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Episode 139

In this week's edition of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have two stories to share with you. The first story is titled Let's Try and was written by AO3 user: SpaMightWrite. In this story, Bayley is nervous to fully engage in sexual activities with Asuka because she has far less experience. Asuka soothes her nerves by encouraging Bayley to masturbate with her.

The second story is titled "Mark's Gift" and was written by AO3 user: Sapphicbackward. In this story, Michelle McCool gets her husband The Undertaker another female to play with as a gift. The Undertaker is allowed to have the kind of rough sex that he enjoys with this fan and Michelle also gets to join in.

Intro/outro music this week is the song "Stop" by The Dirtbombs.

Episode 114

In this week's episode of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have two stories to share with you. THe first story is entitled "Her Pussy Is My Ticket Into NXT" and was written by Arcanine878. A student in Michelle McCool's class is failing and as a result will not be able to make it into the WWE. Michelle McCool decides to give him one last chance to prove to herself what he has in the ring.

The second story is entitled "Santana's Sizzling Workout" and was written by TheMaskedStranger. On one of the warmest days of the summer, Santana Garrett is training with her instructor Josh. After
their workout, Santana has "trouble" with her car and Josh decides to give her a ride back to her house. She invites him in and soon it becomes apparent that this was all part of her plan.

Intro/outro music is the song "Every Town Has An Elm Street" by the band Iron Chic.

Episode 110

In this week's episode of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and wrotica, we have one story to share with you. The story is entitled "Wrestle Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" and was written by WOWEFA member: Wonder Mike. Vince McMahon is confronted by someone who is named Mike. Mike tells Vince that he is now in charge of running the WWE and for some reason this seems to work. As WrestleMania progresses, Mike holds various meetings with his wrestlers  explaining his new changes. His meetings include special meetings with Maria, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, Melina, Layla, and Lilian Garcia.

Intro/outro music for the week is the song: "Billy Was A Punk (But Now He's Dead) by the band Paper Ceilings.

Episode 14

In this week's episode of Wrestlerotica, we featured two more fanfictions that combine wrestling and erotica. The first story is entitled "Holy Porno Shoot, Hurricane!" and was written by WOWEFA user: Innovator of Awesomeness. In this story, Vince McMahon forces Molly Holly and Ivory to make a porno in order to keep their jobs, The Hurricane decides to join them. Starring The Hurricane, Molly Holly, and Ivory.

The second story of the week is entitled "Getting What We Want" and is written by WOWEFA user: GG Bayley. In this story,  a post-PPV party at Stephanie McMahon's apartment goes from being her biggest regret to her greatest pleasure. Starring Stephanie McMahon, Layla, and Michelle McCool. Other appearances include: Kelly Kelly, Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, Melina, John Morrison, Maryse, The Miz, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn, Zack Ryder, Brie Bella. Nikki Bella, MVP, and Natalya

Intro and outro music for this episode is the song "Baby, You Make Me Pop A Boner" by the band The Secretions.

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