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Rob Van Dam's Grasstravangaza

“I can't believe that it's finally here. It's absolutely my favorite time of the year. I thought that it would never come...” - Shelly Martinez thought to herself, barely able to contain her squeals. Shelly is dressed in a long, black dress that is adorned with numerous bright green pot leaves throughout. The dress is rather tight fitting and clings to her body.

Rob Van Dam looks at her before nodding his head in agreement. He opens his mouth and begins to speak, “I know Shelly – it is finally our favorite day of the year. However, I can't believe how much we have to still do to get ready for this party... but, I'm glad that you decided to help out a fellow stoner and help me decorate my place. You know that I have zero knack or skills for decorations and such – but, I do want to make this as good of a party as I can. After all, half of these people I don't get to see for the rest of the year.”

Shelly couldn't help but to laugh at Rob. She wasn't use to seeing him like this. Rob was normally so calm, so cool, and so relaxed but today he seemed to be a little bit on nerve. She turned to him and asked him, “Rob, is there something that you aren't telling me? You seem on edge today. Did you switch to a different strain of weed or something? You are acting not like yourself...

“Oh no, it has nothing to do with switching to a different strain of weed. I'm just really really nervous about this party is all. In fact, it has me a little bit stressed if I have to be completely honest..

“You're stressed? I think that's the first time that I have ever heard you say that before. Well, besides a few times in the back of indie locker rooms when we were wondering if we were going to get paid that evening or not. What are you so worried about Rob? This is just going to be a fun little get together between all our friends and coworkers. We are going to be blazing down all evening and just having one hell of a time. It's just a bunch of stoners Rob – it's truly nothing to worry about.” - Shelly stated.

Rob wasn't convinced and he talked in a slightly whiny tone, “Shelly, you don't understand – I really need to make a good impression on some of these people.”

Shelly raises her voice in a slightly aggravated tone - “Rob, you need to go smoke a bowl or something. You are beginning to get on my nerves, I mean if you aren't going to give me any more information than that, then I don't think that there is really something that I can do to help you. Besides, what are you nervous for? Did you invite your secret crush over or something? Rob, do you like like somebody?

Rob's face began to turn red. “Please Shelly, you know me better than that. When have I ever liked one girl? I'm RVD, I can get any lady that I please... how long have we been friends Shelly and how many women have you seen me get with? In fact, if I recall correctly.. you were one of those chicks, at least on a few occasions.

“Real cute, Rob. And besides that was a long long time ago. And you know that I no longer have those kinds of feelings towards you Rob. We are friends and nothing else.” - Shelly replies.

“Oh I know, I know.. you are one of my best friends, but I still can't believe that you think I would be nervous because of some kind of romantic thing. Nah, I'm cooler than that..” - Rob continues before getting cut off.

Shelly laughs, “Rob! I know you better than anybody else.. at least in those matters. And besides, I saw your face turn bright red a few minutes ago. You can try being Mr. Cool or Mr. Rob Van Dam, or whatever you are trying to do right now. But, I know that right now you are thinking about a girl. You have BIG plans for the night, don't you?”

“Maybe I do Shelly, or maybe my big plans are just to smoke a good amount of bud and enjoy the evening. And besides, isn't the person that you have a crush on going to also be at the party tonight? You know, I've seen the way you've been flirting with them online through Twitter and I'm surprised that they haven't caught on. Either they are really dumb or just playing obtuse. I think you know who I am talking about..”

Shelly's face now also turned beat red as she began to blush. She couldn't believe that her friend had turned the focus around and was now teasing her about her romantic interests. Then again, she thought to herself, this is why we are best friends. We give it back and forth towards each other and are more like brother and sister. She then sighs loudly...

“Well.. if they show up tonight. They have been rather coy about it.. so I'm trying to keep my hopes in perspective. I don't want my night to be ruined just because somebody decides not to show up or not. But, it's really really not a big deal. I have plenty of friends coming tonight so it's going to be a good night either way. Besides look at everything that we have for the party! I think that we are getting very close to being ready.” - Shelly stated.

Rob looked around his condominium and tried to take in all of the sights. It seems that Shelly had really been working hard all morning decorating the apartment. Throughout Rob's condo there were tons of pot-leaf banners strewn about. His living room was freshly vacuumed, the pillows on his couch were fluffed, and his coffee table was strewn with various smoking devices. There was a hookah, a couple smaller pipes, a few vaporizers, and a large bong. Sitting underneath the table was a large sack of very green marijuana which was already grounded up and ready to go. On his dining room table – there was a large supply of various munchies - everything from Doritos to Oreos to Funyuns and more. There were cupcakes and there were plenty of edibles. Rob also made sure that his kitchen was stocked with plenty of beer, pizza, and liquor for those who would also be partaking in drinking. Drinking never really was Rob's thing, but he wasn't a prude by any means and wanted to make sure that those who wanted to partake of that at his party could.

It was getting close to the time that people would be arriving to the condominium. It was around 3:15 PM and guests were told to arrive by 4:20 for the official party kick off blunt (or in this case many blunts). Fifteen more minutes passed and yet, nobody had arrived for the party. Rob Van Dam began to quickly pace around his condo. This made Shelly laugh out loud once again.

“What Shelly? What is so funny?” - Rob blurted out to her.

“You are! You are going nuts. You might be the most uptight stoner that I have ever seen. Whoever you are waiting for must be somebody really really special.” - Shelly teases her friend Rob.

“I hope so, I really do. There's just something about them that I can't explain. I don't even feel like myself right now. I know that I am never this way – and I do feel completely silly being so infatuated like this. If people don't get here soon, I'm going to have to smoke something just to relax. But I'm trying to be a good host and wait till people at least start to arrive. But, that dab that we enjoyed earlier is starting to wear off.. I don't know how much longer I can wait.” - Rob responded anxiously.

It only took a few more minutes before people began to arrive. Inside the condo, Rob Van Dam and Shelly heard the first ringing of the door bell. Shelly walked to the front door and peeked through the peep hole making sure that it was people that they knew, before opening the door for the group of people. The group of people included the gorgeous Naomi, who came with her husband Jimmy Uso, Natalya, and the striking redhead Eva Marie.

As Jimmy walked in he turned to RVD and asked him - “Yo Rob, are you ready to get turned up? I'm ready to go so hard tonight.”

Rob answered - “Jimmy, I've been waiting all day for this.. You know it. “ Shelly turned to the rest of the guests and greeted them. She began to show them where the drinks were as well as the rest of the party goods and favors. She told them that they were free to help themselves to whatever they wanted. As the group began to settle and begin small-talk with Rob, Shelly decided that she was going to pull Natalya away for a second. She grabbed Natalya's arm and led her to the kitchen.

Natalya spoke first - “Shelly, are you ok? The party just got started and I really hope there is nothing wrong.. I don't want this night to go bad. I know, I don't seem like a party animal and I'm usually not, but I've just been under a lot of stress lately and I really need tonight to be good...

“Sorry Nattie, I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to ask you how everything has been since we last talked. I know that it's been awhile and I know that you have a lot going on – with the things with your dad and with TJ's unfortunate injuries. Are you ok Natalya?” - Shelly asks.

Natalya stutters as she answers - “It's just been d-d-difficult is all, but I'm ok. And things with TJ and I have been better. In fact, he is actually feeling lively enough that he is suppose to be coming here later.”

Shelly smiles before stating - “I'm so happy that TJ is feeling good enough to come tonight. I didn't think that something like this would necessarily be his thing. Why didn't the two of you come together?”

Natalya simply laughs. “Please! Do you think I could manage to pull him away from his boyfriend? He's been hanging out with Cesaro all day, there's something about those two that just seems to make him in a better mood. They spend all their time together! At first, It use to make me jealous but now it just relaxes me. I'm glad that somebody is improving TJ's spirits.. even if he is never around anymore.”

Shelly bites her lips. She begins - “So is Cesaro coming with TJ? Or is TJ just coming after they are done hanging out? I've never gotten to meet Cesaro and from everything that you've said about him he seems like a truly wonderful guy.

“He is amazing. I have never met anybody like him. He is not only the most kind and sensitive person, but he is a great friend to my husband and.. I can't deny how undeniably gorgeous he is. And while I would never act on it.. I think that if TJ and I were ever going to have a threesome with somebody.. it would be Cesaro.” - Natalya states.

“I see... I mean, I can't blame you. He is gorgeous.. those fine chiseled abs... mmhmm.” - Shelly says.

Natalya cuts her off though, “Sorry, I'm not entirely sure if Cesaro is coming along with TJ. He said that he might be if possible, but he also said that he might be working out tonight. That's Cesaro for you, he is always working out and rarely takes a night off. But, what do you say we go back to the party Shelly? After all, I think I can hear some more people out there.

“Nattie, go ahead without me.. I need just a minute to compose myself. I'll catch up with you soon.” - Shelly stated. With that, Natalya hugged Shelly before walking to rejoin the party. Shelly sat in the kitchen trying to compose herself. Trying to not freak out. As soon as Natalya mentioned Cesaro, Shelly got excited. She immediately felt a tinge in her privates. Cesaro was the person whom she had been flirting with for weeks. She was absolutely bonkers about him. Everything about Cesaro turned her on – his voice, his accent, and most importantly his taut muscular frame. She had already pleasured herself many times just imagining what the King of Swing could do in the bedroom. As impressive as the Big Swing was, she knew that he would be equally if not more amazing in the bedroom. And yet, as excited as she was – her conversation with Natalya had also made her slightly nervous. Did Natalya say that she wasn't sure if Cesaro was showing up or not? Oh god – she hoped that Natalya was wrong. As cool as she was trying to be, just the mention of Cesaro raised her hopes. She knew that if he didn't show up now – her night would be absolutely ruined.

She did the only thing she could do. She breathed in slowly, she breathed out. She did this for a few more minutes allowing herself to become centered. Allowing her to become zen. She then walked back out into the living room, where the party was now in full swing. While she was in the kitchen, tons of other people joined the party and music had been turned on. Playing in the background was the beginning of a play list that she had made – right now the radio was playing some Afroman. She giggled to herself as she looked around the room to see who had all arrived. Arrivals included Hornswoggle, Emma, Paige, and the entire Social Outcasts.

It was 4:09, in 11 minutes the group would officially be kicking off the party. People were running out of time to arrive. As the party participants continued mumbling, all at once a loud blaring noise was heard. The party crowd didn't know what to think. And then they heard it again. It sounded like a horn, and then they heard it again. Followed by a quick rapping sound at the door. Rob answered the door and at the door was the complete team of the New Day – Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods.

As soon as Big E. walked into the party, he immediately hollered out “PARTY PEOPLE DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR. IT'S A FEW MINUTES UNTIL 4:20 AND WE ARE ABOUT TO FEEL THE POWER. LET ME HEAR YOU. CLAP YOUR HANDS FOR 4:20. 4:20, 4:20, 4:20”

The group begins to clap as everybody begins to start to form a circle. Rob Van Dam gets in the middle of the group with two blunts in his hand. He hears his cuckoo cluck chirp out.... Cuckoo... cuckooo... it is now officially 4:20 pm, and RVD's favorite holiday. As the cuckoo clock chirps, he inhales deeply before passing the first blunt to the next person. He then slowly inhales the second – he hits it twice without anybody noticing. This time he passes it to Shelly who is on the opposite side. He is hoping that this way everybody will get at least one hit quicker.

A good ten minutes pass – as the group continues to only focus on smoking the blunts that RVD lit up. As the track list continues playing, the group focuses on killing the last few hits of the blunt. Once the blunts are finished, the party continues. People begin to split off – and have their own private conversations. The New Day begins to have conversations with Naomi and Jimmy Uso while others like Hornswoggle head to the kitchen and begin to check out the liquor supply.

She finally approached him. It was Rob's crush.

Rob's heart fluttered as the gorgeous redhead finally approached him.

She spoke first - “Hi Rob! I'm so so glad that you invited me to this party. I can't believe that it's been awhile since we have seen each other. Do you remember our conversation at the Hall of Fame? That's when I told you how I felt about you, how I really wanted you to know that I wanted you.” - Eva Marie flirtatiously suggests.

Rob looks at her with a wide grin on his face. He then begins to speak- “Eva, Of course I remembered that conversation – that was the first time that I was introduced to you. And since then, there hasn't been a day where I haven't thought about you. I want you, it's that simple.”

Eva aggressively speaks - “So what are we waiting for? Ever since the Hall of Fame, I've wanted the same thing and I can't believe that we had to wait this long. Is there somewhere private that we can go to?”

Rob looks at her with a spark in his eye before opening his mouth and exclaiming “Excuse me everyone – Eva and I need to go and have a discussion. We will be back as soon as possible. Please continue to help yourself to the party goods and snacks here”.

Rob walks to his room with Eva. They shut the door as soon as possible . Next the door is locked to ensure that they have privacy. Rob walks over to another radio and turns on a light tune. Eva begins to speak - “So Mr. RVD are you glad that I'm here? Is this all that you wanted?:

Rob simply nods.

Eva continues - “Your friend Shelly might've clued me in... she might of told me about the infatuation you had for me. She sent me a text earlier letting me know how nervous you were earlier.. how much you wanted me to show up. Shelly is a great friend Rob, she is really there for you. If it wasn't for her I'm not sure that I would know that you felt this way about me. And I'm not sure I would've showed up at this party. I have to ask – why didn't you just tell me at the Hall of Fame? Were you nervous?

Rob coughs once and then again before finally speaking up - “I was... and I didn't know what that meant. Also, your husband was sending me death glares the whole time. But I'm glad that you are here with me now.. I'm glad that I can finally have you in my arms.”

He walks over to where Eva is standing and wraps his arm around the brim of her back before placing a quick peck on her lips. She instantly responds by kissing him back, at first the kisses are small and fluttery, but after a few minutes things really start to heat up. Eva's tongue now practically jamming itself down Rob's throat. Rob's hand has now moved from the brim of her back to fully squeezing Eva's ass.

Eva yelps as Rob pinches her ass. “Rob! What do you think you are doing? Just pinching my butt like that? - She laughingly teases him before shoving him on the bed. “I think your infatuation is already getting you a little bit too excited? Am I right Rob? Are you excited?

Rob tries to play it as cool as possible, but he doesn't know how he can hide his excitement when he can already feel his erection growing in his pants. So he rolls with it, he decides that he wants to speed things up a bit. He reaches to his pants and removes them as well as his boxers. His dick now growing even more as he looks directly at Eva.

Finally he speaks, “I'm definitely pretty excited, can you tell just how excited you are making me?”

“I most definitely can, your dick looks fantastic. Do you mind if I join you on the bed and we have some more fun?”

“Fuck no I don't” - Rob responds.

The next thing Rob knew was that Eva Marie had joined him on his bed and she had instantly started to play with his dick. First she used her hands – stroking him slowly up and down. Rob could tell that she was good with her hands and was skilled at giving hand jobs. She made sure to play with his balls with one hand while simultaneously using her other hand to play with the shaft. When Eva realized that he was now fully erect – she decided to finally taste Rob Van Dam. She placed the head of his dick in between her lips and started to go to town. Rob couldn't help but to let out the occasional moan and groan as the All Red Everything Diva was now skillfully pacing herself on his dick. With every bob of her head, Rob was getting even more smitten with the diva. He thought to himself that her husband was truly a lucky guy, he got to get these great blow jobs regularly. For a second or two, Rob's eyes were completely closed. He was far too relaxed and had to snap himself back into it. He didn't want this to end before he got to ride Eva Marie.

“Eva – ooh, mmph – I love how you suck on my cock, but I'm so ready to fuck you right now. I want to feel myself in you.”

Eva said nothing. She simply stopped bobbing on his cock and got up off the bed. She told Rob to unzip her red dress. Rob did so slowly, taking in the time to notice every inch of her body that was revealed to him. He was pleasantly surprised – as it turned out that Eva was wearing nothing underneath her dress. Eva Marie was now standing by Rob Van Dam's bed wearing absolutely nothing – her curvaceous body on complete display in front of him. Rob looked up and down her body – making sure to notice the pinkness of her nipples and the small patch of pubic hair that she had. She then returned to the bed.

As soon as Eva was on the bed, a different side of Rob Van Dam came out. He went from being the cool-laid back guy to being a sex-driven animal. Perhaps, this was the duelist nature of Rob Van Dam. That would explain why he always wore the Yin and Yang on his apparel. One of Rob's hands instantly was placed on Eva's breasts as he began groping them and squeezing. He allowed his other hand to trail down to in between her legs. He noticed that she was already damp, and not just a little damp, but extremely wet. He decided that he would dip one finger in. As he did so he noticed that Eva let out an extremely loud cooing sound. He took this as a sign to insert another one. Eva cooed again, this time slightly louder than before. Rob continued working Eva's clit for the next five minutes or so as he continued to play with her breasts. He varied the speed and intensity of his finger thrusts, but never inserted more than a second finger. Finally, Eva couldn't take any more of this warm-up and she too needed more. She shoved Rob back onto the bed again.

“Lay down Rob!” - Eva demanded. “I'm going to be the one in control. And besides you did want to ride me? Didn't you?”

“I did say that I wanted to - “ He began to speak before he was interrupted with a slap on his chest.

Eva coyly smiled as she looked at him and spoke again - “Did I say that you could talk Rob? When did I grant you that permission? And besides – are we here to talk or are we here to fuck? I know which one I'd rather be doing. And that's fucking. I want you to fuck the shit out of me right now, do you understand?”

This time Rob only nodded his head. Eva then crawled over to Rob's erect cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. At first she only guided half in – letting Rob begin to thrust into her. It only took a few seconds though before her already wet pussy allowed her to inch all of it inside of her. Rob tried to take it slow at first. His thrusts were gentle and calculated. He was trying to take in every bounce of Eva Marie. He wanted to watch as her breasts swayed in front of him, he wanted to see how her facial features changed as she lost her innocence. However, Eva Marie was not about this pace. She wanted to be fucked and she wanted to be fucked hard.

“Rob! Go faster! Go harder! This isn't love making! - She yelled at him before once again slapping him across the chest.

The Whole Dam Show picked up his pace and started to frantically slam his dick into the redhead Diva. With every slap of his cock meeting her pussy, he could feel more and more juices flowing out of Eva Marie. Eva was getting more vocal with her moans and groans and for a second, Rob hoped that the rest of the party wasn't aware of what they were doing.

“Mmmph. Oh yes, that's it.. come on Mr. PPV. Oooh yes, fuck me fuck me. I'm close! Very close! Just a few more thrusts.”

Rob was delighted to hear that Eva Marie was close. He wasn't sure how much longer he could maintain this pace. He was close to ejaculating himself, but he didn't want to finish too early. He wanted to make sure that Eva Marie was at least fully pleasured. Her moans continued to grow in frequency and loudness.

“Oooh, oohh,, ahh. YES YES yes. There it is. OH MY GOD. AHHHHHH.”

And then Rob felt it – a huge stream of liquid exploding. A smile flashed across his face, he knew that he had satisfied the gorgeous redhead Diva. She turned to him and looked him straight in the face before speaking - “Rob, I demand you to cum. Cum now. Cum in me.”

At first Rob was surprised, he didn't usually cream pie with any of his sexual partners. Especially not on the very first time they had sex. But, he was getting tired of getting smacked around by Eva. So he figured what the hell? If this is what the Diva wants, then he is going to follow her order. He began thrusting as hard as he possibly could. And with a few more pumps, he finally exploded. His spray of cum was more voluminous than normal and it all went deep inside of Eva Marie.

Eva spoke first - “That was amazing Rob. It was definitely worth the wait. But, I really need to clean up. Can I use your bathroom?”

He nodded and pointed her to the private bathroom that joined his room. He kissed her on the lips before stating: “I need to get back to the party, help yourself to whatever you need in there. I'll see you in a bit. And Eva, let's do that again some time.”

“Of course, Rob. You can be my Mr. Monday Night, Tuesday Night, Wednesday Night, or whatever Day of the Night anytime.” - Eva responded before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

When Rob returned to the party, he realized that more people had shown up. He made sure to go around and greet all of them making sure they were enjoying the party. He walked over to the New Day who were sitting on the couch passing a bowl between them. They motioned for Rob to join them on smoking this bowl.

“Thanks guys, I haven't smoked in a bit. That conversation with Eva took longer than I expected. I could use this”

Big E looked at Rob straight in the face and laughed. “Come on man, we know what was going on in there.”

Kofi stated - “Yea man, you weren't having a conversation at all. You were in there getting some BOOTY.”

Xavier cracks up and starts laughing loudly before he starts chanting “Booty-O's, Booty-O's”.

Rob just looks at the trio before laughing with them. He takes the next hit of the bowl and the party continues to rage on. Elsewhere, Shelly Martinez is chatting it up with the newly arrived TJ, who is with his wife Natalya. She is trying to get more information on her crush, Cesaro. She wants to know where exactly he is.

“Well – look at this darling couple. Nattie it seems that TJ has finally decided to join you.” Shelly looks at Natalya who has a huge smile on her face. “And TJ – it's been so long since I've seen you. How are you feeling, better?” - Shelly says.

TJ answers her - “I'm feeling good. Feeling way better both mentally and physically than I have felt in a long while. Thanks Shelly, I'm glad that you are a true friend and have shown my wife so much support in these trying times. You're a great friend.

“Speaking of great friends, Nattie told me about the new man in your life – she says that she hardly gets to see you anymore. In fact, she told me that you spend more time with him than with her. She even told me that she gets so jealous of your guy's relationship.”

Natalya blurts out - “I did NOT say that Shelly! Well not exactly anyway.. I do miss TJ though from time to time...”

TJ looks at his wife with a tinge of sadness on his face. “Babe.. I know, and I'm sorry. I'm trying to do better it's just that I've been busy with the rehab efforts.”

“Teej, it's fine. I understand.” - Natalya states.

“I'll do better, I promise you.” TJ then kisses his wife in a sweet matter. Meanwhile, Shelly is still standing there looking like a fool. She again tries to find out more information about Cesaro's whereabouts. “So, TJ where is your buddy anyway? I think Natalya said that you guys were coming here together.”

TJ states - “I'm not entirely sure. If you are lucky, he might still be outside in the car. He had a call to make and wasn't sure if he was going to stay for the party or not. This isn't really his scene at all so he wasn't sure if he was going to stay. You might want to leave now if you are trying to catch him... “

“Thanks! I'll see you guys in awhile.” - Shelly exclaimed as she headed through the condo, exiting through the front door. As she stepped outside, she realized that it was a crisp and cool California night. She looked one way down the street and then the opposite way. She could see a whole mess of cars lining both sides of the road, but she wasn't sure which one was Cesaro's. That is until she spotted a black BMW 5 series with the the vanity license plate that read “Swiss.” She knew that this had to be Cesaro's car, so she slowly walked towards it. She approached the driver's side window and lightly rapped on the glass. Slowly, the window came down and she finally saw Cesaro for the first time. It was an instant attraction for Shelly. She barely even noticed when he began to speak:

“Excuse me miss, is there something that I may help you with? You look like you may be needing help or wanting something. My name is Cesaro by the way, may I ask what yours is darling?”

It took her a second to respond.. “My name is Shelly! You may've heard of me before.. I use to be in ECW as Ariel..”

“Ariel – oh yes, I recall seeing you in ECW. I do believe you are also friends with Natalya, correct? I've overheard a bit of her conversations with TJ about you... well, if I do say so it's a pleasure to officially meet you Miss Shelly.”

“You too Cesaro,” - Shelly shyly responds. “So um.. are you going to come into the party or are you going to stay out here all night by yourself?

“Honestly, I was just about to leave before you knocked on my window. This party is not my thing at all. I don't mean to be judgmental, but I don't get the 'occasion' or the reason for the celebration. In my country, marijuana isn't as common. So the whole sensation of having a holiday based around it is foreign to me. And plus, I think I would get too paranoid... I wouldn't want to be another WWE superstar who ruined their push because of a failed drug test. I mean, hell – Adam Rose and Konnor just got busted a few days ago. You never know when Vince is going to test you.. I guess if I had a reason to stay then I might...”

Shelly looks at him and bats her lashes. “Well then, do you mind if I keep you company for a little bit?”

“I will never turn down an invitation from such a gorgeous lady.. please get in the car.” - He stated.

Cesaro exited the car and for the first time Shelly noticed that he was in a full tuxedo. She couldn't help but to wonder if this was the same tearaway suit that he has been wearing since his return to the WWE. He opens the back door and invites her to get into the backseat. She enters the vehicle and he follows after her allowing the door to slam behind him. She then hears the sound of the door locking.

Shelly looks at him with a grin on her face. She teasingly asks - “So Cesaro, you locked the door- what exactly do you think is going on?”

“The tinting is better back here and I didn't think that we would want to be disturbed” - He answers.

“Disturbed? What do you think is going to happen here?

“Shelly, I know exactly what is going to happen here. And I can see from the glimmer in your eye that you know exactly what is going to happen here too. From the moment you first knocked on my window, I could see the twinkle in your eye. You had a goal in mind.”

Shelly nervously bit her lip. She couldn't believe that this man so accurately could read her mind. That she was that transparent. Maybe this is just another thing that Cesaro is exceptionally gifted at. Maybe this isn't the first time Cesaro has experienced something like that. After all, he is an absolutely impressive physical specimen. Shelly wouldn't be surprised if he was regularly getting hit on by ladies, but she didn't think he seemed like somebody who would regularly hook up with ringrats.

“So.. I did. I had a plan in my mind... I've had a crush on you for awhile.” - Shelly finally blurts out.

Cesaro smiles. “Your tweets have shown me that. And I hope you didn't think I was obtuse to your advances.. I just tend to play it cool on social media. Again, you can never be too cautious in the WWE. I had no idea if you were on one of Vince's shit lists or not... but I was always intrigued. And then I saw you in person and Shelly you are truly gorgeous. I must have you.”

“I'm yours for the taking – now, is that the breakaway tuxedo? I bet that has to come in handy for these kinds of hook-ups.”

He laughed as he tore away the suit to reveal his toned muscular body. Cesaro was now sitting in the backseat of his car in nothing more than a form-revealing pair of blue briefs. Shelly let out a very audible gasp when she noticed the already impressive looking outline of Cesaro's penis in those tiny briefs.

He turned to her and asked - “So, shall we get rid of this dress you are wearing too?” Shelly nodded her head. And then Cesaro slowly unzipped her dress. As the dress fell to the floor, Cesaro took notice of Shelly's incredible body. He reached out and grabbed her ass which was covered with only a small skimpy thong. Her breasts were barely contained in a black bra which was also adorned with pot leaves.

He couldn't help himself, he had to comment on this. “So you really like your marijuana don't you? Are you one of those stoner girls? I don't mind, but it's not my usual type is all. But as you can tell, I can't keep my hands off of you. You are stunning Shelly.”

“I suppose you could call me a stoner chick, if you want, but I'm so so much more than that. And besides, is this really what you want to talk about right now?”


She didn't allow him to get another word out. She scooted over to him and got on his lap, making sure to position herself on the large member in those briefs. As soon as she got on his lap, she could already feel Cesaro's sausage twitching. She liked how he was already growing harder. She couldn't wait to see the monster at it's peak. The two of them quickly began to make out. Shelly was lip-locking the Swiss superstar with deep and wet kisses. And all the while, his cock continued to twitch and tingle.

Cesaro reached around and unhooked the clasp on Shelly's bra. His face was now engulfed with Shelly's pert 34 E (34 DD) breasts. They were obviously more than a handful and a lot more than a mouthful, but that didn't stop Cesaro from at least attempting to place as much of her boobs in his mouth as possible. As he sucked on her tits, he also noticed just how wet Shelly was. His briefs were now turning dark blue as a result of the wetness. Finally, he used a free hand to pull down his briefs to his ankles.

Shelly briefly removed herself from his lap as she peeled off her thong. She hopped back onto Cesaro's dong, this time attempting to sit on the entire monster. Shelly Martinez wanted to feel all nine inches deep in her. As Shelly took in more of Cesaro's monster cock, she let out moan after moan. The two of them continued to fuck in the backseat for the next half hour before finally they reached their breaking points.

Shelly lost track of how many orgasms the Swiss stud had given her after the first five or so. And even though he had an impressive amount of cardio and stamina, he had finally ran out. With a few final pumps, Cesaro thrusted away before finally cumming deep into Shelly's waiting snatch. After their orgasms, the two continued passionately making out for awhile.

All good things have to come to an end though. Cesaro and Shelly both got re-dressed and exited the backseat. Shelly asked Cesaro if he was going to go to the party, he simply shook his head no before explaining that the party was winding down and that he had received a text from TJ asking to give him and Natalya a ride home. Shelly was disappointed, but Cesaro kissed her very sweetly before walking her to the door and telling her to enjoy the rest of her night.

“Shelly, this will not be our last time. Trust me. Goodbye dear.”

Shelly re-entered the house and returned to the party. She realized that she had been gone for way longer than she expected as the party was now dwindling down. Rob and Xavier Woods were the only two still actively smoking any marijuana. They were sitting at the dining room table conversing about space and astrology. Big E was passed out on a beanbag chair and Kofi was nowhere to be seen. Shelly walked over to Rob.

“Shelly, where have you been? I haven't seen you in awhile.. unfortunately, I think that the party is about over. You can pass out in the guest room though, I kept it free for you.”

“Oh, I was hanging out with Cesaro.” - Shelly stated.

“I didn't even know he was here. But then – you had a good night?” - Rob said with a wink in his eye, knowing who Shelly's crush was.

She answered - “I did indeed, this was a great party Rob. And did you have any luck?”

Xavier chimed in - “You mean with Eva? Yea your boy got the BOOTY”.

Shelly laughed before wishing the two a goodnight. Shelly then walked to the guest room where she proceeded to quickly fall asleep. As she fell asleep, she couldn't help but to hope that Cesaro would also be in her dreams. She wanted to relive that sex again, and again.

MizDad's Halloween Party

It was a dark and gloomy Saturday night. The rain continued pouring down in Cleveland and the thunder and lightning continued crashing every few minutes. However, things were completely different on the inside of the Mizanin household. Inside, both the Miz's mother and father were rapidly preparing for their Halloween party. The Mizanin Halloween party had been a tradition for nearly twenty years at this point and for many people it was one of the can't miss events of the year.

Nobody was a bigger fan of Halloween and horror than The Miz's father. Yes, the Mizdad was truly a horror connoisseur. Each year he began celebrating the holiday earlier and earlier and decorating more and more of their house. It started simple - with only a few simple bat decorations strewn throughout the house and entrance way, and then one year he bought a scarecrow, and another year he got a good deal on caskets, and another year he picked up a huge surplus of skeletons. As the years had passed the Mizanin household slowly transformed into a haunted attraction every single October. Then, the parties began to take place.

The Halloween parties at the Mizanin household started off simple. The Miz's parents began to invite a few friends over each year and enjoyed a few beverages as well as a few adult Halloween games. Each year the party seemed to grow as more and more people began to attend. Eventually, the party started to get the attention of The Miz's co-workers who loved being around his father. The MizDad was definitely a party animal and everybody wanted to attend one of his parties. Everybody in the entire WWE locker room waited anxiously for an invite throughout September. The superstars who were invited felt relieved and the superstars who weren't invited were devastated. If you were elected to be one of the MizDad's Halloween guests, you had to show up or risk never being invited again.

The door bell than rang loudly as a knocking sound was also heard.

“Fuck, who the hell is that? The party isn't for another few hours and I'm not even ready yet... hell, I'm not even dressed in my costume yet... this better not be somebody for the party..” - The MizDad grumbled.

“Oh dear, relax honey – it's probably just Mike. He asked me earlier if he could help out with anything and I know how you get about this party.. always so stressed about it. So I told him to come early.” - The Miz's mother responded.

The doorbell rang again and finally Mike's father approached the door and swung it open. Standing in the doorway were The Miz and his gorgeous wife Maryse. Neither of them were dressed for the party yet, but the Miz's dad couldn't help but to look Maryse up and down. He noticed that she was wearing a teensy red dress that showed ample amounts of cleavage.

“Hello Dad, I hope you don't mind that we are here a few hours early. Mom said that you might need some help setting up the party and since a lot of my co-workers are coming to this.. I figured that I should at least be somewhat involved. Plus, this way we get to spend some significant amount of time together. So Dad, is there anything that I can do to help right now?” - Mike asked.

“Well first of all, you can move the hell out of my way! How the hell am I going to hug your gorgeous wife with you standing there in the way? Also, could you quit blocking the doorway and let your wife inside from the god damn rain” - The MizDad responded.

He then proceeded to lightly shove his son out of the way and walked over to Maryse. He threw his arms around the petite blonde. He squeezed her tightly; and for longer than a normal hug would be. He also gave her a kiss on the cheeks.

She responded by merely laughing and saying, “It's been too long since we've seen each other Dad. When was the last time anyway?”

The MizDad merely laughed. He knew that both of the two remembered the last time that they had seen each other. He went on to state, “It was around Father's Day.. I believe, wasn't that when Mike had a show and you decided to stay here and help me... help me with a few things in the garage?”

She simply laughed and stated: “Yes, that was the last time. It was a great day.”

They could hear Mike's mother calling from the other room, before she walked into the living room. She came out with a Pabst Blue Ribbon and handed it to her husband. “Baby, I got this for you.. I know that it's going to be a long night and that we still have a lot to do before everybody gets here. Try to drink this beer and relax if you can. Maryse, Mike – is there anything that I can get the two of you? Something to drink or something to eat?

Maryse shook her head no as Mike spoke out. “No thank you Mom, we stopped just a little bit ago on the road and picked up something. So where do you need us to help out the most?”

Mike's father responded: “We could use some help setting up the garage... it has most of the decorations put up, but we still need to enable the fog machines and get those going. The bathroom's haunts are ready to go and the bedrooms as well as the study are almost done.”

Mike looked at his father, stunned for a second. “Since when do you have a study? The last time that I was home... you didn't have a study. Is this just one of the bedrooms with a mini-fridge and your collections?”

The older man answered his son affirmatively. The grandfather clock chimed out and the group realized that they should stop wasting time and get to work. The Miz and his father proceeded to the garage while Maryse and his mother went back into the kitchen to finish prepping all of the food and refreshments for the party.

In the garage, Mike and his father continued any last minute work that needed to be done. They double-checked that all the fog machines were ready to go. They made sure that all the skeletons were hung properly and that the proper music was ready to go for their haunts. The Miz couldn't help but to smile as he watched his dad frantically pace around the garage checking time and time again that every contraption worked. Mike thought to himself that his dad was an absolute lunatic – but in the best kind of way. He turned to his dad and began to compliment him.

“Dad, if I've never said this before – I absolutely love how into this you are. For my whole life you have always made sure to throw us some of the best parties ever. And I know that these parties are a lot of work for you, but I really appreciate it Dad. Please, do your best and try to have some fun tonight. Hell, some of my coworkers can't wait to meet you for the first time.”

His dad simply looks at him and smiles. He polishes off the remainder of his Pabst Blue Ribbon, before grabbing another one from the fridge in the garage and cracking it open. “Son – when have you known me to not have fun at a party. Especially at a god damn Halloween party. The only question is if I'm going to have too much fun. And you know that I'm waiting to meet some of your coworkers for the first time. I'm stoked to meet a few of them especially.”

The Miz instantly gets a quizzical and puzzled look on his face as he responds, “Dad, who are you talking about? Should I be worried that you are going to do something to embarrass me? Dad , come on Dad, try to stay sensible about things tonight..”

“Son, you have nothing to worry about. Have I embarrassed you yet at any of these parties?”

“Well no... but there's always a fir- “

He was instantly cut off by his father. “Relax Mike – here take the rest of this beer. You need to relax just as much as I do. Besides, you should really focus on the positives about tonight – you get a night off to do nothing else, but dance and hang out with your gorgeous bride. Plus, if she is wearing anything as remotely sexy as she had on earlier – heads will be spinning like in The Exorcist.”


“Sorry son.” - He replied as he went over to his fridge, grabbed another beer and opened it up.

“It's ok dad, let's just make a toast to tonight being a great night for everybody.” His father clinked his beer can against his son's as the two smiled and continued to blissfully prepare for the party.

A few hours had passed and the party was now in full-swing. Various Halloween classics such as “The Monster Mash” could be heard playing throughout the party. The house was filled with a variety of guests including WWE Superstars – Kofi Kingston, who was dressed as a ninja, Hornswoggle, who was dressed as Gonzo from the Muppets, Wade Barrett, who was dressed as a cop, and Tyler Breeze, who was dressed as.. Tyler Breeze.

Many WWE Divas were also in attendance, including – former Diva Kaitlyn, who was dressed as Wonder Woman, AJ Lee, who was dressed as Quailman, Lita, Kelly Kelly, and of course Maryse. Maryse's costume, much to the surprise of nobody, was sexier than the outfit she had on earlier. She decided to go as one of Halloween's most classic costumes – she was dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl. And as Hornswoggle would find out later in the evening while hiding under the snack table, Maryse was also completely pantyless.

Out in the living room, a group of people were attempting to play twists on the classic Halloween games. On the couch, John Cena and Nikki Bella were joined by Daniel Bryan and Brie and they were playing a drinking game while watching the cult classic movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space. They decided drink for the following rules:

-Every time Mooney is on the screen and committing police brutality.

-Every time Shorty is on screen.

-Every time cotton candy makes an appearance.

-Every time one of the clowns does a stereotypical clown action.

Out in the garage, the music was blaring and a number of people were dancing including the Miz's father. He was really cutting up on the dance floor and a number of people were definitely watching him get his groove on. Heath Slater, who was dressed as a Crest toothpaste bottle, turned to the Miz who was guzzling down a shot and stated, “Damn dude, look at your dad tear it up. He's a dancing fool!”

The Miz cracked up and replied back, “Yea, he's pretty good. I've taught him a thing or two.. though I don't know if you should be comparing him to the dancing fool, there's some people who would take offense to that.”

Heath laughed, “Who are you talking about? Did you somehow manage to get das Wunderkid to show up? You know, Alex Wright...”

“Well not exactly, Heath – but do you see the person over there who is dressed as Wario? Yes... Wario. That's Coach Smiley over there.” - The Miz continued.

“You have to be shitting me! Of all the costumes – I would've never pictured that Coach Smiley would've dressed up as Wario. I can't believe that Coach Smiley knows anything about video games..” - Slater went on to say.

The Miz started laughing so hard that he eventually started wheezing. He finally manged to find the words to explain to Heath that Norman informed him earlier about his costume choice. Norman had told the Miz that he had forgot to get a costume until last minute and resorted to borrowing one from his nephew.

The Miz once again laughed before continuing, “and the worse part about it all is Norman's nephew told him that he gave him a cool costume. Something that would earn him respect among his younger colleagues. Something that would make his coworkers talk about the Big Wiggle all night long.”

“Well.. his nephew was kind of right, we are talking about his costume after all.” - Slater responded. And with that the two men simply looked at each other. They stood silent for a few seconds before finally going back to their drinks.

The music continued through the garage as the dance floor became increasingly crowded. People all over the dance floor were bumping, grinding, and still – at the heart of it all – was the MizDad. He continued to party and rage wildly with every beat and pulse of the music. The music suddenly changed to something far slower and sexier as the lights were lowered. All of a sudden, a loud whooshing sound was heard.. and it quickly became apparent that the smoke machines were just turned on. The garage begins to fill with a heavy haze of fog. Just then – the Miz's father feels a warm breath on the back of his neck. He quickly snaps around and tries to figure out what is going on.

He looks... and he sees nothing. He stands there bewildered. Suddenly, he once again feels a warm breath on the back of his neck. He again turns around and sees nobody. His blood starts to boil and he begins to get slightly pissed off. He lets out a bellow, “WHICH ONE OF YOU FUCKERS IS TOYING WITH ME? It's not the least bit funny. Cut out the shit or else - “

He hears a laugh behind him before once again feeling a warm breath on his neck. But then, he feels something different – as he feels somebody lean into his ear and whisper , “Or else what sexy? What are you going to do to me, especially if you can't even see me? I could easily continue to tease you like this all night... and unless I wanted you to, you would never even know who this is. Wouldn't that just drive you absolutely crazy? I could continue to fuck with you all night long and you'd never even know what to do. I can just see it now... you'd continue lashing out at everyone in this party. Losing your complete cool... ruining your own party.”

The MizDad was rocked. He remained silent now not knowing how to respond or even react to whatever was going on. The only thing that he knew is that somebody was attacking him, somebody was coming after him. And for what? What could they possibly want from him?

“I see that I have you quite rattled right now... you have no idea of what's going on, do you?” - The voice responds.

The MizDad once again hears a laugh behind him, but this time he notices that it's a female laugh. He once again lets out a booming roar, “Lady, whoever you are – I demand that you show yourself. Besides, what kind of person are you if you won't even show yourself? Some kind of scared asshole? Some kind of pussy? I'll make a deal with you.... I'm going to turn around again in 3 seconds and you better show yourself....I'll even give you the benefit of a countdown. Alright lady... here we go...




The music crescendos. As the MizDad turns around this time, he sees somebody. It is a squat Japanese lady dressed in a witch costume. The Miz's father has absolutely no idea who this is, but he knows that he is intrigued. In fact, he is a little bit more than intrigued. Maybe it's the alcohol finally hitting him, but he notices that something about this Japanese lady has him turned on. Perhaps it's the mystery and intrigue, or perhaps it's the fact that even in her witch costume – her breasts are on full display, and dear lord what a display it is. All of a sudden he knows that he must have this witch ride his broomstick. He turns to her suddenly and begins to speak.

“I don't know who you are – or what you are up to. But I can't deny how attracted I am to you.. there's definitely something about you.. that is driving me crazy. I must.. no, I need to have you...” He pauses for a moment. He then sighs heavily, before continuing to speak. “The only question is where.. where can I have you? This god damn party is so crowded... damn it, why do we always invite so many people to these things?”

The lady merely laughs again, as she begins to stroke his face. She leans in to kiss him and places a finger to his lips as a way of hushing him. She then goes on to say, “Quiet silly... right here is fine for what I want and what you are going to get. Nobody will be able to see anything in here. Those fog machines of yours that you set up were decent.. but I upgraded them. As long as this fog is going and the music is playing, we are virtually invisible and we are free to do whatever we want here. Nobody will see us.”

The MizDad laughs. “So I better hope this song is a long one then? I mean you said when the music ends...”

“It's not that literal.., baby..” - She responds.

“But what do you want, I mean – I still don't know who you are.. what do I even call you?” - MizDad states.

“I'm Asuka, one of NXT's newest Divas... you know I've wanted to get to know you forever.. in fact, you are the part of the reason I came to NXT... I saw you on TV in Japan, and I knew that the men there weren't in comparison..in fact, I had never seen somebody with quite your body type ever... and I know that I've only been with the company for a few weeks... and yet, I go after what I want. And you, I want you. I want you in so many ways... but mostly, right now – I want you in my mouth, I want to feel your penis on my lips..” - She said.

With that, there was nothing more to do, nothing more to obey, nothing more than to give in. So the MizDad did the only thing that he could do. He pulled down his pants and pulled his penis out of his boxers, he twisted a bit and let his cock wave a little bit in front of the squat Japanese lady. Asuka was impressed with the size of his dingaling, it was probably the biggest cock she had seen in her life. In comparison to the men she had been with in Japan, even the average American seemed huge. With that she turned extremely horny and began salivating heavily. She quickly reached her hands up to the dick in front of her, she wrapped her hands around it, before rubbing her fingers thoroughly up and down his penis.. she grabbed the shaft rapidly before taking ahold of it and placing it onto her lips.

She could feel the weight of the Mizdad's dick on her lips, she was also beginning to taste the saltiness of the old man's dick on her tongue, and she didn't care. To her it was delicious, after all, this is why she came to this party. This was her goal. She wanted to get this old man's dick into her mouth. She begin to slowly move her lips up and down the penis, she wanted to taste each and every millimeter of his member, she wanted to feel all his hardness against her throat, she wanted to simply devour this dick.

She began to choke as she took more and more of his dick into her mouth. She didn't expect him to be so huge, but she definitely thought her mouth was a perfect fit for his size. Every thrust he made gave her a sense of euphoria. “Glug, glug ugh eugggh glacccch” were the sounds heard, as Asuka took more and more of his member in his mouth.

The MizDad was still trying to comprehend exactly what was going on. He knew that right now, something amazing and wonderful was happening in his sexual organs, but he wasn't sure why. He didn't know what he had done to deserve this. All he knew was that he was dancing in the garage and then suddenly this lady had approached him. And when she approached him, she wanted everything. She wanted to taste his cock.

And Asuka got her wish, as she continued to devour his penis in the middle of the dance floor in this garage. The fog continued to blur this encounter, but what couldn't be blurred was the desire between these two. Both of their hormones were bursting. They were both hornier than they had been in a long long time. They were both approaching new levels of desire. Levels that had never been thought of before. Levels that neither of them knew that they could achieve. And the only thing to do – the only way to respond was to push the limits – to find out what you could really discover. To find a bliss that you had never experienced before.

Her lips continued sliding up and down his shaft, they were getting Super Sloppy Double Dare style and he merely continued to groan. He could feel the pressure heavy on his testicles, he could feel each and every warm embrace as Asuka's mouth went up and down his cock. Mizdad thought to himself about how slippery his dick was, how Asuka managed to get it this wet without any kind of aid.. how her mouth was far superior than any kind of lubricant that was on the market... He couldn't believe that this was such a good blowjob, after all... he had a lot of experiences with blow jobs. His wife was above average at giving them, and there was always that time that he hooked up with Maryse.. and even in his mind he knew that there was something special about this action, something special about this blowjob. How was Asuka so good? Was this an Asian secret? He didn't even care. All that he knew was that he was ecstatic, that as long as her lips were rubbing all of his erogenous zones – he would be content. He would be so content that he couldn't contain himself too long. As her mouth continued up and down his penis, he could barely continue. There was a loud gurgling sound... and his balls starting throbbing. Asuka could feel an increase in the throbs from his penis. She could tell that each throb meant he was getting closer. He was getting closer to exploding. She could feel each and every throb in his penis as she continued sucking his cock. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. But, she knew that she wanted to. Everything about his dick was amazing and she didn't know if she would get another chance with him. With another chance at the MizDad. She didn't know if she wanted to put up with the locker room fights to continue to hook up with him.

The MizDad begin to let out some moans “Oh yea, keep it up Asuka.. I'm so so close. I just need a little bit more... I'm so close to exploding.”

The Halloween music continued in the background and still nobody was wiser to what was going on. In the middle of the dance floor, the Miz's father and one of NXT's newest recruits were going at it. Asuka had his penis in her mouth and was sucking his penis with intensity; it looked like she was completely ready to finish this action.

Asuka decided to get aggressive. As she continued sucking, she reached her other hand near The MizDad's anus. She wanted to place a finger in his ass, she wanted to really make him explode. As she continued reaching, she finally found it.. she finally found a spot where her finger would fit in. As she placed her finger... she could hear a tiny popping sound. And instantly, she felt it. She felt the Mizdad's dick get harder. She felt the twinges of his dick. She could feel the cock rising in her hands.

She knew that she only had one recourse. She was going to have to suck him as hard she could. She knew that she was going to have to suck him harder than anybody she had ever sucked before. And she did just that. With her lips pressed against the Mizdad's cock, she slurped super hard, she slurped as hard as she could, she slurped until her lips began to get chapped, she slurped until her lips began to chatter, she slurped until her brain went numb, and she slurped and slurped until the only thing she could experience was his dick. The Mizdad's dick. The Mizdad's dick within her mouth. And she wanted it more than anything else. She wanted him to finally cum. And he, he also wanted it, the Mizdad was finally ready to cum into a beautiful Asian's mouth. For the first time in his life.

There was nothing else heard for a couple of seconds. And finally all that was heard was splatting sounds. Splats upon splats. Loads upon loads. The MizDad was cumming as hard and as frequently as Asuka was. They were moaning loudly and aggressively. And yet nobody could hear them, thank god for the fog in this garage Thank god for the smoke machines. Even on this busy dance floor, nobody could see them, and that was the way they liked it.

As soon as they were done, MizDad once again spun around and looked for her. She was gone... again. Nobody was behind him. He had no idea where Asuka had disappeared to, but he also wasn't too concerned. He had just experienced a great sensation and if the rest of the party was going to shake out like this, then he was ready for it. He was ready to experience what else was going to take place at this party.

He didn't have to wait too much longer, before he was approached again by another WWE Diva. He knew that he had a reputation as a stud, but if he was ever going to expand his reputation, it was going to be tonight. So when another lady approached him, he was completely ready for it. He was ready for pretty much anything. There was a reason why he was always the coolest person in any situation. Truly, the MizDad was in a league of his own.

So as he continued to party in the garage, the Mizdad didn't know who would be the next to approach him. Sure, in his mind, he had his favorites. There were plenty of WWE Divas that he wished would approach him. Even though, he just had an amazing experience with Asuka, he couldn't help but to want more. This was after all Halloween, and his party. He had spent many weeks trying to set up everything for this party and he knew that he had barely began to scratch the surface.... no, he expected more from this night. There were plenty of his son's other friends here... there were plenty of Maryse's other friends here.. and he knew this was his opportunity.. his opportunity to have more sex than he could imagine in a night..”

The Miz's father wasn't a prude by any means, after all – he had an open relationship with his wife. They were both free to have any kind of sexual interactions with anybody who came to their home. After all, that was why they did this.. why they had this Halloween party for so long. Why they were such a good couple after so many years. They weren't afraid to experiment, they weren't afraid to be open, they weren't afraid to live life. And he thought – so who could he hook up with next? Who was available at this party? The MizDad definitely wanted more and he began to stroll through the party trying to find somebody else to fool around. He left the garage and walked into the living room where plenty of people were listening to music. He didn't see who he was looking for , so he continued on to another room. He approached the house's staircase and proceed to walk up them. At the top of the steps he realized that there were multiple rooms and he decided to walk to the room' on the left. There were two rooms... As he approached the second room, he knocked on the door. A loud rapping sound was heard.

Nobody answered... but, he proceeded to swing the door open. As he opened the door, he couldn't believe what he saw. He opened the door to see a room and a bed. And in the bed was the beautiful diva Naomi, and Naomi was presenting herself. When you first swung open the door, she had on a dark bra, but as the door swung open she quickly removed that and completely presented herself. She wanted you to see her breasts.. she wanted you to view her hooters. She originally was wearing a black lacy thong, but she removed that too. She meant business, she wanted you as soon as possible.

What did you do? You did the best that you could. You walked over to the bed and you began to kiss her. You reached over to the bed stand and placed on a condom. Even though, you were in a rush for this, you knew that safety was important. After all, you didn't need any Usos running around... You didn't need to get into any paternity battles with WWE Divas. You had a child already.. and that's why you were having this party. The Miz was your child, and you were his father. You wanted to make him look good and you also wanted to make yourself look good. And your night was already going well, you had already pleased one WWE Diva, and it looked like you would soon be pleasing your second WWE Diva.

So there she was, Naomi was spread across this bed waiting to be serviced and the only thing that you could think of of was eating her out. You wanted to eat her black box. You wanted to pleasure that pussy. You wanted to lap your tongue like you were thirsty. You wanted to get your mouth sticky with all of Naomi's juices.

And as you would quickly find out, you couldn't believe the taste of her juices. They were so delicious, they were so sweet, they were like a mix of of Surge and Tang, and something else that you didn't know how to describe. And you thought to yourself, that you could get use to this, you could get use to these juices. If you had to choose in life only one liquid to drink, these pussy juices would bear a lot of consideration.

He continued going down on her, make sure to lick each and every spot of Naomi's dripping wet pussy. She began to moan loudly and he briefly told her to keep it down. She tried her best to muffle her moans, but she struggled as he continued to wiggle his tongue deeper and deeper in her. Naomi couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe that he was so good at it... She bellowed out as she was nearing an orgasm..

“Ohhhh Mizdad.. oohh baby, I enjoy how you flick that tongue in me. Oh you are soo much better than my husband at this. Keep going- keep going baby. I'm soo AHH so so MMM close.”

It only took another few seconds before Naomi felt a warm sensation of cum squirting from her privates. The Miz's father simply buried his face in her legs further. He wanted to soak his head in this stream of cum. Naomi began to speak -

“Damn baby, maybe you should be on Team BAD, because you are a complete badass at eating pussy. I've never been taken like that before. But, I think we should be getting back to the party.. we don't' want to seem suspicious, do we?”

He stared at her with a sheepish grin on his face before responding, “Naomi, I frankly don't give a fuck if people are missing us. I'm still ready to go and if you think I'm passing up this chance to work your glorious ass – you are crazy. I've been wanting to play with that ass for years.” - Mizdad stated.

She laughed and also had a huge grin on her face. “This ass? You mean this beautiful ass?” She then proceeded to flip over onto her stomach. She was fully presenting her ass to the Miz's father. “And I bet you just want to bury your face into this ass too? You want to feel my ass wiggling all over your face, don't you big boy? Well, I'll tell you what – as long as you are relatively quick, you can do whatever you would like to do to my ass. ” - She continued.

“Well.. my face and some other things yes. But enough talking about it. I can be as quick as you would like me to be and even when I'm quick – I'll fuck that ass real good. I bet that when I am finished you will be begging me to fuck your ass again soon.” - He stated with a ton of confidence. He then took his whole head and rested it on Naomi's buttcheeks. He took his fingers and slowly began to spread open her ass, he let out a loud sniff as he begin sniffing her anus. He couldn't help himself anymore – he had to taste her back-entry buffet. He plopped his tongue into her backside and began slowly rolling his tongue up and down her butthole. She let out yelp after yelp and he could tell that she was getting increasingly hornier. He was beginning to have her right where he wanted – soon she would be loose and wet enough that he could slide his cock right in that ass. She moaned again loudly and reached out to squeeze his wrist. He knew that she was getting closer and closer to being ready for his swelling dick. Finally, she whispered to him..

“Daddy, Miz Daddy, please I need it – I need it so bad. Please give me that dick. Give it to me right now baby.”

He was good as following instructions, especially when the instructions were exactly what he wanted to do. He instantly pushed his erect penis into her asshole and she responded by letting out a loud whimper. He continued to pump and her screams continued echoing throughout the room. She ordered him to go faster. Loud echos of skin slapping skin could be heard throughout the entire bedroom. The MizDad was beginning to feel the strain of the evening and he felt his balls start to get heavy. He knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. He quickened his pace as Naomi continued to yell out dirty talk.

“Oh daddy MM.. fuck me good. MMMM ahhh fuck yes! Oh right there – oh yes oh yess I – I I love your cock. MizDaddy's got a real real good cock.”

She felt the quivering in his legs and she instantly felt the entirety of his load shoot deep into her ass. She also let out a huge moan at the same time. Slowly, the MizDad removed his cock from her ass as loud squishing sounds were heard. He moved up to Naomi and placed a deep kiss on her lips. They were both happy as they continued to lay next to each other for a few minutes. Eventually, they knew that they had to get back to the party. Naomi turned to him and said, “What do you think we should do about these sheets? They are kind of ruined and soaked.”

He laughed and simply turned to her and said, “Fuck it, just throw them off the bed – it's not like anybody is going to be doing anything with these sheets. And if they are, well – they will just get a surprise if they try to dress up as a ghost. A sex stained ghost. Anyway, I'm extremely thirsty – I need another beer. Thanks for everything tonight, we'll have do this again in the future. That ass is truly out of this world.”

He then proceeded to get dressed and exited the room. He went downstairs and headed to the kitchen to help himself to some food and beverages. He had already been with two WWE Divas tonight and if he was lucky, there were going to be more. He needed to keep his energy up if he was going to keep going tonight. He quickly found a meatball sub and paired it with another Pabst Blue Ribbon. While he ate, he continued to take in the sounds of the Halloween party.

Over in the next room, he could observe several people in a circle. He noticed that in the middle was Chris Jericho who was shotgunning beers through a beer bong. The Mizdad remarked to himself that he liked the way Chris Jericho partied. If anybody could challenge his partying lifestyle, it was probably Chris Jericho. Jericho was doing his best to get other superstars to join in on the chugging festivities. Alex Riley was the first to join in, to nobody's surprise. Of course, a stereotypical jock like Alex Riley would be no stranger to chugging beers. Upon the completion of his sub, he grabbed another beer and decided to head outside. He wanted to take a moment to collect himself, he wanted to take a moment to relax. He simply needed a break.

The day had been long already. He was practically wearing himself thin and the party was still in full swing. As he went outside, he noticed that it was no longer raining anymore. The air was cool and crisp, but at the same time comfortable. Overhead the moon was shining intensely. He sat down on the backsteps and sighed loudly. He sat there for a few moments just relaxing when all of a sudden, he heard somebody approaching. Once again – he wasn't sure of who this was. As the person walked closer to him, he could tell that it was somebody dressed up as a zombie. The person yelled out “GRRRRR I WANT YOUR BRAINS.” TheMizDad was startled slightly, but mostly annoyed. He had already been put through a lot tonight and didn't have the patience to deal with this, or so he thought.

In his gruff manner, he yelled out - “Who the hell is out there? I'm not really in the mood for this. And besides what kind of zombie are you anyway? I don't think I know of any zombies who directly tell you that they want to eat your brains.. most of them tend to be a little bit more casual about that.”

The person walked the remaining steps towards the MizDad. All of a sudden, he could make out who this was. It was current NXT Woman's Champion, Bayley. All of a sudden it also made sense why her zombie impression was so bad. This short brunette was too cute to portray something scary. She just didn't have it in her. The MizDad suddenly began to relax and his annoyance levels seemed to lower. He couldn't help but to cheer up at the sight of this gorgeous female. After all, he couldn't deny the lucky streak he was having tonight. After all, every time he encountered a WWE Diva tonight, he had ended up with a new play partner and he was hoping that this encounter would end up with the same result. He really really wanted his opportunity to take on the champion.

He spoke up - “So Bayley, is it? I don't believe that we have officially met before. I'm Mike's father.. welcome to our house. I assume that you are enjoying yourself tonight... well, are you? After all, what are you doing out here all alone... I hope the party isn't going poorly for you..”

“Oh no! It's not that. It was just getting a little bit rowdy in there with all of those guys chugging beers like maniacs. I just needed a break for a second! I needed a break from the noise and all of that. I think that you are throwing a great party! It's just that I snuck out here to do something.. something that I wanted to keep secret from everybody. I didn't know that anybody else would be out here...” - Bayley stated.

“I'm glad you are enjoying the party. But wait.. what do you mean you snuck out here to do something? What exactly were you going to do anyway?” - He asked her, extremely intrigued.

“Oh it's nothing too awful, it's just something that I know WWE doesn't approve of and something that most people would be shocked that I do. And I don't even do it that much, just on super special occasions. And I was having such a great time here tonight, that I figured why not. I came out here because I didn't know who was all inside and I didn't want this getting back to the bosses. As much as everybody pretends to get along, you just never know who is going to snitch, you know. I love all of my fellow divas and coworkers, but you can never be too too careful.” - Bayley continued.

“True, that's the thing I'll never get with you wrestlers. You guys always have to worry about politics and protecting your position. It's super competitive and cutthroat. But, if you wanted to go somewhere more private.. then perhaps I could take you somewhere, somewhere that nobody will bother us. You will be free to do whatever you were going to do there.” - The Mizdad spoke with authority.

Bayley responded with an enthusiastic yes. The MizDad then got up and she proceeded to follow after him. They proceeded to walk down the long-stretching driveway where they came upon a clearing. The clearing was surrounded by trees and in the middle was a large trailer. He walked over to the trailer and swung open the door. As he entered the pitch black trailer, he hit the light switch and the lights began to flicker. He turned around motioning to Bayley, “After you my dear.. we will have plenty of privacy in here.”

Bayley entered the trailer and found it to be surprisingly nice. Over in one section of the trailer was a table where she immediately sat down. She removed a baggie full of green stuff and a pipe from her belongings. She then packed the pipe full of the sticky green substance. The Mizdad walked over to the radio in the other part of the trailer and turned it on. He then proceeded to sit down at the table next to her and began to speak.

“So Bayley, this is what you were hiding? You didn't want them to know that you like to occasionally smoke marijuana. It's weird that people still care about something as trivial as weed to be honest, but I get it – you don't want to take any chances. By the way, is there anything that you'd like to drink? I don't have a lot in this trailer... as this is where I come to relax, I guess in ways this is my man cave, but I do think that I have some beer in the fridge.”

“A beer sounds great!” - She responded.

The MizDad walked over to the fridge and began rummaging through it. As she heard bottles clink together, she heard him exclaim “WHOO BUDDY, We got some of the good shit in here. I forgot about having this stash in here.” He walked back over to the table and handed her a Sierra Nevada. She instantly took a huge swig from it and let out a loud belch. The next thing heard in the trailer was the flicker of the lighter as the bowl had been sparked by Bayley. For the next ten minutes, there was little conversation between the two of them as they focused on roasting the bowl. The radio could be heard in the background and occasionally there would be loud coughs coming from one of them.

After the bowl was finished, the two continued sitting in the trailer listening to music and conversing. After a few minutes, Bayley got up from her seat and sat down on the Mizdad's lap. She turned to the Miz's father and suddenly kissed him on the lips. He was taken aback, he was shocked. This is what he was hoping for, but he didn't expect this to happen so soon. He figured that he would have to wait awhile to get Bayley into the mood – he didn't know that she had this kind of aggressiveness in her.. Sure, he had seen how aggressive she could be in the ring, especially in her recent matches with Sasha, but out of the ring – he had never seen this side of Bayley. Her kisses got deeper and rougher and sloppier. And his dick, it continued to get harder and harder as more blood rushed into it. He reached his hands out and removed Bayley's top. Now sitting in only her bra and pants, she began to push his head deep into her cleavage. He responded by licking and suckling on her cleavage. His hands quickly wandered to her breasts and he began to rub them. He stopped kissing her for just a moment and began to speak -

“Bayley, let's move somewhere a little more comfortable. There's a bed over there.”

She simply nodded her head and got up from his lap. He was the first to walk over to the bed and plopped down on top of it. The bed squeaked as he got on top of it. As he lay in the bed, still fully dressed, she turned to him and asked him the following question.

“MizDaddy, why the fuck are you still wearing pants? I'm ready to jump your bones right now.” As she said this, she began walking towards the bed. As she made her way through the trailer, she began to remove the remaining clothes. First the bra came off revealing her large round globes. Then, she dropped her pants slowly. And finally, her panties came off. Now only a few steps away from the bed, she presented herself to the MizDad completely. She asked him in a teasing manner, “So baby, do you like what you see? Something tells me that you do.. then again I can see that you do. I can see that something in your pants is getting excited.”

The MizDad couldn't tear off his clothes quick enough. The NXT Woman's champion was standing in front of him butt ass naked. His mind was completely blown already and she was just now beginning to join him on the bed... and boy did she join him. She didn't waste any time, as she instantly got on top of him and began to straddle him. He leaned slightly forward to place one of her breasts in his mouth and began to suck on them. With his free hand, he reached behind her and gave her ass a small smack. He could already feel her hairless pussy rubbing against his erect cock. And he felt a moment of relief when he entered her for the first time. She let out a light whimper. She continued to be extremely aggressive – as she bounced up and down the long length of his dick. Her moans began to bounce throughout the trailer and even slightly drown out the radio.

The MizDad continued to lay on his back and watch the brunette riding him. He didn't expect the NXT Woman's champion to also be a champion dick rider, but he wasn't complaining. In fact, he was also letting out moans and groans of pleasure. He had already had two ladies tonight, and yet he couldn't help, but to feel that this gorgeous brunette was outperforming those two. Perhaps – it was the pot influencing how great the sex felt or maybe the booze had began to catch up to him, but the MizDad couldn't believe just how great sex with Bayley felt.

She continued to work him as fast and as hard as she could. There was no stopping Bayley. She was going to get what she wanted and right now, she wanted all of his dick. She was making him give everything and the Mizdad was doing his best. He was doing the best that he could to make sure the champion was satisfied.

“Oh yes, FUCK ME HARDER. PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER. That's it... OOH. OOH.” Her moans continued echoing around the walls of the trailer.

His face began to turn bright red and he began to speak with an embarrassed tone in his voice, “Bayley, god your pussy is so tight and feels so good, that I could explode any minute if you keep riding me like that”

She laughed as she continued riding him. With each bounce and thrust, the Mizdad was struggling to maintain. He was clenching his face just as hard as he was clenching his balls. Bayley quite enjoyed watching him suffer and yet – he continued to go. He was giving it his best. After a few more minutes of loud fucking, bed squeaking, and moaning – she blurted out “If you can't take it any more, then just fucking cum in me. I don't give a fuck anymore. I'm ready for it.”

He erupted instantly. That was all he needed to finally let go. As Bayley slowly got off of him, she watched as the cum dripped out of her vagina. She looked at him directly in the eye, before she reached out and placed as much cum as she could on her fingers. She winked at him before licking the cum off of her fingers. He looked at her with a huge smile on his lips. The two then collapsed panting for their breath.

They remained there for awhile before they decided to get dressed and return to the party. Bayley left the trailer first as they decided to return to the party separately. As the MizDad walked back to the party, he couldn't help but to think of how his night had gone. Tonight had truly been amazing. He got to have sex with not one, not two, but three of the world's most beautiful WWE Divas. He now had three more reasons to enjoy Halloween. Upon returning to the house, he could see that the party had all but ended. He was completely ok with this. He knew that this year's Halloween party had been truly fantastic. He thought to himself only one thought – how can next year's party top this.

Becky Lynch's St. Patrick's Day Wish

Becky Lynch's night has already gone well. It is the night of another NXT taping and she has just finished competing in a hard-fought battle against Alexa Bliss where she walked away victoriously. With St. Patrick's Day only a day away, the environment in the locker room tonight is unlike most other nights.

As the action in the arena comes to a close, several of the women are hanging out in the Diva's locker room – chatting to each other in what could be described as a slumber party-esque environment. In fact – most of the Divas have yet to bother getting dressed after changing out of their gear and are sitting around wearing just their underwear. Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Zahra, and of course Becky Lynch are among the Divas that can be seen here. On a nearby table in the corner of the room, there are boxes of pizza and beer which are being consumed by the Divas. Eventually the conversation begins to gradually get racier and racier as the night progresses and more drinks are consumed.

Sasha begins to speak, “So gals – how are you enjoying this early St. Patrick's Day celebration, so far?”

She asks nobody in particular, as she mostly just wants to hear the sound of her own voice. Sitting in the corner, Zahra looks at her with disdain. Nobody answers for awhile until finally Alexa, in a very cheerful tone answers her. “It's pretty good. I'm so glad to have the chance to celebrate with all of my besties, however.. I think that things could be a little more exciting”

Feeling slightly intrigued, the next person to speak up is Charlotte who goes on to ask, “I'm curious.. what's on your mind? Is this going to involve something involving glitter?”

Alexa blushes, but then states “Not necessarily, unless.. that is something that you want. I am of course suggesting that we play the classic game: truth-or-dare.”

“Alexa! OH MY GOD!” - Becky Lynch exclaims. “That sounds like so much fun. What do the rest of you ladies think?”.

They all look around the room at each other, all of them seem to at least entertain the idea. Except for Zahra, who again refuses to show any sort of emotion. However, after a short awkward silence. They ll agree to go ahead and proceed with the game. Zahra proceeds to walk over to the able and grab herself another beer.

“Alright, Alexa – since you thought of this game, I suppose that you should go first. Truth or dare?” - Becky Lynch asks.

“Umm.. I suppose.. that I will go with truth.” - Bliss answers. Becky then asks her the following question. - “Who do you think is the most gorgeous guy in NXT?”

“Tyler Breeze.. oh god, there's something about the way the Prince of Pretty carries himself and his confidence, that really makes me weak at the knees.” - Bliss responds. The rest of the girls in the audience let out a collective GASP. Bliss giggles meekly and begins to blush.

Up next in the order is Charlotte, who decides to go ahead and also select truth, as the rest of the girls boo in disapproval. She is asked what her opinion is of the Seth Rollins nude photo leak was. She responds. “Honestly.. the Seth photos didn't really do anything for me. Sure, he is an alright looking guy – but meh nothing impressive. After all.. if I have to be truly honest, what really turned me on that day was Zahra's fantastic body. Like, I knew that you were pretty and everything – but dear lord Zahra.”

Zahra sighs and then groans. She doesn't appear to give any kind of validation to Charlotte's response. She again proceeds to walk over and help herself to another beer.

Sasha opens her mouth and blurts. “Oooh snap, Zahra. Somebody's got a crush on you!” The girls laugh and mockingly tease Charlotte.

“But it's cool Charlotte, nobody blames you. We all agree that Zahra is beautiful. We wouldn't mind allowing her into the Best of Everything. As we would love to find out if she meets the other qualities of the club.” - Banks says coyly.

“There are other qualities? Such as?” Zahra asks, finally beginning to show even the slightest of interest in this game.

Sasha looks at her as a smile begins to form on her face. She responds “Oh, there are far more skills that we are interested in as members of the Best of Everything. And wouldn't you like to know them?”

Zahra pleads for Sasha to tell her. Sasha looks at Becky and remembers that they are playing a game. “Are you sure that I can tell her Becky? After all it isn't even her turn in the game yet.”?

Lynch states - “Actually.. it should be Charlotte's turn to ask a question to you.., Charlotte would you mind allowing yourself to be skipped, for now. - and letting Zahra take your turn?” Charlotte nods her head in an agreeing manner.

Zahra then proceeds to ask Sasha the obvious question of whether she would like a truth or dare question and Sasha of course says truth. Zahra asks her, “So really, what other skills does Best At Everything look for?”

“You have to be not only one of the most beautiful people,” she answers, “but we also look for other people who are expert lovers. After all, when we say that we are the best at everything, we mean everything. Now with your gorgeous body, we are confident that you at least meet half of the criteria = however, we are unsure of how you stack up in the bedroom. Have you even eaten a pussy ever or licked another girl's butt hole?”

“Wait, wait, wait! Are you telling me that you and Becky have been a couple before? That you've performed these kinds of sexual acts on each other?” asks Zahra.

“Of course we have, I don't understand why you are so shy Zahra.. you didn't look shy at all in those photos that you sent to Seth... you can't tell me that you are afraid of girls, are you?” - Lynch looks at her in a teasing but seductive way.

Charlotte exclaims – “hey it's my turn!. Which one do you want Zahra? Truth or dare?”

Zahra hesitates for a second, here she is in a room full of gorgeous ladies dressed in nothing but their underwear and as the night has progressed numerous flirtations have been sent in her direction. One girl has already called her sexy and two more girls have hinted at wanting to try her out in some kind of sexual way, some test of some sorts. Deep down in her heart, Zahra knew that she should probably choose truth as it would be far safer. However, Zahra was never one to play it safe and so she told Charlotte, “go ahead and give me your best dare.”

Charlotte laughs. So do the rest of the girls. “Well Zahra.. you thought you were safe with a dare. But you aren't – in fact, if I can be honest this whole game was mostly a set-up... “

“A set up? What are you people trying to pull? - Zahra blurts out loud.

“Well, you'll see... I dare you to kiss Alexa.”

Zahra then proceeds over to the gorgeous blonde and gives her a kiss on the lips. You can hear their laps smacking together as the rest of the divas laugh.

Even more curious, Zahra asks - “what is so funny?” The rest of the girls say nothing as Alexa Bliss slowly begins to kiss Zahra more and more. Zahra begins responding and before you know it the rest of the girls seem to be wanting to jump in.

Things quickly escalate in the locker room, as the estrogen in the room begins to overflow. The locker room proceeds to quickly turn into an orgy of shorts as people begin to be coupling off. In one corner, you see Alexa Bliss still with Zahra, but now removed of her underwear and bra. Her gorgeous tits are out freely for everyone to see. Zahra proceeds to slowly grab them and tenderly kiss them.

In another part of the room, Sasha Banks can be seen slowly peeling off the panties of Charlotte who is bent over a bench. As her panties are removed, a slight gasp is heard as Banks slips her tongue into Charlotte's round and vivacious ass. Loud, slurping sounds are heard as the two continue to experiment with each other.

Becky Lynch, sits alone, watching this all. Sasha hooking up with Charlotte, Alexa hooking up with Zahra. And as she watches this she begins to feel her pussy dampening in delight. Her panties are now beginning to be soaked more and more, however – she is reluctant to join in the action. After all, she has a fantastic view of all of the girls and for now this satisfies her. She slowly slips off her panties as she continues watching the other girls. She removes her own bra, and slowly rubs her hands up and down her body. She then focuses her attention on Zahra.

Zahra and Alexa are now both fully naked and Zahra is on her knees blissfully eating out Alexa Bliss. Bliss's cheerful expressions and bubbly persona in the ring are also fully on display as her pussy is eaten out and she begins to moan in a high pitched, and bubbly way. “OH ZAHHRA.. ZAHRA, KEEP LICKING ME THERE. Zahra, dutifully continues going down on Bliss's pussy..

Changing her viewpoint, Lynch's attention is now diverted to the sights of Charlotte's vivacious ass, still being rimmed by Sasha Banks. The expression on Charlotte's face is one of pure ecstasy and delight. Lynch's hands continue to move up and down her body, as she continues watching. Her dampening pussy is now forming a pool of fresh juices on her her pubic hairs. She begins to slide a finger in... and then another, as she slowly masturbates to the action.

Flair begins to moan loudly. “WOO, COME on SASHA.. SHOW THE Nature WOO girl how to eat an ass. You know you love eating my filthy ass”. Banks flicks her tongue harder and faster into Charlotte's butt hole, until Charlotte finally pleads with her to slow down, as she doesn't want this delight to be over yet.

Lynch has now quickened up her stroking of her vagina. The only thing that is running through her mind is how spoiled she is, how these other girls can only focus on each other, and how she is getting the best of this deal . Her sexual ecstasy is truly taking her over limits she had never knew existed. However, even though she thought she had the best perspective on the action in here.. she wanted more. And that's when she remembered that in her locker, she had her special toy. She took her vibrator everywhere that she went, because after all a vibrator is a girl's best friend and you never know when you are going to need one. She turned it on.. and the vibrating buzz punctured throughout the locker room.

A few of the other girls laughed, but only in the good-natured way. They were too busy filling the room with their moans of pleasure and delight. In fact things were really heating up, as almost everybody in this room was on the verge of orgasm.

Banks was now sitting in the lap of Charlotte as they were furiously grinding on each other. Charlotte's hands rubbing up and down Banks tight body and rubbing her clit furiously. Zahra was also getting a finger-fucking of her own from Bliss. Her moans were heard echoing throughout the room, with each delicate but measured move that Alexa gave her. All at once, the room seemed to explode in an avalanche of orgasms. The first person to come was Charlotte who let out more than a gentle woo, she was then followed by what seemed like a round of rapid-fire moans and squeals. Zahra came next, then Banks, and then Bliss.

However, the vibrator still seemed to hum on in the background.. as Lynch was still treating herself. The rest of the girls gleefully watched as Lynch put on a show for them. They thought to themselves that this girl can really take it. Minutes passed, as Lynch was still going out with her vibrator her moans rolling out one after the other. It wasn't until a good ten minutes later where she finally orgasmed and let out a room-shaking SQUEAL and a loud squirt of ejaculation escaped from her. In fact, it was such a large squirt that Banks who was sitting the closest to Lynch, got some of it on her.

Nobody had known that Becky Lynch was capable of squirting, until then. After a few minutes had passed, the girls shyly began to clean up. As the sexual energy in the room died down, the girls began to act normal again almost as if what just happened didn't really occur. However, the silence was finally broken by Sasha Banks.

Banks declares, “We didn't mean to leave you out Becky.. it just kind of happened, I suppose.. but you definitely seemed to enjoy yourself and you looked amazing. We also never got to finish our game of truth or dare. You never got a chance to go.”

Becky couldn't believe herself. After watching such a spectacular orgy go down, her partner in crime still wanted to keep this game up. This child's game at that. However, she thought to herself – what the hell could it hurt. After all, if she was lucky maybe they'd get a round 2, so she chose dare.

Nobody knew her more than her partner though, and Banks really made it count. Banks dared Becky to call and make plans with the one superstar in the WWE that she craved the most. The one WWE superstar that she needed to have. The one WWE superstar who Becky wanted to fuck the most.

She called Hornswoggle.

The next day, Becky Lynch awoke in the comfort of her home in the comfort of her own bed wearing nothing more than a pair of white satin panties. The sun shining slightly through the curtains illuminated her breasts as she removed the covers. She tried to remember everything that happened last night. Did her night really happen? As she proceeded to the kitchen to get ready for the day and prepare herself some coffee, the memories started to flood back. She remembered watching Zahra and Alexa, she remembered seeing Sasha Bank's delicate pussy getting destroyed by Ms. Flair. She even remembered how she and her glorious dildo became the final act of last night's glorious orgy. Upon recalling all of this information, she quickly smiled to herself and seemed content. She had a feeling that today was going to be a good day.

It wasn't until she had finished her first cup of coffee and a croissant, that she remembered something else. Suddenly she was felt with a slight sense of despair and worry. She rushed to her room where upon her nightstand was sitting her telephone. It was flashing and now she was really panicked. She checked her called numbers and that's when she realized what she had done. Last night, after everything else, she had finally done it. She had called him. The guy that she had been crushing on for so long. Her phone was still flashing and she knew that this message had to be from her crush, she had to know exactly what he wanted..

The voice message was from Hornswoggle. His voice rang through her phone, “Hello Becky, it's a such a surprise to here from you. I didn't even know you had my phone number. However, you seemed to want to meet up really bad last night. In fact, you kind of wished for me. Now I only play a leprechaun on TV.. however, I can meet this wish. Text me if you want to meet up today at my hotel for drinks.”

She laughed, in a self-effacing way. She thought to herself, “I”m going to meet up with my crush who plays a leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day in a bar for drinks. What a stereotype.” She didn't care though, she knew that she would never have the nerve to arrange for another meeting and stereotypical Irish behavior or not, she knew that she was going through with that date tonight. She immediately texted Hornswoggle back with a message reading “See you at 7.”

The rest of the day Becky Lynch continued to panic. She wanted to make such a good impression on Hornswoggle that she worried about every last thing. She rummaged her closet trying to find just the perfect outfit to wear and she rummaged her underwear drawer, just to find the perfect underwear.

At 6:30 she left her house, and proceeded to make the short drive to Hornswoggle's hotel. Hornswoggle was staying at a La Quinta Inn, which struck her as quite particular and odd. She didn't question it for long though as she headed to the bar and ordered herself a Jack and Coke. She slowly gulped it down, and waited patiently for her date. Finally, at around 6:50 – she saw him enter the bar dressed in a green tuxedo t-shirt and blue jeans. It wasn't difficult to notice him, for what he lacked in size his exuberance far made up for it. Upon seeing her, he immediately gave her a hug.

“Damn Becky, are you dressed up for me or are you always this fine?” He said as he proceeded to give her the once-over, no actually the twice-over. Becky was dressed in a stunning short red cocktail dress and high heels. Her dress, some would say, was a tad too short as her breasts were overflowing from the top of it.

“Oh Dylan, or Hornswoggle, or Horny – whatever I should call. It's a bit a both, I wanted to impress you obviously, but I'm also always this fine.” - She said flirtatiously.

She could hear the loud gulp in Hornswoggle's throat when she exclaimed this. The two then proceeded to get a few drinks and make more small talk. The night seemed to be going well, and the two of them couldn't take their eyes off of each other. While there were only a few other people in the bar, it seemed like they were in a world of their own. A world in which both of them seemed to prefer.

“So Hornswoggle, why are you staying at a La Quinta Inn? This seems like a place that would normally be below you.” - Lynch stated.

“Well, if you must know.. it was the only uncrowded place in town this weekend. It seems like a town of people are in town for the holiday and I don't really mind the privacy, do you?” She shook her head no. “And besides, if we are asking silly questions, Hornswoggle goes on, “how is an Irish lass like yourself not wearing any green on St. Patrick's Day? It's almost as if.. you want to get pinched.”

“I do” - she states. “but not by everybody, and who is to say that I have absolutely zero green on?” She winks at him.

Taking that as a sign that she wants to proceed with more, Hornswoggle immediately calls over the bartender and settles the bill. She looks at him with intrigue and begins to smack her lips together.

“Let's head to the room then, after all I have some 'shamrock' exploring that I need to do.” Hornswoggle states.

They head upstairs to the suite at La Quinta Inn, which Becky Lynch is surprised by. She didn't expect much from this room, however it turned out that Hornswoggle had done his best to decorate the room and make it more seductive. From the door to bed, were four-leaf clovers spread along the floor and candles were burning throughout the room.

"Oh Horny – did you do all of this for me?” She asked with a hint of seduction in her voice. “And if you did all of this for me, there must be something that I can do in return for you. Is that right? Well fine then, after all it is what I wanted all night if I have to be honest.. and you said you wanted to find the shamrocks earlier, well then undress me”

With that Hornswoggle proceeded to spring into action, she grabbed Lynch's hand and walked her over to the bed where he then proceed to slowly and gently kiss her. Her lips felt so soft and smooth as they rand across his facial hair. He began to kiss her neck and work his way lower and lower on her body. He could tell that she was already enjoying every smooch and every smack of affection that he was giving her.

She exclaimed, “Oh god Horny, I love how your facial hair brushes against my body”.

Swoggle continued to make his moves, he began to rub her soft ample melons still barely contained in her tight cocktail dress. He gave kiss after kiss onto her breasts, before placing one and each hand and rubbing them. Slowly.

Finally, he unzipped her dress and watch it fall to the floor. Hornswoggle eyes, as well as his dick, seemed to bulge. He slowly took everything in, for the first time he could see Becky's glorious body. From Her soft, but ample breasts glowing in the candle-light, to her gorgeous tanned legs, to her beautiful bronze ass.

It was then that Hornswoggle finally noticed, that Becky did have on some green. It turned out that she was wearing green panties for the holiday. As he went to take them off, he noticed they had the following text on them “Kiss Me I'm Horny.” Hornswoggle himself – was also quite horny, especially at this open invitation to finally see the privates of Lynch.

He removed her Irish-themed panties and continued kissing her thoroughly around her body. Light kisses to the navel area, and up and down her thighs. He could start to smell the whiffs of wetness spreading through the room. This turned him into a savage. He immediately knew that he had to taste Lynch's essence, and he had to taste it now. His wet tongue began to slide up and down Lynch's vagina, as she began to buck her hips more and more to it.

“Damn it Dylan, I've wanted this for so long and it feels so good.” Moaning loudly, she continues. “Keep licking me baby.. I want to be licked real good.”

His tongue darting in and out of her pussy, she continued thinking to herself about the ecstasy that she was in. Under the sexual spell that she was under, and how good it felt to finally be hooking up with her crush. And as she thought of this, she started to think about how greedily she became and how hungry for Hornswoggle's dick she was.

“Come on baby, I need some of that dick right now”. Hornswoggle stopped what he was doing and stood up, as she proceeded to drop to her knees and undo his pants. His cock flopped out of his jeans and stood straight up in the air.

Hornswoggle's cock was rather impressive, unlike most people assumed. The rumors of midgets having small cocks wasn't true, at least in Hornswoggle case. His massive eight and half inch member was swinging right in front of Becky's mouth. Well it was briefly, before Becky decided to wrap her warm lips around the tip of his member. She then slowly begin to take more and more of his dick into her mouth. The gagging sounds seemed to amplify as she proceeded to deep throat more and more of his dick. This didn't stop her though as she continued chomping down that cock, sucker it harder and harder. With her other hand, she grabbed his nuts and started playing with his balls. He could feel himself started to swell up. His balls almost ready to explode.

“Ohhh baby, that's it.. but but I need you now. Bend over the bed baby”

His balls dripping wet from the saliva of her mouth, Hornswoggle easily slides into the now bent over Becky Lynch. His cock enters slowly into her slit and she lets out a slight squeal of delight. He teases her and takes his time entering her.

“Is this what you wished for, baby – is that why you called me last night.” She doesn't answer, but merely lets out another moan. Hornswoggle grins to himself, knowingly. He continues pounding away, going deeper and deeper into her vagina. She lets out another moan, followed by a deep squeal.

“Oh god damn Horny, is that why they call you Horny? I knew I wanted you.. but I never knew how much of a hung stud you were? Pound me hard baby.”

From his angle, he could see her ass shaking like a Shamrock Shake. He knew that he didn't have much left in his tank and that his stamina was running low. However, he furiously continued to pump away. Up and down and down, and as he pumped away he could feel her pussy clenching down on his dick. He had never felt any female clamp down on his dick before.. and he knew that this would send him over the edge.

“Oh god Becky, oh goddd.” He moans, “I ca-caaaa-can't ha-handle-handle that Clamp on my dick harder and I'm going to come!”

“Fucking come already baby, come all up into my vag-”

She couldn't even finish that sentence before she felt the hot liquid spray deep in her hole. Her warm hole now glistened with Hornswoggle's hot cum. She sighed, in an exhausted manner.

After cleaning up, the two of them laid next each other in the hotel room bed. Exhausted, but with huge grins on their face they each knew that this was the best St. Patrick's Day ever.” Hornswoggle turned to Becky and said to her, “Let's make this a yearly tradition.”

She laughed at him and said, “No stupid, let's make this a nightly tradition.”