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Episode 90

In this week's episode of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we feature stories related to WWE's latest Hall of Fame inductee Kurt Angle. We have two stories to share with you.  The first story is entitled "Be My Flamingo" and was written by Brooke. Triple H is forced to wear the trunks of Billy Gunn in front of his boyfriend Kurt Angle as the result of losing a bet. Once the bet is completed, Triple H then gets what he wants.

The second story is entitled "How Kurt Made Me Tap Out:" and is a  4-part series, (1234), written by Literotica.com user: taptap. Sally has won a contest to attend a WWF show from her local radio station. As she is getting the all access treatment from WWF and Lita, she runs into her favorite superstar Kurt Angle. Kurt then offers to take care of her and give her a  private showing of the arena.

Intro/outro music for the week is the song "Medal" by Jim Johnston.