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Episode 150

This week we feature the first four parts of the reoccuring series "Don't Wake Billie!" by The Iiconic Fucker. In Part 1, after an earlier argument between Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, Peyton decides to hook up with Billie's crush, Harry Bolt. Little does Peyton know that Billie is watching this entire scene go down. In Part 2, Harry resumes right where the previous night had stopped.

Harry continues to take the opportunity to sneakily continue having sex with Peyton. As Billie worries about her friend, she eventually enters the room and can't help but to contain her activities as she realizes just what Peyton has been up too.

Part 3 features both Harry and Billie admitting what they had both seen the other do. They proceed to head into Billie's room and take out their sexual chemistry with each other. Part 4 is a flashback to the previous night. In Part 4, a group of WWE superstars are found in a club and the sexual chemistry is high between all of the pairs. While nobody is around, Harry Bolt gets a nice treat from the duo of Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Intro/outro music for this week is the song "Two Beers In" by Free Throw.