coatroom and hallway.

“OH GOD JOHN.. I CAN”T BELIEVE HOW GOOD YOU FUCK ME. You are sooo much better than your son” - Nikki exclaims.

That was all that John Sr. needed to push him past the brink where he could no longer control himself, where he could no longer prevent himself from finally blowing his load. All of a sudden, Nikki felt a warm oozing sensation blow within her.

“Oh daddy, I didn't expect that you'd give me a cream pie... but I am in zero way complaining. I like how filthy taking your load made me feel. Mmmm.”

After a few minutes passed, the two of them sat next to each other on the pile of coats cuddling and kissing. Finally, John Cena Sr. turned towards Nikki and placed one last deep kiss on her lips before he told her. “Nikki, I'm afraid that we really have to be returning to the party now.. we've been gone for who knows how long and I'm sure that everybody is wondering where we have been.”

Nikki sighs before finally exclaiming, “Well if we must, but let's promise ourselves, that this won't be the last time that we do this. After all Daddy, you will always be a special part of my new family.”

“It definitely won't be the last time that we do this Nikki. In fact, the sooner we find another opportunity the better. Maybe, even after this brunch is over if we can figure that out... “

The two return to the brunch and John Cena thanks his dad for taking care of Nikki. As John thanks his father, the two of them stare at each other, knowing that they will always have the secret of how they truly spent Father's Day together.

Part 2:

It is nearly eleven pm at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. The Miz has finally finished his night's work at the Money in the Bank pay per view, where he earlier commentated on a match between Big Show and the Ryback. In fact, he did a lot more than commentate on this match, he decided that he would get involved with it. His involvement turned out to be a decisive factor in the match, as the match was called due to his interference in attacking the Big Show. However, he would pay for his interference in the match – as he received a Shell Shock from Ryback.

After a disappointing night, the Miz has thoroughly showered and prepared to leave. Luckily, for him, he has something to look forward to tonight. His wife, the beautiful and gorgeous Maryse Quellet, is traveling with him this week. As much as it hurts the Miz to have a less than perfect night and performance, it comforts him knowing that he has a beautiful wife to always look forward too. He perks up as he finds her waiting for him backstage at the show.

She sees him looking slightly dejected as he walks towards her. She says “Oh Mikey baby, cheer up. I know that tonight didn't go quite the way you planned it, but.. you'll get your revenge on both the Big show and Ryback soon enough. Plus, have you seen the Big Show's wife? Honey – you know that I can't even compare to that mess. I am a million times sexier than she is.”

With that, the Miz can't help but to chuckle. He knows that it's perhaps slightly tasteless that his wife is wasting her time making fun of another woman's appearance, but he can't help to slightly enjoy it. In fact, that was always a quality that the Miz seemed to enjoy about Maryse. No matter how appropriate it was, she would always voice her opinion and say what she needed to say. Especially, if she knew that it would help to cheer him up.

“Oh dear, Maryse – you always just know the perfect thing to say to me to lift up my spirits”

“I know” - she says in a laughing and flirtatious manner. “Without me, what would you do?”

The Miz doesn't know how to respond to this. If he was responding to a promo from an opponent or hosting a MizTV segment, he would likely have a witty and snappy comeback. However, with his wife, he always stumbled with the proper wording. With Maryse, he was no longer his cocky and confident self. In many ways, Maryse seemed to completely neuter the Miz. Finally Mike responded in a brutally honest and truthful manner, the only way that he knew how to respond to his wife's questioning.

“I would be absolutely devastated without you Maryse, I don't know how exactly I would go on.”

Maryse smiles in an annoying way as she simply looks at her husband's eyes and mockingly replies with a simple “I know.” She then goes on to state “But enough of that, for now, besides we have places to get to tonight and the drive is waiting. It's already relatively late, and we still have a long drive to your parent's place.”

“My parents' place? What do you mean? I thought we were going to be staying at a hotel tonight... I didn't think that we would be seeing them this weekend. I mean, I invited them to the pay-per-view tonight and Raw tomorrow, but they turned down both of those invitations. They said that they had other things today and that going to the shows was too much for them. Did you go behind my back... and talk to them?” - The Miz asked.

“I did.” - Maryse replies.

“Why did you do that? I thought that we would talk about these things...” - Mike says with a slight tone of frustration in his voice.

“Mike, stop being silly.. Father's Day is in a week and we are only five hours from your family. We are of course going to stop by and visit them tomorrow. I know we don't have a lot of time and I know it's going to be a long and late drive tonight.. but we owe it to them. And besides we haven't seen them in so long. And you know how much I love your parents, your mom is a great lady and your dad is absolutely hilarious. Even if we only have a few hours to spend with them.. before the show tomorrow, it's worth it.”

“But Maryse, I didn't even have time to get my Dad a present... I didn't think that I would be seeing him on Father's Day.. “

“Stop being silly Mike, your dad will be ecstatic just to see you, plus we have something planned already for tomorrow...”

“Oh? What have you done now Maryse?”

“Nothing big – honey, your father and I have just been talking... and we decided that we would have a special little feast tomorrow to celebrate Father's Day early. It's nothing fancy, by any means, but it already means the world to your dad. From simply talking to him on the phone, I could tell that he was lighting up at the thought of getting to see you and me.”

“God damn it” - The Miz blurts out loud in a slightly sullen tone.

“Why are you so bitter baby? I thought that this would be a great thing.. I thought that you would be ecstatic to see your family. I know how much that you like both of them. After all, they are some of your biggest supporters. How many events have they went out of their way to come to the show and support you? Aren't you the least bit excited to see them? I really don't understand why exactly you seem to be so bitter about these plans.”

The Miz pauses before formulating his next sentence, he looks at his wife who stands nearby with a slight frown on her face. Her arms crossed, he reads her body language, and starts to realize that if he doesn't reply appropriately soon, that he is risking royally pissing her off. Not wanting to cause a confrontation or a fight, he carefully and cautiously selects his words. “I guess, it's just... it's been a long day baby, It's not that I don't want to see my parents and it's not that I'm not glad that you scheduled this... it's just fuck, we aren't going to get there until 2 at earliest, and I'm already so tired. And baby, since you don't drive.. I just don't know how I'm going to stay up is all. Plus, I have to report to the stadium super early tomorrow.. I have a ton of things to do. We are recording so many things for the Network tomorrow and I have various media appearances, I guess, I'm just... so busy already that I don't know how I'm going to squeeze this in. Or even how I'm going to stay awake on this drive.. I'm already dragging as it is.”

“Well, Mike.. I understand all of your concerns, after all, I understand completely how hard you have been working lately and how busy your schedule is, but I know how much you are going to regret if we don't go and visit your parents, especially being this close. And besides, they are planning a glorious cookout for us. Your dad is especially delighted and wants us there. And I understand that we still have a long drive ahead of us... but as for keeping awake, don't worry. I have a coffee for you right here, and also a few other ideas of how I plan to keep you awake....”

“Oh really, Maryse? What do you mean by that?”

“Oh Mike, let's just get on the road already and you'll find out soon enough....”

The Miz and Maryse proceed to his rented vehicle. Once in the vehicle they punch in the address to the Mizanin household. The clock reads 11:15 pm as they set out on their journey. The Miz turns his radio dial to a classic rock station before he proceeds to leave the Nationwide Arena.

A few hours of driving down the 1-71 South pass by, as Maryse and the Miz have spent the last couple of hours conversing about random topics. Maryse has discussed the latest fashion trends and styles that are popular. The Miz has listened to her with his ears bursting to take in any information that his wife gives him. He still, doesn't know much about the topics that she is interested in, but can't help but to be held by her interests. She speaks in an elegant and sophisticated manner, about any topic and as a result she can't help but to be intriguing about everything. The Miz, though, is dragging – as much as he is into everything that his gorgeous wife is telling, the fatigue of his day starts to get to him. He suddenly exclaims to her, “Honey, Maryse baby – if we don't get off the road soon... I think I'm going to crash, I've been driving so long... and I don't think that I can keep going. I know we are getting close to my parents house, but I truly don't think I can make it...”

Maryse sighs, but responds “Really? But baby, we are are so close.. and I would really like to get there tonight, I can't stomach the thought of having to check into some scumbag or flea-ridden hotel.. when we are so close to your parents place, and besides your father is expecting us there tonight. In fact, I'm pretty sure... that he is waiting up just to see me, well, just to see us.”

“To see us? Are you sure? Sometimes I don't know what he is thinking... It's going to be at least another hour until we get there, and he wants to wait up. Sometimes, I just don't get my father.” - The Miz states with a slight groan.

“I don't know how you don't get him, he's sooo amazing! I absolutely adore your father.” - Maryse states, with a slight smile on her face.

“Yea, well you didn't have to grow up with him.. I'm not saying that he is a bad guy by any means, but sometimes he is difficult. I don't know. I can't accurately explain it, but shit – maybe it's because I”m already running on fumes, I'm so exhausted from today's pay-per-view, if we are going to make it to my parents place tonight... I don't know how that's going to happen.”

Maryse laughs as she reaches for the radio dial. “Sorry Mike, I can't continue listening to this nonsense that you are listening to. It's also putting me to sleep... and if we are going to make it to your parents house, we need something better to listen to, something to liven things up, something to awaken the both of us, something to... improve the mood. In fact, we need something to set the mood.”

“Set the mood?” - Mike ponders and then goes on to state, “Set the mood for what? For driving further?”

Maryse responds with a sultry laugh, “Oh darling – you said that you were fading and starting to get tired, we are so close to your parents now... and I will do anything and I do mean anything to keep you up. So if I have to set the mood to get you going, I will fucking do so.”

And with that, Maryse continues to turn the radio dial until she finds a radio station that is playing a sultry jazzy and romantic mixture. She reaches over to her husband, the Miz, who continues to focus on the road and driving as she starts to rub his shorts. The Miz is dressed in a tank top and basketball shorts, however, Maryse knows that her husband regularly goes without underwear. She reaches over and starts to rub his thighs. Slowly, her hands start to reach a little bit further up... and she notices that, as she suspected, The Miz isn't wearing any underwear. She can feel his cock tensing up and getting harder and harder as she continues to vigorously rub through his shorts.

As she continues to rub, she realizes that her husband is now fully hard at an impressive eight inches. She turns to him and asks him in a flirtatious tone, “Baby – are you still falling asleep?”

“Oh fuck no, not now...”

“Good, I wouldn't want you to fall asleep on our drive... after all, I told you that I had a plan to keep you up, and I see that you are getting up now – hell, you might even be fully up as we speak.”

The Miz responds - “Fuck yea, baby I'm totally up now. But now that I'm up, what are you going to do? I've still got to keep driving if we are going to get to my parents tonight... but, you could do a little bit more...

Maryse, not one to be shy, knows exactly what her husband is getting at, as she tells the Miz to pull down his pants. Mike follows her orders and pulls down his pants, reveiling, his fully erect penis. Once, his penis emerges his wife immediately reaches over and starts to stroke her hands up and down his erect cock. Her hand pumps at first slowly up and down the cock, rubbing her fingers from the tip of his penis, down to the shaft. She can feel the blood flowing up and down the Miz's erect cock.

“Baby, that feels so – so fucking good, if you keep this up.. I think we will make my parents place tonight. I think I can keep going, as long as you can...”

Maryse takes that as a sign that her husband's erect penis needs something more. She greedily decides that while her husband continues driving, she is going to give him the best road head he has ever received. After all, if you are traveling with your husband from show to show in the WWE, you might as well receive benefits, and if sexual benefits aren't at the top of the list, then you are doing things improperly.

And plus, her husband's dick is already glorious in it's erect state. The Miz's hard rod stands up in the car impressively as he continues to focus on the road. Maryse can barely contain herself anymore and she decides that now is the time to fully awaken her husband. She turns her head slightly to her husband's erect penis, and slowly, but assuredly, starts to take his penis into her wet mouth.

The Miz groans as he can feel his wife's wet lips start to engulf his penis. As her lips slide up and down his shaft, he tries to continue to focus on driving, but in his mind all he can concentrate on is the wet saliva that is starting to entrench his cock. He can feel every thrust and motion of his cock, getting firmer and firmer, as his wife continues to bob up and down on his hard member. The lines of the road start to blur as Maryse continues her furious pace on the Miz's erect penis. He knows that he is about to either cum, or about to crash his car. But, he decides that he wants more... so he decides that he is going to pull of the road. He can't settle for just head at this point, even if it is the most glorious road head that he has ever received from his wife. He continues driving for a few more minutes until he sees a sign that says, “10 miles from Cleveland”.

“Baby, we are so close to my parents house... but the way you are sucking my dick, I've gotta have you now.” The Miz pulls the car over and looks over at his wife. She looks at him with a look of approval, and suddenly the two begin to passionately kiss. They kiss and they kiss and they kiss some more, before the Miz starts to grab at his wife's luscious tits. Maryse is wearing a tight tank top, but, even through that her tits look glorious. It doesn't even take another minute, before Mike has ripped off Maryse's tank top, he was desperate to reveal more of his wife's body. However, Maryse still had on her bra – but not for long, as the Miz could barely contain himself. He was furious, as sleepy as he was a few hours/moments earlier, he was now fully awake and fully horny. He was ready to charge at his wife like a cheetah. He rips off her bra – and her breasts are now fully revealed. Maryse's luscious round melons are now fully visible to the Miz, but he doesn't hesitate – as he immediately begins to place his mouth over each of her breasts, once at a time. He begins by sucking on her left breast, before then moving onto her right breast. As her nipples start to harden because of her husband's sucking, Maryse begins to take her husband's hands.. and guide them to her lower half.

Maryse is wearing a loose skirt and no underwear. As she guides the Miz's hands towards her lower half, she starts to feel her husband's hands brush against her freshly trimmed vagina. The Miz is increasingly finding it harder and harder to focus on any of his worries from earlier. He had a bad night, but now he is looking at his his gorgeous wife, presenting herself fully naked. The Miz slowly, but deliberately, slips his first finger in his wife's cunt.

Maryse moans with pleasure. And she begs for her husband to give her more. “Oooh Mikey, I like the way your finger feels, come on give me more...”

Mike slips in another finger, slowly, before Maryse starts to buck wildly. He then slips in a third finger – knowing that he is finally priming up his gorgeous wife. He boldly takes a hold of his penis, and asks Maryse if she is ready to receive “Miz Jr.”.

Maryse simply sighs, “Give me it, let me feel the Miz Jr... if the Miz is awesome, then I'm sure that the Miz Jr. is also awesome.”

The Miz then slides his pecker into his wife's vagina, slowly he begins to pump away and pound his wife in their car on the side of the road. Each thrust he grinds more and more into her pussy, feeling her wetness more and more continually. He pumps way more and more and more and the car continues to ripple with screams and moans from his wife Maryse. Finally, he pumps his way with a few more thrusts until finally his gorgeous wife explodes with an earth shattering orgasm. Both the Miz and Maryse take a few moments to recover before either of them speaks again.

After awhile and recovering, The Miz continues to drive towards his parents' house. Maryse asks him in a casual tone, “So, after that, do you think that you can make it to your parents house?”

Mike replies, “I'm pretty sure that I can, that was glorious, and I know that now.. whenever we travel, I can make it anywhere, as long as you continue to give me that kind of attention.”

“Don't worry about that babe, as long as I'm your companion and your road partner, that's never going to be a problem. I'll continue to keep you awake and service you, any time and any place that we go. After all, how can I turn down such a glorious cock? You say that you are the Miz and you are awesome, and I can't deny that. Though, I'd probably change my catchphrase to say that you are the Miz and I love the taste of your jizz, but to each their own” - Maryse replies.

“Oh Jesus, honey – like I said earlier, you always know the perfect thing to say to me. I absolutely love you. I can't wait to get to my parent's house. Good thing that we are so close. I can't wait to spend the night with you cuddling in my childhood bed.”

“Oh yes, Mike, we will be there oh so soon – and then we can sleep in your childhood room... as well as see your Dad...”

“Is there a reason you keep bringing up my dad?” - The Miz asks.

“Not really, it's just that... I do adore the guy in so many ways.. and he is such a great father-in-law is all, and he is hilarious. After all, if that's what you become in twenty years, then I know I am going to have a winner.”

Mike isn't completely sure that he is following behind Maryse's thoughts, but all he knows is that he is ten minutes from arriving as his parents' house, and that it has been a super-long day. He mostly just wants to arrive there, find his childhood bedroom, and fall asleep.

After a long and tedious drive – The Miz finally pulls into his parent's driveway in Cleveland. There is only one light on in the house, and Mike thinks to himself “Hey, maybe my parents are asleep already. After all it's 2:30 in the morning, they shouldn't be up.” Mike and Maryse exit the car and walk up to the door, where they decide to knock on the door just in case somebody is still awake in the house. Mike has a key, but decides that it would be more courteous to knock. He knocks on the door twice, and suddenly the door swings open with his father answering. His father is wearing nothing but Grey sweat pants when he answers the door.

Mike is the first to greet him, as he says “Dad, I don't know why you waited up, but I'm glad to see you.” The two embrace in a familiar hug. Then Maryse greets him and states “I'm so glad that you decided to wait up for us. It's so kind of you. I love my father-in-law.” She hugs him and holds unto him for an almost uncomfortable period of time. Her hands start to wonder down the luscious lumps of Miz's shirtless father. Mike, is exhausted though, and doesn't seem to notice the flirtatious glances between his wife and his father. Mike apologizes to his father and states, “Dad, I would really like to spend more time with you tonight, but, it's been a long day with the pay-per-view and everything else, I need to go to sleep.”

The Miz's father replies, “Son, I totally understand, I get that you have been working hard all day and need to go asleep. We have set up your room for you, please enjoy your sleep tonight. We can catch up tomorrow. If your wife wants to join you right now, I totally understand”

But in fact, Maryse tells her husband that she is not completely ready to go to bed. He understands and wishes her a goodnight before placing a kiss on her lips. The Miz tells her to enjoy the time with his father and then proceeds to go to bed.

Maryse and the Miz's father stay up for a few hours continuing to converse about all kinds of things. And though the night continues to approach dawn, there is no denying the chemistry between the two of them. However, after awhile they decide – that it's best to put everything to sleep until tomorrow when the Father's Day celebration is suppose to take place.

The following morning, the Miz wakes up around 10 am, and hears a cluster of noise in his parents' kitchen. His father and mother are feverishly working to prepare a feast for lunch. He looks at them, still slightly confused, before stating “Mom, Dad.. you really don't have to go to this much effort. I have to leave right after lunch to head to the stadium for Raw tonight, we could do something far simpler. Plus, if this is for Father's Day, shouldn't I be doing the work?”

“Oh Mike, we know how busy you've been and it's really nothing. Like, we've said before your presence here today is a gift enough. But, if you do want to be some help, I could use another beer. Could you reach into the fridge and hand me a Pabst Blue Ribbon?” - MizDad responds.

“Beer at 10 am? Oh Dad, you never change...”

“Hey it's Father's Day in spirit here, if you aren't celebrating...”

The Miz simply sighs, knowing that in a few hours from now his father will be a drunken mess. He also knows that he plans to be out of the house by then.

“So dad, how long until the food is ready? I've really got a busy day today... and a tough schedule to maintain.”

“Not long son, the brisket should be done in an hour or so. And besides, your pretty little wife isn't even awake yet... you weren't planning on going to the show without her, were you?”

“Well.. I wasn't planning on it, however, it completely depends on her. She mentioned that she might skip tonight's Raw and stay here and spend a few more hours with you and mom.”

At the mention of this the Miz's father gets a glisten in his eye, hoping that he will get to spend some alone time with Maryse. After their conversation last night, he really wants to see where those flirtations would go...

“She is free to stay as long as she wants.. that's for sure.”

Almost as if she knew that they were talking about her, Maryse walks into the kitchen still dressed in a tight teddy that she had been sleeping in. She walks over to her husband and kisses him on the cheek before exclaiming “Good morning honey – and good morning Father.” The MizDad's eyes practically bulge out of his head, staring at Maryse's overflowing tits in the tight teddy. He finally manages to stammer out the following: “I-I n-n-need to go and check on the food. But g-g-good morning Maryse. Lunch will be soon.” He then heads outside and proceeds to check the brisket.

Meanwhile inside, The Miz and Maryse continue conversing over cups of coffee while his mother continues preparing side dishes for the upcoming meal. “Are you sure that we can't help you Mom?”

“No, Mike that's perfectly ok. However, the food will be ready soon – the two of you should probably go ahead and get ready. After all, you are on a tight schedule after all.”

The Miz agrees and decides that he will take a quick shower. Maryse decides that she too, should probably get ready, after all wearing only a teddy to lunch probably isn't the most appropriate.

The bathroom is filled with shower steam and the sound of sprinkling water, The Miz is standing in the shower lathering his taught muscular body with suds of soap. His muscles and chest now sparkling with soap, as he briskly continues showering. He suddenly hears a rap knocking on the door, the door then swings open, and he hears his wife cooing “Baby – can I join you?”

“In my parents house? Are you sure, Maryse?” - Mike lets out.

“Are you turning me down? Your queen? Besides, it's not the first time we've done it here.. and it definitely won't be the last. Besides, you saw your parents earlier. They are so focused on preparing you a special meal that they won't even notice anything.”

“Well, then.. I'd definitely not saying no to you baby.”

Maryse continues into the bathroom where she slowly removes the tight teddy that she was wearing earlier. A bit at a time you can see as her luscious naked body is revealed demonstrating all her curves. Her beautiful round breasts, her plump and vivacious ass, and her beautiful pussy. She hops in the shower where the water starts to soak her body. The water droplets running down her body only help to magnify the beautiful toned figure. She looks over at the Miz, who has a gleam in his eye, and she knows precisely what this means. Though, in fairness, she could've figured it out from something else.. not only is there a gleam in his eye, but she can also see his cock begin to twitch with excitement.

As her husband's cock begins to harden, she decides to reach over and help. She rubs her hand up and down his shaft, letting his cock grow increasingly harder and harder in her hand.

“Oh yea baby – keep doing that” - Mike groans.

She continues at it, slowly and meticulously stroking the whole length of his entire shaft. Up and down his long and now almost completely rigid member. Once she knows that her husband is fully erect, she quickly yells at him “I need it baby, I need to fill you deep inside of me. Give it to me hard and fast.” As she says this, she turns around facing her backside towards the Miz, while balancing herself firmly in the shower. This allows her to present her now very wet and desirable vagina to her husband. The Miz starts slowly to slide his cock deep into his wife's tight pussy. As he enters her a bit at a time, Maryse begins yelping with glee, grunts, and moans. He continues sliding deeper and deeper into her as the shower room now begins a cacophony of sound – the moans of pleasure blaring over the sounds of the shower.

“Ohhhh baby, that's it, keep going.” Maryse lets out, somehow, in between other squeals of pleasure.

The Miz picks up his pace, slightly worried about how much time they have been going at it. He knows that it's almost lunchtime soon and that if he doesn't finish soon, his parents will be looking for him. He begins to thrust with a faster pace, and his wife responds by moaning louder and more quickly. He knows that his wife is about to orgasm, as he can feel her pussy start to tighten around his cock. He indeed knows that with only a few more thrusts, he too will be completely spent.

“Maryse... baby, I'm about to bl-blow blow my load. Where do you want it?”

“On my face! You know I love taking your loads, honey.”

The Miz smirks, he knew he chose this wife for a reason. He quickly pulls out of his wife's pussy and she quickly turns around onto her knees ready to take a massive blast to the face. After a few more minutes of Maryse's stroking his cock, he finally erupts onto her face. Load after load leaves Maryse's face completely covered with the hot spunk of the Miz.

“Oh baby, that was so great.. but now we really must get ready for lunch with your parents.” - Maryse states.

The two finish getting ready and head downstairs to once again join the Miz's parents. Maryse is now dressed in an elegant, but form-fitting white dress which allows her complete figure to be seen. The Miz is dressed in a suit, ready for tonight's Raw appearance.

“Just in time, the food is ready, and the beers are cold. Of course, we have wine for you Maryse. Now if you guys are ready, let's get to eating.” - Mike's dad exclaims.

The two walk outside where they see a complete picnic table covered with a bounty of food. There is the brisket that the Miz's father has spent all morning making, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, salad, dinner rolls, and plenty of beer. Mike's father helps himself to another beer, before quickly chugging it fully down and grabbing another one.

The meal begins and the conversations start flowing. It is mostly light talk and friendly vibes all around until the Miz opens his mouth on a passionate issue. He begins questioning his father about barbecue sauces. Anger, starts to rise in The Miz's father as he hears his son state the following..

“In my opinion, Sweet Baby Ray's is the best barbecue sauce that there is...”

“Ugh, Sweet Baby Ray's is complete shit..”

“Dad, do we really have to fight about this... “ - Mike states.

“We don't have to, but you always make it into an issue... You know Mike, we raised you in an Open Pit barbecue sauce family.. and now you come to us with this sacrilegious bullshit about how great Sweet Baby Ray's is... “ - His father retorts.

“Dad! It's just a barbecue sauce.. this isn't really worth arguing about..” - He goes on.

“Just barbecue sauce? I don't even know what you are talking about..” - His dad continues.

The Miz sighs, knowing that his father isn't going to let this topic go. He looks at his watch and it reads 1:21 pm. The Miz decides that it is time to leave for the show.. before things get worse.

“I think it's time for me to go, Mom – Dad thanks for the meal today, it's been great, but I really have to be heading towards the arena. It's been great seeing you. Maryse, are you coming with me or are you going to stay here today?”

“Well honey.. I think that I'm going to stay here. I'm just not feeling hanging around backstage tonight. Yesterday was so exhausting, that I could really just use a solid day of rest. And spending some more time with your family seems to be the perfect remedy.”

The Miz sighs, but then continues to prepare to leave. He walks out to his car with Maryse, before placing a kiss on her lips and saying, “Have fun dear, I'll come back after the show to pick you up.” He then enters his car and drives off towards the stadium.

A few hours have passed since Mike has left. The MizDad and Maryse continue sitting outside drinking heavily and taking in the sun's rays. The Miz's mother has retired to her bedroom in her house to take a nap. Finally alone, the two continue where they left off the night before.

As the sun continues beaming down, Maryse's skin-tight dress seems to grow increasingly tighter as sweat continues to soak her body. As the sweat continues to cling to her dress, it starts to become more and more translucent. The Miz's father can now see through her dress and see her bra barely containing her massive breasts. The Miz's father starts to feel a stirring sensation in his pants. He quickly downs another Pabst Blue Ribbon and decides that if he is ever going to make a move, then it has to be now. Luckily, he has the knowledge that Maryse also has been drinking all day long... so worse comes to worse he can at least play it off as a joke.

He slowly stands up and says.. “Maryse, since Mike didn't really give me a true Father's Day gift... I was wondering if there was any way that you could help me out.”

She laughs, before going on to say, “Why, what ever do you mean? I mean, I could think of a few ways to give you a gift, but won't your wife mind?”

“Oh fuck no, we have an agreement about these kinds of things. We are both free to sleep with any current or former WWE superstars.”

“Well then daddy, where do you want to do this at?”

The MizDad motions towards the garage. “The garage looks open, and besides it's close, and I'm already getting so hard staring at your glorious mounds through that dress. I want to taste every inch of your body right now.”

The two walk over to the garage, where there is an air mattress laying down. Maryse is surprised by this and says, “Did you have this planned?”

“Not exactly, but I was optimistic.. after all, I have been lusting for you for many years.. and I am always optimistic about receiving great Father's Day gifts.”

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's get to it!”

With that being said, Maryse begins to press her lips against the MizDad's glorious, but sweat and beer-soaked mustache. She giggles as it tickles her lips. She continues to kiss him as he starts to slide his tongue deeper and deeper into her lips. His hands begin to wander up and down her body, before he finally places them onto her breasts and squeezes them. She once again squeals with delight. Finally, she breaks the embrace and begins to remove the shirt of Mike's father. She takes off his Harley Davidson shirt, and reveals his jiggly, but soft belly. She starts to lather his body with kisses, first on the neck, then she works her way further and further down. She flicks her tongue over his hairy nipples, and slowly places them into her mouth, giving each one of them a quick suck. Finally – she reaches the brim of his sweatpants. She yanks down his sweatpants and is surprised to instantly see his fully erect penis. She makes two observations in her head – it's interesting that both father and son go commando and also that the Miz's Dad is so much bigger than her husband. In fact, she can't help but to think that he might be at least nine inches hard. She slowly places one of his testicles into her mouth, slobbering all over his balls. As she does this, she grasps his shaft as she continues pumping away at his pecker.

“Maryse, that feels so so good, I love how you slurp on my dick. This is sooo much better than I expected.”

“Baby, you haven't seen anything yet.. and plus, I need some of that big dick in me right now. I want you to stretch out this pussy.”

She removes her dress before finally laying down onto the air mattress. She instantly pulls the MizDad on top of her. He can feel the wetness of her cunt as he begins to enter it. Instantly, the MizDad starts going to town bucking his hips wildly and carelessly. He lacks any finesse, as he is only focused on pounding this gorgeous starlet as hard as he can. Her tits sway and bounce with every deep thrust into her pussy. She lets out moan after moan, “FUCK ME DADDY, THAT FEELS SO GOOD, COME ON BABY, SHOW ME WHAT YOUR SON CAN'T.”

He continues to pounce at the increasingly wet pussy, driving his dick as deep into her as he can. At the same time, he grabs one tit into each hand. He gropes them harder and harder, squeezing them at the same time as he is thrusting in. Maryse lets out another loud shriek - “OOHH GOD, DADDY.”

Maryse feels herself growing closer and closer to an orgasm, but she doesn't want this experience to end already. She looks up at the sexy and sweaty hunk on top of her and decides that she wants to get stretched in her other hole. She whispers, “Daddy, if you really want a great Father's Day gift.. I'm going to let you have something that I don't even let Mike have. I'm going to let you take my butthole. Please stick that meaty bastard into my ass.”

“Well, if you want that, then flip over.”

She flips over on the air mattress, presenting her glorious pink butthole to Mike's father. He decides to not immediately place his dick into it. No, he wants more. And besides he already said that he wanted to taste every inch of her body. He gets to his knees and slowly starts to wiggle his tongue into Maryse's butthole. Maryse shrieks and giggles as she can feel his tongue darting in and out of her butthole, while also his mustaches tickles against her backside. He continues to munch on her tender backside, sliding his tongue in and out of her butthole. After awhile, he decides that she is finally ready to accept his girthy penis and he begins to inch into her butt. As he starts to inch in, he feels the tightness of Maryse's hole surrounding his penis. She breaths slowly and finally takes in all nine inches of his penis. He begins thrusting more rapidly, his balls slapping loudly against her firm ass. After a long day of drinking though, he is starting to wear out, and he knows that he can't continue much longer. Thankfully, at this precise moment.. he hears Maryse calling out, “OH YEA GIMME IT I'M SO CLOSE.” He thrusts a few more times before feeling a stream of cum trickle out of Maryse's pussy and soaking the air mattress as she lets out one last shriek. “OH MY GOD, OOOOH GODD. THAT WAS AMAZING. After a few more seconds, she regains her composure before turning to him and smiling. “Now baby, it's time for you to get off too. Let me taste that delicious MizDad jizz.” She places his girthy cock deep into her mouth and sucks on it rapidly. She can feel the cum rising as a few seconds later she is blasted into the face, mouth, and tits with multiple loads of sticky, warm cum. She wipes up as much of the cum as she can and swallows it.

“Daddy, we should do this again.. after all, this is turning out to be a great Father's Day. I'm so glad I decided to stay here...”

“I'm glad that you did too, Maryse. This has truly been one of the best Father's Days I have ever had.” - Mike's father remarks.

The two then proceed to clean up and head back into the house. Around eleven that night, a car is heard outside and a knock is heard on the door. The Miz is back to pick up Maryse as he promised. He enters his parents house and says, “Dad, I'm sorry about earlier.. I have just been stressed lately.. I'm sorry.”

“It's cool son, it happens to all of us. And besides Maryse and I had a great day.” - His father responds.

Maryse exclaims, “We should did!”

“Well then, I guess we should be going.. we'll see you soon Dad. Goodbye”

“Goodbye Mike, goodbye Maryse.” He walks over to Maryse and kisses her on the lips.

The two slam the door behind them as they exit the house. The Miz asks Maryse, “So why did my dad kiss you on the lips? Wasn't that a little bit weird?”

“Oh Mike, don't worry about it.”

Becky Lynch's St. Patrick's Day Wish

Becky Lynch's night has already gone well. It is the night of another NXT taping and she has just finished competing in a hard-fought battle against Alexa Bliss where she walked away victoriously. With St. Patrick's Day only a day away, the environment in the locker room tonight is unlike most other nights.

As the action in the arena comes to a close, several of the women are hanging out in the Diva's locker room – chatting to each other in what could be described as a slumber party-esque environment. In fact – most of the Divas have yet to bother getting dressed after changing out of their gear and are sitting around wearing just their underwear. Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Zahra, and of course Becky Lynch are among the Divas that can be seen here. On a nearby table in the corner of the room, there are boxes of pizza and beer which are being consumed by the Divas. Eventually the conversation begins to gradually get racier and racier as the night progresses and more drinks are consumed.

Sasha begins to speak, “So gals – how are you enjoying this early St. Patrick's Day celebration, so far?”

She asks nobody in particular, as she mostly just wants to hear the sound of her own voice. Sitting in the corner, Zahra looks at her with disdain. Nobody answers for awhile until finally Alexa, in a very cheerful tone answers her. “It's pretty good. I'm so glad to have the chance to celebrate with all of my besties, however.. I think that things could be a little more exciting”

Feeling slightly intrigued, the next person to speak up is Charlotte who goes on to ask, “I'm curious.. what's on your mind? Is this going to involve something involving glitter?”

Alexa blushes, but then states “Not necessarily, unless.. that is something that you want. I am of course suggesting that we play the classic game: truth-or-dare.”

“Alexa! OH MY GOD!” - Becky Lynch exclaims. “That sounds like so much fun. What do the rest of you ladies think?”.

They all look around the room at each other, all of them seem to at least entertain the idea. Except for Zahra, who again refuses to show any sort of emotion. However, after a short awkward silence. They ll agree to go ahead and proceed with the game. Zahra proceeds to walk over to the able and grab herself another beer.

“Alright, Alexa – since you thought of this game, I suppose that you should go first. Truth or dare?” - Becky Lynch asks.

“Umm.. I suppose.. that I will go with truth.” - Bliss answers. Becky then asks her the following question. - “Who do you think is the most gorgeous guy in NXT?”

“Tyler Breeze.. oh god, there's something about the way the Prince of Pretty carries himself and his confidence, that really makes me weak at the knees.” - Bliss responds. The rest of the girls in the audience let out a collective GASP. Bliss giggles meekly and begins to blush.

Up next in the order is Charlotte, who decides to go ahead and also select truth, as the rest of the girls boo in disapproval. She is asked what her opinion is of the Seth Rollins nude photo leak was. She responds. “Honestly.. the Seth photos didn't really do anything for me. Sure, he is an alright looking guy – but meh nothing impressive. After all.. if I have to be truly honest, what really turned me on that day was Zahra's fantastic body. Like, I knew that you were pretty and everything – but dear lord Zahra.”

Zahra sighs and then groans. She doesn't appear to give any kind of validation to Charlotte's response. She again proceeds to walk over and help herself to another beer.

Sasha opens her mouth and blurts. “Oooh snap, Zahra. Somebody's got a crush on you!” The girls laugh and mockingly tease Charlotte.

“But it's cool Charlotte, nobody blames you. We all agree that Zahra is beautiful. We wouldn't mind allowing her into the Best of Everything. As we would love to find out if she meets the other qualities of the club.” - Banks says coyly.

“There are other qualities? Such as?” Zahra asks, finally beginning to show even the slightest of interest in this game.

Sasha looks at her as a smile begins to form on her face. She responds “Oh, there are far more skills that we are interested in as members of the Best of Everything. And wouldn't you like to know them?”

Zahra pleads for Sasha to tell her. Sasha looks at Becky and remembers that they are playing a game. “Are you sure that I can tell her Becky? After all it isn't even her turn in the game yet.”?

Lynch states - “Actually.. it should be Charlotte's turn to ask a question to you.., Charlotte would you mind allowing yourself to be skipped, for now. - and letting Zahra take your turn?” Charlotte nods her head in an agreeing manner.

Zahra then proceeds to ask Sasha the obvious question of whether she would like a truth or dare question and Sasha of course says truth. Zahra asks her, “So really, what other skills does Best At Everything look for?”

“You have to be not only one of the most beautiful people,” she answers, “but we also look for other people who are expert lovers. After all, when we say that we are the best at everything, we mean everything. Now with your gorgeous body, we are confident that you at least meet half of the criteria = however, we are unsure of how you stack up in the bedroom. Have you even eaten a pussy ever or licked another girl's butt hole?”

“Wait, wait, wait! Are you telling me that you and Becky have been a couple before? That you've performed these kinds of sexual acts on each other?” asks Zahra.

“Of course we have, I don't understand why you are so shy Zahra.. you didn't look shy at all in those photos that you sent to Seth... you can't tell me that you are afraid of girls, are you?” - Lynch looks at her in a teasing but seductive way.

Charlotte exclaims – “hey it's my turn!. Which one do you want Zahra? Truth or dare?”

Zahra hesitates for a second, here she is in a room full of gorgeous ladies dressed in nothing but their underwear and as the night has progressed numerous flirtations have been sent in her direction. One girl has already called her sexy and two more girls have hinted at wanting to try her out in some kind of sexual way, some test of some sorts. Deep down in her heart, Zahra knew that she should probably choose truth as it would be far safer. However, Zahra was never one to play it safe and so she told Charlotte, “go ahead and give me your best dare.”

Charlotte laughs. So do the rest of the girls. “Well Zahra.. you thought you were safe with a dare. But you aren't – in fact, if I can be honest this whole game was mostly a set-up... “

“A set up? What are you people trying to pull? - Zahra blurts out loud.

“Well, you'll see... I dare you to kiss Alexa.”

Zahra then proceeds over to the gorgeous blonde and gives her a kiss on the lips. You can hear their laps smacking together as the rest of the divas laugh.

Even more curious, Zahra asks - “what is so funny?” The rest of the girls say nothing as Alexa Bliss slowly begins to kiss Zahra more and more. Zahra begins responding and before you know it the rest of the girls seem to be wanting to jump in.

Things quickly escalate in the locker room, as the estrogen in the room begins to overflow. The locker room proceeds to quickly turn into an orgy of shorts as people begin to be coupling off. In one corner, you see Alexa Bliss still with Zahra, but now removed of her underwear and bra. Her gorgeous tits are out freely for everyone to see. Zahra proceeds to slowly grab them and tenderly kiss them.

In another part of the room, Sasha Banks can be seen slowly peeling off the panties of Charlotte who is bent over a bench. As her panties are removed, a slight gasp is heard as Banks slips her tongue into Charlotte's round and vivacious ass. Loud, slurping sounds are heard as the two continue to experiment with each other.

Becky Lynch, sits alone, watching this all. Sasha hooking up with Charlotte, Alexa hooking up with Zahra. And as she watches this she begins to feel her pussy dampening in delight. Her panties are now beginning to be soaked more and more, however – she is reluctant to join in the action. After all, she has a fantastic view of all of the girls and for now this satisfies her. She slowly slips off her panties as she continues watching the other girls. She removes her own bra, and slowly rubs her hands up and down her body. She then focuses her attention on Zahra.

Zahra and Alexa are now both fully naked and Zahra is on her knees blissfully eating out Alexa Bliss. Bliss's cheerful expressions and bubbly persona in the ring are also fully on display as her pussy is eaten out and she begins to moan in a high pitched, and bubbly way. “OH ZAHHRA.. ZAHRA, KEEP LICKING ME THERE. Zahra, dutifully continues going down on Bliss's pussy..

Changing her viewpoint, Lynch's attention is now diverted to the sights of Charlotte's vivacious ass, still being rimmed by Sasha Banks. The expression on Charlotte's face is one of pure ecstasy and delight. Lynch's hands continue to move up and down her body, as she continues watching. Her dampening pussy is now forming a pool of fresh juices on her her pubic hairs. She begins to slide a finger in... and then another, as she slowly masturbates to the action.

Flair begins to moan loudly. “WOO, COME on SASHA.. SHOW THE Nature WOO girl how to eat an ass. You know you love eating my filthy ass”. Banks flicks her tongue harder and faster into Charlotte's butt hole, until Charlotte finally pleads with her to slow down, as she doesn't want this delight to be over yet.

Lynch has now quickened up her stroking of her vagina. The only thing that is running through her mind is how spoiled she is, how these other girls can only focus on each other, and how she is getting the best of this deal . Her sexual ecstasy is truly taking her over limits she had never knew existed. However, even though she thought she had the best perspective on the action in here.. she wanted more. And that's when she remembered that in her locker, she had her special toy. She took her vibrator everywhere that she went, because after all a vibrator is a girl's best friend and you never know when you are going to need one. She turned it on.. and the vibrating buzz punctured throughout the locker room.

A few of the other girls laughed, but only in the good-natured way. They were too busy filling the room with their moans of pleasure and delight. In fact things were really heating up, as almost everybody in this room was on the verge of orgasm.

Banks was now sitting in the lap of Charlotte as they were furiously grinding on each other. Charlotte's hands rubbing up and down Banks tight body and rubbing her clit furiously. Zahra was also getting a finger-fucking of her own from Bliss. Her moans were heard echoing throughout the room, with each delicate but measured move that Alexa gave her. All at once, the room seemed to explode in an avalanche of orgasms. The first person to come was Charlotte who let out more than a gentle woo, she was then followed by what seemed like a round of rapid-fire moans and squeals. Zahra came next, then Banks, and then Bliss.

However, the vibrator still seemed to hum on in the background.. as Lynch was still treating herself. The rest of the girls gleefully watched as Lynch put on a show for them. They thought to themselves that this girl can really take it. Minutes passed, as Lynch was still going out with her vibrator her moans rolling out one after the other. It wasn't until a good ten minutes later where she finally orgasmed and let out a room-shaking SQUEAL and a loud squirt of ejaculation escaped from her. In fact, it was such a large squirt that Banks who was sitting the closest to Lynch, got some of it on her.

Nobody had known that Becky Lynch was capable of squirting, until then. After a few minutes had passed, the girls shyly began to clean up. As the sexual energy in the room died down, the girls began to act normal again almost as if what just happened didn't really occur. However, the silence was finally broken by Sasha Banks.

Banks declares, “We didn't mean to leave you out Becky.. it just kind of happened, I suppose.. but you definitely seemed to enjoy yourself and you looked amazing. We also never got to finish our game of truth or dare. You never got a chance to go.”

Becky couldn't believe herself. After watching such a spectacular orgy go down, her partner in crime still wanted to keep this game up. This child's game at that. However, she thought to herself – what the hell could it hurt. After all, if she was lucky maybe they'd get a round 2, so she chose dare.

Nobody knew her more than her partner though, and Banks really made it count. Banks dared Becky to call and make plans with the one superstar in the WWE that she craved the most. The one WWE superstar that she needed to have. The one WWE superstar who Becky wanted to fuck the most.

She called Hornswoggle.

The next day, Becky Lynch awoke in the comfort of her home in the comfort of her own bed wearing nothing more than a pair of white satin panties. The sun shining slightly through the curtains illuminated her breasts as she removed the covers. She tried to remember everything that happened last night. Did her night really happen? As she proceeded to the kitchen to get ready for the day and prepare herself some coffee, the memories started to flood back. She remembered watching Zahra and Alexa, she remembered seeing Sasha Bank's delicate pussy getting destroyed by Ms. Flair. She even remembered how she and her glorious dildo became the final act of last night's glorious orgy. Upon recalling all of this information, she quickly smiled to herself and seemed content. She had a feeling that today was going to be a good day.

It wasn't until she had finished her first cup of coffee and a croissant, that she remembered something else. Suddenly she was felt with a slight sense of despair and worry. She rushed to her room where upon her nightstand was sitting her telephone. It was flashing and now she was really panicked. She checked her called numbers and that's when she realized what she had done. Last night, after everything else, she had finally done it. She had called him. The guy that she had been crushing on for so long. Her phone was still flashing and she knew that this message had to be from her crush, she had to know exactly what he wanted..

The voice message was from Hornswoggle. His voice rang through her phone, “Hello Becky, it's a such a surprise to here from you. I didn't even know you had my phone number. However, you seemed to want to meet up really bad last night. In fact, you kind of wished for me. Now I only play a leprechaun on TV.. however, I can meet this wish. Text me if you want to meet up today at my hotel for drinks.”

She laughed, in a self-effacing way. She thought to herself, “I”m going to meet up with my crush who plays a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day in a bar for drinks. What a stereotype.” She didn't care though, she knew that she would never have the nerve to arrange for another meeting and stereotypical Irish behavior or not, she knew that she was going through with that date tonight. She immediately texted Hornswoggle back with a message reading “See you at 7.”

The rest of the day Becky Lynch continued to panic. She wanted to make such a good impression on Hornswoggle that she worried about every last thing. She rummaged her closet trying to find just the perfect outfit to wear and she rummaged her underwear drawer, just to find the perfect underwear.

At 6:30 she left her house, and proceeded to make the short drive to Hornswoggle's hotel. Hornswoggle was staying at a La Quinta Inn, which struck her as quite particular and odd. She didn't question it for long though as she headed to the bar and ordered herself a Jack and Coke. She slowly gulped it down, and waited patiently for her date. Finally, at around 6:50 – she saw him enter the bar dressed in a green tuxedo t-shirt and blue jeans. It wasn't difficult to notice him, for what he lacked in size his exuberance far made up for it. Upon seeing her, he immediately gave her a hug.

“Damn Becky, are you dressed up for me or are you always this fine?” He said as he proceeded to give her the once-over, no actually the twice-over. Becky was dressed in a stunning short red cocktail dress and high heels. Her dress, some would say, was a tad too short as her breasts were overflowing from the top of it.

“Oh Dylan, or Hornswoggle, or Horny – whatever I should call. It's a bit a both, I wanted to impress you obviously, but I'm also always this fine.” - She said flirtatiously.

She could hear the loud gulp in Hornswoggle's throat when she exclaimed this. The two then proceeded to get a few drinks and make more small talk. The night seemed to be going well, and the two of them couldn't take their eyes off of each other. While there were only a few other people in the bar, it seemed like they were in a world of their own. A world in which both of them seemed to prefer.

“So Hornswoggle, why are you staying at a La Quinta Inn? This seems like a place that would normally be below you.” - Lynch stated.

“Well, if you must know.. it was the only uncrowded place in town this weekend. It seems like a town of people are in town for the holiday and I don't really mind the privacy, do you?” She shook her head no. “And besides, if we are asking silly questions, Hornswoggle goes on, “how is an Irish lass like yourself not wearing any green on St. Patrick's Day? It's almost as if.. you want to get pinched.”

“I do” - she states. “but not by everybody, and who is to say that I have absolutely zero green on?” She winks at him.

Taking that as a sign that she wants to proceed with more, Hornswoggle immediately calls over the bartender and settles the bill. She looks at him with intrigue and begins to smack her lips together.

“Let's head to the room then, after all I have some 'shamrock' exploring that I need to do.” Hornswoggle states.

They head upstairs to the suite at La Quinta Inn, which Becky Lynch is surprised by. She didn't expect much from this room, however it turned out that Hornswoggle had done his best to decorate the room and make it more seductive. From the door to bed, were four-leaf clovers spread along the floor and candles were burning throughout the room.

"Oh Horny – did you do all of this for me?” She asked with a hint of seduction in her voice. “And if you did all of this for me, there must be something that I can do in return for you. Is that right? Well fine then, after all it is what I wanted all night if I have to be honest.. and you said you wanted to find the shamrocks earlier, well then undress me”

With that Hornswoggle proceeded to spring into action, she grabbed Lynch's hand and walked her over to the bed where he then proceed to slowly and gently kiss her. Her lips felt so soft and smooth as they rand across his facial hair. He began to kiss her neck and work his way lower and lower on her body. He could tell that she was already enjoying every smooch and every smack of affection that he was giving her.

She exclaimed, “Oh god Horny, I love how your facial hair brushes against my body”.

Swoggle continued to make his moves, he began to rub her soft ample melons still barely contained in her tight cocktail dress. He gave kiss after kiss onto her breasts, before placing one and each hand and rubbing them. Slowly.

Finally, he unzipped her dress and watch it fall to the floor. Hornswoggle eyes, as well as his dick, seemed to bulge. He slowly took everything in, for the first time he could see Becky's glorious body. From Her soft, but ample breasts glowing in the candle-light, to her gorgeous tanned legs, to her beautiful bronze ass.

It was then that Hornswoggle finally noticed, that Becky did have on some green. It turned out that she was wearing green panties for the holiday. As he went to take them off, he noticed they had the following text on them “Kiss Me I'm Horny.” Hornswoggle himself – was also quite horny, especially at this open invitation to finally see the privates of Lynch.

He removed her Irish-themed panties and continued kissing her thoroughly around her body. Light kisses to the navel area, and up and down her thighs. He could start to smell the whiffs of wetness spreading through the room. This turned him into a savage. He immediately knew that he had to taste Lynch's essence, and he had to taste it now. His wet tongue began to slide up and down Lynch's vagina, as she began to buck her hips more and more to it.

“Damn it Dylan, I've wanted this for so long and it feels so good.” Moaning loudly, she continues. “Keep licking me baby.. I want to be licked real good.”

His tongue darting in and out of her pussy, she continued thinking to herself about the ecstasy that she was in. Under the sexual spell that she was under, and how good it felt to finally be hooking up with her crush. And as she thought of this, she started to think about how greedily she became and how hungry for Hornswoggle's dick she was.

“Come on baby, I need some of that dick right now”. Hornswoggle stopped what he was doing and stood up, as she proceeded to drop to her knees and undo his pants. His cock flopped out of his jeans and stood straight up in the air.

Hornswoggle's cock was rather impressive, unlike most people assumed. The rumors of midgets having small cocks wasn't true, at least in Hornswoggle case. His massive eight and half inch member was swinging right in front of Becky's mouth. Well it was briefly, before Becky decided to wrap her warm lips around the tip of his member. She then slowly begin to take more and more of his dick into her mouth. The gagging sounds seemed to amplify as she proceeded to deep throat more and more of his dick. This didn't stop her though as she continued chomping down that cock, sucker it harder and harder. With her other hand, she grabbed his nuts and started playing with his balls. He could feel himself started to swell up. His balls almost ready to explode.

“Ohhh baby, that's it.. but but I need you now. Bend over the bed baby”

His balls dripping wet from the saliva of her mouth, Hornswoggle easily slides into the now bent over Becky Lynch. His cock enters slowly into her slit and she lets out a slight squeal of delight. He teases her and takes his time entering her.

“Is this what you wished for, baby – is that why you called me last night.” She doesn't answer, but merely lets out another moan. Hornswoggle grins to himself, knowingly. He continues pounding away, going deeper and deeper into her vagina. She lets out another moan, followed by a deep squeal.

“Oh god damn Horny, is that why they call you Horny? I knew I wanted you.. but I never knew how much of a hung stud you were? Pound me hard baby.”

From his angle, he could see her ass shaking like a Shamrock Shake. He knew that he didn't have much left in his tank and that his stamina was running low. However, he furiously continued to pump away. Up and down and down, and as he pumped away he could feel her pussy clenching down on his dick. He had never felt any female clamp down on his dick before.. and he knew that this would send him over the edge.

“Oh god Becky, oh goddd.” He moans, “I ca-caaaa-can't ha-handle-handle that Clamp on my dick harder and I'm going to come!”

“Fucking come already baby, come all up into my vag-”

She couldn't even finish that sentence before she felt the hot liquid spray deep in her hole. Her warm hole now glistened with Hornswoggle's hot cum. She sighed, in an exhausted manner.

After cleaning up, the two of them laid next each other in the hotel room bed. Exhausted, but with huge grins on their face they each knew that this was the best St. Patrick's Day ever.” Hornswoggle turned to Becky and said to her, “Let's make this a yearly tradition.”

She laughed at him and said, “No stupid, let's make this a nightly tradition.”

Veda In Space

On an extremely cold and blistery night in the city of Cleveland, Ohio – Veda Scott finds herself in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School. It is here, that she is prepared to face off in a brutal tag team match alongside her partners - Team Barely Legal, which consists of Jasmin and Alexia Nicole, versus their opponents Taeler Hendrix, Mary Elizabeth Monroe, and Marti Belle. Tonight is the night of Absolute Intense Wrestling's event “I Choo-Choo-Chooe You!”. Normally, this would be a typical Friday night for Veda... as she prepares to deliver yet another stellar in-ring performance. However, she couldn't help but feel different today.. in fact quite different.

It turns out that all day long the beautiful redhead had been experiencing a feeling of dread and despair. She couldn't exactly pinpoint what was wrong, but her paranoia was starting to get the best of her. Earlier in the day, she had received a few messages on Twitter with cryptic messages saying things like - “We're coming for you, tonight,” and “Prepare to be taken.” She thought this was just typical trolling and she proceeded to ignore these messages the best that she could. She blocked the people who were sending these messages and proceeded to get along with her day. However, as she sat here right now in the locker room of the school putting on her signature houndstooth – it suddenly all came back to her and she began to panic.. she knew that she had to find somebody ask to talk to immediately.

She left the locker room and immediately found her friend, Candice LeRae. Veda immediately says to here, “Candice, can I talk you? There's something that is on my mind”

“Sure, Veda – what's bothering you?” “I don't have a lot of time to talk, I need to get ready for my match, but I have a few minutes that I can spare.”

Veda explains - “All day long, I have been getting messages and threats, saying that something is going to happen tonight. I normally wouldn't think anything of it.. but tonight, I just can't shake that feeling.”

“It's all in your head, Veda. The only thing that is going to happen tonight is that you are going to go out there and kick ass. And maybe if you are lucky, you'll have one hell of a match tonight.” “Trust me Veda, I get weird messages all the time from people threatening me.. there's lots of creeps online, especially when you are as gorgeous as we both are.” - Candice says in a joking, but flirtatious manner.

“I want to believe you” - Veda plea, “however, there is just something that feels different about these messages than normal.. I can't place it.”

“Lucky for you Veda, your match is up next. Just go out there and kick some ass – I'll be rooting for you.” “Hurry up – you don't have much time at all.”

As soon as Candice hears that, Scott's entrance music begins playing and it is time for her match. She thinks to herself that for now, she is safe. All she has to do is go out there and perform. She knows how to wrestle and if anybody in the crowd tries to start any shit, there is plenty of security who will intervene to stop them. She calms herself, breathes in, and tells herself that for now the ring is the safest place for her.

She heads to the ring, set on giving it all. She knows that she is by far the toughest and most badass chick who is going to be entering the ring tonight. Plus, she also knows that she will also get to finally mix it up with some of the other prettiest girls in wrestling. Never afraid of the physical side of wrestling, she knows that this match will be extremely pleasurable for her and take her mind of of her concerns.

The match goes off without a hitch, the crowd loves every minute of it. The match comes down to Veda and Taeler Hendrix in the ring at the end. The two redhead beauties take their turn duking it out with each other. They pull on each others' hair, slap each others rears, and deliver blow after blow to each other. These two decadent ginger goddesses slug it out with each other much to the delight of the crowd. Finally, Veda Scott seems to gain the upper hand – and when Taeler is least expected it, Scott manages to hit her with her finisher the Double DDT to get the victory.

After the match, Veda heads to the back to where she decides to take a shower after the match. She gets into the shower and begins to wash off the sweat that had clung to every surface of her body after the hard-fought battle that she was just in. She rubs a loofah up and down every square inch of her body, making sure to cover each inch of her luxurious body with soap. Outside – she hears a voice. Somebody else is right outside the shower. Veda once again gets nervous, are these the people who had threatened her earlier? She begins to get frustrated.. she was so close to relaxing, only to be put on nerve's edge again.

She quickly washes off the soup and throws on a towel, one that barely covers her luxurious breasts, deciding that there is no way she is going to relax right now. She gets out of the shower and then she is suddenly blinded by a bright green overhead light.

“What the hell? What is this fucking shit?” She thinks to herself. She doesn't have a lot of time to process these thoughts, as suddenly she feels the rest of her body begin to levitate on it's own accord. Her body continues floating up to the roof of the building – which suddenly has disappeared, and she then continues to float outside of the building. All of a sudden, that's when she sees it – up in the sky is a god damn flying saucer. She thinks to herself that she must be dreaming, after all, she is still wrapped in a towel and nearly naked. She decides that she has to wake herself up, she decides that she must pinch something. Anything. She decides to pinch her arm – nothing happens. She tries to pinch her elbow – again, nothing happens. She tells herself that maybe she is sleeping heavily, and she should try something a little more sensitive. That's when she decides to pinch her perky nipples, she tries it, and something happens – however, it's not what she expected, she begins to get turned on. However, she is still floating closer and closer to the spaceship. In fact, she seems to be mere inches away from the entrance it.. She wonders what could be waiting onboard...

Scott didn't have to wait long, as she soon found herself in what appeared to be a large and spacious room on board the ship. However, the room was extremely bare and to her knowledge she was alone in the room. However, Scott did find it strange that suddenly she was once again dressed in her ring gear. She didn't know what to do, so she whimpered out a plea - “Is there anybody here and if there is can you please tell me where the hell I am?”

A loud booming voice was suddenly heard. “Ms. Scott – we have been watching you for a long, long awhile.. and we have been fascinated by your grace, strength, and beauty. For many years, our race has been looking for somebody whom we could worship as true heroine. Somebody who we could call a goddess and somebody who could be a queen. We believe that you have everything that we are looking for. Many of your other companions and fellow female wrestlers only have wrestling. You however are an intelligent and educated lady. A lady whose intelligence is as impressive as her looks.”

Veda stands in the middle of the room perplexed and begins to speak. “Whoever you are, I appreciate the flattery and the kind words... however, what the hell am I doing here and what the hell do you want from me. And if that isn't too much to ask, who the fuck do you think you are.”

“I suppose, I should answer that.. my name is Rewad. I am the leader of the Raastakes from the planet Hobgartha in Sector 422-X. Our sector is like no other, our national past time is professional wrestling and our favorite promotions are SHIMMER and SHINE. Unlike your stupid planet Earth, we believe that women's wrestling is a far superior sport.”

Veda smirks, almost amused. “Are you serious – or just full of shit?”

“I can not tell a lie” - Rewad responds. “It is not in my species nature. Now to answer your other question – my sole purpose is to make you my queen.”

“And what if I refuse?” - Veda asks.

“Nobody refuse a Raastake.” - Rewad answers. And then he makes a clapping motion with his hand. All of a sudden another bright green light appears.

“I don't know what the hell just happened again. A light flashed before me... “ Veda hesitates for a moment, and she then looks into the eyes of Rewad.. “and then I had the desire to look into your eyes, and all of a sudden I could see nothing more beautiful..”

Rewad knows that he has Veda now within the grasps of his control. Soon, she will be his for good. Both in body and mind. She will give herself to him.

“Rewad, I don't know what it is.. but suddenly I must have you.” Scott blurts out. “I must have your body. I must have your dick.”

“This is what I wanted all along, my dear. But once we finish, we are bounded together forever. Is this what you truly want?”

Still transfixed, Scott blurts out - “absolutely, my dear Rewad.”

Without forever ado or delay, Rewad again claps his hands and the room is transfixed. No longer is the room vacant of furniture. A glorious bed full of the finest fabrics and silks now appears. Rewad declares “For you my queen, I have made the most decadent of beds to seal our commitment to each other. Now let us begin”.

“Oh god, yes” Veda exclaims. She moves forward to Rewad's muscular body and begins to slowly place her lips onto his. Their lips touch, and she feels what feels like a jolt of electricity throughout her body. All throughout her body, her muscles feel tingly, but with the pulse of excitement. An excitement that she hasn't felt at any other point in her life. She continues to kiss him, as she also begins to touch various parts of his muscular body. She rubs her hands across his muscular chest, feels the impressive girth of his wide shoulders, and the tenderness of his neck.

Rewad begins to respond, and kisses her back. His lips and also hands start to exploring the slender body of his newly found queen. He licks the nape of her neck and also begins to kiss her ears. He can tell that Veda is starting to want more, so he places one palm on her left breast. He begins to rub her left breast and she begins smiling. He then grabs her other breast, and starts to caress it. “My queen, how do you like this?”

Veda simply smirks, not willing to completely give into her ecstasy yet. She mocks him, “Is that all you got?”

“Oh, I'm barely warming up.” Rewad responds.

“Then why the hell, do I still have all my clothes on” - Scott replies. “And for that matter, if you wanted me like this, why did you put my clothes back on to begin with?”

“Half the fun is the chase, is it not?. I wanted to strip you myself.”. Rewad then proceeds to grasp at Veda's houndstooth wrestling gear. He takes it off, only to reveal that Veda is also wearing a houndstooth bra.

“I should've expected the houndstooth bra, I suppose.”

Veda laughs to herself. “You should probably take off my shorts too, I'm also wearing houndstooth panties.”

Rewad removes her wrestling shorts, and strips Veda down to her houndstooth lingerie. He wants to playfully tease his new queen a bit. He decides that he wants to spank her. He quickly grabs ahold of Veda and places her on his knees. He delivers a quick series of blows to her ass. The spaceship echos with the hand of skin slapping against skin.


“You are my queen – you will enjoy being dominated by my hand, if I say so”. - Rewad responds. “Also, if I must admit, I can't get enough of your curvaceous ass. I just had to dig my hand into it and slap it. Nobody on Hobgartha has an ass as delicious as yours, my queen.”

Scott is unsure of how to reply. However, she finally says - “So you are telling me that, I have the best ass in the galaxy?”

“No, that's not what I'm saying.. I'm saying you have the best ass on a many galaxies my queen.” - Rewad answers.

“So prove it to me then, how much are you willing to do to take my ass and make it yours? - Scott asks. “You think you can just dominate me and expect me to give into your will, however, you must know that I am not that type of female. You've been watching me for how long? If you truly want to prove yourself and you want me to be your queen, you must prove to me that we are equals. Take my ass now, and lick my asshole.”

Without hesitation, Rewad agreeds. He slowly slips off the remaining houndstooth panties that Veda is wearing, and begins to insert his tongue into Veda's butthole. He sticks his tongue deep into her anus and begins to flick his tongue in and out. Veda's butthole begins to get nice and wet and you can hear a slight puckering sound as Rewad's tongue enters and exits it. Veda demands that he continues to lick her asshole and even begins demanding him to tell her how it tastes.


“Good boy, Veda answers” And with that, she tells him to stop. She's had enough of this … for now. She then says, “For you being a good ass eater, I'm going to give you the best blowjob of your life.” She then proceeds to remove Rewad's cock from his boxers.

Rewad's cock is extremely impressive, it is a solid 8 inches which is almost double the average of a normal Raastake male. With such a superior cock, it is almost no surprise that Rewad is the chosen one and the leader of his race. Veda, however, seems hardly intimidated by the impressive size of Rewad's member. She proceeds to grab his cock like it's nothing. She works her mouth up and down his cock, making sure to give the whole cock attention. Her head bobs up.. and down.. and up.. and down as Rewad proceeds to mutter things like “Uhh.. baby, that's good UH yea.. dat's the spot” Veda surprises Rewad, as she stops sucking on his cock and proceeds to suck on his balls. Never before has Rewad gotten his balls sucked by a female, and it soon shows as he is about to blow his load.. however, Veda feels this and tells him to stop it. She isn't ready for this yet.. no way he is about to blow his load before actually servicing his queen. Veda continues to suck on his balls while working Rewad's cock with her hands. She can't help but to get wetter and wetter at the thought of sucking Rewad's impressive girth. Scott's pussy continues to get wetter and wetter.

Rewad looks down on his queen, and says “Oh god baby, I've never had anybody who could suck a cock as well as you. Let me return the favor to you.” Veda, wanting more control than that, and not wanting to give up on sucking his dick compromises. “We can sixty-nine, I want to keep sucking your cock!.” Rewad, doesn't object, this situation turns out the best for both of them.

In the sixty-nine position, the couple continues to make love. Scott continues to get wetter and wetter as Rewad licks her pussy up and down, giving her some of the best cunnilingus that she has ever had in her life. In fact, she can't believe how great it is. Finally, she decides that she needs to have Rewad's impressive dick now. She hollers out, “Baby, I need to feel your cock inside me”. Rewad, smiles – he knows this is all he has wanted all night.

“So you want to finally submit to being my queen?” Veda looks at him, “Oh shut the fuck the up and just give me the dick. You've been my king since we've begun this”. Rewad is ecstatic and slowly starts to put his dick into Veda. He decides to tease her a bit.. only sliding his cock in a little at a time. Teasing her wet pussy, Veda starts to yell “Give me it already! , Come on let me feel that fucking massive dong”.

Rewad continues inching more and more into her. “Come the fuck on, let me feel that fucking penis.”. Rewad tells her, “You are going to feel my fucking penis, right now. All of it bitch.” He begins to slam Veda's wet pussy, and the wet sounds of sex can be heard throughout the entire spaceship. He starts to pound her harder and faster.


Rewad continues pounding away, like he has never pounded away before. He continues thrusting his rock hard cock into Veda's vagina. He exclaims to Veda that “her pussy is the best he has ever had.” He thrusts, and thrusts, and thrusts and keeps pounding. Veda continues to squeal with delight as her orgasms start flowing one after the other after the other. She has already experienced three orgrasms when she decides that she wants to experience at least one more. This time though she wants to experience it anally.

“Fuck me in the ass, Rewad.” “I want to be your queen.”

Rewad isn't taken back in the least, he expected this. After all, he had been watching Scott for years. He knew that only somebody worthy of being his queen could take it from all angles. He tells his beautiful queen to bend over, as he begins to prepare her for anal.

Rewad reaches into the nightstand, and grabs some lube. He starts to rub down Veda's ass with drop after drop of lube. Veda tells him that “he should go for it when he is ready.”. Rewad begins by inserting one of his fingers into his new lady's butt. At first it feels tight, but then he can tell that Veda is liking this just as much as she liked being penetrated in the vagina earlier. After the first finger seems to go in easily, he decides that he will insert another finger. Pop! Plop! Finger two seems to finally go into Scott's ass just as smooth as the first one did, and now Rewad begins to finger away. Rewad had never fingered anybody's ass before, but seeing how much this drove his queen insane, he continued to finger away as his queen exclaimed things like “ohh good... my ass, that's sooo good.. DIG DEEPER... OH GOD FINGER MY ASS. OH FUCK MY ASS.”

Finally, that's what Rewad decided to do. His queen/his future wife wanted to get fucked in the ass. So he took his long dick and slowly put it in his wife's wet ass. As soon as his dick went into her asshole, Veda begged him to “keep pounding it.” She moaned, “Oh dear god, fuck me harder. I want to cum all over your dick”. So Rewad, pounded away. He went faster and faster and faster, occasionally changing up his pace to last longer, but when he knew Veda wanted him to go, he decided that he would thrust 10 more times... hard.

Veda begged him to give it to her.. She wanted to cum all over his dick.

He began to count down.














Finally, Rewad came all over Scott's glorious butthole. She could feel his warm load shoot all over her body and she was ecstatic. She knew that from now on she could never come back, not to Earth. Not to anything. She was Rewad's queen now and forever. After sex, the couple collapsed until the next morning.

The next morning, both Rewad and Veda Scott woke up happier than ever. They quickly decided that they couldn't live without each other and that Scott would live with Rawad on his spaceship forever.