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Episode 68

In this week's episode of Wreslerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have three stories to to share with you. The first story is entitled "Sable vs. Sunny" and was written by WOWEFA user: WonderMike.  Vince McMahon has decided that he can only employ one sexy startlet at a time. For this reason, Sunny and Sable are willing to do anything to save their jobs in the WWF and quickly try to outdo each other. This story also features Mark Henry and Val Venis.

Story two is entitled "WWF Heat Gets Hot!" and was written by Literotica.com user: Anime69. In this story, a fan wins a contest that gives him free all-access tickets to a WWF Heat event. Backstage, he encounters Lita who he had always had a crush on. The two then proceed to hook up. This story also features Stephanie McMahon.

The third and final story is entitled "Uncensored Fallout" and was written by Nude WWE Divas community member: KayVee. After a highly competitive match at SummerSlam 2015, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are resting after their match and spending some quality time together. The two have grown extremely close together and begin to have a steamy shower session, when they are caught by Diva's champion Nikki Bella who quickly demands that the two new comers service her. They give the champ what she wants.

Intro/outro music for this week is the song ""Goodbye, Oh Goodbye" by the band AJJ.