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Our Team Spirit

“Good lord – when the hell is this game going to start? I thought the kickoff was going to be at 6:30.... and it's already 6:35.” - Charlotte began to complain.

“Relax, Charlotte – it's only been a few minutes... it's getting ready to start. After all, they just finished the coin toss. See? Your team has elected to kick off.” - Alicia responded, already doing her best to referee this conversation.

Charlotte, Alicia Fox, and Lana were all sitting on the couch in Lana and Rusev's house prepared to watch the Super Bowl on Rusev's large screen television. Rusev loved his sports and had a top of the line television with 4K resolution and a complete surround sound system. In the nearby kitchen, stood a kitchen island littered with snacks and liquor. These Divas were all set to make this a great day, albeit competitive. Lana was dressed in a Broncos jersey and was outwardly cheering for Denver, while Charlotte was cheering for her Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. She really wanted to see the Panthers win their first ever Super Bowl. And she knew that at his home, her father Ric Flair would be watching and wooing throughout the entire game also cheering on the Panthers. Alicia was dressed as a referee – and she decided that this would be her role for the day, being a peacekeeper between the two and making sure that this competition between the two other ladies stayed at least civil. After all, this was suppose to be one of their days off. They would be at Raw tomorrow and for tonight, they should just focus on having fun.

Lana gets extremely excited when she finds out that Denver would get the ball first. She wanted her team to immediately score and get on the board. She wanted to immediately start talking trash to Charlotte. She began by saying - “So Charlotte, do you really think that your team is going to win? They have absolutely no chance. Cam Newton has been nothing but lucky all year long... “

“Wait – You can't say that he has been lucky, he has been one of the best athletes this year – After all Lana – they named him the MVP of the entire league just last night.”

Lana laughs out loud. “Wow, he just now won his first MVP? How impressive. How many MVP awards does Peyton have again? Oh, he has more than anybody else in the League? Including that Pretty Boy Tom Brady? What do you have to say about that Charlotte?”

“There's not much that I can say to that. Peyton is a tremendous player, that I can't deny. But, did you know that Tyler Breeze once mentioned to that me that he was partially inspired by Tom Brady? Breeze told me that he wanted to be the pretty boy, who wins no matter what – and that he wouldn't care if people hated him.”

Alicia chimes in - “I could totally see Breezy saying something like that! He's such a goof – but hell, that would probably be a better character for him. He might then at least get somewhat of a reaction.”

The other girls can't help but to burst out laughing. Alicia could perhaps be brutal, but she was always blunt and honest. It would be extremely difficult to deny the fact that Tyler Breeze has done nothing more than flounder since being called up from NXT.

“Jesus Christ – Alicia, show some sympathy won't you? I mean – not all of us can be lucky enough to be getting the Total Divas push, the push from being associated with the Bellas. I mean, I feel terrible for Nikki and what she is going through... but in some ways, you have to admit that you are getting more spotlight on you as a result.” - Charlotte states.

Alicia looks at her with a perplexed look on her face. She slowly opens her mouth still dazed from Charlotte's accusation. “Well, I'm s-s-sorry? I can't really help whom I am paired up with, but that's a terrible thing to say to me. I mean – don't you get tired of people saying that you are only getting your push because of your father? The way I see it is we've both worked our asses off to get where we've gotten. Luck plays somewhat of a part in it of course, but we are strong females and that's why we are both prominent parts of the WWE right now.”

“Ladies, ladies – please the game is on right now and Denver is driving the ball. I want to see what happens. But I also think that things are getting far far too serious in here. So Charlotte, what do you say we make a fun little bet? A bet that will make this game even more interesting... You aren't a chicken are you?”

Charlotte shakes her head no. She states - “So Lana, what exactly do you have in mind? I can't imagine losing a bet to you. After all, I've got Cam and the Panthers on my side – there's no way I'm losing. And if I do lose a bet to you, well then – whatever. I'll pay up whatever you say.”

“Denver has the ball right now, what do you say? - if they score here I get to kiss you. Is that something that you can agree on?” - Lana says.

“Kiss? You want a kiss? But what about Rusev and your engagement? Won't he mind that you are kissing other girls?” I mean.. I don't want to seem like a prude or anything, it's just.. it's just something that I didn't expect to hear from you.

Alicia laughs loudly. She interjects - “What? You think Rusev would mind if his gorgeous fiancee was kissing another girl? He's a male! And besides – in Bulgaria, they are extremely lax about those things... multiple marriages, multiple partners, multiple lovers. It's practically the Paris of Southeastern Europe.

“I'm not entirely sure all of that is true about Bulgaria Alicia – but it is true that Rusev doesn't mind if I fool around with other girls occasionally. He has been well informed time and time again about what usually occurs on the road trips with us WWE Divas. And how our sleepovers and get to-gethers can get out of control. If only E! Managed to capture half of the things that usually go on between us. Total Divas would be far far crazier... and probably get better ratings.” - Lana replies.

“Yea, if they captured half of the things that went on in our locker room alone... we'd probably have to be moved to Cinemax.” - Charlotte says.

“So true girlie – but about the bet? Are you going to take it or not? Or perhaps, you are afraid of what you would feel if you get kissed by me? That you will like it too much! ,” Lana proceeds to tease Charlotte some more.

Charlotte looks at Lana straight in the eye and offers out her hand. “Oh you are so on Lana. And please don't flatter yourself too much about something as frivolous as a kiss.”

The first drive continues to take place with Denver slowly driving the ball down the field. On the couch, the expressions on both Lana and Charlotte tell a different story. A wide beaming smile appears on Lana's face as her Broncos continue to have success while Charlotte's expression starts to turn quite sour. With 10:43 left in the first quarter, Denver field goal kicker Brandon McManus drilled a 34 yard field goal to give Denver the first lead of Super Bowl 50. They were now winning 3-0 and Lana was also winning her bet with Charlotte.

Lana looked over at Charlotte who simply grumbled and sighed. She went over and gave Lana a short peckish kiss. Lana was angry and started to scream “Hey, that doesn't count! I meant an actual kiss.. not some friend-zone bullshit. Hey, Alicia – you are suppose to be an official right? What's your ruling on this? Should that count?”

Alicia stutters, “I-I-I'm not entirely sure. But I think, no. I think there has to be a three count to end anything. Even a kiss.” Alicia then turns to Charlotte, “Charlotte, I'm sorry, but as the official I can't count that. You need to try again to fulfill your bet, please try to make this one count. I don't want to have to enforce rules like this all night...

Lana snickers, “Are you entirely sure about that Foxy?”

Lana soon feels Charlotte's lips placed on hers once again, this time the kiss is deeper and more passionate. And Lana instantly knows that there is something more to this kiss. She feels a sense of excitement.

Out loud, both Lana and Charlotte hear Alicia counting...



2...and a half...

2 and three-quarters...

And three.

Alicia then reaches between the two and stops the kiss. She breaks them apart like a good referee would do.

“Alright ladies, that's enough of that. Charlotte has fulfilled the bet.” - Alicia then states.

Both Charlotte and Lana look at Alicia quizzically. They were confused by her mixed messages. In one way, she wanted to elongate their kissing and in another way she wanted to tear them quickly apart. Did she have an agenda of her own? Was Alicia trying to somehow interject and tease them both?

Charlotte speaks up. “Ok – well Denver got lucky. There is no way that the Panthers are going to keep losing this game. Let's make a new bet. If my team gets the first touchdown in this game, I get to touch your boobs, but if the Broncos get the first touchdown in the game you get to feel my boobs.”

“Sounds good to me Charlotte, but you should be aware – that my boys are coming for this victory. I'm going to get to squeeze your tits very very soon. Watch out, I can't promise you that I won't pinch.”

A chill ran down Charlotte's spine and she felt a small tingle. She really really didn't want to lose another bet to Lana. She had already had to kiss her, and while it wasn't terrible by any means, she wasn't ready to let Lana have another win. Luck was not on Charlotte's side so far though. With 6:27 left in the first quarter, Malik Jackson recovered a fumble in the end zone to make the score Denver 10 – Carolina 0. Charlotte just lost her second bet of the night. Things were not going her way.

Lana walked over to Charlotte and smiled at her. “This is going to be fun,” - She said. Charlotte quickly grabbed Lana's wrists and made them quickly and lightly touch her chest. She quickly turned to Alicia - “That counts, that counts. She just touched my boobs. That was the bet! Please tell me that you agree with me.”

“Well I um, I'm not totally sure that I agree with that.. I mean you kind of cheated. But then, at the same time she did technically grab your breasts. Hmm.. I don't know. But I'm going to.. say that, this counts. Sorry – Lana, but a technicality is a technicality.”

Lana sighs and sits back down on the couch. Her mood changes, as she now begins to feel a bit frustrated and confused by Alicia Fox. Her calls and judgments seem to be completely random. She seems to not be able to make any definitive calls. But as Lana began to relax a bit, she started to realize that her night wasn't going so bad. She had still won both of the bets that she had made during the game.

The second quarter had arrived and all three ladies get themselves another beverage. All of them fill glasses of booze. Lana once again begins to talk trash to Charlotte. She states - “Charlotte, your team is doing horrible.. it's 10 to nothing and at this rate, this game is going to be over by halftime. Are you starting to feel stupid yet? Or do we need to make some more bets? Because if you really want, I can continue to humiliate you all night.”

Charlotte remains silent and merely continues to watch the game. Alicia on the other hand looks like she is deep in thought. She is started to question if Lana is going too far with her trash talking and she is starting to feel sorry for Charlotte. This is suppose to be a fun night between the ladies and it has somehow taking a turn. Alicia feels that something needs to happen soon to change the mood that is starting to take over the room.

Luckily for her, she soon gets a break when the game takes a sudden change. With 11:25 remaining in the second quarter, Jonathan Stewart ran for a one yard touchdown to top off a 73-yard Carolina Panthers drive. The score was now Denver 10 – Carolina 7. Charlotte jumped off the couch and starting cheering and hollering. She even let out one or two Woos as she did the signature Flair Strut across Rusev's entertainment room. Charlotte then turned to Lana, “So my team just scored, What do you think about that? Finally, I won a bet! My team scored so that means that I get a reward, right?”

Lana laughs at her and then replies, “You never made a bet. You just assumed that we were still going on an each score basis. Sorry, but you have to make it explicit if you want bets to happen. I'm still winning two to nothing though.”

Charlotte was pissed and Alicia could tell that this girl was dying for attention. Alicia walked over to Charlotte and give a slow kiss on her lips. Charlotte was caught off guard and wasn't sure what to think about what just occurred. She didn't mind it, but she was very surprised.

“Alicia, what was that about? You weren't involved in a bet either, and besides you are suppose to be a referee right now, you shouldn't be showing favoritism to either of us, even though I am flattered that you are choosing me as your favorite.” Charlotte teased the entire room with that line. Alicia was about to respond and explain to Charlotte why she kissed her, but then she stopped. She couldn't admit to Charlotte that it was out of sympathy.

The second quarter continues and Norwood of the Broncos makes a huge kickoff return. In fact, he returns the ball for 61 yards which sets a new Super Bowl record. Lana can't stop herself from letting out loud cheers and screams of enjoyment. She knows that her team is taking a commanding presence in the game. A few plays later Denver takes the lead 13-7 when McManus kicks a 33 yard field goal. However, neither Charlotte or Lana are happy. They forgot to make a bet again. Why hadn't they made more bets?

Lana soon changes this though. Denver recovers another fumble and this leads to Lana once again getting extremely cocky. She decides to make another bet with Charlotte. They bet that whichever team is losing at halftime – that person has to call Natalya. They have to prank call Natalya.

Another interception by Carolina. They managed to finally take the ball away from Peyton Manning and the Broncos. And once again, Charlotte had some hope. When Lana stood up to walk towards the kitchen and get a drink, Charlotte couldn't help but to smack her on the ass. She tried to play it up like it was the game that was getting her excited, not the fine ass in front of her.

Halftime soon arrived. At halftime the score was 13-7 Denver. So far, this night was going great for Lana. She had won every bet and her Broncos were winning the game. And now – Charlotte had to fulfill another bet. She had to call Natalya and she had to prank her. Charlotte let out a loud sigh before finally muttering.

“Just give me the phone – I'm not proud of this, but I want to get this over with. This is going to be awful...” - Charlotte said.

Charlotte dialed on her cell phone Natalya's number. She started to grunge on each and every ring that she heard. The phone rang once, twice, three times and still she only got Natalya's answering message -

“Hi this is Nattie – if you have to talk to me or TJ, or any of our cats, please just leave a message and we'll call back as soon as possible, Love ya!”.

“So am I good? She didn't answer the phone, but I should be good. I made the call.. what else do you want me to do? - Charlotte said.

Alicia quickly exclaims - “I think it's only fair, that you try to call her once more. If she doesn't answer again, then you are good.”

Charlotte dials the number again. The phone only rings once before she hears Nattie's voice on the other line “Hello? This is Nattie – can I ask who I am talking to?”

Charlotte holds her finger over her nose in an attempt to disguise her voice before she speaks - “Um, hello there Natalya, do you have a cat who is striped?”

Nattie responds- “I think so, I think I have a few cats like that.. why do you ask?”

Charlotte sighs before responding - “Well I'm afraid that I have some awful news for you dear, I'm afraid that your cat must have gotten out earlier. And it seems that a car must have hit it. It managed to limp to our sidewalk before it ended up collapsing in front of our house. I think that it might be dead. I'm sorry to break this news to you.”

Natalya let out a loud shriek - “Oh my god, I can't believe that this would happen to Snickers, or Doodles, or Ziggles – I forget which cat it was exactly.”

With that she simply heard the phone click. Lana and Alicia Fox erupted in laughter while Charlotte started to feel terrible. She couldn't believe how poorly her night was going. She simply wanted to have a fun ladies night out. As the third quarter started, Lana and Charlotte decided to make another bet. They decided that the next one one who scores would get a lap dance. Charlotte briefly gets cocky when Carolina gets into field goal position but swiftly becomes crestfallen once Graham Gano misses the field goal. The game continues in Denver's favor. McManus hits another field goal to bring the score to 16-3. Lana had now won her third bet of the night and she wasn't about to stop anytime soon. Charlotte now had to give Lana a lap dance.

Alicia walked over to the radio, she switched the stations a few times, before finally coming to a song that she liked. It was Shakira's “My Hips Don't Lie”. Charlotte walked over to Lana and started to gyrate against her. She bounced up and down on Lana's waist making sure she felt each and every movement. Suddenly, the front door swung open. In the room entered Rusev and Cesaro. Rusev walked in when Lana was getting a lap dance from Charlotte. From the corner of her eye, Lana noticed her fiancee.

“Hey Rusev, what are you doing here? Tonight is suppose to be a ladies night, and are you trying to spy on me? Aww, that's cute. But look hunny, I'm not doing anything out of the normal or anything that you would disapprove of. I'm just trying to have some fun with my ladies.”

He turned to her and replied. “I can see that and I don't mind. I only came here because I left one of my credit cards here. I didn't mean to interrupt anything that is going on with you and you friends and if I did I'm sorry babe. I love you and I didn't mean to cause any problems. I will be out of here in a few minutes..”

Lana turns to Rusev and responds, “Dear it's fine, just do what you need to do. It's ladies night and you aren't interrupting anything here. Except for Charlotte being a huge loser. She keeps making bets that she can't handle and bets that she can't win. She is still riding and supporting the Carolina Panthers so hard.”

Rusev laughs at that. He then goes over to kiss his wife before he and Cesaro leave the house for good. Ladies night resumes.

The third quarter finishes and the game still remains relatively open. As it approaches the fourth quarter of the game Lana decides to make one last final bet. She decides to make it a loser take all bet. The next person who lost a bet would have to take a strap on. The winner would truly get to celebrate their team's win.

Charlotte gets super excited when Peyton fumbles it. She gets so existed that she begins to squeal. She realizes that this might possibly be her last chance and that the game could end any minute now. And then Gano gets them back in the game. He kicks a 39 yard field goal to make it 16 to 10. Denver is up by 6. And yet Charlotte can barely contain herself, she is so elastic about what is going on. And as Carolina gets more and more into the game, Charlotte starts to struggle with herself. In fact, Charlotte is getting so excited that she is now on the verge of peeing. She stands up and begins to woo and flair strut herself. She is so excited right now. She gets disappointed when she realizes that Carolina is having problems moving the ball all night.

With only five minutes remaining in Super Bowl 50, the Denver Broncos appear to be well on their way to victory. Denver's defense has been unstoppable for the whole game. However, Charlotte remains optimistic. After all, she doesn't want to be the one who has to take a strap on. So she holds onto to hope and continues to cheer on the Carolina Panthers.

“My team still has a chance. Don't put the harness on yet Lana. Cam can still bring our team back!” - Charlotte states.

“Whatever you say, you silly silly American.” - Lane states.

“Aren't you an American too?” - Charlotte asks.

“Shut up!” - Lana replies sharply.

Charlotte was quickly running out of hope as the game clock continued to tick away. Charlotte practically lost all hope when Denver recovered a fumble on the four yard line. Lana turned to her and simply stated “Are you ready yet? I'm going to enjoy this Superbowl win.” Charlotte didn't respond. When the Carolina Panthers were called for holding , Lana let out a loud obnoxious cackle. Alicia Fox remained on the couch sipping on another adult beverage. She was quite buzzed and simply watched Charlotte and Lana go at it. Lana got another break – when CJ Anderson broke through and scored a 2 yard touchdown. With the score now 22-10, Lana turned to Charlotte with a devious expression on her face.

“So Charlotte, you are about out of time and chances. Should we just get this over with now? Or do you want to delay it until the end of the game. It seems to be that you like to torture yourself? Come on Charlotte – just end your suffering now. Plus it'll be fun! I'm pretty good with a strap on – you'll have fun, if you don't believe me ask Foxy over there if I'm good.”

Alicia responds - “She isn't lying about that, she definitely knows how to use that thing. And I'm almost jealous that I'm not involved with the bet. I wouldn't mind... some... action.”

“Really, Foxy? I mean, I'm not surprised that Lana is talented in using a strap-on.. but you wish you were involved too? You don't even like football, why would you want to be involved with this bet?” - Charlotte asks.

“Well I like sex.” - Foxy coyly responds.

“Foxy don't worry – I'll let you watch when I win. Now shut up, the Broncos are going for two here and if they get this, then Charlotte's pussy is practically mine.”

As the two point conversion unfolds, Peyton Manning throws a bullet pass to Fowler. Fowler catches the ball in the end zone and immediately begins to celebrate. His dancing reminiscent of La Parka's signature chair dance. It is now 24-10 and Charlotte knows that she no longer has a chance of winning this bet. She is going to have to pay up to Lana. She is going to get fucked by Lana. Though, secretly Charlotte thinks to herself that this isn't such a bad consolation prize. After all, she can't deny the sexual energy that she felt earlier in the night when Lana had kissed her, and then when Lana felt her up.

As the game came to a close, Charlotte immediately turned to Lana and told her that she was ready to fulfill their bet. Lana turned to both Foxy and Charlotte and told them that they should go to the guest bedroom where these things were allowed to happen. Rusev was extremely open and didn't care if Lana fooled around with other girls as long as she did it in the guest room where these activities were allowed to take place.

Upon entering the guest room, Charlotte let out a loud gasp. It turned out that this room was obviously used regularly for sexual activities. It wasn't quite a dungeon, but it was extremely close. The ceiling was adorned with mirrors and the bed was massive. It looked like you could easily fit four or five people into this bed. Across the bed on the wall was another massive television – Lana flipped it on and turned it to CBS. Charlotte laughed, but nervously spoke up - “Lana the game is over, you can't force me to watch anymore of this. And you can't tell me that you want to be having sex while Jim Nantz is blabbering away.

Lana turns to her and places a finger over her lips. “Sssh, you really talk far far too much Charlotte. And besides, this isn't the first time I've had sex while listening to Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Like I said earlier, Rusev is a big sports fan. Well, we both are big sports fans. And besides, why wouldn't I want to watch the post-game ceremonies while I fuck you? I'm celebrating after all.”

Alicia Fox sat down in a chair facing the bed. She wanted to make sure she had a good view of what was about to take place. She wanted to see Charlotte take a dick from Lana. And she wasn't being very patient about it at all. She turned to Lana and said - “Alright let's get this show going. I'm ready to see some action. And you ladies still have all your clothes on.”

Lana smirks before speaking - “Well since the 'ref' has graced us with her permission, what do you say Charlotte? Are you ready?”

“I sure am! Come on Lana – I'm ready to take that dick of yours.”

“You are? But you are still fully dressed.” - Lana continues. “But, how about you start stripping for both Foxy and me?

Charlotte begins to do as she is instructed. She first removes the Carolina Panthers jersey that she had on. As it hits the floor, Lana remarks that that's where that trash belongs. Charlotte then slowly rubs her hand up and down her tanned stomach making sure all eyes are on her. She continues her fingers up to her bra – which she slowly removes.

Lana takes notice of a now topless Charlotte as she begins to remove her pants. Lana rummages through one of her dressers and finally finds the strap on. She then slowly pulls up the harness and readies herself. She does however, keep on her Broncos jersey. She tells Charlotte and Alicia that she wants to fuck as a champion. Charlotte continues to remove her clothes – she drops her pants and then she is left in nothing but a skimpy blue and silver colored thong. When Lana and Alicia look closer – they can see that it also is emblazoned with the Carolina Panthers logo.

Lana had to admit to herself that this was extremely amusing. And she had to give Charlotte credit. She was truly a Carolina Panthers fan. She was willing to do anything for her team, Lana couldn't deny that. And after all, nothing says being a die hard fan more than wearing the team logo near your genitals. But Lana couldn't bear to see Charlotte in those panties anymore. Lana walked towards Charlotte and placed her hand in the top band of her panties. She looked at Charlotte in the eye before turning to her and saying - “Charlotte, these panties have got to go. Now!” Lana then yanked down Charlotte's panties to reveal a nicely trimmed and already slick pussy.”

Lana then ordered Charlotte to get on the bed and she quickly joined her on there. By the time Peyton Manning was on-screen mentioning how he was going to go home and have a few Budweisers, Lana was entering Charlotte for the first time. Lana eased her strap-on slowly into Charlotte. Charlotte's already wet pussy allowed for the strap on to go in with ease. Lana began to pump in and out of the Nature Boy's daughter. With every stroke of Lana's dick, Charlotte couldn't help but to let out multiple groans and woos of her own. Lana made sure to position Charlotte in the bed in a way that would allow her to not only fuck Charlotte, but to watch the post-game ceremonies.

Alicia continued watching, making sure that no nefarious action was taking place. She wanted to make sure that this bet was being honored. But she couldn't help herself either. The liquor had caught up to her and had made her just as horny. Plus, two beautiful blondes were having sex practically in front of her. If she had wanted to, she could probably reach over and grab one of Charlotte's exposed breasts. She knew that she could definitely smack Lana's ass. However, she didn't want to interfere with what was taking place on that bed. It was a thing of beauty and glory. Foxy didn't give any fucks about football, but was glad to be able to see Lana drill Charlotte while dressed in her Denver Broncos jersey. And before Alicia Fox knew it, she found herself sticking a hand in her panties. She thought to herself that she could at least masturbate to this action. Her panties were already soaked and this allowed her to easily slip in two fingers.

Lana briefly got a glance of Alicia Fox while she continued to rail Charlotte. She briefly winked at Fox to let her know that she saw what was going on and approved of it. Lana continued working Charlotte at a quick pace, she drove in her dick deeper and deeper into Charlotte's pussy. Charlotte was completely gone – letting out louder and louder moans by the minute. Moans were also escaping the mouth of Alicia Fox. Charlotte finally managed -

“Oh Lana, Ohhh Lana, ooh my god fuck me. I love how you fuck me.”

“Nasty girl. You love how my dick feels in you? Don't you? Sssh. You don't have to tell me. I can already tell from all the moans and woos you are letting out. And it also seems that Foxy over there is enjoying our little show... Don't be embarrassed Foxy!”

“Lana – I'm so so close to cumming right now. Just a few more pumps baby. I want to squirt all over your plastic cock.”

Lana states, “It's not plastic! I think it's a resin of some sort, but fine baby I'll make you cum.” With that she starts pounding at any even quicker pace. The room becomes nothing more than a series of sexual wails for the next few minutes. Finally Charlotte lets out her loudest and most explosive “WOOO” of the night as Lana feels a flood of juices escape from her. Alicia also lets out a long moan to signify that she also is cumming.

Charlotte lays on the bed struggling to catch her breath. Alicia Fox is splayed out in the chair also struggling to regain her composure. Lana removes the strap on and lays down next to Charlotte. For the next few minutes, there is nothing but the background noise of the television as the ladies simply relax and try to process what just took place. The three WWE Divas knew that this was going to be a fun Superbowl party, but they never knew just how fun it was going to be.

Charlotte was the first one to regain her senses. She got down from the bed and began to get dressed again. As she slowly slid on her thong again, Lana turned to her to say - “Baby, I can't let you go home wearing any of that Carolina Panthers stuff.. I'll give you a t-shirt that you can wear instead.” Lana got down from the bed and pulled a t-shirt from the dressers to give to Charlotte. Alicia Fox also started to readjust herself. She stood up and said -

“Ladies, tonight has been truly amazing. But, I've got to get going soon. We have Raw tomorrow and I need to at least get some rest.” With that, she finished getting dressed and left.

Charlotte replies - “She was sure in a hurry to leave, I wonder what that was about..”

Lana replies - “Oh, that's just how Foxy is after an orgasm. She gets embarrassed and usually leaves as quickly as possible. But, she is right – it is getting late. I really should be getting to bed. Come on Charlotte, I'll walk you to the door.”

The two then walk through the rest of the house towards the door holding hands. As the front door is opened, Lana places a long and passionate kiss on Charlotte's lips. She thanks Charlotte for an unforgettable Super Bowl party. Charlotte then walks to her car and as she approaches the door, she turns back to Lana before shouting - “Hey Lana, by any chance are you a fan of March Madness? We could make more bets then.”

Lana simply shook her head before replying, “We should.” She then closed the front door and turned off the porch light. After a fantastic night and even though her team lost, all Charlotte could do was get in her car and drive home. The drive would be pleasant though as it would give her time to remember all of the pleasure she had tonight. Charlotte knew that she couldn't wait to see Lana at Raw.

Becky Lynch's St. Patrick's Day Wish

Becky Lynch's night has already gone well. It is the night of another NXT taping and she has just finished competing in a hard-fought battle against Alexa Bliss where she walked away victoriously. With St. Patrick's Day only a day away, the environment in the locker room tonight is unlike most other nights.

As the action in the arena comes to a close, several of the women are hanging out in the Diva's locker room – chatting to each other in what could be described as a slumber party-esque environment. In fact – most of the Divas have yet to bother getting dressed after changing out of their gear and are sitting around wearing just their underwear. Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Zahra, and of course Becky Lynch are among the Divas that can be seen here. On a nearby table in the corner of the room, there are boxes of pizza and beer which are being consumed by the Divas. Eventually the conversation begins to gradually get racier and racier as the night progresses and more drinks are consumed.

Sasha begins to speak, “So gals – how are you enjoying this early St. Patrick's Day celebration, so far?”

She asks nobody in particular, as she mostly just wants to hear the sound of her own voice. Sitting in the corner, Zahra looks at her with disdain. Nobody answers for awhile until finally Alexa, in a very cheerful tone answers her. “It's pretty good. I'm so glad to have the chance to celebrate with all of my besties, however.. I think that things could be a little more exciting”

Feeling slightly intrigued, the next person to speak up is Charlotte who goes on to ask, “I'm curious.. what's on your mind? Is this going to involve something involving glitter?”

Alexa blushes, but then states “Not necessarily, unless.. that is something that you want. I am of course suggesting that we play the classic game: truth-or-dare.”

“Alexa! OH MY GOD!” - Becky Lynch exclaims. “That sounds like so much fun. What do the rest of you ladies think?”.

They all look around the room at each other, all of them seem to at least entertain the idea. Except for Zahra, who again refuses to show any sort of emotion. However, after a short awkward silence. They ll agree to go ahead and proceed with the game. Zahra proceeds to walk over to the able and grab herself another beer.

“Alright, Alexa – since you thought of this game, I suppose that you should go first. Truth or dare?” - Becky Lynch asks.

“Umm.. I suppose.. that I will go with truth.” - Bliss answers. Becky then asks her the following question. - “Who do you think is the most gorgeous guy in NXT?”

“Tyler Breeze.. oh god, there's something about the way the Prince of Pretty carries himself and his confidence, that really makes me weak at the knees.” - Bliss responds. The rest of the girls in the audience let out a collective GASP. Bliss giggles meekly and begins to blush.

Up next in the order is Charlotte, who decides to go ahead and also select truth, as the rest of the girls boo in disapproval. She is asked what her opinion is of the Seth Rollins nude photo leak was. She responds. “Honestly.. the Seth photos didn't really do anything for me. Sure, he is an alright looking guy – but meh nothing impressive. After all.. if I have to be truly honest, what really turned me on that day was Zahra's fantastic body. Like, I knew that you were pretty and everything – but dear lord Zahra.”

Zahra sighs and then groans. She doesn't appear to give any kind of validation to Charlotte's response. She again proceeds to walk over and help herself to another beer.

Sasha opens her mouth and blurts. “Oooh snap, Zahra. Somebody's got a crush on you!” The girls laugh and mockingly tease Charlotte.

“But it's cool Charlotte, nobody blames you. We all agree that Zahra is beautiful. We wouldn't mind allowing her into the Best of Everything. As we would love to find out if she meets the other qualities of the club.” - Banks says coyly.

“There are other qualities? Such as?” Zahra asks, finally beginning to show even the slightest of interest in this game.

Sasha looks at her as a smile begins to form on her face. She responds “Oh, there are far more skills that we are interested in as members of the Best of Everything. And wouldn't you like to know them?”

Zahra pleads for Sasha to tell her. Sasha looks at Becky and remembers that they are playing a game. “Are you sure that I can tell her Becky? After all it isn't even her turn in the game yet.”?

Lynch states - “Actually.. it should be Charlotte's turn to ask a question to you.., Charlotte would you mind allowing yourself to be skipped, for now. - and letting Zahra take your turn?” Charlotte nods her head in an agreeing manner.

Zahra then proceeds to ask Sasha the obvious question of whether she would like a truth or dare question and Sasha of course says truth. Zahra asks her, “So really, what other skills does Best At Everything look for?”

“You have to be not only one of the most beautiful people,” she answers, “but we also look for other people who are expert lovers. After all, when we say that we are the best at everything, we mean everything. Now with your gorgeous body, we are confident that you at least meet half of the criteria = however, we are unsure of how you stack up in the bedroom. Have you even eaten a pussy ever or licked another girl's butt hole?”

“Wait, wait, wait! Are you telling me that you and Becky have been a couple before? That you've performed these kinds of sexual acts on each other?” asks Zahra.

“Of course we have, I don't understand why you are so shy Zahra.. you didn't look shy at all in those photos that you sent to Seth... you can't tell me that you are afraid of girls, are you?” - Lynch looks at her in a teasing but seductive way.

Charlotte exclaims – “hey it's my turn!. Which one do you want Zahra? Truth or dare?”

Zahra hesitates for a second, here she is in a room full of gorgeous ladies dressed in nothing but their underwear and as the night has progressed numerous flirtations have been sent in her direction. One girl has already called her sexy and two more girls have hinted at wanting to try her out in some kind of sexual way, some test of some sorts. Deep down in her heart, Zahra knew that she should probably choose truth as it would be far safer. However, Zahra was never one to play it safe and so she told Charlotte, “go ahead and give me your best dare.”

Charlotte laughs. So do the rest of the girls. “Well Zahra.. you thought you were safe with a dare. But you aren't – in fact, if I can be honest this whole game was mostly a set-up... “

“A set up? What are you people trying to pull? - Zahra blurts out loud.

“Well, you'll see... I dare you to kiss Alexa.”

Zahra then proceeds over to the gorgeous blonde and gives her a kiss on the lips. You can hear their laps smacking together as the rest of the divas laugh.

Even more curious, Zahra asks - “what is so funny?” The rest of the girls say nothing as Alexa Bliss slowly begins to kiss Zahra more and more. Zahra begins responding and before you know it the rest of the girls seem to be wanting to jump in.

Things quickly escalate in the locker room, as the estrogen in the room begins to overflow. The locker room proceeds to quickly turn into an orgy of shorts as people begin to be coupling off. In one corner, you see Alexa Bliss still with Zahra, but now removed of her underwear and bra. Her gorgeous tits are out freely for everyone to see. Zahra proceeds to slowly grab them and tenderly kiss them.

In another part of the room, Sasha Banks can be seen slowly peeling off the panties of Charlotte who is bent over a bench. As her panties are removed, a slight gasp is heard as Banks slips her tongue into Charlotte's round and vivacious ass. Loud, slurping sounds are heard as the two continue to experiment with each other.

Becky Lynch, sits alone, watching this all. Sasha hooking up with Charlotte, Alexa hooking up with Zahra. And as she watches this she begins to feel her pussy dampening in delight. Her panties are now beginning to be soaked more and more, however – she is reluctant to join in the action. After all, she has a fantastic view of all of the girls and for now this satisfies her. She slowly slips off her panties as she continues watching the other girls. She removes her own bra, and slowly rubs her hands up and down her body. She then focuses her attention on Zahra.

Zahra and Alexa are now both fully naked and Zahra is on her knees blissfully eating out Alexa Bliss. Bliss's cheerful expressions and bubbly persona in the ring are also fully on display as her pussy is eaten out and she begins to moan in a high pitched, and bubbly way. “OH ZAHHRA.. ZAHRA, KEEP LICKING ME THERE. Zahra, dutifully continues going down on Bliss's pussy..

Changing her viewpoint, Lynch's attention is now diverted to the sights of Charlotte's vivacious ass, still being rimmed by Sasha Banks. The expression on Charlotte's face is one of pure ecstasy and delight. Lynch's hands continue to move up and down her body, as she continues watching. Her dampening pussy is now forming a pool of fresh juices on her her pubic hairs. She begins to slide a finger in... and then another, as she slowly masturbates to the action.

Flair begins to moan loudly. “WOO, COME on SASHA.. SHOW THE Nature WOO girl how to eat an ass. You know you love eating my filthy ass”. Banks flicks her tongue harder and faster into Charlotte's butt hole, until Charlotte finally pleads with her to slow down, as she doesn't want this delight to be over yet.

Lynch has now quickened up her stroking of her vagina. The only thing that is running through her mind is how spoiled she is, how these other girls can only focus on each other, and how she is getting the best of this deal . Her sexual ecstasy is truly taking her over limits she had never knew existed. However, even though she thought she had the best perspective on the action in here.. she wanted more. And that's when she remembered that in her locker, she had her special toy. She took her vibrator everywhere that she went, because after all a vibrator is a girl's best friend and you never know when you are going to need one. She turned it on.. and the vibrating buzz punctured throughout the locker room.

A few of the other girls laughed, but only in the good-natured way. They were too busy filling the room with their moans of pleasure and delight. In fact things were really heating up, as almost everybody in this room was on the verge of orgasm.

Banks was now sitting in the lap of Charlotte as they were furiously grinding on each other. Charlotte's hands rubbing up and down Banks tight body and rubbing her clit furiously. Zahra was also getting a finger-fucking of her own from Bliss. Her moans were heard echoing throughout the room, with each delicate but measured move that Alexa gave her. All at once, the room seemed to explode in an avalanche of orgasms. The first person to come was Charlotte who let out more than a gentle woo, she was then followed by what seemed like a round of rapid-fire moans and squeals. Zahra came next, then Banks, and then Bliss.

However, the vibrator still seemed to hum on in the background.. as Lynch was still treating herself. The rest of the girls gleefully watched as Lynch put on a show for them. They thought to themselves that this girl can really take it. Minutes passed, as Lynch was still going out with her vibrator her moans rolling out one after the other. It wasn't until a good ten minutes later where she finally orgasmed and let out a room-shaking SQUEAL and a loud squirt of ejaculation escaped from her. In fact, it was such a large squirt that Banks who was sitting the closest to Lynch, got some of it on her.

Nobody had known that Becky Lynch was capable of squirting, until then. After a few minutes had passed, the girls shyly began to clean up. As the sexual energy in the room died down, the girls began to act normal again almost as if what just happened didn't really occur. However, the silence was finally broken by Sasha Banks.

Banks declares, “We didn't mean to leave you out Becky.. it just kind of happened, I suppose.. but you definitely seemed to enjoy yourself and you looked amazing. We also never got to finish our game of truth or dare. You never got a chance to go.”

Becky couldn't believe herself. After watching such a spectacular orgy go down, her partner in crime still wanted to keep this game up. This child's game at that. However, she thought to herself – what the hell could it hurt. After all, if she was lucky maybe they'd get a round 2, so she chose dare.

Nobody knew her more than her partner though, and Banks really made it count. Banks dared Becky to call and make plans with the one superstar in the WWE that she craved the most. The one WWE superstar that she needed to have. The one WWE superstar who Becky wanted to fuck the most.

She called Hornswoggle.

The next day, Becky Lynch awoke in the comfort of her home in the comfort of her own bed wearing nothing more than a pair of white satin panties. The sun shining slightly through the curtains illuminated her breasts as she removed the covers. She tried to remember everything that happened last night. Did her night really happen? As she proceeded to the kitchen to get ready for the day and prepare herself some coffee, the memories started to flood back. She remembered watching Zahra and Alexa, she remembered seeing Sasha Bank's delicate pussy getting destroyed by Ms. Flair. She even remembered how she and her glorious dildo became the final act of last night's glorious orgy. Upon recalling all of this information, she quickly smiled to herself and seemed content. She had a feeling that today was going to be a good day.

It wasn't until she had finished her first cup of coffee and a croissant, that she remembered something else. Suddenly she was felt with a slight sense of despair and worry. She rushed to her room where upon her nightstand was sitting her telephone. It was flashing and now she was really panicked. She checked her called numbers and that's when she realized what she had done. Last night, after everything else, she had finally done it. She had called him. The guy that she had been crushing on for so long. Her phone was still flashing and she knew that this message had to be from her crush, she had to know exactly what he wanted..

The voice message was from Hornswoggle. His voice rang through her phone, “Hello Becky, it's a such a surprise to here from you. I didn't even know you had my phone number. However, you seemed to want to meet up really bad last night. In fact, you kind of wished for me. Now I only play a leprechaun on TV.. however, I can meet this wish. Text me if you want to meet up today at my hotel for drinks.”

She laughed, in a self-effacing way. She thought to herself, “I”m going to meet up with my crush who plays a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day in a bar for drinks. What a stereotype.” She didn't care though, she knew that she would never have the nerve to arrange for another meeting and stereotypical Irish behavior or not, she knew that she was going through with that date tonight. She immediately texted Hornswoggle back with a message reading “See you at 7.”

The rest of the day Becky Lynch continued to panic. She wanted to make such a good impression on Hornswoggle that she worried about every last thing. She rummaged her closet trying to find just the perfect outfit to wear and she rummaged her underwear drawer, just to find the perfect underwear.

At 6:30 she left her house, and proceeded to make the short drive to Hornswoggle's hotel. Hornswoggle was staying at a La Quinta Inn, which struck her as quite particular and odd. She didn't question it for long though as she headed to the bar and ordered herself a Jack and Coke. She slowly gulped it down, and waited patiently for her date. Finally, at around 6:50 – she saw him enter the bar dressed in a green tuxedo t-shirt and blue jeans. It wasn't difficult to notice him, for what he lacked in size his exuberance far made up for it. Upon seeing her, he immediately gave her a hug.

“Damn Becky, are you dressed up for me or are you always this fine?” He said as he proceeded to give her the once-over, no actually the twice-over. Becky was dressed in a stunning short red cocktail dress and high heels. Her dress, some would say, was a tad too short as her breasts were overflowing from the top of it.

“Oh Dylan, or Hornswoggle, or Horny – whatever I should call. It's a bit a both, I wanted to impress you obviously, but I'm also always this fine.” - She said flirtatiously.

She could hear the loud gulp in Hornswoggle's throat when she exclaimed this. The two then proceeded to get a few drinks and make more small talk. The night seemed to be going well, and the two of them couldn't take their eyes off of each other. While there were only a few other people in the bar, it seemed like they were in a world of their own. A world in which both of them seemed to prefer.

“So Hornswoggle, why are you staying at a La Quinta Inn? This seems like a place that would normally be below you.” - Lynch stated.

“Well, if you must know.. it was the only uncrowded place in town this weekend. It seems like a town of people are in town for the holiday and I don't really mind the privacy, do you?” She shook her head no. “And besides, if we are asking silly questions, Hornswoggle goes on, “how is an Irish lass like yourself not wearing any green on St. Patrick's Day? It's almost as if.. you want to get pinched.”

“I do” - she states. “but not by everybody, and who is to say that I have absolutely zero green on?” She winks at him.

Taking that as a sign that she wants to proceed with more, Hornswoggle immediately calls over the bartender and settles the bill. She looks at him with intrigue and begins to smack her lips together.

“Let's head to the room then, after all I have some 'shamrock' exploring that I need to do.” Hornswoggle states.

They head upstairs to the suite at La Quinta Inn, which Becky Lynch is surprised by. She didn't expect much from this room, however it turned out that Hornswoggle had done his best to decorate the room and make it more seductive. From the door to bed, were four-leaf clovers spread along the floor and candles were burning throughout the room.

"Oh Horny – did you do all of this for me?” She asked with a hint of seduction in her voice. “And if you did all of this for me, there must be something that I can do in return for you. Is that right? Well fine then, after all it is what I wanted all night if I have to be honest.. and you said you wanted to find the shamrocks earlier, well then undress me”

With that Hornswoggle proceeded to spring into action, she grabbed Lynch's hand and walked her over to the bed where he then proceed to slowly and gently kiss her. Her lips felt so soft and smooth as they rand across his facial hair. He began to kiss her neck and work his way lower and lower on her body. He could tell that she was already enjoying every smooch and every smack of affection that he was giving her.

She exclaimed, “Oh god Horny, I love how your facial hair brushes against my body”.

Swoggle continued to make his moves, he began to rub her soft ample melons still barely contained in her tight cocktail dress. He gave kiss after kiss onto her breasts, before placing one and each hand and rubbing them. Slowly.

Finally, he unzipped her dress and watch it fall to the floor. Hornswoggle eyes, as well as his dick, seemed to bulge. He slowly took everything in, for the first time he could see Becky's glorious body. From Her soft, but ample breasts glowing in the candle-light, to her gorgeous tanned legs, to her beautiful bronze ass.

It was then that Hornswoggle finally noticed, that Becky did have on some green. It turned out that she was wearing green panties for the holiday. As he went to take them off, he noticed they had the following text on them “Kiss Me I'm Horny.” Hornswoggle himself – was also quite horny, especially at this open invitation to finally see the privates of Lynch.

He removed her Irish-themed panties and continued kissing her thoroughly around her body. Light kisses to the navel area, and up and down her thighs. He could start to smell the whiffs of wetness spreading through the room. This turned him into a savage. He immediately knew that he had to taste Lynch's essence, and he had to taste it now. His wet tongue began to slide up and down Lynch's vagina, as she began to buck her hips more and more to it.

“Damn it Dylan, I've wanted this for so long and it feels so good.” Moaning loudly, she continues. “Keep licking me baby.. I want to be licked real good.”

His tongue darting in and out of her pussy, she continued thinking to herself about the ecstasy that she was in. Under the sexual spell that she was under, and how good it felt to finally be hooking up with her crush. And as she thought of this, she started to think about how greedily she became and how hungry for Hornswoggle's dick she was.

“Come on baby, I need some of that dick right now”. Hornswoggle stopped what he was doing and stood up, as she proceeded to drop to her knees and undo his pants. His cock flopped out of his jeans and stood straight up in the air.

Hornswoggle's cock was rather impressive, unlike most people assumed. The rumors of midgets having small cocks wasn't true, at least in Hornswoggle case. His massive eight and half inch member was swinging right in front of Becky's mouth. Well it was briefly, before Becky decided to wrap her warm lips around the tip of his member. She then slowly begin to take more and more of his dick into her mouth. The gagging sounds seemed to amplify as she proceeded to deep throat more and more of his dick. This didn't stop her though as she continued chomping down that cock, sucker it harder and harder. With her other hand, she grabbed his nuts and started playing with his balls. He could feel himself started to swell up. His balls almost ready to explode.

“Ohhh baby, that's it.. but but I need you now. Bend over the bed baby”

His balls dripping wet from the saliva of her mouth, Hornswoggle easily slides into the now bent over Becky Lynch. His cock enters slowly into her slit and she lets out a slight squeal of delight. He teases her and takes his time entering her.

“Is this what you wished for, baby – is that why you called me last night.” She doesn't answer, but merely lets out another moan. Hornswoggle grins to himself, knowingly. He continues pounding away, going deeper and deeper into her vagina. She lets out another moan, followed by a deep squeal.

“Oh god damn Horny, is that why they call you Horny? I knew I wanted you.. but I never knew how much of a hung stud you were? Pound me hard baby.”

From his angle, he could see her ass shaking like a Shamrock Shake. He knew that he didn't have much left in his tank and that his stamina was running low. However, he furiously continued to pump away. Up and down and down, and as he pumped away he could feel her pussy clenching down on his dick. He had never felt any female clamp down on his dick before.. and he knew that this would send him over the edge.

“Oh god Becky, oh goddd.” He moans, “I ca-caaaa-can't ha-handle-handle that Clamp on my dick harder and I'm going to come!”

“Fucking come already baby, come all up into my vag-”

She couldn't even finish that sentence before she felt the hot liquid spray deep in her hole. Her warm hole now glistened with Hornswoggle's hot cum. She sighed, in an exhausted manner.

After cleaning up, the two of them laid next each other in the hotel room bed. Exhausted, but with huge grins on their face they each knew that this was the best St. Patrick's Day ever.” Hornswoggle turned to Becky and said to her, “Let's make this a yearly tradition.”

She laughed at him and said, “No stupid, let's make this a nightly tradition.”