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Episode 113

In this week's episode of Wrestlerotica, the podcast that combines wrestling and erotica, we have two stories to share with you. The first story is entitled "Battle Of The Booty Part 2" and was written by WOWEFA user: Mr. Firebug. In this story, Alexa Bliss remains humiliated after the locker room continues to talk about her and how she was embarassed by Naomi. As the whispers spread through the locker room, Nikki Bella thinks she too can take advantage of Alexa, but Alexa quickly turns the tables on her.

The second story is entitled "Stormy Daze" and was written by NWF member: Rolodex. Mae Young Classic competitor Toni Storm is joined on the beach for fun and relaxtion by WWE superstar Jason Jordan. The two of them then proceed to have a fantastic time... or that is until Emma snaps Jason out of his daydreams and tries to focus the
attention on to her.

Intro/outro music for the week is the song "Try Me Out Somtime" by the band Broncho.