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Episode 61

In this week's edition of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have two stories to share with you. The first story is entitled "Stephanie's First Love Part 3" and was written by WOWEFA user: Angela. In this story, Stephanie McMahon is once again brought to Bret Hart's house to continue her sexual education and experimentation. She doesn't know that that she will be spending most of her time with Sunny. This story stars Stephanie McMahon, Bret Hart, and Sunny.

The second story is entitled "A Truck Ride With Torrie" was was written by Literotica.com user: Joseki Ko. While running his routine route, a truck driver pulls up to a truck stop and notices Torrie Wilson. She appears to be having a difficult time and is in the middle of a fight with her boyfriend. The trucker decides to intervene and offers Torrie a ride to her next show. She graciously returns the favor.

Intro/outro music for this week is the song "Wheelchair" by the band VHS. Additional music includes the song "Highway Outlaws" by Teknoaxe, "Sexy" by Bensound, and "Happy Bee - Surf" by Incompetech.