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Episode 64

In this week's edition of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have two stories to share with you. The first story is entitled "Noelle's Big Break (Part 1)" and was written by Protacrastic. At a WWE show in Philadelphia, Noelle Foley realizes that her boyfriend Frank the Clown is cheating on her backstage with Sasha Banks, Natalya, and the rest of Team BAD. Paige decides that it would be in Noelle's best interest to get revenge on her boyfriend by filming a porno. Paige takes care of the arrangements and the next day, Noelle goes through with filming the sex tape.

The second story is entitled "Anything She can Do, I can Do Better" and was written by WWEass. In this story, Alex Riley has been accused of hitting on Antonio Cesaro's
girlfriend Aksana. However, this proves to be simply a misunderstanding and Alex Riley really wanted to prove to Antonio that he was a better lover.

Intro/outro music for this week is the song "Sleep When Dead" by the band A Giant Dog. Additional music includes the song "Voice Over Under" by Incompetech.

Episode 57

In this special edition of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have one special 4/20 story to share with. It is a Wrestlerotica original and is titled "Rob Van Dam's Grasstravaganza." Rob Van Dam is throwing his annual 4/20 party with the assistance of his best friend Shelly Martinez. Each of them have invited over their crushes and they hope that tonight will be the night that they seal the deal. This story features Rob Van Dam, Shelly Martinez, Eva Marie, and Cesaro.

Intro/outro music for the episode is the song "Wake, Bake, Skate" by the band Fidlar. Additional music includes the songs "Easy Jam," "Macarry Bay," and "Stealth Groover" from Incompetech.

Episode 46

In this week's episode of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling anf fanfiction, we have one story to share with. This story is entitled "Our Team Spirit" and it is a Wreslerotica original. In this story, Lana is throwing a Superbowl party with Charlotte and Alicia Fox. Throughout the game - Lana keeps making bets with Charlotte and each bet gets increasingly more sexual.

Intro/outro music is the song "Succulent Thunder Album" by the band TRAAMS. Commercial number one is entitled "Super Bowl Beauties" and commercial two is entitled "Papa John's Friendship Academy".

Episode 26

In this week's edition of Wreslerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling fanfiction and erotica, we have one story to share with you. This week's story is entitled "Sweet Times" and was written by WOWEFA user: Joe Bates. In this story, Beth Phoenix works as a cake instructor and she is giving her student Kaitlyn a private lesson. The lesson soon turns from baking to fun... As the two are enjoying themselves, Antonio Cesaro walks in and has some stern feelings about these ladies actions. He then decides that he must also teach them a lesson.

Intro/outro music for this week is the song "Sex and Candy" by the band Marcy Playground.