A podcast featuring wrestling erotica.

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Episode 141

In this week's edition of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have two stories to share with you. The first story is titled "Let's Go To The Movies!" and was written by Vivian Darkbloom.  John Cena and CM Punk are excited to be on a date together. Unfortunately, CM Punk couldn't help himself and drank far too much Pepsi. During the movie, he accidentally pees his pants which turns John Cena on in a brand new way.

The second story is titled "What Happens In Miami" and was written by WOWEFA member: Omegatwilight.  Since coming to Smackdown to act as the GM, Paige has grown increasingly closer to Lana. One evening, after a taping for Total Divas, the two get drinks at a bar. Eventually their feelings can't be contained and they both decide to start a new chapter in their lives.

Intro/outro music for the week is the song: "Hell (Is My Backup Plan)" by Single Mothers.