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Episode 98

In this week's edition of Wreslerotica, the podcast that combines wrestlinga nd erotica, we have three stories to share with you. The first story is entitled "Started With A Hug And Ended With A Bang" and was written by WOWEFA member: JMK615. While on vacation in Florida, one of Bayley's old friends calls her and lets her know that he is visiting. She decides to join him on the beach and the two quickly become reacquainted.

The second story is entitled "Signing Sting" and was written by WOWEFA member: TrishBelongsToMe. Vince forgot that he had a meeting to sign Sting to a contract, so he sends his daughter Stephanie. Sting tells Stephanie that he doesn't want to sign with the promotion, but Stephanie comes up with a plan to get him to join the WWE.

The third and final story is entitled "After Raw Payback" and was written by WOWEFA member: Greencast. Charlotte is frustrated that she keeps losing her championship title to Sasha Banks because of Bayley. She decides to meet up with Bayley and get her some revenge.. or at least, that is the initial plan.